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Opera, with version 10, is announcing a new feature named Opera Unite which converts any device running this browser into a web server.

It is an open platform where, using its API, developers can create new services/products (with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG and AJAX) which will be served from user’s computers.

Opera Unite

It already comes with various ready-to-use services like:

  • file sharing
  • media player (reach your media from anywhere)
  • web server (host websites, currently static pages but won’t be surprising to see new ones supporting PHP, ASP.NET & others)
  • the lounge (for hosting a chat room)
  • & more..

To read more & download Opera Unite, click here.

Firebug LogoFirebug is probably one of the most helpful tools used when developing websites.

Specially, after JavaScript & Ajax became that much popular, it is hard to findout how we were developing & debugging without Firebug.

This great Firefox add-on, besides the ease of use & continious development by a talented team, has many features that make it a must-have like:

  • working inside browser, no need to switch apps.
  • being real-time, logging every request
  • ability to edit code & see results instantly
  • debugging JavaScript, measuring its performance & more..

It also has another feature, which is extendibility with help of Firefox add-ons.

There are various add-ons that can add more power to Firebug for creating better & faster. Here they are:



YSlow Firebug Addon

YSlow is a Firebug add-on for analyzing web pages and getting suggestions on ways to improve the performance (parallel with the rules for high performance web pages).

YSlow grades web pages based on the predefined rulesets or a user-defined one . It also provides tools for performance analysis, including™ and JSLint.

Page Speed

Firebug Page Speed

Very similar to YSlow, it is an add-on by the Google team for evaluating the performance of web pages and, best of all, getting suggestions (based on "Web Performance Best Practices") on ways to improve them.

Page Speed automatically optimizes images & provides compressed ones foruploading later.

It can also detect  JavaScript and CSS loaded that actually isn’t used for decreasing the total size of these files.

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StatOwl is a website presenting internet usage statistics in a comprehensive way.

There are various reports that will be helpful to anyone into web design & web marketing like:

  • web browser's market shares
  • percentage of Flash, Quicktime versions installed
  • operating systems used
  • screen resolutions & much more..

Internet Usage Statistics

The data provided is valuable to web designers / developers to better analyze internet users.

All data presented can be displayed for custom date ranges & as different chart types.

IE6 ObituaryIE6, well, was a browser with fresh features when it first came out but it is currently 8 years old (must be about 160 human years).

It is still around, mostly because it came bundled with many distributions of the most popular Windows OS ever: XP & bad luck that users still have that old CD.

So, within time, unlike every software, it didn’t disappear, got more powerful & managed to build new communities around it: "designers & developers who try to overcome the IE6 difficulties", "users with bad browsing experiences".. : ).

Now it can even:

  • Make a web project development process longer
  • Shorten the life of a web designer / developer (that’s what I had tweeted while working on an IE6 compatibility)

But it is time to go now. Hopefully quickly (with the medal).

Within this 8 year period, just for IE6, designers & developers are:


Defining The Problems & Creating Solutions

Explorer Exposed!

Internet Explorer Bugs

Position Is Everything provides an amazing list that defines Internet Explorer problems (not only IE6) in detail & shows some workarounds.

IE CSS Bugs That’ll Get You Every Time

IE6 Bug

CSS-Tricks presents the most common IE6 problems that can be faced including the box model & double margin bug.

IE6 – CSS Bugs and Fixes Explained

IE6 CSS Bugs

Dave Woods explains several IE6 CSS bugs & how they can be fixed.

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  • Browser compatibility issues with how they render HTML differently is a common problem for web designers and developers.

    Reset.CSS, if you are not already using it, can save some time from the CSS editing process.

    What is Reset.CSS?

    Reset.CSS is simply a collection of CSS styles which removes and neutralizes the inconsistent default styling of HTML elements.

    By using Reset.CSS, you simply clear the default values of web browsers and you won’t need to alter these differences for every element again.

    There are 2 popular Reset.CSS styles:

    How to use Reset.CSS?

    Using Reset.CSS styles as another CSS file or by inserting the Reset.CSS styles at the top of your CSS file is enough.

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  • Examples of how to make CSS gradient text effects are published in 2 different & beautiful web design blogs: WebDesignerWall and CSS Globe.

    Both techniques are using a similar method which is adding a small PNG gradient file over the text with extra tricks. Both methods are compatible with all the major browsers. Have a look at how nice they are:

    Css Globe solution:
    CSS Text Gradient Effect


    WebDesignerWall solution:
    Css Gradient Text Effect

    Sample codes for these nice effects can be downloaded from each website.

    With many different operating systems, many browsers and different browser versions the design of a website can look different to every user.

    Testing your website in different browsers easily is possible.

    Website Browser Test

    Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers. It is a free open-source online service created by Johann C. Rocholl. When you submit your web address, it will be added to the job queue. A number of distributed computers will open your website in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to the central server.

    Uptime Robot