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DD_belatedPNG is a fresh IE6 PNG fix script with features where other solutions are missing.

It doesn’t use MSIE AlphaImageLoader filter so, it succesfully renders background-repeat and background-position.

IE6 PNG Fix Script

The script also fixes the IE6 grey background problem.

How to use it?

Very simple.

  • Insert the .js file to your code
  • Create another script node
  • Define the class the fix will be applied to, like:
    • DD_belatedPNG.fix('.png_bg');

That’s it.

P.S. It is adviced to use the script only for IE6 with conditional comments.

Context menus are very helpful, specially in admin pages & web applications, for easier navigation. With just a click, you get the options / shortcuts.

This is a jQuery plugin for creating effective context menus with ease.

jQuery Context Menu

The menu can produces valid XHTML & can be customized totally via CSS.

Items in the menu can be disabled & they can be browsed with keyboard too.

For users without JavaScript enabled, it gracefully degrades.

Open Web Messenger is an open source live support / chat application.

It enables customers / visitors to chat with an operator & get support (where all the chats are logged).

Open Source Live Support

The application supports unlimited operators, visitors & chats. With a web-based admin interface, operators or admins can:

  • Send canned messages
  • Track where visitors clicked from
  • Search porevious chat conversations
  • Reassign/transfer chat to another operator
  • Mark/highlight nuisance visitors
  • View active chats (admins) & more

When there is no available operator, visitors can leave a message & they can be contacted later.

The look & feel of the chat window can be totally customized with the theme support.

This free live support application requires PHP 5 & MySQL 5 to run.

Lorem2 is a very simple website with an useful content.

Lorem Ipsum Text

It presents lorem ipsum content in various formats:

  • short paragraphs
  • long paragraphs
  • short lists
  • long lists

You may also like a previous post at WebResourcesDepot: Lorem Ipsum Generators.

Eyesis Data Grid Control is a PHP class for creating a datagrid from a MySQL database almost instantly.

With 6 lines of code, you can connect to the database, mention the table & define the query, rest is automated.

PHP Datagrid Class

It has nice features like:

  • Filtering and searching
  • Changing column headers
  • Can displaying images
  • Ajax supported
  • Automatic row paging
  • Row selection
  • Look & feel can be customized via CSS
  • Ability to add controls
  • Checkbox support
  • Specify column format types (such as percent, dollars, etc)

This Ajaxed PHP grid works in all major browsers & requires PHP5 to run.

CASA Lib (formerly CASA Framework) is a flexible ActionScript library for coding more reliable & faster.

It provides a core set of classes, interfaces, utilities & has AS2 – AS3 versions.

CASA Lib ActionScript Library

It standardizes the loading of external files with an easy-to-use and consistent API.

And, it has a powerul garbage collection with a common destroy(); method.

CASA Lib has lots of features that can "almost always" help in a Flash coding task.

The library is also well-documented with explanations/examples of every class & utility.

JavaFX is a rich client platform, integrated with Java Runtime, that you can create and deliver rich internet experiences.

It is the a combination of a scripting language: JavaFX Script, a rich client platform and set of tools for a productive and collaborative developer-designer workflow.

In short, it is a strong alternative for Flash & Silverlight.


JavaFX platform currently consists:

  • NetBeans IDE 6.5 for JavaFX 1.0 (development environment)
  • JavaFX 1.0 Production Suite (a set of tools & Photoshop & Illustrator pluging allowing graphics to be exported to JavaFX applications)

JavaFX can run on millions of devices including desktop, browsers, mobile devices & more as it requires Java Runtime which is ready on many environments.

To see some attractive examples, click here.

DD_roundies is another rounded corners solution that is very easy to implement & cross-browser compliant.

This rounded corners script doesn’t use any images, works in IE6 without AlphaImageLoader & lightweight (3.62kb compressed).

Easy Rounded Corners

Radius of the corners are not fixed & can be defined.

As the major problem for rounded corners lies beneath IE, this rounded corners script uses VML (inspired from Jonathan Snook’s solution). A possible future problem is IE8 -currently- does not support VML.

FlowPlayer, which is an amazing video player for websites, has a new version: FlowPlayer 3, with powerful features.

The player has a JavaScript API (with jQuery support) that enables you to control almost every aspect of the player. This makes the player so flexible & easy to transform into any form.

Free Flash Video Player

FlowPlayer is totally skinnable & every part (component) of the player can be removed or re-positioned.

It can display images besides the videos (& audio-mp3 support will be added very soon).

Flowplayer LogoAnd, with a plugin support (implemented in JavaScript and Flash) there are even more features like playlist support, displaying content over the videos & more.

FlowPlayer has both free & commercial licenses where free license has a logo & commercial licenses are totally unbranded.

Chance To Win 3 Commercial Licenses

FlowPlayer is running a contest: "most creative use of Flowplayer". They are simply asking you to use FlowPlayer in an innovative way & 3 best ideas will win commercial licenses ($95/value).

To join the contest, post your URL where you used FlowPlayer to here (contest is running until the end of the year).

Want to get inspired? See the beautiful demos here.

Classic ASP is losing its popularity, or already lost it. On the other hand, there are many developers who use it.

And, it is hard to find new & exciting projects about classic ASP but here is one: ajaxed, an ASP library with built-in Ajax support.

ASP And Ajax

With the release of ajaxed 2, the library is very mature, well documented & supported with examples.

It includes a debugging tool (Logger), has an e-mail wrapper, datagrid, a validator control & much more.

ajaxed is also fully UTF-8 compatible and has support for MySQL, MSSQL, sqlite, MS Access & Oracle.

It is a great library to speed up the development process for classic ASP developers.

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