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PrototypeXtensions is a Prototype.js and based JavaScript library.

It aims to add extra methods & components to Prototype.

Prototype Extensions

Currently, it has 3 components:

  • Core extension: class, cookie, event management & time calculations.
  • History: easy "set/get" parameter on hash of URL, observe the hash of URL & more.
  • Tabs: show / hide, select, Ajax / iframe.

Although the library is in very beta state, it is promising when considered what it currently does.

Jumpeye Components is giving away 3 FlashEff Premium Unlimited Licenses ($249 value/each) to WebResourcesDepot readers.

Details of the giveaway & how to join it can be found below the post.

What is FlashEff?

FlashEff is a Flash CS3 (and Flash CS4 ready) AS3 component for easing the animation process & creating stunning animations.

Tip: To see the beauty of the effects, click here to go to the effects gallery.

Flash Text Effects

It is also a collection of over 100 patterns (and growing) that enable cool animations and interactive actions on visual objects and texts. FlashEff can be used/customized from both, the visual interface and API.

The visual interface, FlashEff Panel, is a powerful online utility that loads inside your Flash CS3 IDE and configures everything for the FlashEff component.

FlashEff Effects

Using FlashEff, you can:

  • Create amazing animations with images, movieclips or text.
  • Create animated buttons without coding.
  • Perform commands and trigger actions on any event such as rollOver, press or doubleClik.
  • Add static or animated fitlers to any visual object within Flash CS3.
  • Most of the patterns can be combined to create complex animated objects.

FlashEff Pattern Creation Contest With $2500 Worth Prize!

Do you have advanced AS3 skills? Then create a pattern for FlashEff, submit it until 31 October 2008 & get the chance to be one of the winners who will earn $2500 worth prize.

Click here to see the details of the Pattern Creation Contest.

How To Win The Free Licenses?

Simply comment to this post & that’s all.

Winners will be selected randomly from commenters 1 week later (29 September 2008 – Thursday) with the SQL query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=533 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck to all : ). 

Koders is a search engine that is a must-bookmark for developers.

It is used for quickly finding open source code, methods, examples, algorithms and more.

Code Search Engine

It searches code written in 30+ languages & categorized with 28 different licence types.

Koders also has pluging for Eclipse, Visual Studio & Firefox for integrated searching + it provides adding "code search" functionality to your site with a widget feature.

jWYSIWYG is a jQuery plugin for creating inline content editors easily.

It turns a textarea into an editor via a simple function below:


jQuery Inline Editor Plugin

It has very simple features that makes it suitable to be used in contact or comment forms & similar.

jWYSIWYG is lightweight (7kb packed) & provides the ability to add custom controls, like adding a "line break" function., which presents various templates, illustrations, cliparts & more, has a handy new feature. 

A quality product from their database is given away for free every week (check their announcement).

They are starting with an illustration this week:

Free Illustration
The product will be free for a week & after that it will be paid again. So don’t miss the opportunity to download the product while it is free.

This is like a weekly inspiration. Just checkout this presentation page whenever you want & find a quality freebie (bookmarking it can be a good idea).

To download the products, a free membership is required & that’s all.

Other than the illustration offered this week, offers other free illustrations besides the paid ones.


Bluff is an open source JavaScript graphing solution that uses canvas tags.

It is a JavaScript port to the Gruff graphing library for Ruby.

Open Source JavaScript Graphs

Bluff has only 2 dependencies:

  • JS.Class (2kb), which is a class for making JavaScript act like Ruby (which is definitely handy).
  • Google’s ExCanvas, for canvas support in IE6.

Creating good looking graphs is very easy with this graphing library & it has a well-documented API that is supported with examples.

Last week, a post had announced 3 Pro licenses giveaway for JCODER Java IDE ($79 value / each).

We have the winners selected. Before that, JCODER Java IDE is running a special 50% discount to WebResourcesDepot readers which is valid until 18 November 2008. Click here to get the discount.

To remember:

JCoder LogoJCODER Java IDE is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java developers. It allows you to compile and debug your Java  program from the editor environment, as well as browse through your classes, etc.

Here are the winners:

  • stan (comment #18151)
  • SEANRON (comment #18311)
  • Marius (comment #18180)

Thanks to everyone who contributed & congratulations to the winners.

MenuMatic, a MooTools 1.2 class, makes creating dropdown menus easier, flexible & SEO friendly.

For users without JavaScript, it switches back on a CSS menu system.

MooTools DropDown Menu

Some features of MenuMatic:

  • SEO Friendly: Manipulates ıonly the existing links.
  • User Friendly: Hide-delay speed can be adjusted.
  • Accessible: Tab key navigates through main menu items & arrow keys can be used for dropdowns..
  • Fails Gracefully: When no JavaScript is available, switcches to suckerfish CSS based drop down menu system.
  • Stylish: Total style control with CSS.
  • Flexible: Many other controls like the opacity of menus…

The class can be used for both horizontal & vertical menus .It is also compatible with all major browsers.

P.S. Thanks to Jason from GreenGeckoDesign for the suggestion.

Panda is an open source solution that handles uploading, encoding & streaming videos.

All the process is completed via an elegant REST API.

Panda Video Stream
is designed to run in the cloud using Amazon's array of web services.

The application runs on a customised EC2 instance with everything pre-installed, including FFmpeg and an plethora of codecs.

SimpleDB is used to store all of data for video, encoding, accounts and encoding profiles. Uploaded and encoded video files are then stored on S3.

Other features of Panda:

  • Everything contained within one elegant Merb application.
  • Support for FLV, h264 for Flash, iPhone formats & more.
  • Panda gem for painless integration with Ruby on Rails and Merb.
  • Lovely little admin dashboard for managing your videos.

By default, Panda uses the JW FLV player but you can switch to any other video player easily.

iPhone is rapidly mobilizing internet users & creating its own standards.

At the time this post is written, there are millions of iPhones in use & numbers are increasing really fast. So, it is becoming very hard to stay in-compatible with it.

There are 2 main ways to deliver your content / product into iPhone:

  • As an application
  • As a compatible website (can act like an application)

The major differences between them are, an application can use all the iPhone features (like sounds, movements…), work offline where a webpage cannot (technically yes but it is not functional) and an application can be sold / distributed via the iPhone store.

You may also like:


iPhone Application Development Tools

Tools that are must when creating for iPhone like the SDK or the optional ones that you’ll find very handy.

iPhone Dev Center By Apple

iPhone Dev Center

The main & official source for creating iPhone applications. It provides great & very detailed information & iPhone SDK can be downloaded from here.

Free membership is required for reaching the content. To download development tools like Xcode & distribute your iPhone apps via the store, you need the pay for it.


iPhone JavaScript

PhoneGap is an open source development tool and framework that allows web developers to take advantage of the powerful features in the iPhone SDK from HTML and JavaScript.

iPhoney – Free iPhone Web Simulator

Free iPhone Web Simulator

iPhoney, powered by Safari,  gives you a pixel-accurate web browsing environment that you can use when developing web sites for iPhone. It’s the perfect 320 by 480-pixel canvas for your iPhone development – Free iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator

A web based application that enables you to test the look & dimensions of iPhone applications.


iUI - iPhone User Interface Library

A very functional iPhone UI library. It aims to turn standards-based HTML into iPhone compatible interfaces.

To give an example: it transforms <a> tags into sliding interfaces rather then opening a new page. You can read the introduction of the author & see an example (digg for iPhone) created with it.

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