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Descry is a project to demonstrate the power of data and information visualization as a communication tool.

Currently, there are 4 examples provided, all built with Silverlight & come with the source codes.

Silverlight Visualization

There are also 2 very nice articles shared on visualization:

For a demo, click here.

P.S. Descry is not a toolkit. It contains classes and fragments of code or design elements that can be reused.

Slideshow JS is a free JavaScript library which helps creating an image slideshow with ease.

It is totally configurable via markup & does not require any scripting. Although the download package comes with various styles, the look & feel of the slideshow can be completely customized.

Slideshow JS

The library is built with jQuery & it is unobtrusive. It offers several options like:

  • number of seconds each image will be displayed
  • if the images will be displayed automatically or manually
  • image counter & controls activation
  • if the images will be displayed randomly or in an order
  • & more..

P.S. Don't let the blury images in the demo fool you. With quality images, the script offers a nice presentation.

ColoRotate is a free web-based service that helps to work with colors in 3D, in real time & offers an unique experience.

Using the application, you can quickly see the multidimensional nature of colors and the relationships between colors.

3D Color Tool

With ColoRotate, you can create color palettes & save them. Its quick drag-and-drop interface to adjust hue, brightness & saturation helps you customize the colors with ease.

And, palettes created can be imported & exported in Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE).

ColoRotate is also a color community where it is possible to browse & search themes created by other users.

P.S. You may also want to check "Learn About Color" menu of ColoRotate where it is possible to find valuable information on color like:

Flabell is presenting a free Flash-XML slideshow which can be customized with ease.

Images presented are displayed with a blur effect & the color of the navigation bar can change on every image (using the colors of that image can be a good idea – set manually in the XML file).

Free Flash XML Slideshow

For every image, you can also define:

  • URLs, when they are clicked
  • target to be _blank or not
  • transparency of the navigation bar

The slideshow comes with the source file (.FLA) & in order to download it, a free membership is required.

Audio Player is a tiny yet beautiful free Flash mp3 player that is used on many popular websites like Talkcrunch.

It is originally a WordPress plugin but with the increasing popularity, the developer of the player, Martin Laine, has created a standalone version as well.

Tiny Flash Mp3 Player

The WordPress plugin can directly use the WordPress media library which is great. The standalone version can be configured very easily too & they both have various features like:

  • autostart
  • loop
  • animation
  • remaining time
  • volume control & more.

For a demo of the player, you can check TalkCrunch.

P.S. Audio Player is open source & source files can be found here.

APEAPE (Ajax Push Engine) is an open source solution which is designed to push real-time data with only JavaScript on the client side.

The core of APE is an epoll-driven HTTP server, entirely written in C, which provides patterns such as XHR long-polling (cross browser), forever frame and many more.

The other part of APE is the Javascript Framework based on MooTools which deals with the APE protocol. On the other hand, users can decide what Javascript framework they want to develop with.

Ajax Push Engine

APE only uses web standards, no plugins are needed to be installed on the browsers & it works with all browsers.

It is possible to create various multi-user applications with APE as it can broadcast to hundreds of users with ease.

With a module support (currently with C but PHP support is on the way) the application can be extended & customized more.

Subsonic is an open source web-based media streamer application that helps sharing your music or listening it anytime/anywhere.

It allows streaming to multiple users & can handle very large music collections.

Subsonic Media Streamer

It is compatible with every audio or video format that can stream over HTTP, like AAC and OGG. Also, Subsonic works with any network-enabled media player, such as Winamp, iTunes, XMMS, VLC, MusicMatch and Windows Media Player.

It can integrate with various web services like, Amazon (for cover art) & more.

And, considering media files are generally huge, it supports automatic zipping/unzipping while downloading & uploading them.

Automated web application testing is done very rarely & it is generally thought as an unnecessary + hard to setup system.

Magnify GlassTruth is, automated testing is a must, because it saves so much time during development & when the project is live. Also, with the right tools, it is generally very easy to setup.

Using testing tools, once the scenarios are created, you can:

  • test every feature of the whole application with a click
  • get written reports instantly with the error logs
  • measure the capacity of your web application on every step
  • get a continiously-watched, less-problematic web application as the result

There are 2 important web application tests to measure if everything is working (and will work) on your website:

  • Functionality testing: using record-playbacks or scripting, a tool can browse your website, fill forms, click on the links you want & generate a report for you
  • Load/stress testing: even if a web application is working ok with 1 or 10 users, it can show totally different attitudes (like bottlenecks in resource usage) when there are 100 or 1000 active users.

So, here is a collection of 15 Free Functionality And Load Testing Solutions For Web Applications to create better online experiences:


Functionality Testing



Selenium has various projects that can be combined with each other to create a robust testing environment.

  • Selenium IDE: a Firefox add-on to record and playback tests in Firefox.
  • Selenium Remote Control: a client/server system to control web browsers locally or on other computers, using almost any programming language and testing framework.
  • Selenium Grid: like Selenium Remote Control but runs tests on many servers at the same time.
  • Selenium Core: Javascript-based testing system.

Also there are Selenium projects specifically for Rails, Ruby & Eclipse.


Watir: Ruby Web Application Testing

Watir is a set of Ruby libraries which drives browsers just like people. It clicks links, fills in forms, presses buttons. And, it also checks results to report back.

Watir supports:

  • IE, Firefox, Chrome on Windows
  • Firefox on Mac and Linux
  • Safari on Mac
  • Flash testing with Firefox

There is also Watij, which is an enhanced version of Watir with Java.

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Page Peel effects can be very useful as they create new areas -which are mostly used for banners- on websites.

In general, they are created with the help of Flash but Soh Tanaka is featuring a a very nice tutorial on creating a page peel effect with jQuery & CSS.

jQuery Page Peel Effect

The logic of the effect is simple & smart. It is created by animating the size & position of a peel image which is originally positioned over the content to be shown.

To see a demo for this nice tutorial, click here.

Mozilla Prism (previously known as WebRunner) is an application that enables users to run web applications directly on their desktop. And, for developers, offers ways to make them act like desktop applications.

It is a very easy-to-use tool that simply asks you which URL to wrap, whether to sit on the system-tray and creates a shortcut for the new application. Once clicked, the URL mentioned runs in a desktop application.

Mozilla Prism

With the help of a scripting support, developers can add events to their web applications to trigger actions like displaying system-tray notifications or popups.

It allows you to style (overwrite the default styles) the web application via CSS.

Prism also offers more customization options like enabling you to choose the icon for the application to be created, whether the navigation bar or navigation keys will be displayed & more.

It comes in two flavors:

  • as a Firefox extension
  • as a desktop application

Prism can run both on Windows & Mac OS X.

Uptime Robot