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INDXR is a PHP script enables you to display your portfolio in a "directory listing-like presentation" with minimum effort.

PHP Portfolio Script

The application has an admin panel which you can define the default settings, add new images, videos & manage folders

You can set a width-height to auto-crop newly added images, call content from any feed like Flickr -Twitter, integrate the portfolio to currently built site of yours & more.

To view a demo of the application, you can view the websites using INDXR from the "participants" menu.

P.S. The application is currently in beta state.

Do you start creating a design by sketching it via hand? Or you’re working on a web project & describing your ideas to your team members by just drawing them? Then you’ll find these free PDF graph papers handy.

Free PDF Graph Paper

These graph papers simply help you create better sketches by helping you to keep the ratios & taking notes.

P.S. These PDF documents are formatted for 8.5" x 11" paper in landscape orientation.

Turqua is a free vector icon set that has 30 isometric vector icons in the package.

Icons are in both editable Illustrator 8 EPS and SVG formats. So they can be used in any size you need.

Free Vector Icon Set

The set is completely free to edit, change and/or directly use in your site and in any kind of your projects.

Select Box Factory is a MooTools plugin that enables you to create better, smarter & advanced select boxes.

Using the plugin, you can

  • style select boxes better
  • enable multiple-selection
  • add toggle effects
  • use images
  • ability to search within values
  • & more.

Advanced Select Box

Select Box Factory uses divs, rather than dropdowns & this is the factor that expands what can be done so much.

All the variations of the plugin can be enabled / disabled & implementing them are very easy.

Whenever you’re browsing a website & it is too slow, you may wonder whether it is your connection having a problem or the server who is hosting the website. is an internet speed test application, with a very attractive Flash interface, that you can test the speed of your web connection.

Internet Speed Test

Whatever your connection type is: DSL, cable or a T1 connection, with just a click, you can start the internet speed test. It will run download, upload, connection and ping tests to give you the result.

At the end, it is no different then other speed test applications but as a designer or developer, using may be more fun.

Lightbox is generally used with HTML coding. In order to start it from Flash, here is a good solution.

flashLightBoxInjector, is a PrototypeJS class that connects Flash and Lightbox2. Besides starting an already existing Lightbox driven gallery, it also lets you dynamically build a list of images to show through Lightbox.

Lightbox From Flash

The great thing about flashLightBoxInjector is that its usage is not limited to Flash only, as the JavaScript can be called from anywhere you like.

Here is a working demo (click twice to fire the Lightbox).

JCODER Java IDE, which is a fresh & powerful product, is giving away 3 Pro licenses ($79 value / each) to WebResourcesDepot readers.

Details of the giveaway can be found at the end of the post.

50% Special Discount For The JCODER Java IDE

JCoder Logo
There is also a special 50% discount to WebResourcesDepot readers which is valid until 18 November 2008 via the link below:

Click here to get the discount.


What Is  JCODER Java IDE?

It is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java developers. It allows you to compile and debug your Java  program from the editor environment, as well as browse through your classes, etc.

It offer the tools as other professional softwares offer like:

  • project management
  • wizards
  • class viewer
  • package viewer
  • ant viewer
  • tabbed documents
  • JDK profiles (which allows you to work with multiple Java Development Kits)
  • a customizable user interface, etc.


In addition, JCODER Java IDE equips a comprehensive set of code editor tools enabling developers to rapidly create sophisticated Java applications/applets and meet increasingly aggressive deadlines.

With the instantly updating (when new files are created) navigation tree of the project, smart code completion, code folding (a great feature when working with large code blocks), syntax checking / highlighting & multi-document editing the product makes coding easier & organized. And, it has full screen mode while source code editing which is nice.

These are not the all features of JCODER Java IDE. To check them all, click here.

P.S. JCODER Java IDE is compatible with all previous version of JDKs published by Sun Microsystems.

How To Win The Free Licenses?

Simply comment to this post & that’s all.

Winners will be selected randomly from commenters 1 week later (18 September 2008 – Thursday) with the SQL query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=515 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck to all : ). 

For the last weeks, several JavaScript image crop resources are published at WebResourcesDepot. This is because, the increase in use of such interfaces as image-based applications are on the rise & many web applications offer their users to edit their avatars besides only uploading them. So, you may need one of them : ) .

Jcrop is a cross-browser jQuery image crop plugin.

jQuery Image Crop Plugin

Some features of Jcrop:

  • Attaches simply to any image in your HTML page
  • Supports aspect ratio locking
  • Callbacks for selection done, or while moving
  • Keyboard support for nudging selection
  • Support for CSS styling
  • Advanced API including animation support

P.S. Thanks to Kelly for the suggestion.

Dewplayer is a tiny & free Flash mp3 player with a very clean interface.

It comes in 3 sizes:

  • Mini (160×20)
  • Classic (200×20)
  • Multi (240×20)

Mini Flash Mp3 Player

When play button is pressed, the mp3 player downloads & plays the file.

Multi version can play any number of files via a simple preivous & next navigation.

How to use it?

Usage is very easy. Defining the mp3 file to the HTML where the Dewplayer is inserted is enough. Just like:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="dewplayer.swf?mp3=test.mp3" width="200" height="20">
<param name="movie" value="dewplayer.swf?mp3=test.mp3" />

An online XHTML code generator for the player is also provided for easier integration

Every designer & developer has at least few domain names (some of us has many).

Also, we all have projects in mind that searching the domain names for them is sometimes the biggest joy of the project as it is an important process.

The tools & services mentioned in this post are not the "all" solutions you can find but, considering domain names are valuable assets, they are the ones I experienced or still using regarding managing & searching for domain names. And they work great.

Found the post handy? Don’t forget to bookmark this resource at delicious.


Domain Search


Domize – Very Fast Domain Search

Domize Domain Search

Domize is a simple but very effective & fast domain search site which shows you results while you type. It looks for the availability of all possible domains by removing the last letters of the searched word like: testsearch, testsearc, testsear & so..

It also has an iPhone interface and can be integrated to any website via a widget.


Ajax Domain Search

An Ajax domain name search which also lets you to see the PageRank & provides the links for validators and other domain tools.

Bust A Name

Bust A Name

Bust A Name has a fast Ajaxed domain search. You can instantly save the domains that you searched for reviewing them again.

Also, it has a word combiner that lookups for the domains that are generated from the keywords mentioned. These features make it a "must use" for the process of thinking & searching" for a name.


Domain Name Keywords

This site helps you find a nice domain name with the keywords you provide + the theme based dictionary it has.

If you don’t exactly know what are you looking for & have ideas flying around, MakeWords can help you.

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