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Calendar is a MooTools class for creating adding unobtrusive & attractive date-pickers to your forms.

This class allows you to configure the look & features of the date-pickers very easily.

MooTools Calendar

Some features of Calendar:

  • Style-able & semantic XHTML
  • Configurable inputs & selects
  • Several navigation options
  • Future / past calendar restrictions
  • Multi-calendar support
  • Multilingual

In WebResourcesDepot, a free iPhone interface PSD file was presented a while ago.

This is another iPhone GUI PSD file that is created by teehan+lax.

iPhone GUI PSD

The file has a comprehensive list of assets which are fully editable & that will updated within time.

Css-Tricks is sharing a beautiful jQuery content slider with auto-play feature.

The content slider can play any type of media & besides the auto-play you can switch between the contents easily.

jQuery Content Slider

The slider is very easy to implement & it is cross-browser. The sliding effect is done with the jQuery Coda slider plugin.

To view a demo of this jQuery featured content slider, click here.

13styles presents beautiful free XHTML – CSS menus which we can use & inspire.

Menus are lightweight, list-based & well coded. This makes them easier to modify.

Free CSS Menus

There are 13 menus which are ready to download. And, all menus are cross-browser compliant.

gTween is a lightweight (4.5kb) Flash tweening engine for AS3.

The engine is fast (1500 instances, 0.5s duration, ~25fps) & it is resource-friendly – consumes CPU carefully.

Flash Tween Engine

gTween has an attractive proxy tweening property that allows you to work with tween destination values the same way you would work with them on the target object.

Some features of gTween:

  • Interrupting tweens
  • Sequencing tweens
  • Multiple timing modes
  • Pause all
  • Activate, init & complete events. And, custom progress points
  • Auto-hide, auto-reverse, smart-rotate & more..

Flash Gallery is a free flash gallery application with Flickr photostream & auto-thumbnail creation support.

The application scans the related folder, creates the thumbnails & uses filenames for titles.

Flickr Flash Gallery

Flash Gallery requires PHP to run but this is not needed if you’re streaming Flickr images.

The application has a customizable design, full-screen support & it is fully resizeable.

Timeago is a jQuery plugin which enables you to display fuzzy timestamps. And, the timestamps are auto-updated.

Some example timestamps are "5 minutes ago, about 2 days ago".

JavaScript Timestamps

Using Timeago is very functional for displaying more friendly timestamps and auto-update feature makes it more accurate when a page is opened for a while.

P.S. John Resig also has a similar solution named JavaScript Pretty Date.

GeSHi is a highly customizable syntax highlighter that can be used to better present code snippets in websites.

It is developed to be used in phpBB forum software but is also presented for seperated use.

This syntax highlighter supports almost every popular langugae like ActionScript, ASP, C, JAVA, PHP, Ruby, SQL & more (even robots.txt).

Syntax Highlighter

Some features of GeSHi:

  • The ability to change the styles of any highlighted element on the fly
  • Use of CSS classes to reduce the amount of output produced (GeSHi can also produce a stylesheet to be used with a language on the fly)
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict + CSS2 compliance
  • Auto-caps/noncaps of keywords
  • Line numbering
  • And many more!

P.S. GeSHi requires PHP to run.

SQL Buddy is an open source web-based MySQL administrator with an Ajaxed interface.

It requires no setup and works once the files are uploaded.

Ajax MySQL Admin

SQL Buddy handles logins with the MySQL user tables. Ordering & resizing the columns makes browsing easier.

Although browsing is mostly with Ajax, the application is browser back-forward friendly. And, it enables you to import/export to/from .CSV files.

Mini Icons is a set of free 10*10px greyscale icons.

They are one of the smallest size of icons that can be found & will be very handy if 16*16px ones are big for your design.

Mini Greyscale Icons

The set contains 113 icons (GIF Format) that has all the major elements to be used in web applications.

They are free to use in personal & commercial projects.

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