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Malo is a very small CSS framework (0,25 kb compressed) for creating a structural base for small or medium web sites.

It is derived from Emastic CSS Framework (created by the same author – see WRD post).

Small CSS Framework

Malo has two parts:

  • basic reset
  • grid system

It covers most of the grid scenarios & very ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to use a complete framework but get some essentials, specially grids, which are problematic in general.

Open Flash Gauges is a set of open source Flash files, supported with serverside connectors (ASP & PHP), to display any numeric data as gauges.

Flash Gauge

Gauges in the set are:

  • Percentage
  • Thermometer
  • Dual
  • Resource Meter
  • Meter
  • Status
  • I/O
  • Digital readout

Demos can be found here.

There is also a pure JavaScript-Canvas gauge that uses MooTools & JSON as the data + a Flash gauge again uses MooTools & JSON presented in the website..

If you have ever advertised at Google Adwords, you probably experienced a keyword guessing process.

Google now helps this with the Search-Based Keyword Tool.

Google Search Based Keyword Tool

The example simply demonstrates, if was to be advertised with Google Adwords & web design was a keyword to be used:

  • the tool checks the website to analyze the content
  • suggests other related keywords

Definitely a time saver for Google Adwords users.

Sometimes, when you are about to design, a well-designed object can easily inspire you. And, using such objects:

  • save you time
  • improve the overall quality of the design (in general)
  • help you to improve yourself by seeing how it is done & more..

This is a collection of 30+ free & various vector object sets to help you create better. Here they are:

Page Curls In Vector

Vector Page Curls

Ecology Vector Set

Ecology Vector Set

Vector Ink Splatters

Vector Ink Splatters

Free Vector Stickers (free sample #2)

Free Vector Sticker Images

Vector Rainbow With Clouds

Vector Rainbow

Vortex Waves In Vector

Vector Vortex Waves

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prettyGallery is a jQuery plugin for creating sliding image galleries on the fly.

Besides images, any content can be presented within the slider.

jQuery Sliding Image Gallery

Images in the gallery are defined in an ordered list. Items per page, speed of the navigation & labels used can be configured.

The gallery uses prettyPhoto, a jQuery Lightbox clone,  for displaying the images in large-size.

jQuery Lightbox Clone

This lightbox clone is very good-looking & can display:

  • images
  • present the images as an image gallery
  • Flash

It works in all major browsers & animation speed, opacity and more settings can be updated.

This is a free social bookmarking icon set that presents the logos in an origami style.

The set contains 15 icons & there are also logos of some other web 2.0 brands.

Origami Social Bookmark

Icons are presented as PSD, EPS & transparent PNG files.

The set is created by Paddy Donnely who also created the beautiful origami style Twitter bird.

FusionCharts Free is a charting component for creating good looking, data-driven & free animated flash charts.

It can be used with PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion, simple HTML pages or even PowerPoint Presentations.

Free Flash Charts

The component is the free version of FusionCharts & missing some features when compared with the paid one. But it is still powerful & supports:

  • 2D / 3D column & bar charts
  • 2D/3D pie & doughnut charts
  • Line charts
  • Area charts
  • Stacked charts
  • Gantt charts & more..

Another nice feature is the ability to combine different chart types in one chart.

iBegin Share is an open source "content share & bookmark" script.

Visitors can save/ spread the content as:

  • share/bookmark at social bookmarking websites
  • send it via e-mail
  • save as PDF or DOC
  • print

Conetnt Bookmark Script

The script comes as a standalone version & WordPress plugin.

And, contents shared at any time period can be analyzed with a stats page.

jQuery Corners is a jQuery plugin for creating nice-looking, anti-aliased rounded corners without using any images.

The plugin is unobtrusive & works well with all major browsers including iPhone.

jQuery Rounded Corners

The corners to be rounded & the radius of the corners can be easily set.

And, a great feature is the ability to round form buttons.

Update 26.01.2011: The URL of the resource is updated as the developer's website is no longer available.

Feng-GUI is a free web based service that enables you to view: "which areas of an UI is getting the most attention when an user looks at it in 5 seconds".

With an artificial intelligence behind, the service generates a heatmap over an image uploaded.

User Interface Heatpmaps

Generated heatmap’s opacity can be changed for a better view & can be viewed in a bigger modal window or downloaded.

Feng-GUI is very handy to get another thought -about a user interface designed- other than the collagues, customers..

Uptime Robot