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MenuMatic, a MooTools 1.2 class, makes creating dropdown menus easier, flexible & SEO friendly.

For users without JavaScript, it switches back on a CSS menu system.

MooTools DropDown Menu

Some features of MenuMatic:

  • SEO Friendly: Manipulates ıonly the existing links.
  • User Friendly: Hide-delay speed can be adjusted.
  • Accessible: Tab key navigates through main menu items & arrow keys can be used for dropdowns..
  • Fails Gracefully: When no JavaScript is available, switcches to suckerfish CSS based drop down menu system.
  • Stylish: Total style control with CSS.
  • Flexible: Many other controls like the opacity of menus…

The class can be used for both horizontal & vertical menus .It is also compatible with all major browsers.

P.S. Thanks to Jason from GreenGeckoDesign for the suggestion.

Panda is an open source solution that handles uploading, encoding & streaming videos.

All the process is completed via an elegant REST API.

Panda Video Stream
is designed to run in the cloud using Amazon's array of web services.

The application runs on a customised EC2 instance with everything pre-installed, including FFmpeg and an plethora of codecs.

SimpleDB is used to store all of data for video, encoding, accounts and encoding profiles. Uploaded and encoded video files are then stored on S3.

Other features of Panda:

  • Everything contained within one elegant Merb application.
  • Support for FLV, h264 for Flash, iPhone formats & more.
  • Panda gem for painless integration with Ruby on Rails and Merb.
  • Lovely little admin dashboard for managing your videos.

By default, Panda uses the JW FLV player but you can switch to any other video player easily.

iPhone is rapidly mobilizing internet users & creating its own standards.

At the time this post is written, there are millions of iPhones in use & numbers are increasing really fast. So, it is becoming very hard to stay in-compatible with it.

There are 2 main ways to deliver your content / product into iPhone:

  • As an application
  • As a compatible website (can act like an application)

The major differences between them are, an application can use all the iPhone features (like sounds, movements…), work offline where a webpage cannot (technically yes but it is not functional) and an application can be sold / distributed via the iPhone store.

You may also like:


iPhone Application Development Tools

Tools that are must when creating for iPhone like the SDK or the optional ones that you’ll find very handy.

iPhone Dev Center By Apple

iPhone Dev Center

The main & official source for creating iPhone applications. It provides great & very detailed information & iPhone SDK can be downloaded from here.

Free membership is required for reaching the content. To download development tools like Xcode & distribute your iPhone apps via the store, you need the pay for it.


iPhone JavaScript

PhoneGap is an open source development tool and framework that allows web developers to take advantage of the powerful features in the iPhone SDK from HTML and JavaScript.

iPhoney – Free iPhone Web Simulator

Free iPhone Web Simulator

iPhoney, powered by Safari,  gives you a pixel-accurate web browsing environment that you can use when developing web sites for iPhone. It’s the perfect 320 by 480-pixel canvas for your iPhone development – Free iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator

A web based application that enables you to test the look & dimensions of iPhone applications.


iUI - iPhone User Interface Library

A very functional iPhone UI library. It aims to turn standards-based HTML into iPhone compatible interfaces.

To give an example: it transforms <a> tags into sliding interfaces rather then opening a new page. You can read the introduction of the author & see an example (digg for iPhone) created with it.

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Galleriffic is a jQuery plugin for creating fast-performing photo galleries.

Images can be viewed as a slideshow or by manually clicking the thumbnails.

The gallery has support for paging which makes it possible to display large amount of images.

jQuery Gallery Plugin

Images in the gallery are mentioned as a JavaScript array and every image is loaded once they are called.

Galleriffic is also SEO friendly, you can directly view any image with the specific gallery URL of it.

Offering brand-related free background images or screensavers is sometimes a part of promoting a web application or a corporate website.

For creating attractive screensavers, InstantStorm is a free Flash screensaver creator which is very easy to use.

Free Screensaver Creator

Some features of InstantStorm:

  • Screensavers does not include any nag screens or other annoying stuff.
  • All installer’s texts and images can be changed.
  • A custom icon file can be specified for your screensaver.
  • Installer supports custom license and readme files.
  • Screensavers are fully localizable. You can translate all screensaver interface strings to your language.
  • The integrated Settings dialog designer allows you to customize the content (both images and SWF files are supported) of your screensaver’s settings dialog.
  • Screensaver installer can be protected by a password.
  • A custom screen resolution for a screensaver can be defined.

You can also see how your screensaver will look like, without compiling anything, with the preview feature of InstantStorm.

Silverlight, which is used in more websites everyday, has several beautiful free controls, components & tools that will help you develop websites faster & better.

They are not very easy to find as they are hidden inside the blogs of Silverlight developers or .NET products websites & there are still not so many resources where you can read about Silverlight.

WebResourcesDepot have collected these free Silverlight controls, components & tools to help making your websites brighter.

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GOA WinForms

Free Silverlight Controls

Use the standard System.Windows.Form .NET library for both Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. It allows .NET developers to write standard WinForms applications that will run on these two RIA platforms.

AgDataGrid Suite – Free Silverlight Grid Control

Free Silverlight Grid Control

This free grid control has data grouping, data sorting, row editing, multi-row selection features & many more.

It is a feature-rich & very professional grid solution.

Visifire – Silverlight Charts

Silverlight Charts

Visifire (see WRD post) is one of the most powerful & well-documented open source chart solution that can be found in the net.

It can be used with ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails or just simple HTML. Animated 2D-3D column charts, bar charts, pie charts & more can be created with it.

SvLite Effects – Silverlight Dynamic Animations

Free Silverlight Effects

This Silverlight effects library is currently in beta (& can be paid in the future).

It has carousel panel, slide show, advanced wipe animations, fade animations and more. Animations can be easily configured & support chaining.

Silverlight.FX – Silverlight Effects Library

Silverlight Effects Library

Effects / transitions in this library are: resize, move, spin, fade, highlight, colorFill, shake, pulsate, crossFade, blinds, slide, and flip.

The download package can be found within the post & there are examples to show you its capabilities.
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INDXR is a PHP script enables you to display your portfolio in a "directory listing-like presentation" with minimum effort.

PHP Portfolio Script

The application has an admin panel which you can define the default settings, add new images, videos & manage folders

You can set a width-height to auto-crop newly added images, call content from any feed like Flickr -Twitter, integrate the portfolio to currently built site of yours & more.

To view a demo of the application, you can view the websites using INDXR from the "participants" menu.

P.S. The application is currently in beta state.

Do you start creating a design by sketching it via hand? Or you’re working on a web project & describing your ideas to your team members by just drawing them? Then you’ll find these free PDF graph papers handy.

Free PDF Graph Paper

These graph papers simply help you create better sketches by helping you to keep the ratios & taking notes.

P.S. These PDF documents are formatted for 8.5" x 11" paper in landscape orientation.

Turqua is a free vector icon set that has 30 isometric vector icons in the package.

Icons are in both editable Illustrator 8 EPS and SVG formats. So they can be used in any size you need.

Free Vector Icon Set

The set is completely free to edit, change and/or directly use in your site and in any kind of your projects.

Select Box Factory is a MooTools plugin that enables you to create better, smarter & advanced select boxes.

Using the plugin, you can

  • style select boxes better
  • enable multiple-selection
  • add toggle effects
  • use images
  • ability to search within values
  • & more.

Advanced Select Box

Select Box Factory uses divs, rather than dropdowns & this is the factor that expands what can be done so much.

All the variations of the plugin can be enabled / disabled & implementing them are very easy.

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