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Weather icons are very handy when displaying the weather status, generating a weather based content & more.

You can even customize the look of your website according to the weather conditions (CSS-Tricks has a nice tutorial on this).

There are beautiful free weather condition icons that can be used. Here is a collection of them:

Glossy Weather Icons

Free Weather Icons

Set contains 22 glossy weather icons.

Sizes are 16*16px to 128*128px. They are in both ICO & PNG format.

Weather Icon Set

Weather Icon Set

This set includes 10 icons & presented in a 1 PNG file.

Sticky Weather Icons

Sticky Weather Icons

47 sticky weather icons in PNG format.

All the icons in the set are very detailed 6 high quality.

Flat Weather Icons

Flat Weather Icons

47 flat weather icons in PNG format & 128*128px size with:

  • 8 color combinations
  • In English 6 German
  • Several combinations of some icons

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JxLib is a JavaScript library for creating graphical user interfaces just like jQuery UI, Ext JS or Dijit.

It is based on MooTools & well-document with a list examples.

MooTools UI Library

The library includes:

  • layout managers
  • buttons
  • tabs
  • toolbars
  • dialogs
  • panels
  • trees
  • grid control

JxLib helps creating very clean & easy to use interfaces that can be seen from the examples.

Allowing users to invite their contacts from other networks or e-mail providers is a popular method used in social networks & web applications.

OpenInviter is an open source PHP class, written in PHP5, for importing contacts from most of the well-known e-mail providers & social networks.

PHP Invite Class

Such an invite feature is great, specially when presented as optional, to gain new users/visitors to any service.

There are already ready to use integrations for:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • phpBB & more.

OpenInviter supports:

  • Gmail
  • Windows Live
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Friendster
  • hi5
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Myspace & more..

jQuery.timepickr.js is a jQuery plugin that makes filling time inputs very easy.

With a maximum of 2 clicks, a user can fill the form & there is also a keyboard navigation support too.

jQuery Timepicker Plugin

Usage is so simple. Call the timepickr function with the id of the form to be transformed & that’s all.

The plugin is unostrusive & degrades gracefully.

This is a 3D Flash gallery built with Papervision 3D.

It uses a XML as the database for image information & displays the images with a nice effect.

Papervision 3D Image Gallery

You can check a demo of the gallery here.

The download package includes the source files which is good for improving it and/or taking a deeper look to the use of Papervision 3D.

Update: Tutorial on creating a Papervision 3D gallery can be found here.

CSSPlay is presenting a chic circular menu that can have sub-menus.

Within a limited space, the menu offers a comprehensive browsing experience.

Circular Menu

There is also a small information that can be displayed when an item is hovered.

It uses ordered-lists for all major browsers & uses some tables if the browser is IE6.

P.S. The menu is not totally free. A donation is required for use.

PHP Web Stat is an open source statistics application that requires no databases.

It creates its own log files & displays the data according to these information.

Free PHP Statistics Script

To make it run, a code must be installed to webpages. Nice thing about how it works is, the PHP file installed is included via JavaScript and this will make the stats work even if caching is enabled. If the user’s JavaScript is turned off, it will call the PHP file directly.

It has a very simple interface but displays the information needed very well.

Also, several settings can be configured via an admin screen.

P.S. Although the demo is in German, application is multilingual & already has the English support in the download package.

Intersquash is a simple yet very functional & free web service that generates an iPhone compatible web interface from feeds.

It is very handy to use the service for creating an iPhone version of any website.

iPhone Website Converter

Usage of the service is very easy. Just mention the feed URL & the title of the website &  that’s all.

You can see an example for WebResourcesDepot here.

Multi Bit Shift is an open source Flash file uploader.

It can be easily embedded to any webpage for multiple file uploads with the upload status information.

Open Source Flash Uploader

The  text and color schemes of the uploader is customizable via standard CSS & all text can also be changed.

The uploader has 2 different versions where the paid one has an advanced interface with thumbnail, image view & more.

Spinbox.JS is an unobstrusive solution for turning input textboxes into spinboxes.

It is very effortless to implement the code. Simply creating a normal textbox, giving an id to it & editing few arguments is enough.

JavaScript Spinbox

Spinbox.JS has 10 predefined skins and new ones can be created via CSS in the skin file.

It supports multiple spinboxes on a single page, and  a different skin can be used for each SpinBox on the page.

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