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F->IT is a web based FTP client application which functions similar to Windows Explorer.

With a tree-view type file & folder browsing, using F->IT, you can:

  • Drag and drop folders and files.
  • Edit highlighted source files.
  • Upload multiple files.

F->IT is specially very functional for users who need to connect FTP servers from different PCs (like customer PCs). Also, for any developer & designer, it can be used as a backup when needed.

Web Based FTP Client

Built with the open source JavaScript Framework JavaScriptMVC, F->IT is a must-check tool.

inWriter is a small JavaScript class that makes inline editing of textfields possible with a very simple coding.

JavaScript Textfield Edit

How to use?

  • Just execute the inwriter_init function, passing the ID off the field you want to edit and the name of the function to call after the editing has been completed.
  • The called function receives two parameters:
    1. ID of the tag
    2. new value
  • That’s all!

Exhibit is a three-tier web application framework written in Javascript which makes it easier to show a few hundred records of data on maps, timelines, scatter plots, interactive tables, etc., without any programming knowledge.

Interactive JavaScript Framework

In order to use Exhibit, writing a simple data file, and an HTML file that specifies how the data should be shown. Data + Presentation. That’s all.

Exhibit can be used as a web service like Google Maps without installing any software or source code can be downloaded to run it on your own web servers.

Moo.rd is a Mootools extension that gives useful and powerful functionalities to developers like a lot of effects, customizable standards, utility native functions, table management, virtual boxes and many more.

This lightweight JavaScript library is modular, flexible, and completely compatible with all MooTools plug-ins.

Moo.rd Mootools Extension

Like MooTools, moo.rd respects strict standards, doesn’t generate any type of warnings and is compatible with all major browsers.

Glossy.js allows you to add shading, shadows and rounding corner effect to images.

This is a very useful method if you want to use the same effect for all images in some part of your website. You won’t need to use an image editing software every time. Your images will stay as the original and you can apply another effect later on. 

JavaScript Glossy Effect

How to use Glossy.js?

  • Insert the glossy.js in your code
  • Add the class "glossy" to your images

Gloosy.js works in all major browsers. If not supported by a browser, it downgrades itself without creating any errors.

ajax im is an ajax chat script that creates a real-time chat environment with a browser based interface.

It can be added to any intranet, website or a social-community project to help users chat with each other. Chat interface does not reload as everything is updated in real-time via JavaScript.

ajax im is also a multilingual script and language files can be found in the script website.

Ajax Chat Script

How ajax im works?

The XMLHTTPRequest object allows HTTP requests to be sent to the server and get input back from the server. There are two parts to the client-server interaction through this object:

  • The client "pings" the server (a PHP script) for new messages. The server in turn queries a database for any messages for the client, and returns them as JSON. The XMLHTTPRequest object passes this JSON text be parsed by the rest of the JavaScript.
  • The client sends data to the server (a PHP script), such as a new message to another user. This data is then processed by the server ("cleaning" the data of any thing invalid) and put into the database, which is later "pinged" by another client.



ModalBox is a JavaScript technique for creating Web 2.0 – style modal dialogs (or sequence of dialogs) without using standard popups and page reloads.

It’s inspired by Mac OS X modal dialogs and based on Prototype JavaScript framework + and valid XHTML/CSS. Content can be loaded with Ajax or just plain-HTML.

Mrototype Popup Modalbox

ModalBox Features

  • Web 2.0-ready. ModalBox uses industry-standard libraries — prototype and
  • Offline-mode. Use dynamic- or plain-HTML without any Ajax-calls to fill out your dialog windows.
  • AJAX page loading. ModalBox uses AJAX instead of deprecated iframe for content loading. It’s also more secure — you can’t access pages that are not on your host.
  • Callbacks support. You can attach your own JavaScript events after showing or hiding (and more) the ModalBox
  • Automatic height adjustment. ModalBox adjust it’s height depending on your content. No more height tweaking!
  • Scrolling mode. If your content is long, just define the height of the ModalBox and it will switch into “scrolling mode”
  • Browser and platform independent. Since most modern browsers use popup blockers, it’s hard to find another way to create 100% browser-compatible modal dialogs.
  • Multi-purpose. You can create complex wizards to guide users through the process. Image slideshows can be created too.
  • Keystrokes support. Use ESC key to close ModalBox.
  • Customizable Look & Feel. Use CSS to make ModalBox look like you want.
  • Supports transitional effects. Slide down appearing and on-the-fly resizing.
  • Lightweight. Just about 10 KB of code.
  • Works in most modern browsers. Tested in IE6, IE7, Firefox 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, Safari, Camino, Opera 8 and 9.

P.S. There is a Mootools clone of ModalBox named MOOdalBox.

Datejs is an open-source JavaScript Date Library. With simple to use commands, Datejs provides many useful date functions like:

  • last December
  • next Thursday
  • +10years
  • & many date format conversions.

JavaScript Date Library

Date objects in JavaScript are generally problematic as they may require complicated calculations to run. Datejs is absolutely a life-saver in this area.

NicEdit is a Javascript/AJAX inline content editor that allows easy editing of web ssd/div editable or convert standard textareas to rich text editing.

Tiny HTML Editor

This lightweight (compressed size is <10kb) html editor is integrated into any website in seconds. Inserting a JavaScript code is enough for all textareas to be converted into WYSIWYG HTML editors.

Phatfusion has beautiful Mootools JavaScript framework plugins which you’ll love.

Mootools plugins list:

  • image menu – horizontal, accordion menu
  • validate – form validation
  • lightbox – an inline image popup
  • multibox – lightbox that supports images, flash, video, mp3s, html
  • slideshow – image transition
  • sortable table – sort & filter tables
  • slider
  • rounded corners – rounded corners with divs
  • page loader – loads a div from another page into this page.

Acordion image menu:

Mootools Accordion Image Menu


Sortable table:

Mootools Table Sort

Uptime Robot