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Optimizing images is a "must" when serving them over the net for faster browsing experiences, lower bandwidth & diskspace usage.

Smush-it is a free online service for compressing your images by offering different techniques than Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. & creates non-quality-loss output.


It offers several ways for easier usage:

  • Web based uploader that supports unlimited file uploads & optimized images can be downloaded as a .zip file. Images can be uploaded from URLs too.
  • Firefox plugin & a bookmarklet for 1-click optimizing for the images exists on that webpage.
  • WordPress plugin for automated usage for the uploaded images.

Anyone, who wants to get more bytes out of their images, should take a look at Smush-it.

SmoothGallery is a feature-rich image gallery & slideshow application built with MooTools.

With the "gallery set" function that enables you to present multiple galleries & different transition animations, it is really powerful.

MooTools Image Slideshow

SmoothGallery is designed from the ground up to be standard compliant: You can feed it from any document, using custom css selectors. It is also compatible with all major browsers.

And even better, this solutions is very lightweight: The javascript file is only 24kb.

Last week, a post announced the giveaway of 3 FlashEff Premium Unlimited licenses ($249 value / each).

Winners are selected today. But before that, FlashEff has a 50% discount until the end of September (2 days left) & if you’re not one of the winners & want to buy this great component, hurry up.

To remind:

Flash Text Effects

FlashEff is a Flash CS3 (and Flash CS4 ready) AS3 component for easing the animation process & creating stunning animations.

Tip: To see the beauty of the effects, click here to go to the effects gallery.

Here are the winners:

  • Hernan Dario Silva (comment #19309)
  • JC (comment #19399)
  • SEANRON (comment #19496)

Thanks to everyone for contributing & congratulations to the winners.

Keep following WRD for more great giveaways & web resources.

DragonArtz is presenting 94, very nice & free, background images in PNG format.

Images are very ideal to be used for any purpose including website, banner design, etc.

Free Backgrounds

Images are in 4167*4167px size & in different colors / designs.

There is also full-preview of the images at the DragonArtz website.

DIY Map is a zooming & clickable map, built with Flash, that can be colored with data from a text file.

Using an external data helps using the same Flash file for representing different information.

Flash Maps

When a point is clicked & zoomed, any information can be displayed like a link or an address.

List of maps that can be downloaded are world map, USA map, Europe map & few other countries.

The application is free for personal & educational use and requires a licence for commercial use.

This is a free icon set with 50 PNG icons.

The icons in the set are glossy (web 2.0 look) & very nicely done.

PNG Icon Set

Sizes of the icons are 52*51px which is kinda unique.

Flowplayer is a free Flash media player that can configured & styled to fit your needs.

It supports multiple media types: FLV, H.264 coded MP4, JPG, PNG & MP3.

Free Video Player

Some features of Flowplayer:

  • Full screen mode
  • Progressive download
  • Ability to play multiple files in 1 stream & ability to include images
  • Streaming support: Flash Media Server, Wowza & Red5
  • Quick access to specific chapters via thumbnails
  • Protection against hotlinking to media files
  • Embed links

This Flash media player can also be controlled with JavaScript & from other Flash movies.

Besides the free GPL license, there are several other paid licenses. So, make sure you check the licensing before using it.

P.S. This is not a very fresh resource but realized that it was missing in WRD & here it is.

Image Gallery is a free Flash image gallery that comes with the source code.

Settings are configured from a XML file like the names of the categories, images & folders where the images resides.

XML Flash Gallery

The gallery presents the images randomly or with an order (can be set via the XML file).

When a thumbnail is clicked, original image is presented in a Lightbox like Flash pop-up, images in that gallery can be browsed easily & even viewed as a slideshow.

The demo of the gallery can be viewed from here. As there is no direct link for the source file in the website, you can download it from here.

P.S. I have contacted Tony Yoo (owner of the gallery) & yes, it is free.

Alfresco is an open source enterprise level CMS application.

It provides document management, collaboration (in beta), records management, knowledge management, web content management and imaging.

Open Source CMS

Alfresco is built with Java & can be installed in both Window & Linux environments via "all-in-one installers".

Some features of Alfresco:

  • Web Content Management
    • Web content authors can access and contribute content
    • Simply preview in-context changes to any web page or web application
    • Reduce the risk of error with simple a virtualization of changes against a live site
    • Use your tool of choice, such as Dreamweaver, for web interface development
    • The ability to preview in-context changes to any web application, including PHP, Ruby, JSF, Tiles, Struts, Groovy and .NET
  • Document Management
    • All content is available via a shared drive interface
    • All content is available from within MS Office
    • Work in an MS Office environment for authoring and viewing
    • Save, version, share, search and audit
    • & many more..

This application is great for any company who wants to manage all the information from one central including websites, documents & knowledge.

Flashmo, which was presented at WRD (here & here) a while ago has 3 new free Flash galleries.

Flash Image Galleries

The galleries are:

Images in the galleries can be edited via a XML file

All the galleries have the source FLA files & you can edit them to make the galleries fit your needs.

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