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FameID Menu is an advanced Flash accordion menu.

It uses XML to store the data, almost every setting is configurable and has a submenu feature which is kinda unique.

Flash Accordion Menu

Configuration options of this Flash XML accordion menu:

  • Background images of any menu items
  • Dimensions of the whole menu
  • Dimensions of the menu items when they are active (unfolded)
  • Transparency animation levels of menu items
  • Almost any setting for each menu item, such as colour, position, size, transparency etc.
  • Menu items’ header texts and link URLs
  • Choice of targeting simple URLs, frames or named windows
  • Addition of submenus to any menu’s item using XML
  • The look of submenu’s background panels
  • Speed of animation
  • Custom images for submenu’s button images
  • Ability to always display menu item’s text headers or only display them when the item is active

In general, gauges are built with Flash as they require an animation.

Rather than Flash gauges, this is a pure JavaScript & canvas gauge.

JavaScript Canvas Gauge

How it works?

The code sets a starting and an end value. Using the HTML Canvas element, it draws the needle and simply rotates it according to the current data. For more information about Canvas element, check this WRD post.

As Internet Explorer does not support Canvas element natively, this Canvas gauge uses IECanvas for that.

Working demo can be found here.


There is also a dynamic Flash gauge at the same page.

LaunchSplash is a fresh web based service which enables you to create a free launch page.

Free Launch Page

Creating a launch page is not a difficult task for a developer/designer. On the other hand, LaunchSplash offers some free tools like:

  • E-mail signup form
  • 25+ templates
  • Ability to override CSS
  • Traffic analysis of the launch page
  • Ability to use your domain name with domain mapping

Considering these, it can be a handy tool for a fast start.

Easy CGI is an experienced & quality web hosting service which is specialized in Windows web hosting (now Linux too) solutions.

They have competitive prices and a fast-responsive 24*7 support system (which is the most important factor when choosing a hosting solution)  via phone, ticket & e-mail.

They have an attractive discount offer to WebResourcesDepot readers:

First 3 months of any shared hosting plan to be only $1.99. Click here to get it.

Windows 2008 Web Hosting

To give an idea about the shared hosting features: smallest shared web hosting package includes IIS7 support, 3500 GB traffic, 350 mb diskspace, 50 MySQL databases, SmarterStats statistics (very nice application), ASP.NET, ASP, PHP 4/5 support, shared SSL & more.

Besides shared hosting solutions Easy CGI offers:

P.S. This post is an advertorial.

SproutCore is a framework for building applications in JavaScript with remarkably little amounts of code.

It can help you build full “thick” client applications in the web browser that can create and modify data, often completely independent of your web server, communicating with your server via Ajax only when they need to save or load data.

SproutCore JavaScript Framework

Like other JavaScript frameworks, SproutCore has ready to use visual widgets like list views, button views, and forms. But it also has other functions such as an in-memory database (that can integrate with client-side offline storage), bindings, property observing, and controllers.

SproutCore uses Ruby to generate static HTML and JavaScript files, you are not tied to Ruby or Rails in production. SproutCore runs in the browser, your production system can use whatever backend you want

Remote desktop sharing applications are the ones which sometimes save the day of a developer (specially the freelancers) or anyone who works with computers.

  • Working as a distributed team and need desktop collaboration?
  • Supporting a remote web application that you had built?
  • Need to manage the work computer from home?

There are great free remote desktop applications which helps to build this remote connection.

Do you think these applications may save your day, don’t forget to bookmark this post ( link).

I have collected the best ones I know & experienced. Here they are:


Free version works like a charm, you can manage multiple remote computers. This is a web-based application and you only have to install clients to the PCs to be managed. Downside of the free version is you can not transfer files.

LogMeIn Remote Desktop



Teamviewer - Control Remote Computers

TeamViewer is a software and both PCs need to install applications. You can control remote PCs (unlimited) with the free version. You can transfer files, chat, establish a VPN connection & more.



Yuuguu Remote Desktop Management

This is a very different one. Besides controlling remote computers, Yuuguu enables a team of up to 30 people to share their desktops and chat.



DimDim Web Conferencing

Dimdim is a free web conferencing service where you can share your desktop, show slides, collaborate, chat, talk and broadcast via webcam with absolutely no download required for attendees. It also has an opensource version.



Mikogo Screen Sharing Tool

With Mikogo, users can host smooth-running screen sharing sessions and invite up to 10 participants simultaneously to any one Mikogo meeting. It is genuine freeware with no costs and there are no installations on the participants’ side (thanks Andrew for the suggestion).



TightVNC is a very famous open source remote desktop management application. It is lightweight and has versions for both Windows and Unix.



All the applications are very easy to use and has lots of users. Except TightVNC, all of them are firewall friendly, which will probably not cause any problems while connecting. But only TightVNC is a standalone product that does not require any registration or depend on any web-based service (and DimDim opensource).

If there are any other free remote desktop sharing solutions that you know, please share them to make the list better.


DinPattern by Evan Eckard is a website presenting quality & unique patterns created by him.

Currently there are 60+ free patterns to use.

Free Patterns

New patterns are being added by time and before downloading them, you can easily preview how they look.

Embedding a content inside websites is very common with the increasing web based applications like Youtube, Flickr, Pownce etc.

oEmbed is an embedding API which aims to standardize embedding interfaces of every application.

To clear, normally if you want to use API’s of Youtube and Flickr, they will be providing you different data structures of every query you make. With oEmbed, the structures of returned results (XML and JSON) are standard.

Providers who support oEmbed in their applications are currently:

  • Flickr
  • Viddler
  • Qik
  • Pownce
  • Revision3
  • Hulu

If you are embedding content from these providers, taking a look at oEmbed will definitely save your development time.

Bubbling Library is an easy to adopt Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library extension for event-driven applications.

It consists of a set of plugins, behaviors and widgets.

YUI Extensions

This YUI extension has the following features:

  • Plugins
    • Dispatcher
    • Lighter
    • Form Manager
    • Sound Manager
    • Translator
  • Widgets
    • Accordion Manager
    • Loading Mask
    • Tooltip Manager
  • Behaviors
    • Bookmark Links
    • RSS Feed Links

Bubbling Library is well-documented and has lots of examples of every feature.

FIVe3D is an open source code for creating vector-based 3D animations with Flash.

These Flash animation classes are built with AS3 and has the following features:

  • Back face culling
  • Flat shading
  • Z-sorting
  • Space drawing functions
  • Bitmap3D class
  • Video3D class
  • Sprite 2D class
  • Letter spacing
  • Text width

Flash Vector 3D Animation Classes


FIVe3D considers a text as a collection of letters, each letter being a vector shape. To draw these vector shapes, drawing instructions are saved in a typography file.

There is free tool at the website which enables you to create typography files.

Uptime Robot