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DD_roundies is another rounded corners solution that is very easy to implement & cross-browser compliant.

This rounded corners script doesn’t use any images, works in IE6 without AlphaImageLoader & lightweight (3.62kb compressed).

Easy Rounded Corners

Radius of the corners are not fixed & can be defined.

As the major problem for rounded corners lies beneath IE, this rounded corners script uses VML (inspired from Jonathan Snook’s solution). A possible future problem is IE8 -currently- does not support VML.

FlowPlayer, which is an amazing video player for websites, has a new version: FlowPlayer 3, with powerful features.

The player has a JavaScript API (with jQuery support) that enables you to control almost every aspect of the player. This makes the player so flexible & easy to transform into any form.

Free Flash Video Player

FlowPlayer is totally skinnable & every part (component) of the player can be removed or re-positioned.

It can display images besides the videos (& audio-mp3 support will be added very soon).

Flowplayer LogoAnd, with a plugin support (implemented in JavaScript and Flash) there are even more features like playlist support, displaying content over the videos & more.

FlowPlayer has both free & commercial licenses where free license has a logo & commercial licenses are totally unbranded.

Chance To Win 3 Commercial Licenses

FlowPlayer is running a contest: "most creative use of Flowplayer". They are simply asking you to use FlowPlayer in an innovative way & 3 best ideas will win commercial licenses ($95/value).

To join the contest, post your URL where you used FlowPlayer to here (contest is running until the end of the year).

Want to get inspired? See the beautiful demos here.

Classic ASP is losing its popularity, or already lost it. On the other hand, there are many developers who use it.

And, it is hard to find new & exciting projects about classic ASP but here is one: ajaxed, an ASP library with built-in Ajax support.

ASP And Ajax

With the release of ajaxed 2, the library is very mature, well documented & supported with examples.

It includes a debugging tool (Logger), has an e-mail wrapper, datagrid, a validator control & much more.

ajaxed is also fully UTF-8 compatible and has support for MySQL, MSSQL, sqlite, MS Access & Oracle.

It is a great library to speed up the development process for classic ASP developers.

The grid, which helps designers to organize text & images in a rational way, is hard to get used to, but after that, it makes most design related problems disappear.

Grid Based Design

The Grid System is a resource on grid based designs.

It covers:

  • articles
  • tools
  • books
  • templates & more on grids.

It is a very fresh website but already presents handy InDesign & Photoshop grid templates, interesting tools like Syncotype, Phiculator & more.

Exactfactor is a free web based service that enables you to analyze the positions of keywords of a website in major search engines.

It lets you to add competitors & compare your website’s results with a competitor.

SEO Keyword Compare

Another nice feature is the ability to add alerts. You can get alerts when:

  • keywords you mentioned become the top 1, top5, etc. in the search engines
  • your website beats a competitor for the given keywords

Exactfactor is very easy to use with a clean interface & considering search engines are the most important "factors" of traffic, the service is definitely helpful.

Last week, a post at WebResourcesDepot had announced a giveaway of 3 Server Supervisor licenses. Winners of the giveaway can be found at the end of the post.

To remind:

Server Supervisor is a software for monitoring any network & website for minimum downtime.

It is easy to use, can be setup instantly & managed from a web-based interface.

Website Uptime Monitor

Here are the winners:

  • Nick Kerschgens (comment #26245)
  • nikos (comment #26336)
  • n0nam3 (comment #26280)

Congratulations to all winners & thanks to everyone for contributing the giveaway.

P.S. The query at the giveaway announcement post was ending with LIMIT 10, which was not true. It is updated to LIMIT 3.

Circular is a set of 100+ quality & free icons ideal for any web application.

Icons are in 16*16px size & transparent PNG format.

Free Circular Icons

The set includes icons like:

  • arrows
  • add-remove-edit
  • folders
  • currency
  • play-stop-pause
  • flags
  • e-mail, tags & more..

ecommr is a website presenting interface & design elements of e-commerce websites in a well-categorized way.

Besides the element categories, designs can be reached by retailer names too ( for ex: you can simply focus on the design elements of Apple Shop).

E-Commerce Design Showcase

It has a growing collection of elements like:

  • add to cart buttons
  • banners
  • product detail pages
  • shopping carts & much more..

ecommr is definitely a handy inspiration resource for anyone into e-commerce related design.

Server2Go is a portable web server environment built to be used in CD-ROMS, memory sticks & similar portable media.

It has almost everything you need to run a web application:

  • Apache 1.3.x, 2.0.x and 2.2.x
  • PHP 5.2.x with a lot of extensions. Downgrade packages to 4.4.x and 5.0.x available)
  • MySQL 5 support
  • Perl 5.8 with many CPAN modules integrated

CD-ROM Web Server

Server2Go auto-configures all the settings that may vary in every environment like ports & proxy settings.

It starts the server environment at the background when the CD-ROM is run & closes it automatically when the browser is closed.

Seadragon is a technology, by Microsoft, for deeply zooming images of any size. It provides almost perfect transitions independent from the sizes of the images.

Seadragon Ajax is an interface for using/embedding this technology to any website.

Seadragon Ajax

Seadragon can be used in 2 ways:

Developers can customize viewers & controls with the Seadragon Ajax Library. It is also available at the Silverlight platform.

Uptime Robot