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Being productive is always a challenge. All of us have too many things to do, emails to reply, news to read, meetings to attend, stuff to organize, social media to update and so on. The problem is that staying on top of all that while doing our work and taking care of our sanity may be a real challenge. This is why we are so thankful to productivity tools and services. Read the rest of this entry »

We’ve been posting a lot about content management systems lately, like our post from the other day here. Trust plays an important role in any type of relationship, especially the one that you have with your customers and clients. Within a traditional brick-and-mortar store, face-to-face interactions and physical contact can assist greatly when it comes to earning that trust. However, within an online store, there are several ways to achieve the same goal simply by using your eCommerce CMS.
Provide a High Level of Security
One of the biggest concerns of the average online shopper is that of security and privacy. During 2012 alone, more than 80 percent of websites suffered from at least one major security vulnerability, according to SC Magazine, and statistics further showed that even IT websites were not invincible to security threats. Therefore, make sure that your website is secured and, more importantly, that your customers are aware of the security measures you have taken. Doing so will allow them to feel comfortable and even let their guard down as they build trust in your website.
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While developers may love diving under the hood, those are usually marketing people who end up using content management systems and paying money for web design agencies. And so great content management systems must be built with the actual content managers in mind first. One of such systems is ImpressPages.

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Are you familiar with blank WordPress themes? These themes are also known as starter themes, naked themes or base themes, and they serve as starting points for you to create your own theme. These themes count with basic boilerplates that you can custom the way you need without having to start everything from scratch. When you start from a blank theme you will have basic WordPress PHP, CSS, and HTML code ready for your customization needs. This is good because it will make your life easier when you need a new theme but you don’t want to do all the base work again, which reduces the time you spend coding and helps your workflow process. Read the rest of this entry »

Massive Discounts on Stock Photos – 90% off

The Mighty Deals are generally all-around mighty. But sometimes Mighty Deals offers a deal that is just so out-of-this-world amazing that they practically drown in the pile of requests from customers to bring it back. And that’s exactly what they did this time around.
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Web designers who spend a lot of time in Photoshop will often build their own repeating patterns from scratch. Yet for some projects it can be easier to work with an existing background to save time. The problem is that it can be difficult finding the exact background which fits your needs.

Take a look at these fantastic online resources for repeating backgrounds. Some are galleries while others help you generate repeating tiled background images. Ultimately these tools are efficient and powerful resources to web designers and developers around the world.

Tile-able Backgrounds Blog

tiled-bg backgrounds blogsspot gallery free

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The wait is over! There is finally a solution for those web designers out there looking for a UI kit that not only looks good, but is easy to use, too. It’s called PixelKit. The library full of high-quality UI kits is there for anyone looking to improve the look and feel of their website.

What do you actually win?
If you are lucky enough to win one of three annual membership accounts from PixelKit, you will gain access to everything you could possibly need to improve yourself as a web designer.
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Newer teams of designers and developers might be surprised at the wide array of chat applications. Some are more public than others, and you’ll find plenty of free alternatives mixed into paid services. But chatrooms or instant message chatting can be extremely beneficial to any company or team project.

Take a look over this collection of 15 brilliant IM tools and web applications. I’d encourage everyone to skim this collection and see if anything catches your eye. Managing a team is difficult – but having the proper channels for communication make any task a whole lot easier.


online chat tools website firechat

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Many hand-trained illustrators will design their own brushes from scratch and release them on the web. Freebies are great because they help new designers learn the basics without needing to start from scratch. Adobe Illustrator can be somewhat confusing at first – yet through practice the interface gets clearer and easier to use.

I’ve compiled a nice collection of free Adobe Illustrator brushes for any graphics designer. You can build print work, scalable vectors, even website graphics with these brush sets. If you need a quick recap on Illustrator try searching for brush tutorials in Google. I would encourage anyone who enjoys vector design to test a couple brushes that might look cool in future projects.

Doodle Patterns

doodle border patterns brushes

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Writing clean CSS is a laborious task when you get into newer CSS3 properties and their respective browser prefixes. Thankfully some crafty developers have built online web applications to save us all that tiny bit of frustration.

Take a glance over these links and see if you can find any gems. Those who understand Sass/Compass will find some cool webapps in the list. Plus a number of code generators and other helpful CSS tools for any frontend developer.

CSS Comb

webapp tool css comb logo

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Uptime Robot