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The Web Platform Installer Beta (Web PI), makes it easier to create a web development environment on your PC.

It provides a single, free package for installing and configuring Microsoft’s entire Web Platform, including:

  • IIS7
  • Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition
  • SQL Server 2008 Express Edition
  • .NET Framework.

Microsoft Web Platform

You can mention whether you’re an ASP.Net developer or even choose support for specific features like ASP, SQL Server driver for PHP, etc. besides installing the complete Microsoft Web Platform

Considering the IIS version to be installed is IIS7, the installer is compatible with Vista & Microsoft Server 2008.

This is a set of RSS icon Photoshop shapes.

Download package has 20+ shapes including a RSS sticker, speech bubble, arrow, star & more.

RSS Icon Photoshop Shapes

The set is handy for creating different icons. And, the standard icon is also in the set which enables you to create something totally new.

NiftyPlayer is a tiny open source Flash MP3 player with a very simple interface.

It is lightweight (4kb) and usage does not require any Flash knowledge as the URL is mentioned in HTML.

JavaScript MP3 Player

The player can be easily controlled with JavaScript besides the Flash interface, like changing the file to be played, stop & start. With this feature, you can even bypass the whole Flash look.

Some other features are:

  • Autostart capability
  • Draggable/Clickable seek bar
  • Simple operation with Play/Pause and Stop buttons
  • Buffering with progress bar
  • Buffering is stoppable! (through Stop button)
  • Volume control

DevBoi is a Firefox add-on that adds a sidebar with web-development references and documentations for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails & Prototype.

Firefox Web-Dev Sidebar

The sidebar is very handy for any developer as you can reach it with a simple "CTRL+F9", find any function or property, see the browsers it supports & more.

Standard installation supports:

  • HTML 4.01/XHTML 1.0,
  • CSS 2.1,
  • DOM 2,
  • JavaScript 1.3

Support for other languages can be downloaded from here.

You can also go the original website for the add-on for downloading it without registering.

BigTarget.js is a jQuery plugin that increases the size of click targets and get more call-to-action conversions.

It has 2 options that can be customized:

  • clickZone: By default the first <li> element is turned into a link but this can be changed with this option.
  • targetClass: For mentioning the class for hover effect.

JAvaScript BigTarget

How to use it?

Adding BigTarget.js functionality to your site is straight forward. First include the plugin code in the head of your document, and then when the page is ready, attach the bigTarget function to the target anchor — bigTarget.js will do the rest.

$("ol.bigTarget h4 a").bigTarget();

Cymbolism is a website which aims to quantify the association between colors and words with the help of the visitors.

It simply shows a word & asks the visitor to click a color, the visitor thinks the color defines.

Color Meanings

There are currently 200 words & visitors voted more than 280,000 times for them.

Words can be browsed to see the color-palette generated from the previous votes. And, this may help on deciding which colors to use in our designs considering the theme of the website.

Superfish is an advanced suckerfish menu plugin for jQuery.

It turns a standard CSS dropdown menu and tranforms it to a more powerful one (it gracefully degrades).

jQuery Suckerfish Menu

It supports both horizontal & vertical menus and unlimited sub-menus can be defined.

Considering the menu is generated from a CSS-dropdown menu, every sub can be easily styled too.

Other features of Superfish:

  • Suckerfish-style hover support for IE6.
  • Timed delay on mouseout.
  • Animation of sub-menu reveal.
  • Keyboard accessibility.
  • Indicates the presence of sub-menus by automatically adding arrow images to relevant anchors.
  • Drop shadows for capable browsers – degrades gracefully for Internet Explorer 6. Can disable shadows completely via options object.
  • Can show the path to your current page while the menu is idle.
  • Optional callback functions. The ‘this’ keyword within the handlers you attach will refer to the animated ul sub-menu.

Optimizing images is a "must" when serving them over the net for faster browsing experiences, lower bandwidth & diskspace usage.

Smush-it is a free online service for compressing your images by offering different techniques than Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. & creates non-quality-loss output.


It offers several ways for easier usage:

  • Web based uploader that supports unlimited file uploads & optimized images can be downloaded as a .zip file. Images can be uploaded from URLs too.
  • Firefox plugin & a bookmarklet for 1-click optimizing for the images exists on that webpage.
  • WordPress plugin for automated usage for the uploaded images.

Anyone, who wants to get more bytes out of their images, should take a look at Smush-it.

SmoothGallery is a feature-rich image gallery & slideshow application built with MooTools.

With the "gallery set" function that enables you to present multiple galleries & different transition animations, it is really powerful.

MooTools Image Slideshow

SmoothGallery is designed from the ground up to be standard compliant: You can feed it from any document, using custom css selectors. It is also compatible with all major browsers.

And even better, this solutions is very lightweight: The javascript file is only 24kb.

Last week, a post announced the giveaway of 3 FlashEff Premium Unlimited licenses ($249 value / each).

Winners are selected today. But before that, FlashEff has a 50% discount until the end of September (2 days left) & if you’re not one of the winners & want to buy this great component, hurry up.

To remind:

Flash Text Effects

FlashEff is a Flash CS3 (and Flash CS4 ready) AS3 component for easing the animation process & creating stunning animations.

Tip: To see the beauty of the effects, click here to go to the effects gallery.

Here are the winners:

  • Hernan Dario Silva (comment #19309)
  • JC (comment #19399)
  • SEANRON (comment #19496)

Thanks to everyone for contributing & congratulations to the winners.

Keep following WRD for more great giveaways & web resources.

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