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2014 is coming to an end and the world is gearing up for 2015. So while people fill up their wardrobes for the next year, have you filled up your design box with the latest trendy resources? We bring you plenty of premium quality resources in collaboration with DealFuel to add to your Pandora box. You can find new patterns, icons, textures, badges, graphic designs, and templates.

Silverback Template

A new template can do wonders to any website. If your new web project can make use of a responsive template, how cool would it be? In addition, what if the template is based on Foundation5 framework? All the better, right?

We have the awesome new Silverback Template that is crafted with a responsive slider, mobile menu and modal pop-ups. It will be a worthy addition to your web resources as it will be useful for any kind of web design projects.

Grab this awesome deal right here!

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The primary objective of every small- or medium-sized web design and development company is to thrive by taking on more and more clients. If you’re the leader of a start-up, then your team is also eager to take on a multitude of projects and step up the game. As you may already know, the larger your workload gets, the more difficult it is to control.

We’re here to tell you that you should consider using software for project management and team collaboration, which is bound to make you more efficient. 15 of the best are presented below. You will find that they are not cumbersome or demanding, but rather simple and empowering.


One of the most helpful solutions for web based project management is Paymo. It gives you the chance to mobilize your team and schedule all of your projects via desktop, or smartphones. If you’re going to use your desktop for task management and time tracking, then Paymo has widgets for Mac and Windows, which allow you to edit a time sheet and detect idle workers. In addition, you can let PaymoPlus run in the background while you’re working, and you’ll be able to add all of your projects at the end of the day.
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Backend PHP development is still one of the most popular choices for creating dynamic websites. Although Ruby on Rails has become a favorite amongst developers, PHP thrives in a global environment with free code snippets and CMS engines like WordPress.

When delving further into PHP you start to learn about HTTP requests, file uploads, and special regex commands. One of the tenets of advanced PHP programming is working with 3rd party APIs. These APIs allow developers to pull out data from other websites like Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit. This post offers a handful of free tutorials dedicated to PHP API development working with a number of popular website APIs.

Vine API

vine videos through twitter api

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Are you excited to get your hands on the hottest Black Friday deals for web developers and designers, cause we are itching to tell you all about them.

1. X by Themeco

Themeco are already widely known for their stellar themes that mesmerize viewers. Their latest release, X 3.0 promises to be the most feature rich WordPress theme on the market today. And the best part is that it comes with a lot of free Extensions. These will help you step up your game by designing the web site of your dreams. They were created by Themeco to work flawlessly with X: Content Dock is a simple yet effective tool that will enable you to place content or marketing offers in front of your viewers in a non-intrusive style; MailChimp will make sure that building custom option forms is easy and fun; Disqus Comments are better than the standard WordPress ones thanks to their unique and powerful features; the Google Analytics Extension will allow you to simply drop your code snippet, select the output and you’re good to go. X 3.0 has got you covered both on looks and reliability. You will be able to add as many pages as you want: About, Pricing, Contact and more. Additionally, the new shortcodes will take your website from dull to fabulous. With Responsive Visibility you’ll be able to choose what things show up on certain devices, while the Table of Contents is the perfect way to increase page views. Click on the button below to get your hands on all their Black Friday Goodies.

Link for offer:
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preview - cupon

InkyDeals prepared for you an entire week with massive discounts, super premium resources and some out of this world promos!
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It is vital for all businesses and organizations to have a strong presence online nowadays. This has put quite a lot of stress on web developers to be constantly innovative and always create new and exciting websites. Luckily, there are a number of tools out there that can help make web development a lot easier. Here are out top 20 picks.


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Vector design is a popular topic because it can be extrapolated into the world of digital and print design. Icons are used for websites, branding, even mobile applications. Whether you’re building a website mockup or learning how to create your own graphics, freebies are quite useful to the process. This gallery includes over 20 free Illustrator files to play with icons and vector freebies.

Flat Devices

flat device screen mockups psd

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Online video tutorials are one of the simplest methods for learning new techniques. They’re more visual, more procedural, and don’t involve much reading. Illiterates will enjoy that last point but they also won’t be able to read this post. There’s no denying the benefits of YouTube video tutorials for designers and web developers to want to expand their knowledgebase.

This gallery focuses on 15 YouTube channels dedicated to development and design techniques. Some channels are more tutorial-focused while others pivot around presentations and keynote speeches. There is plenty of great info to consume if you have the time to spare.

1st Web Designer

1wd first web designer youtube channel

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Whether it’s WordPress, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Joomla, or Magento, creative professionals put in a lot of effort day and day out to give shape to good-looking websites for their contractors. Part of that effort goes into finding auxiliary resources, especially themes and plugins that serve a specific purpose, and are compatible with the CMS or website launching platform at hand.

Sound premium plugins are particularly difficult to come by. Consciously or unconsciously, each of us creates a list of favorites, over time. I have my own version of it, too. You can read all about it below, in an updated form for this autumn.

LayerSlider Premium Multi-Purpose Slider Plugin

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Do you remember the time when WordPress was just a CMS employed to set up blogs? Not such a long time ago, if you come to think of it. A few years back, something happened and everything changed. Namely, web designers and web developers started to use WordPress to create other types of websites. And since the market is always quick to respond to end users, a great variety of services and products started to compete for their favor. Apart from web design or consulting services, the area of website creation also encompassed plugins and themes.

It’s the themes that interest me most, because they can verily take coding out of the picture. You see, we are now faced with a plethora of premium themes, and the only difficulty lies in choosing which to enlist for each of our projects. In my view, these themes raise the bar when it comes to design quality and productivity.

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