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This is another coda slider built with jQuery (check YCodaSlider 2.0 – wrd post). As the use of them are becoming common, it is better we have different choices.

To run this coda slider, along with jQuery you need the following plugins:

jQuery Coda Slider

Some features of this coda slider:

  1. Degrades perfectly without JavaScript enabled
  2. Hitting the page with a specific hash (i.e. page.html#preview) shows the right tab, and highlights the right navigation
  3. Any link on the page that refers back to a panel should trigger the effect and highlight the right navigation – this should happen without any extra work.

Besides the codes, you can find how this coda slider is built in detail.

bwpx.icns, is a set of 250 quality black and white icons created by Paul Armstrong Designs.

Every icon in the set is very detailed and clear.

Within the set, you can find any icon an application may require like arrows, baskets, documents, comments, users, photos, etc.

Black And White Icons

Icons are 18px*18px size and in GIF format.

We generally have lots of content to present but can not load all of it at once as it may take too long.

I always loved the dZone’s Ajax content loading while scrolling feature and created a similar one using jQuery.

I’m pleased to share with WebResourcesDepot readers (Check the demo – scroll down to see new content in the demo)

This Ajax auto content loading can very be handy in almost every project. Don’t forget to bookmark it ( link).

jQuery Load Content While Scrolling

Download Load Content While Scrolling With jQuery

Download package includes a working demo coded with ASP with a test MySQL database. ASP code is just a simple query so you can switch it with a one you like easily.


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Feed Compare is a fresh service for comparing Feedburner feed subscribers.

This feed comparison application lets you compare up to 4 feeds at a time and presents the results with a nice flash chart interface (amCharts).

Compare Feeds

Feed Compare is great, not only comparing the end numbers but also for viewing the subscribers in a timeline (max: 24 months) to analyze the feeds of similar sites better.

P.S.: Thanks for the guys at Feed Compare for the suggestion.

Dynamic Drive, a great resource for web designers & developers has a nice collection of free CSS menus that you may find handy.

There are several horizontal and vertical menu examples, buttons, pagination samples & more.

Free CSS Menus

Besides these CSS menus, Dynamic Drive is worth to browse deeply & regularly as new resources are added frequently.

iRadeo is a free online radio application that can be used to stream MP3 / WAV files.

This online radio application automatically detects and streams the files that are uploaded to a specified directory.

Free Online Radio Script

One great feature of iRadeo is the embedding support which lets your visitors stream your radio via a simple JavaScript code.

Features of this free online radio script:

  • Streams – Supports both MP3 and WAV file formats
  • Auto-Detects – Auto detect MP3 file information through the ID tags (both ID3v1 and ID3v2) and will display in the player
  • Customization – Easy to customize through a single CSS file
  • Embed – Easly allow listeners to embed your player on their site with just few lines of code
  • Shuffle – Option to allow files to stream randomly (no file from same single artist or album will be played twice in a row)
  • Limit Skips – Option to limit number of skips allowed per session.
  • Auto-Play – Option automatically start streaming once page is loaded

iRadeo is coded with PHP and uses the SoundManager 2 JavaScript sound API (see WRD post) for the controls.

IETester is a free web browser allowing you to browse websites with the JavaScript & rendering engines of IE8 beta 1, IE7 IE 6 and IE5.5 on Vista and XP, as well as the installed IE in the same process.

Internet Explorer Compatibility Test

You can also find a very nice tool for Internet Explorer named Debug Bar which includes a toolbar and a development bar +  a IE JavaScript debugger named Companion.js inside the same website.

Mura is a beautiful open source content management system, built with Coldfusion, that helps you manage your site content easily.

Besides the standard CMS functions, Mura has marketing features like targeted messaging, user tracking, integrated email marketing and more.

Coldfusion CMS

Mura can manage multiple websites, generate SEO friendly URLS, has powerful personalization & user administration capabilities.

This Coldfusion powered CMS also offers pre-built CSS layouts and templates that will help you using semantically-correct, logically structured XHTML that's easy for you to control and easy for your client to use without blowing up layouts and formatting.

Sava can use both MySQL or MSSQL for storing data.

askApache is presenting the most popular .htaccess examples that every developer may need.


These .htaccess examples are very well categorized and includes:

Typogridphy is a CSS framework that helps web designers and front-end developers in quickly coding typographically pleasing grid layouts.

Typogridphy uses ems which means that the content is zoomable without creating problems for the design.

CSS Framework

Based on the popular 960 Grid System (see WRD post), Typogridphy makes creating grid layouts which are versatile and great looking much easier. This CSS framework is made of fully validated, semantic and strict XHTML, and validated CSS.

Uptime Robot