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We are living in fast-paced times. Some of us are really caught up in our daily work schedules, so we barely have time for ourselves. This is where online shopping comes in handy. You can order the goods you need over the internet, and they will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Online vendors thrive on this opportunity, but only if they have a good website, which invites guests to consider their products. Thus, designers try to find and use the right WooCommerce theme for each of their retailer clients. Scroll down for 15 great options.


Bi-Shop stands above all the other themes for WooCommerce websites, and deserves standing ovations. It’s an incredible, polyvalent solution that fits web stores of any kind. Even further, it has a mild learning curve, so you’ll understand how to use it in a jiffy.
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The Internet nowadays has made its way into our lives more and more. We have gotten to the stage in which we rely on it heavily as both a source of information and social interaction. Due to these facts, demands on web designers and developers have risen. It’s no longer enough to put out a website, you now have to make it user-friendly, memorable and responsive if you want to get anywhere with it. Luckily for web developers and designers, there are a number of tools to help them in their work and we’ve rounded up the best 20.


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Whether you’re a seasoned graphic/web designer, or just a rookie, there is one thing that always stays the same: the difficulty in making up your mind on which themes to use for WordPress projects. In my opinion, that indecision is a thing of the past since Theme X emerged. Designers and developers alike have been rushing head-on to get their hands on’s most popular release ever.

What so special about X, you may ask? First off, version 2.3.0 has full BuddyPress and WooCommerce integration, not to mention that you also get free updates and a smart plugin that unlocks all sorts of brand new shortcodes. Last but not least, you can do whatever takes your fancy when it comes to your site’s appearance and management, thanks to the live previewer.

Presently, four Stacks make up X, and more are coming. I’ve taken the liberty to show you some fine examples of X-powered websites. Just scroll down and see what you think.



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Anyone who is familiar using WordPress should know it’s one of the most popular CMS engines to date. Learning the basics of theme development can be exciting and even quite fun. But with time even the brightest developers can hit a wall trying to learn everything. WordPress is a tremendous library and requires a lot of time to master.

Once you understand the the basics of WP development everything gets a whole lot more interesting. You can start to build very complex plugins, functions, interface features, and customizations for the backend admin panel. Check out these great tutorials which focus on more advanced WordPress topics for web developers.

Better WP APIs and Libraries

writing wordpress apis and libraries

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Every frontend developer should be quite familiar with the jQuery library. It provides a simple API for building quick dynamic interfaces without a whole lot of code. Many developers have even created jQuery plugins and released them online for free. This gallery includes 20 free open source examples of new jQuery plugins which can be used to enhance any website layout.


clndr calendar js jquery plugin

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Only today and only for you Top50 Website Templates are going to determine who is who! Joomla vs. WordPress battle is about to begin! Please make your self comfortable and be ready to enjoy the show!

Today you’re welcome to participate in an extraordinary battle. It is far from the battle of the century, but you can sure bet on it! In the left corner of the ring you can see multiple CMS champion – WordPress! In the right corner of the ring meet beloved and well-recognized Joomla CMS! It is not the first time the competitors meet to challenge each other and definitely not the last one. But this is not the blood feud as it may seem. No! It is rather a friendly scuffle to keep each other fit. And really, there’s no reason for feud. Both CMS gained their wide popularity due to their extremely appealing features that make them easy to install and customize, to say nothing about being user-friendly and responsible. So they gain from the both sides: site manager and the final user.

But to make this battle more spectacular we added some special effects. No, there are no laser swords and blue aliens. We have chosen a topic for the battle that seems to be the most appetizing. In the direct meaning of this word. Food and everything connected to it: restaurants, cafes, breweries, bakeries. These mouth-watering templates won’t leave you indifferent. But don’t forget what we are here for! To compare the two CMS. So before dropping with saliva and running towards the kitchen for a sandwich or two look through the templates till the end and put your vote to the one of the balance pans.

So here are top50 Website Templates chosen for the battle. Best of the best fighters! Meet them with your loud applause! 50 mouth-watering themes are ready for the battle!

Juicy Responsive Joomla Template

Food & Drink Responsive Joomla Template

Details |Demo
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Designing is fun. Now it is easy, time-saving and freeee! Thats right. We have folks from DealFuel who have got you this set of amazing free design resources to use in your everyday project to create peppy websites. If you are a designer then you will certainly prefer these freebies than a cinnabon! So whether you are just dipping your toe in designing or a full fledged swimmer, you are bound to find new favourites that will top your list. Create enticing and pinnable websites or graphics with these array of resources which vary from Stock Images, Textures, Templates, myriad variety of Icons to checklist! So if you have the eye for design we give you a path filled with high-quality resources which will make sure that all your projects maintain the calibre it promises.

Take a sneak peek into the resources:

1. High resolution Stock images

Having dull,simple backgrounds for websites is passe. Get these 20 killer stock photos capturing picturesque nature and landscape which will give an exotic touch to your backgrounds or print designs!

Download them here
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If you want to beef up your design tools in one fell swoop, this Mighty Deal clearly has your name on it. Chock full of 11 different retro/vintage design bundles from Cruzine Design, you’ll instantly find yourself drooling at more than 200 different design elements.

Like what? Like high-quality, professional logos, badges, ornaments, frames, shapes, buttons and more. Each comes in editable Photoshop files, with most also including .AI and .EPS files so you can easily customize the size, shape and color. The price is real vintage too. You can get this entire collection for a mere $22.
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There are no two projects that are the same. And just like every project is unique, every designer is unique as well. But despite their uniqueness, all designers have one thing in common: They all believe they know exactly where to find the best resources and tools for their websites. Not only the best tools, but the most affordable as well. If this were true, articles like this would not need to be written. But since it is not true, I’m here to help you navigate all the tools you can find online to help you build the perfect website. We’ll look at web builder services, images and stock photos, fonts and icons, as well as explore project management tools, Photoshop to HTML conversion services, and even e-commerce. So sit back, relax, and take a look at these services.

Website builders


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Companies need photos for advertising, as well as giving a client’s project a visual aspect, and the need is growing. Using stock photography is a faster and less expensive way to get the photographs that you need compared to hiring a photographer. Below are my personal picks for the best microstock companies for the summer of 2014. Hopefully this list will find your next stock photo supplier.


iStock is by far the most popular place to go for stock photos. But iStock is much more than just a stop for your photo needs. Their database also includes videos, sound effects, music and even vector images. And all of their files are guaranteed to be legal for you to use in your business needs.
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