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feed via e-mail has a new free Flash image gallery named 3D Grid Photo Gallery.

Photos are presented with a beautiful 3D effect, you can switch between the thumbnails easily & see the original images by clicking on them.

Flash 3D Grid Image Gallery

Image information including the file names and explanation (shown with the original image) are configured within a XML file.

This Flash gallery is built with Papervision3D & download package includes the FLA file too.

Pure is an unobtrusive JavaScript template engine for HTML.

It aims to make HTML dynamic as templates can be created with only JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

Pure JavaScript Template Engine Logo

Pure is fast & runs on the browser/client side. It currently supports JSON (XML to be supported soon).

This JavaScript template engine can be used as a jQuery plugin (soon Dojo, DOMAssistant, MooTools, Prototype).

Pure provides a detailed "getting started" information supported with helpful examples.

FLIR (Facelift Image Replacement) is an image replacement script that enables you to use any font in your websites.

It is similar to sIFR but uses JavaScript + PHP rather than Flash.

JavaScript Image Replace

Fonts to be used are pre-uploaded and a PHP script creates the image using these fonts. Later on the image is inserted via JavaScript.

PHP GD library can not render some fonts properly. For this reason FancyFonts plugin (optional & requires ImageMagick) is also integrated to FLIR and it can handle almost any font.

LightWindow is a highly configurable Lightbox (modal window) solution built with Prototype &

It can display any media including Flash, Quicktime or an external website. And, it has gallery support with a multi-gallery feature.

Prototype Lightbox

The modal window can be custom positioned and it is automatically resized to fit the content.

LightWindow can be re-styled including markup, CSS & animations easily. Besides clicking on the close button & outside of the modal window, ESC key works for this feature too.

WideImage is an object-oriented PHP image library.

Color Palette Icon
It is written in PHP 5 and requires only GD2 library for manipulating images.

The library is very suitable for new generation web applications (for easier mashups) as it supports loading images from any URL besides loading them from a file, string or a valid image source.

Some features of WideImage:

  • Transformations: crop, resize, rotate, flip, mirror
  • Conversions: graysclae, negative, truecolor, palette
  • Colors/channels: merge, mask, filter, get channels, correct gamma…

mooSlide is an easy to use & configure slider class for MooTools.

It is a functional solution to present any content, even as a Lightbox replacement.

MooTools Slider

Within 1 line of code, you can set the:

  • slider div
  • slide in speed
  • fade out speed
  • remove on click yes / no
  • final opacity
  • height of the slider container
  • type of effect used
  • toggler element
  • slide from position

And, multiple sliders can be used in 1 page.

Sandy is an open source & user friendly 3D engine for Flash (AS2 & AS3).

This 3D Flash library is able to render about 2000-5000 polygons correctly on a pretty recent computer with really correct screen resolution.

Flash 3D Engine

Some features of Sandy:

  • Viewing volume clipping for perfect rendering
  • Advanced shading effects.
  • Material system to easily change your objects appearance.
  • Advanced and easy object management.
  • Advanced camera management.
  • Complex object loading thanks to the .ASE and .WRL files parser , but also Collada and 3DS files for AS3.
  • Flash player 7 to 9 compatibility.
  • Both MTASC and Macromedia compilers compliant for AS2 and Flash CS3 and FlexBuilder for AS3 versions.
  • Several 3D primitives.

NETTUTS presents a very nice tutorial on "Creating A MooTools Photo Gallery".

All the steps of creating this MooTools gallery is very well described and the source code is ready to download for instant use.

MooTools Photo Gallery

The gallery has a functional interface which enables you to browse between thumbnails and the original-size images easily.

P.S. It is not dynamic & all the thumbnails are loaded when the gallery loads. For this reason it may be suitable for galleries with <30-40 images.

firefly is a totally different chat system which can power your websites.

By adding a line of JavaScript, your visitors can chat with each other in an overlayed screen.

JavaScript Chat

Users can:

  • See other users mouse movements,
  • Choose avatars,
  • See the chat history,
  • Howmany people are already in the page.

As a developer, all I can ask for more is an API that enables integrating any userbase to the system for adding auto avatars, names to the users etc. Considering this is a fresh chat service, in the future, why not?

You should definitely give firefly a try & will probably be impressed.

This is a JavaScript time picker with a drag’n drop enabled clock interface.

JavaScript Time PickerUsage is very simple, hour and minute hands can be dragged & dropped to the desired value. Clicking to the AM-PM also enables you to switch between them.

This time picker is highly configurable including the "starting hour", sizes & images used.

It requires Mootools and the document to be a XHTML doctype to run. Download package includes all the necessary resources including the PSD files.

Uptime Robot