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Visión is a simple image viewer script built with PHP.

It dynamically scans for the images in a folder specified, preloads & displays them within a good looking interface.

PHP Image Viewer

Preloading feature helps it to display images faster, on the other hand this makes the script more suitable for displaying limited number of images.

The script is cross-bowser compatible & its look can be totally updated via CSS.

P.S. A tutorial on "how to setup Visión" can be found here.

deploy* is an open source web application that enables you to create your web project framework with ease.

It lets you to choose the:

  • x(html) document type
  • css file (blank or with resets)
  • jQuery to be included or not. If yes, ask for some popular plugins
  • major directories like images, includes to be added

Web Project Structure Builder

Once the link that creates to project framework is bookmarked, same framework can be created with just a click.

The idea itself is very nice: "instantly starting a project with the preferred structure". If more libraries, CSS frameworks would be supported, it can become much more flexible (as it is open source, anyone can add these).

s3Slider is a jQuery slideshow plugin inspired from smooth slideshow (but for jQuery rather than MooTools).

It creates the slideshow from an unordered list & can be implemented easily.

jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Information about the images in the slideshow can be displayed at almost any part of the image as the script can be styled totally via CSS.

The plugin supports a timeout option for setting the time between slides.

Bookmarklets are a great way of saving time when used regularly. With just a click, they can provide so much information / help.

Here is a list of 15 very handy web designer / developer bookmarklets which includes:

  • learning the colors used
  • inserting a ruler on a webpage
  • reloading CSS without reloading the whole site & more..

To use them, bookmark the "Get It" links. If no "Get It" link is provided, than they can be bookmarked from the author’s websites or:

Click here to download all the bookmarklets mentioned as a Firefox bookmark folder (can be added from bookmarks>organize bookmarks>import&backup>import HTML menu at Firefox).

Note: If you’re not using it already, Firefox web developer extension is strongly adviced for developing faster besides using these bookmarklets (few of the bookmarklets mentioned are already in the extension).

WTFramework – Learn JavaScript Framework Used

WTF Framework

When you wonder which JavaScript framework is used on a website, rather than checking the source, simply click to this bookmarklet & it will display the framework(s) used.

XRAY – See Details Of Any Web Element

XRAY Bookmarklet

It lets you see the box model in action for any element, all the details of it.

Just click the XRAY button to instantly get the answers of:

  • where is the top and left of this element?
  • how big is each margin? how big is the padding?
  • how wide and high is the content box?


Web Development Bookmarklet

A free cross browser tool that lets you test selectors with any web page. Selectors, particularly complex ones can be difficult to get exactly right – MRI lets you experiment with them on any web page.

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This is an easy to implement multi-level drop-down menu.

It is lightweight (1.2kb) & supports multiple instances on one page.

Multi-Level Drop-Down Menu

Rather than complicated JavaScript backends, this script converts an unordered list into a menu.

Sub-menus are displayed with an easing animation & it supports all major browsers.

Server Supervisor, a software (with a web-based interface) for monitoring performance / availability of networks & websites, is giving away 3 licenses ($200/license value) to WebResourcesDepot readers.

Details of the giveaway can be found at the bottom of the post.

What is Server Supervisor?

It is a software, which can be managed from an easy to use & beautiful web interface (built with Flex), to monitor any network & website for minimum downtime.

Server Supervisor

Resources to be monitored includes:

  • Ping, connect, DNS
  • HTTP, HTTP Content, HTTP Transaction, IIS Status, Apache Status, Process
  • MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle
  • CPU, Free memory, Page file, Free disk space, Network usage, File system (via WMI and SNMP protocols)

There is a smart "action upon problem detection" logic behind the software. When a failure is detected, notifications can be sent, any applications can be launched (for fixing the problem) & other monitors can be enabled-disabled.

The levels of failures can be configured for each monitored resource & notifications can be sent to email, SMS and instant messengers (ICQ, Yahoo and MSN).

Server Supervisor Report

With a built-in database, Server Supervisor keeps all the logs it generates & presents them with a powerful statistics analysis component which enables you to generate custom reports & get them to your e-mail periodically.

A 14 day free trial is offered at the products website. So, you can easily give the software a try.

Info: The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008.

How to win the free licenses?

Commenting to this post is enough to join this giveaway & winners will be selected randomly via the query below on 1 December 2008 (1 week later).

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=649 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 10

Good luck to all : ).

P.S. This is a sponsored post.

Niceforms, a script to beautify web forms, was very popular for creating beautiful forms. And now the 2nd version is out.

Niceforms 2.0 is a totally re-written version which is very easy to apply, handles more elements & has more customization options.


How to use it?

The script simply replaces the most commonly used form elements with custom designed ones.

Inserting the niceforms.js & the CSS file is enough to use it.

Besides the default theme, new themes can be developed with CSS editing.

Niceforms works in all modern browsers except IE6 (it gracefully degrades).

jQuery.popeye is a plugin which transforms an unordered list of images into a simple image gallery which enlarges the image clicked in Lightbox style.

The images are displayed in a box with prev-next controls & an info about the images can be mentioned.

jQuery Lightbox

The compact box has fixed, automatically calculated dimensions. The width and height are calculated so that all thumbnail images are cropped to the smallest width and height in the set and centered resulting image area.

The plugin can be easily customized with a list of settings provided.

Click here for the demo.

Solucija is featuring 30+ quality & free website templates.

These CSS – XHTML templates are all lightweight (under 60kb) & they are very handy to get inspired,  to use by modifying or, in some cases, just using how they already are.

Free Website Templates

Templates can be used both in non-commercial & commercial websites.

kProto is a collection of 3 handy Prototype based classes & extensions. Here they are:



It is a Prototype extension (& requires that enables you to display a series of messages with ease.

Using the extension, it is possible to create message sliders, image galleries (or sliders similar to the portal websites) & more.

Prototype Message Extension

With a list of options, the extension is very flexible.

It supports:

  • start, stop, next, previous actions
  • delay
  • animation when a message appears & another animation when it disappears
  • before-after options to fire any function between events
  • & several transition effects.



 It is a class for displaying unobtrusive messages like OS X Growl.

Growler can be styled with CSS & very suitable for displaying activity-info messages.

Prototype Growl

It has several options:

  • In & out speed of the message
  • life of it (after howmany seconds it willl disappear)
  • functins to be fired before any event 6 more.



This class allows developers to dynamically create namespaces. These namespaces can be used to better organize your code. They also help to reduce the amount of code that pollutes the global namespace.

Package also allows any javascript and css file to be included dynamically without being namespaced whether local or cross domain.

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