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SQL Buddy is an open source web-based MySQL administrator with an Ajaxed interface.

It requires no setup and works once the files are uploaded.

Ajax MySQL Admin

SQL Buddy handles logins with the MySQL user tables. Ordering & resizing the columns makes browsing easier.

Although browsing is mostly with Ajax, the application is browser back-forward friendly. And, it enables you to import/export to/from .CSV files.

Mini Icons is a set of free 10*10px greyscale icons.

They are one of the smallest size of icons that can be found & will be very handy if 16*16px ones are big for your design.

Mini Greyscale Icons

The set contains 113 icons (GIF Format) that has all the major elements to be used in web applications.

They are free to use in personal & commercial projects.

Gregarius is an open source web based feed reader. It is similar to Google Reader but you can install in on your servers.

It has a very simple & functional interface with a password protected administration area.

Open Source Feed Reader

This feed reader has Ajaxed item tagging & full-text search features. It is committed to web standards: renders XHTML/CSS, supports OPML.

The application is built with PHP & uses MySQL or SQLite for storing the data.

With a getting active community, Gregarius has multiple themes & plugins.

Zoki Poll is a free PHP – Ajax poll script that stores data in a XML file.

Free Ajax PHP PollIt has flexible display options for integrating the poll in limited spaces like horizontal scrolling long question & answers or vertical scrolling of answers.

Vote results are displayed with a nice, animated percentage bar & the look of the poll can be easily changed via CSS.

To prevent duplicate voting, Zoki Poll has a cookie-based protection system.

This Ajax poll script does not have an administration interface & it is a nice piece of code if you’re ready to integrate it yourself.

P.S. Downloading the script requires free registration.

Navicat MySQL Admin Tool 3 standard licenses giveaway that was announced last week is just ended and winners are out.

If you’re not one of the winners, a good news is: Navicat extended the 50% special discount ($64.50 rather than $129) on standard licenses for 1 more week (until 08.21.2008).

Here is the link for the special discount:[300175400]=1&COUPON1=promo08

Navicat MySQL Manager

To remember:

Navicat is a feature rich & very easy to use MySQL admin tool with an intuitive interface that runs on Windows, Linux & Mac.

It has great features like HTTP tunneling support, scheduled tasks, advanced import/export & more.

Tip: Navicat also have Oracle & PostgreSQL versions.

And The Winners:

  • luglio7 (comment #13227)
  • Basilakis (comment #13211)
  • JC (comment #13732)

Congratulations for all the winners.

Imago is an Ajax image gallery built with MooTools.

This gallery has connectors for Flickr, SmugMug & SimpleViewer to call images from them or use their XML files.

Imago is fully customizable with CSS & very easy to use.

A detailed "how to use" information guides you on setting up your Ajax image gallery.

PatternCooler is an online pattern library which enables you to find & create patterns easily.

Free Patterns

The website provides several objects that are used to create the patterns and you can edit the colors, repeating sizes of them to create new ones.

Besides creating your own pattern, you can browse a list of 100s of patterns created by other users, add them to your list (free account) for future use & more.

IMG·2·JSON is a Google App. Engine python application that extracts metadata from images and returns the results as a JSON string.

Extract Image Metadata

How to use?

Usage is simpler then expected. Just send a request to the fetcher-script URL hosted on Google App Engine.

An example query:

Response parameters include the image mimeType, size, height, width, byteSize & exif metadata.

Update: This resource seems to be unavailable from now on.

This is a free streaming Flash MP3 player that is easy to use & customize as it comes with the .FLA file.

The player uses a XML file where its design can be customized and the song to be played can be mentioned.

Free Flash MP3 Player With Source

The player plays 1 song which makes it ideal for using it as a website background music player or can be improved further.

It is written with Flash8 / AS2.

Using different CSS properties for different browsers is very common as they are not rendered the same.

Conditional-CSS allows you to use "if statements" for targeting specific browser versions or a group of browsers.

Conditional CSS

Features of Conditional-CSS:

  • Target CSS to any web-browser
  • Streamline maintenance of your CSS files
  • Optimise your CSS
  • Work around those annoying little CSS bugs
  • Automatic expansion and inclusion of @import statements
  • It’s free and open source!

Website has an online compiler that enables you to generate the Conditional-CSS file in PHP, C or C#.

Uptime Robot