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Many projects need high quality file icons, whether it is a web application or a simple website that may be offering downloads of files. Visualizing the file types help the user quickly understand what a file or link is about.

File Type Icons is a free set of slick icons that features 20 of the most popular file types including image, PDF, Word, Excel, text, PSD, HTML,CSS and more.

The icons come in 2 formats: PNG (128*128px) and well-layered PSD files.

P.S. The download of the icons require a free membership to the e-mail list of the website.

File Type Icons

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  • Freecns is a completely free set of slick UI icons that are a perfect fit for using in applications.

    There are 200 items in the set where the majority of them are action icons.

    They come in transparent PNG and sized 16*16px.

    Freecns - UI Icons

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  • Joseph North, the talented designer of Sublink Interactive, has created an icon set named SweetiePlus which is shared for free.

    The set have 120 icons in total, has 2 sizes: 16*16px + 24*24px and comes as transparent PNG format.

    Items in the set are mostly action icons which is nice for app designers/developers.

    SweetiePlus Icon Set

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  • Jigsoar Icons is a set of 60 very good looking, smooth icons that are released for free.

    The download package includes transparent .PNG items in four sizes (16px, 24px, 48px, and 64px) with light and dark versions of each icon.

    There is also the Adobe Illustrator vector file (.AI) for customizing them however you wish.

    Icons are flat, have a mobile-like style and includes widely used ones like edit, delete, e-mail, basket and more.

    Jigsoar Icons

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  • The Working Group, a talented web agency, has created a set of pixel-perfect iPhone toolbar icons and released them for free.

    iPhone Toolbar Icons consists of 160 items in transparent PNG which are sized 30*30px.

    Items included in the set are very common ones that any app can require (like arrows, charts, media player and text editor actions, etc.)

    There is also a retina display version of the set with 3 different sizes (24*24px, 48*48px and 64*64px).

    iPhone Toolbar Icons

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  • Today, the development toolkit of many web designers/developers consist of the features that come with HTML5, CSS3 and probably jQuery.

    The talented team at IconShock has created a set of web technologies icons exclusively for WRD readers with items from this kit and Ruby on Rails (considering the ease it provides).

    There are 24 icons which come in transparent PNG and completely layered AI files.

    Hope that they can add a visual beauty to your designs when referring to these technologies and they are free to be used in both personal + commercial projects (icons can not be redistributed without permission).

    Web Technologies Icon Set


    Metro Icon Pack is a set of slick icons whose designs are inspired from the Windows 7 Phone (code named Metro).

    The set includes 33 unique icons with 4 different variations (white, black and with/without circles).

    Items are all action icons, comes as .PNG and they are free to be used in both personal or commercial projects.

    Windows7 Icons

    IconShock, the icon design company behind many popular icon sets, is now sharing a huge set for Android designers/developers.

    Android Icons Set consists of 15,000 items styled with the Android's design guidelines and probably the most complete set for the platform.

    There are 600 completely unique items while the rest are the addons (like "add file, edit file, delete file") which is great to have the necessary action icons when needed.

    It is free to be used in personal projects (free version includes 3 sizes: 24*24px, 32*32px, 48*48px).

    P.S. They also have a similar iPhone icons set.

    Android Icons

    PICOL (Pictorial Communication Language) is a project to find a standard + reduced sign system for electronic communication and comes with a set of 500+ icons for that.

    Items in the set are mono-colored and has 3 versions: 16*16px PNG, 32*32px PNG and SVG.

    There are some badge icons inside the set (like accept, edit, delete) for adding an action message to icons.

    Also, a web-based generator helps creating a custom icons in any size with the desired badge.

    PICOL Icons

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  • There are various PNG optimizer apps for Mac OS X (check this WRD article for them) but only a few for Windows.

    PNGGauntlet is a free Windows application for squeezing each and every byte in PNG files.

    With a very nice drag 'n' drop enabled user interface, the application can optimize any given number of files pretty quickly.


    It combines the algorithms of PNGOUT, OptiPNG, and DeflOpt for creating the smallest file and generates a lossless output.

    The image to be minified doesn't need to be in PNG format, other popular formats can be used as well for converting them to PNG.

    There are also several settings for anyone looking to fine tune the compression process.

    Uptime Robot