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Virtual keyboard interfaces are generally used in websites where the highest level of security is a must like online banking applications.

Virtual keyboards help us to prevent any keylogging activies and/or provide users a special keyboard which they don’t already have (like a keyboard of another language).

This virtual keyboard very easy to use and already supports many languages.

Virtual Keyboard

How to use virtual keyboard?

You simply include the keyboard.js file and create a text element with the class = keyboardInput. That’s all.

Growl is a lightweight JavaScript (mootools powered) that you can use for creating Lightbox-like but disappearing notifications.

Growl has 2 effects:

  • Smoke (slowly fades out)
  • Bezel (fades out and slides down)

Growl is very handy for events like "product added to basket, password sent.. and similar notifications.

The title is fun, I know (and I love Lords Of The Rings).

Mapstraction has kind of a similar logic. It provides a common API for the major mapping providers. This means, when you code with Mapstraction API, you can easily switch from Yahoo Maps to Google maps or else.

You can even use this power to create creative solutions like this syncronizing maps example:

 JavaScript Map API

Some features of this mapping API:

  • Support for 9 major mapping providers
  • Point, Line, Polygon support
  • Image overlay
  • GeoRSS and KML feed import
  • Geocoding of addresses
  • Driving directions

mooRainbow is an easy to integrate JavaScript color picker built with mootools.

This color picker can be attached to any element in the DOM. A click event would automatically be attached to that element and simply clicking on it you will be able to show or hide mooRainbow.

JavaScript Color Picker

This mootools powered JavaScript color picker:

  • is fully customizable via CSS file.
  • keeps clean your DOM and generates valid XHTML and CSS.
  • provides you, as return, an object containing RGB, HSB and HEX of choosen color.
  • works on Firefox/Safari/Opera/IE.

MooMonth, is a JavaScript calendar application built with Mootools which is highly configurable an customizable.

With an attractive interface the calendar application has features like:

  • Day, week, month, *year, and zoom views.
  • Smooth view transitions.

JavaScript Calendar Application

MooMonth has a powerful function set to be used in creating a feature-rich calendar application.

Although the application is still in alpha it is already very promising.

jQuery File Tree is a customizable AJAX file browser plugin for jQuery which you can create a fully-interactive file tree with as little as one line of JavaScript code.

It already includes connector scripts for PHP and ASP.NET, expand-collapse events can be customized, and is fully standards-compliant with valid & semantic XHTML.

jQuery File Browser

Here is an exaple code for creating the file tree. See how easy it is:

$(document).ready( function() {
    $('#container_id').fileTree({ root: '/some/folder/' }, function(file) {

You can style the file tree easily with CSS and use icons for file-types. This AJAX file browser requires jQuery easing plugin for the attractive effects.

PHP / MySQL Ajax Star Rating Script is an unobtrusive script (which will work if the JavaScript is turned off) which you can easily integrate it with your current content.

PHP / MySQL Ajax Star Rating Script

This star rating script is not tied to any CMS so you will need some coding skills to integrate it.

It supports configuration of howmany stars will be shown in the front-end.

Similar to Ext Grid, but built on jQuery, Flexigrid is a feature rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to an xml based data source using AJAX to load the content.

jQuery Data Grid

Features of this jQuery data grid plugin:

  • Resizable columns
  • Resizable height
  • Sortable column headers
  • Cool theme
  • Can convert an ordinary table
  • Ability to connect to an ajax data source (XML only)
  • Paging
  • Show/hide columns
  • Accessible API
  • More..

Meteora is set of cross-browser widgets and controls for quickly creating rich and customizable web applications without programming excessive JavaScript that is painful to debug in every browser.

JavaScript Widget Library

Meteora is based on the great mootools framework (version 1.11) and scripts that already work with mootools can be used with Meteora too!

To see some nice demos of this JavaScript widget library, check:

MooCrop is an image cropping utility using the powerful mootools javascript framework. Alone, it is only a selection tool but when used with a serverside script then it becomes an image manipulation tool.

Mootools Image Crop

Some MooCrop features:

  • Completely customizable CSS styling
  • Detects and handles multiple CSS box models
  • Allows for masking to be toggled
  • Ability to hide resize handles during drag
  • Custom events for your own modification
  • Relative based postioning rather then absolute (should handle overflow properly)
  • Works and retains layouts on floating images.
  • Resize from 8 different directions
  • Ability to set minimium size limit
  • Cleans up nicely, leaving your DOM in its original state when removed.
  • Fast!
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