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When designing for mobile, transferring the work from desktop to the mobile device for previewing it is usually time-consuming.

Skala Preview is a free Mac application with free iOS and Android apps that makes this process a joy.

The application instantly sends lossless and colour-accurate previews to mobile and they can be zoomed, tested for color blindness and viewed in any orientation.

Skala Preview

For Photoshop CS5+ users, previews can be delivered on each edit automatically and, for others, they can be sent via the clipboard or by dragging files to its dock icon or window.

Also, Skala Preview supports any number of devices being connected at the same time.

Device images are widely used when showcasing mobile apps and presenting realistic designs of mobile apps/layouts.

Mobile Design Kit is a free set of mobile devices that are flat designed and provided as .PSD files.

The download package is categorized in operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) and there are designs for iPhone, iPad S3, S4 & Nexus 7 and more.

Mobile Design Kit

Pixate is a free platform for creating the user interface of native mobile apps with CSS.

It is actually a graphics engine that transforms CSS into scalable graphics, bitmap effects and more.

The app can be built with any tool/language (Objective-C, Titanium, etc.) and Pixate will work with all of them.


CSS used can be loaded  locally or remotely which is great for totally customizing the look and feel by updating the CSS and not updating the app itself.

Pixate is currently iOS-only but Android support (where the same code could be used for both platforms) will be available soon.

There are many frameworks out there which mimic the user interface of iOS but not much exists for Android

Fries is a solid HTML-CSS-JS framework for creating Android-like UIs both for real-world usage and prototyping.

The framework has all the major components like forms, action bars, lists, buttons, spinners or tabs.

It is also optimized for PhoneGap and can be easily converted to a native app.

Android UI Web Framework - Fries

When building and updating native mobile apps, testing them can be a pain as this may require including an SDK or recompiling the app.

Appium is an open source framework which helps automating mobile app testing from any language and any test framework, with full access to back-end APIs and DBs from test code.


It works for both iOS + Android apps and tests can be written with Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, Clojure, or Perl.

The framework is Mac OS X only and requires Nodejs to run.

Mobile_Detect is an open source PHP class for detecting mobile devices.

It uses the User-Agent string combined with various HTTP headers in order to detect the mobile environment.

The class can easily understand whether the platform is mobile, tablet or desktop.

PHP Mobile Detect

Also, functions exist for detecting whether it is iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.

And, we can even drill-down to the versions of the platforms and browsers if needed.

It has a huge library of devices (including Nook, Nexus, Kindle, Archos..) and browsers for a stable detection.

Makeappicon is a free and web-based tool for generating app icons quickly.

It works by simply uploading a big-sized image and the app auto-resizes it to the required dimensions.


The sizes are the ones that are required by iOS + Android apps.

Makeappicon accepts .JPG, .PNG and .PSD files (works best with a 1024*1024px image).

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  • ViniSketch Designer  is a free software for visually creating mobile applications using web and native technologies.

    It only works with Mac OS X and provides visual editors for designing the GUI + dataflow besides a code editor to customize the stuff in detail.

    Vinisketch Designer

    There is a built-in simulator and debugger which is based on the WebKit's WebInspector.

    The apps created are compatible with iOS + Android and other platforms are under development.

    Also, if you will be using PhoneGap for the app created, it can generate the project automatically.

    Mobello is an open source JavaScript UI framework that simplifies developing mobile web apps.

    The framework aims to provide a native-like experience in mobile, it is optimized for touch events and has 20+ widely-used UI components.

    Mobello Mobile Framework

    It also has an IDE, named Mobello Studio, that focuses on building mobile apps with HTML5, CS3 and the Mobello framework..

    Mobello Studio has a drag 'n' drop enabled  visual design editor, a JavaScript debugger and built-in mobile device emulator.

    The API of the framework is documented in detail and it can be a good alternative to other popular ones if improved regularly.

    When it comes to tracking websites, there are open source analytics apps like Piwik, OWA or ChiliStats. But, for mobile, it is hard to find a good one.

    Countly is a modern, real-time and open source mobile analytics application which can collect data from mobile phones and visualize that info for analyzing mobile app usage + end-user behaviour.

    It is formed of 3 parts: the Countly server + frontend, iOS SDK and Android SDK.

    With an event-driven system, almost every action can be tracked including in-app purchases, when a user closes the app, ad-click behavior, etc.

    All these details are displayed in the slick interface of Countly. And, you are not limited to racking a single app. The same interface enables adding any number of apps.

    Uptime Robot