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DesignShack is presenting a very nice tutorial on creating a virtual keyboard with jQuery (script can be downloaded).

Such virtual keyboards are generally used in bank websites or forms that require extra security. They are a step for preventing keyloggers (but may not be an absolute solution as keyloggers are getting smarter).

jQuery Virtual Keyboard

It is very easy to add new characters to the keyboard if needed & the keyboard can be dragged to anywhere on the screen.

To check the demo, click here.

minishowcase is a free & amazing Ajaxed PHP image gallery.

It has multi-gallery support & does not require any database. Images uploaded are handled via a PHP file & auto-thumbnailed.

PHP Ajax Image Gallery

When a thumbnail is clicked, they are presented in a Lightbox. There is also a slideshow feature which can be easily configured.

The look of the gallery can be changed with its templating logic. And, it has multi-language support (English, French, Italian & Spanish already included).

Although the application uses Ajax, it generates permanent URLs that every image & gallery has its own URL.

There is also a free desktop application named Mini Gallery Manager which enables you to bulk-upload, resize, rotate images & send them to the gallery.

Today’s Timetable is a lightweight script (5kb uncompressed) which enables you to create good-looking timetables with ease.

Events can be scrolled & they are added with a basic function like: Monday.addEvent("French", 8, 1.3);.

JavaScript Timetable

The html it generates is W3C valid.

Any HTML can be embedded into each event created and a function can be assigned to them.

P.S. The script does not require any JS frameworks.

Google Analytics has a fresh & nice feature that Ajax & Flash developers will like. Yes, it is now possible to track pageviews in Ajax & Flash applications. And, it is simple.

It is enough to call a function named _trackPageview when an Ajax request or Flash event is called.

Google Analytics Ajax - Flash Tracking

An example provided by Google is:

http_request.onreadystatechange = sendAlert;'GET', url, true);

function sendAlert() {
   if (http_request.readyState == 4) {
   if (http_request.status == 200) {
      pageTracker._trackPageview("/pagefilename1" ); } 
   else {

To summarize, after an Ajax request is made, the function is called with the page name that is viewed. And, Analytics tracks this page name.

An important usage tip about this feature is that, Google Analytics codes are normally installed just before the </body> tag. When calling _trackPageview function, you’ll need to use it after the Analytics codes are included. Which means installing the Analytics codes just after the <body> tag is a guaranteed solution.

Google is presenting detailed info & examples for both Ajax & Flash.

P.S. The feature is only available with the new Analytics code: the gaJsHos one.

FlashFlickr PhotoGallery is an open source photo gallery built with Flex 2 / AS3.

The application enables users to browse your Flickr pictures, see your sets, tags and notes within your website from a good looking interface.

Flash Flickr Photo Gallery

The gallery has a location map feature built with Yahoo AS3 libraries that shows the location of the image (if mentioned) using Yahoo maps. This requires a Yahoo API key.

It also has the Flickr authentication for Flickr registered users. This way, registered users can also add comments, tags (if allowed) to the images (Flickr API key needed).

Contact forms are the most common bridges between readers & site owners whether it is a blog or an e-commerce site.

Creating a better user experience in this bridge definitely helps improving the effect created in the eyes of the site visitors.

Depending on the features (or JS frameworks to be used) you may need, you can choose from these 16 very nice free Ajaxed contact forms & implement them easily to any website.


LightForm – Ajax / PHP Contact Form – Demo

PHP Ajax Contact Form

It uses FormCheck2 for validation of fields and NiceForms to style form objects.

There is a simple captcha-like validation which ask the user a sum of 2 numbers. E-mails are sent via PHP & displays user IP, user agent and referrer in the message.

Proto Form – Contact Form With Protoype

Prototype Contact Form

A lightweight (only 4KB) & unobtrusive contact form that is built with Prototype.

The fields are validated & highlighted accordingly. The e-mail message is sent via Ajax and a success result is displayed.

It is a very handy form which can be installed easily.

jQuery – Ajax Contact Form (Tutorial & Files)Demo

Ajax jQuery Contact Form

A very nice tutorial from Nettuts on creating an Ajaxed contact form with jQuery & PHP.

The form has an input validation. After the message is sent in th ebackgroung a "success" message is displayed to the user.

Very Chic Contact Form (English version) – Demo Contact Form

This contact form uses & WForms.

An unique feature of it is, it tries to connect to the server of the sender to verify that it accepts mail to the address mentioned.

Message size can be limited and remaining characters are displayed in a box.

Read the rest of this entry » is presenting free W3C validation icons that are used to show that the website validates with the related guidelines.

W3C Validation Icons

There are 2 download packages offered:

  • Basic package: 20 GIF / PNG  icons in #505050 color
  • Dev package: Full editable PSD pack

P.S. If you’re planning to create your own icons using the PSD pack, here are the W3C guidelines for the icons.

This is a set of free social bookmarking icons created by Blog.SpoonGraphics.

Doodle Social Bookmarking Icons

They are 14 hand drawn doodle icons (PNG) including social media graphics for:

  • Delicious
  • Design Float
  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • StumbleUpon
  • Technorati
  • Twitter
  • RSS
  • Home
  • Comments
  • Contact
  • WordPress

This is an animated accordion built with JavaScript.

It is a lightweight script (1.3kb) which does not require any JS framework to run.

Note: It is an improved version of this script from the same author.

Animated Accordion Script

This JavaScript accordion can be easily customized via CSS.

It supports multiple instances & works in all major browsers.

VFront is a dynamic front-end for MySQL & PostgreSQL databases written in PHP and Javascript.

It is not a database administration tool like phpMyAdmin and not replacing it: interface is for basic user working on data. Think about VFront as an interface tool for database, similar to MS access, but taking the lead with an easy access via web.

MySQL - PostgreSQL Admin Tool

Using VFront, masks for managing your data in AJAX style, different rules and privileges for groups can be created.

It has reporting features in XML,HTML,PDF, statistics and much more.

To run this application, the database must be MySQL 5+ or PostgreSQL 7.4+.

Uptime Robot