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This is a simple line of JavaScript code which you can copy-paste to your browser and makes any webpage editable.

Here is an example:

JavaScript Edit Code

This is a method which some people create fake Google Analytics & Adsense reports.

But, it is very handy to use when you simply want to see how a page would seem with a different text or without a menu, etc.

Here is the code:

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Copy & paste it to your browser and start editing that page.

Live search is a great way of improving usability, specially if you have a serious amount of data to search. No going back & further and your users can see the results as they type.

QuickSilver has a great interface which accepts abbreviations as the input like writing wrdprss rather than WordPress.

JavaScript Live Search

John Nunemaker had published a QuickSilver style Prototype live search and the ported it to jQuery.

John Resig (creator of jQuery) played with it more and re-ported it to jQuery (which seems to be the final version for now : ) ).

Update (07.08.2008): And a MooTools version of the code.

Mia Chat is an Ajaxed PHP chat application which is very simple to use & install.

It functions similar to the messenger applications, you can add buddies, chat with several users at the same time, change your online status & more.

PHP - Ajax Chat

This PHP chat supports many databases for storing data like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle 8+, MS SQL Server 2000+, SQLite 2+ and PostgreSQL 7+.

Progress bars are a great way visualizing events that may take some time like uploads, form submissions & more.

This is a MooTools animated progress bar which is highly customizable and easy to implement.

Mootools Progress Bar

You can define the "start percentage" and "speed" of the progress bar besides other variables.

Usage is this easy:

pb = new dwProgressBar({ 
    container: $('put-bar-here'), 
    startPercentage: 25, 
    boxID: 'box', 
    percentageID: 'perc' 

and you can set the progress bar to a new percentage with a simple command like: pb.set(55); .

To see a demo of this MooTools progress bar, click here.

Update (05.08.2008): There is now a new version which supports stepping & events.

In general Google & other search engines are the primary self-marketers of websites. So, checking your website’s credibility at search engines is a good way of improving it.

Here are some major web-based (excluding softwares and browser extensions) pagerank check & seo tools websites which have resources like backlink analyzers, search engine position finders, and more.

Info: This list is not the "all SEO tools" list, but they are the ones which provide you many tools at the same place with an easy-to-use interface.

If you find these tools handy, bookmark the post at


Online Pagerank Checker

They have almost every seo tool you may need including keywork density checker and link popularity.


Free Webmaster Tools

Besides the pagerank check and other webmaster tools, they have some advanced tools like mx / ns lookup, HTML Encryptor & more.

Although Khrido is not the most popular one, it is very user-friendly.


Free SEO Tools

They have a social bookmark link checkervisual pagerank checker tool and a free seo report tool which are nice besides the standard seo tools.


Advanced SEO Tools

SEOmoz provides advanced website analysis tools like finding how well your website is targeted for specific keywords or countries. Their pagerank checker & similar tools can be found here.

SEO Chat

Check Keyword Position

They are providing some tools for analyzing AdSense returns or comparing Google & Yahoo search results as a chart.

SEO Book SEO Tools

Keyword Analysis

Besides the standard SEO tools, they have an unique keyword analysis tool & a Firefox pagerank checker extension that can be handy.

Google Trends

A great Google tool that gives you an idea about the popularity of keywords, and websites.

If you know of a great one please share at comments.

eXtplorer is a free Ajax – PHP file manager built with Ext JS library.

It can function both as a file manager for local files and a web-based ftp application.

Editing files with syntax highlighting, extracting archives & user management with permission levels are great features of this application.

Ajax File Manager

Some features of this Ajax file manager are:

  • Copy & move files and directories by drag&drop
  • Dynamic directory tree with on-demand loading of subdirectories
  • Rename, delete or create new files and directories
  • Upload or download files just as you like

eXtplorer is also available as a component for Joomla! and Mambo.

CSS Creme has released a beautiful free XHTML-CSS e-commerce template which you can use in your projects or inspired from.

Free E-Commerce Template

This e-commerce / e-shop template features 3 pages:

  • Product listing template
  • Product detail template
  • Form template (contact us)

There are also ready-to-use hover tooltips inside the template.


CSS Creme features other nice free CSS templates.

jQuery Table Drag and Drop plugin simply adds drag’n drop functionality to tables.

Table drag’n dropping can’t be handled by standard drag’n dropping utilities as you need to move the whole row, not just the cell that receives the mouse events and re-parenting the row also requires specific code.

jQuery Table Drap Drop

This drag and drop plugin:

  • Allows the user to reorder rows within a table.
  • Individual rows can be marked as non-draggable and/or non-droppable.
  • Rows can have as many cells as necessary and the cells can contain form elements.

Standard usage is very simple:


After every drag’n drop event the new ordering values of the columns are returned as an array which you can send it as an Ajax query for updating the database.

This is not a usual resource post of WRD but considering it may be handy when building web applications, here it is.

This is about a post published in TechCrunch, so most of you might have followed it.

It is about Carsonified creating the Matt (a multi-account Twitter tweeter application) in 4 days, how they did it, advices and they recorded it too.

I’ve been to their FOWD & FOWA conferences, personally met with Ryan Carson and saw how a small but concentrated team doing great jobs. So, I like Carsonified applications (like DropSend). This is why I think their advices are real world advices which can be handy.

Multi-User Twitter

There is also an interesting conversation going on with the comments.

A Techcrunch reader, Chris, finds the 4 days & $10,000 spent for the application much and starts creating a similar application in few hours (lack of design & PR). You may follow comments of him. Two different approaches when creating the application.

Internet Captcha is a Flash-based captcha script which can be generated online with a configuration interface.

It lets you define all the variables of the captcha including the distortion level, color, Flash effect & more.

Flash Captcha

The configuration wizard created the necessary JavaScript and ASP / PHP files and shows how to install this captcha script step by step.

One nice feature of Internet Captcha is, it shows you the security level of the captcha you designed.

Uptime Robot