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When sharing codes on a website, even they are wrapped with code tags or styled differently, it is always a challenge to read them without syntax highlighting.

There are various syntax highlighters which can format the codes & color them appropriately according to the languages used. Whether it is a HTML page or runs on PHP, Ruby, Python, ASP, there is a suitable syntax highlighter.

And, here is a collection of 11 Syntax Highlighters To Beautify Code Presentation:


GeSHi (Generic Syntax Highlighter – With PHP)

Geshi Syntax Highlighter

GeSHi is a powerful syntax highlighter script that supports almost every language.

It is first created for phpBB forum system but became a project itself. It requires PHP to run (there is also a hack to make it work under ASP).

SyntaxHighlighter (With JS)


This is a flexible & extensible syntax highlighter built with JavaScript. It supports a wide range of languages from CSS to PHP or C++ to SQL.

SyntaxHighlighter offers ready-to-use themes an new ones can be created easily for a custom presentation.

It has support for 3rd party applications like Blogger, WordPress, Joomla & many others.

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FullCalendar is a jQuery plugin for creating a full-sized calendar with drag’n drop support that can fetch events via Ajax requests on-the-fly.

It can be easily configured to use your own feed format (an extension is provided for Google Calendar).

jQuery Drag'n Drop Calendar

The plugin does not come bundled with features like "changing an event’s name or time" but has hooks for user-triggered events that makes it possible to add such features.

The calendar’s look/feel can be customized via CSS & it is well-documented.

Openfire is an open source real time collaboration (RTC) server that enables anyone to create communication environments like MSN Messenger, GTalk, etc.

With an easy to setup-administer yet rock-solid security-performance system, OpenFire uses the most popular instant messaging protocol: XMPP (Jabber).

Open Source Jabber Server

The application can run on both Windows & Linux/Unix servers and it comes with various plugins like "content filtering", "user export/import" & more.

OpenFire provides all the tools to keep the communication under control & helps you concentrate on the tools "users/members" can use. And, Igniterealtime (the same community) has solutions for that too like SparkWeb (open source web-based IM client) or Spark (open source IM client).

This is a very flexible Flash full-text-search component that supports multiple images and texts.

All aspects of it can be customized via XML files, including the images, texts, colors, sizes and more.

Flash Full Text Search Component

The component supports unlimited text / images & it can resize the height depending on the number of items.

For skinning it, no Flash experience is needed as everything is done by updating the XML files (colors, speed of the effects, etc.).

The download package comes with all the source code including FLA files, PSDs & fonts used.

Compass is a stylesheet framework (and not only a collection of classes) for Ruby.

Using Compass, you can still use the other css frameworks -blueprint, yui, 960- that are ported to Sass and they are ready to be used in your ruby-based web application or stand-alone via a simple command-line interface.

Compass CSS Framework

The framework comes with a detailed documentation on:

You can also watch the podcast on how Compass works.

FileManager is a MooTools-based file manager that allows you to control your files-folders with style.

It runs in a modal box & with an Ajaxed interface, helps:

  • browsing files/folders quickly
  • rename, delete, move (with drag'n drop), copy (drag + hold CTRL) and download files
  • view detailed reviews of images, text-files, compressed-files or audio content
  • Option to automatically resize big images when uploading
  • Use it to select a file anywhere you need to specify one inside your application's backend

MooTools File Manager

FileManager uses the FancyUpload3 script that is soon to be released for good-looking file uploads.

And, it can be easily integrated with TinyMCE as well. For a standard demo, click here & for a TinyMCE integrated demo, click here.

P.S. Thanks very much to David Walsh for the suggestion.

Update (14th September 2010): URL of the resource is updated. is presenting free buttons with different designs in PSD format (PNG file exists too).

Currently there are 20 of them & they are great for inspiration or being used directly. Besides downloading the buttons one-by-one, a full-download link is also offered.

Free PSD Buttons

Glimmer is a desktop application that makes jQuery accesible from a visual tool & generates the jQuery code, XHTML and CSS.

If jQuery is the "write less, do more” JavaScript library, then Glimmer is the “write none, do more” jQuery design tool.

Currently, Glimmer has 8 built-in effects that can be combined with wizards like:

  • image sequencing
  • customized tooltips
  • drop-down menus
  • custom animations

jQuery Desktop Design Tool: Glimmer

It is also extensible. Anyone can write new wizards and effects to improve the application.

Although it looks like a perfect fit to power-users & designers as they generally don’t prefer to code JavaScript, Glimmer is also handy for developers for creating the base-code faster & improving it later on.

To read more on Glimmer, you can visit the announcement article by MIX Online.

There are 1000s of free TrueType or OpenType fonts that can be used in design projects. On the other hand, there are very few free fonts in vector formats.

Fonts in vector formats like .AI, .EPS or PDF are great, specially when we want to modify or add an extra twist to them. As every layer of them are under our hands, this is easily possible.

Here is a collection of 19 creative, quality & free fonts in vector formats (.AI, .EPS or PDF) that you’ll like:


Plasti Puzzle Font (.AI)

Plastic Vector Font . AI Format

The font’s download link exists in the information section of the page.

Free Vecto Font (.PDF)

Free Vector Font In PDF

Quarters Typeface

Vector EPS Font

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MochaUI is an user interface library built on the Mootools JavaScript framework.

The library does not use any images but canvas tags for gradients, rounded-corners or shadows.


It is very easy to create horizontally and vertically fluid layout modules with columns and panels. Columns and panels (panels can be tabbed) can be collapsed, expanded, and resized.

New windows can be created instantly and they can be:

  • focused, dragged, resized
  • collapsed/expanded
  • maximized/restored
  • minimized/restored and closed.

For an example with most of the features, click here.

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