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This is a jQuery plugin for displaying Twitter feeds of an user on any website.

The plugin is so easy to use, customizable & unobstrusive.

Twitter jQuery Plugin

How to use it?

  • After inserting the jquery-twitter.js file to your website, simply create a div named "twitter" at where the feeds will be displayed.
  • This jQuery code does the rest:

$(document).ready(function() {
        userName: "jquery",
        numTweets: 5,
        loaderText: "Loading tweets...",
        slideIn: true,
        showHeading: true,
        headingText: "Latest Tweets",
        showProfileLink: true

The plugin is based on the Twitter Badge Customizer & a demo can be found here.

CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework is a free & cross-browser solution to create good looking menus.

Download package already contains examples but new themes can be created very easily.

Cross Browser CSS Menu

Menus can be transformed by only changing the class name. Available transformations are:

  • horizontal
  • vertical left-to-right
  • vertical right-to-left
  • horizontal linear
  • horizontal upwards.

The framework normally uses only CSS but for IE6, there is a JavaScript file that must be included.

Creating charts via Google Charts API is already simple.

GoogChart is a PHP class which makes it easier & more flexible.

Google Charts PHP Class

Here is an example:

After creating an array ($data in the example), this simple code is enough for generating a pie chart.

$chart = new googChart();
$chart->setChartAttrs( array(
    ‘type’ => ‘pie’,
    ‘data’ => $data,
    ‘size’ => array( 300, 200 )
echo $chart;

Although GoogChart supports a serious amount of attributes & types for Google Charts API, currently, not all of them.

There are also other similar PHP classes which you may want to check like:

Tripoli is a CSS reset solution (& some more) which totally resets standards of all browsers & recreates them for maximum compatibility.

It is not a CSS framework as it has no pressure on your coding style. Instead, it forms a solid HTML rendering engine and a base for creating dynamic layouts without interfering with typographic measurements.

Tripoli CSS Reset

Tripoli addresses deprecated tags in HTML 4 and disables them through CSS to ensure that a website looks the same in all browsers.

It supports by all major browsers& tested down to Internet Explorer 5.

To see the power of it, check this nice demo.

Wufoo, an online form builder application, is presenting 75+ downloadable & free XHTML-CSS form templates.

Templates include:

  • Mailing list
  • Contact form
  • Employment application
  • Donation form & many more.

Free XHTML CSS Form Templates

Templates can be customized easily via CSS, manually or with the pre-built CSS files.

P.S. Some templates have also tooltips like this contact form.

Halloween is very close and many designers / website owners are probably in need of quality & free Halloween themed brush sets & vector images.

Here is a collection of very nice free design resources which includes pumpkins, witches, creepy trees, bats, skulls & more. To summarize, a complete design set for a Halloween-related event or a web content.




Halloween Pumpkins

Vector Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkin (Tutorial With Illustrator – Source Files Included)


Zombie Images

Vector Zombie Images

Vector Scary Faces

Vector Scary Faces

Halloween Vector Icon Set (added 10.28.2008)

Free Vector Halloween Icons

Vector Pumpkin & Witch Hat

Free Vector Pumpkin

Read the rest of this entry »

As the fonts that can be used in websites are limited, there are several solutions to this problem like sIFR or FLIR.

typeface.js is another open source solution which uses JavaSript.


Usage is very simple:

After inserting the typeface.js file to the code a usage like:

<div class="myclass typeface-js" style="font-family: Helvetiker">
    Text here in Helvetiker font...

is enough.

When used with titles or relatively less-texted parts of a website the performance is good but when used with the whole body, it can work slower.

Font Viewer is a desktop application that displays all the fonts installed in a PC with various styles.

It makes easier "finding out how a text would look at other fonts".

Font Viewer

Font size, color, background color and text to be displayed can be changed.

It has a built in list feature that allows you to select fonts and then store the names.

Lists can be exported to .txt or .fv & .pdf for future use.

DesignShack is presenting a very nice tutorial on creating a virtual keyboard with jQuery (script can be downloaded).

Such virtual keyboards are generally used in bank websites or forms that require extra security. They are a step for preventing keyloggers (but may not be an absolute solution as keyloggers are getting smarter).

jQuery Virtual Keyboard

It is very easy to add new characters to the keyboard if needed & the keyboard can be dragged to anywhere on the screen.

To check the demo, click here.

minishowcase is a free & amazing Ajaxed PHP image gallery.

It has multi-gallery support & does not require any database. Images uploaded are handled via a PHP file & auto-thumbnailed.

PHP Ajax Image Gallery

When a thumbnail is clicked, they are presented in a Lightbox. There is also a slideshow feature which can be easily configured.

The look of the gallery can be changed with its templating logic. And, it has multi-language support (English, French, Italian & Spanish already included).

Although the application uses Ajax, it generates permanent URLs that every image & gallery has its own URL.

There is also a free desktop application named Mini Gallery Manager which enables you to bulk-upload, resize, rotate images & send them to the gallery.

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