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For JavaScript and AJAX applications, Taffy DB is a beautiful tool.

Taffy DB is an open source JavaScript library that acts as a data layer inside the applications. Just think of it as a SQL database in your web browser.

JavaScript Database Library

Let’s say you have a collection of products and you want to find every product that costs less than $10 and is not a book. Simple, just write some JavaScript:

Major features:

  • Under 10K!
  • Simple, JavaScript Centric Syntax
  • Fast
  • Easy to include in any web application
  • Compatible with major Ajax libraries: YUI, JQuery, Dojo, Prototype, EXT, etc
  • CRUD Interface (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Sorting
  • Looping
  • Advanced Queries

Check out the Getting Started Guide for Taffy DB‘s capabilities.

Easy News is a jQuery plugin which allows creating "news slides" on the fly.

Supporting any HTML content, and even Flash, it can display the content with fade-in / out, left to right ,slide-up / down effects.

Using this jQuery news slide plugin you can adjust the speed of the effects and rotation, or enable / disable mouse-over pause features.

jQuery News Slide Plugin

Easy News, has also a "plus" version which displays content with another sliding effect and can be integrated into Joomla with a ready to use module.

Online image cropping is a widely used feature in web applications.

Prototype JavaScript Image Cropper UI is an unobtrusive script based on Prototype and

It allows you to select any area in an image and gives the x, y, x1, y1, width and height values which are enough for a succesful image cropping.

Prototype Image Crop

This Prototype image crop UI also has ratio locking, selected area preview and minimum height – width options.

Creating ajax applications are now much easier with WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio for both developers and users with even no JavaScript experience.

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio is a visual builder that helps ceating web-applications using Ajax widgets, web services and databases. Best of all, it does not require complex codes, forms, patterns or portal frameworks.

Ajax Software

Some Features:

  • Drag & Drop Assembly
  • LiveLayout™
  • Push to Deploy™: One-touch application deployment
  • Visual Data Binding>
  • SOAP, REST and RSS web services
  • Leverage existing CSS, HTML and Java
  • Deploys a standard Java .war file

Datetime Toolbocks is a JavaScript library with advanced date parsing that generates date data from the text passed. A simple example would be "today", "next friday", or "last monday".

This smart date parsing JavaScript library also has a DHTML based date selector which makes the library vey functional for users who would prefer text or visual input selection.

Smart Date Input

DateTime Toolbocks currently supports Ruby on Rails as the development platform.

ADxMenu is a JavaScript and CSS drop-down menu solution which web designers will find easy to modify.

It supports unlimited sub-menus and offers a simplified usage as it uses the well-known <ul> <li> tags to create the menus rather than JavaScript configurations (JavaScript editing can be done for extra modification).

Drop Down Menu Script

ADxMenu works in most of the modern browsers (an extra solution exists for IE6) and supports both horizontal & vertical menu types, even right-to-left and bottom-to-top.

Google already has an API for Google Maps service which makes it possible to create interactive, real-data-driven maps.

DrasticMap, an AJAX based component, makes it easier to show data from a MySQL database in Google Maps.

This Google Maps component is offered in a PHP – JavaScript package called DrasticTools which also includes 2 other components, DrasticCloud (for easy tag cloud generation) & DrasticGrid (grid editing).

MySQL Data In Google maps

DrasticMap uses MooTools JavaScript framework for the interaction, which is included in the download package.

Ext JS LiveGrid component, a component for the powerful Ext JS Framework, makes it easy to create non-refreshing, live grids.

This EXT JS component is very handy while browsing through a large amount of data as all data doesn’t need to be loaded once & no need for paging.

Ext JS Live Grid Component

Control.ProgressBar is a percentage based progress bar widget for Prototype.js.

Progress bar can grow:

  • on a timed interval
  • when events in your application tell it to
  • it can be set to poll a given URL.

The mechanism for action is simple, just create a div with relative or absolute positioning, attach the JavaScript, and this control will set the width of the inner element as necessary.

Prototype.js Progress Bar

F->IT is a web based FTP client application which functions similar to Windows Explorer.

With a tree-view type file & folder browsing, using F->IT, you can:

  • Drag and drop folders and files.
  • Edit highlighted source files.
  • Upload multiple files.

F->IT is specially very functional for users who need to connect FTP servers from different PCs (like customer PCs). Also, for any developer & designer, it can be used as a backup when needed.

Web Based FTP Client

Built with the open source JavaScript Framework JavaScriptMVC, F->IT is a must-check tool.

Uptime Robot