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Hammer.js is a JavaScript library for adding touch gestures support to any website so that users can interact with them easier on touch devices.

It requires jQuery, only 2kb sized and supports tap, double tap, hold, drag and transform.


The library is implemented pretty easily:

  • just bind Hammer.js to a container HTML element
  • every touch event performed on that element returns a callback with an array of details including:
    • event
    • position
    • touches
    • scale
    • rotation

For drag gestures, it can also return extra info like the angle, direction and distance.

Hammer.js works -almost- on all modern browsers and, to sum up, "you can touch this" : ).

Blur.js is a flexible jQuery plugin for implementing blur effect to any web element.

It actually works by creating and placing psuedo-transparent blurred elements over the targeted ones and makes use of the StackBlur algorithm.


The source of the blurred item (it can use the background of body or other HTML elements), radius of the effect and it is positioning can be defined with ease.

There is built-in caching for re-using the blurred image and there is support for making the item where the effect is applied to be draggable (requreis jQuery UI).

HTML Canvas Library is a lightweight and standalone JavaScript wrapper for the native canvas element to simplify creating animations and visualizations.

It has easy-to-use and consistent methods that are capable of handling tasks like:

  • animations with framerate control
  • cross-browser keyboard, mouse and multitouch event capture
  • layers support for high-performance animations
  • nine-point quick aligning support
  • simple rotations
  • built-in image loading

The library is documented well and there are lots of examples provided (including interfacing the Box2D-JS physics library).

HTML Canvas Library

jQuery File Upload is an impressive plugin for creating a flexible and user-friendly upload functionality with ease.

The plugin support multiple file selection and drag 'n' drops. It can display a preview of images to be uploaded and progress bars exist to inform users.

jQuery File Upload

jQuery File Upload can handle cross-domain, chunked and resumable file uploads. File types and max-min sizes can be restricted with simple functions and it can work with any server-side language.

There are callbacks on every level and a detailed documentation that covers many different scenarios exists.

Smoke.js is a tiny JavaScript library that works as a replacement for the default alert function and offers more user-friendly notifications.

It works by simply adding "smoke." in front of the native alert, confirm and prompt functions but they are now displayed inline.

Notifications can be themed with CSS, they use CSS3 animations + backgrounds (no images are used). It is even possible to customize each alert by specifying styles inside the functions.

And, it doesn't require any JavaScript frameworks which is great for simple projects.


Few days ago, String.js (a library for enhancing JavaScript's string functions) was shared.

XDate is another library similar to String.js but for parsing, formatting and manipulating dates.


The library is standalone, only 2.9kb gzipped, has chaining support and brings very handy methods like:

  • getting date values
  • adding-subtracting dates
  • calculating differences
  • getting outputs in multiple formats

It also has a wide set of methods for working with UTC values.

It is surprising to experience that JavaScript lacks of functions which are regularly required in most scenarios.

Think of "looping a string", "if a variable includes given characters" or "capitalizing letters".

Unless you use a JavaScript framework, these will require having custom functions (JS frameworks lack some of such functions as well which makes sense to keep libraries small).


String.js is a JavaScript library that brings such extra string functions with a tiny footprint (<2kb gzipped).

It is standalone and has a jQuery-like syntax with chaining support.

There are 25+ functions where each of them can find a use in any JavaScript-heavy projects. Simply, a must-bookmark.

You'll remember Diapo, a jQuery slideshow plugin with lovely transition effects.

The developer of Diapo has created a fresh plugin named Camera which has more features and works very well with responsive layouts.

Slides can be created with any HTML elements (images, text, videos, etc.) and Camera displays them with a good looking interface + a set of transitions.

Responsive jQuery Slideshow - Camera

Items can be browsed with prev-next buttons or bullet navigation, a play/pause option exists and a loader informs the user about the timing of the next slide.

The plugin can be skinned via CSS and there are already multiple skins provided.

It has options for almost everything, all aspects of the interface + functionality can be customized and callbacks exist on every level.

Online code beautifiers are very useful when you need to work with any messy code.

Dirty Markup is a free web-based application for cleaning up such code very easily.

Dirty Markup

It has support for HTML(5), CSS and JavaScript by combining the powers of the popular HTML Tidy, CSS Tidy and JS Beautify.

The editor used is the simple + functional AceEditor and there are multiple options for each beautifier to get the best results.

When reading a long article on the web, we sometimes leave it in the middle to continue later (an e-mail arrives, door rings, etc.) and have difficulty on remembering the line we were at.

youRhere is a project, which is available as a jQuery plugin and Chrome extension, that brings a solution to this issue both for you and your readers.

youRhere jQuery Plugin

Once the jQuery version is installed on a web page, a marker follows the mouse besides each line and double clicking any line gets highlighted + stored with HTML5 localStorage. So, you can easily see the marked line anytime, even if you have closed and re-opened that URL.

The Chrome extension is for yourself to get the functionality on any web page without the need for the jQuery plugin being installed. It also offers a "social share" feature.

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