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Userfocus, a consultancy & training company on website usability, is sharing 247 web usability guidelines for creating more consistently & better.

The guidelines are very well-categorized like homepage, forms & data entry, navigation, search & more.

Here are some examples:

  • Text boxes on forms are the right length for the expected answer.
  • The home page shows good examples of real site content.
  • The layout helps focus attention on what to do next.
  • Search results are clear, useful and ranked by relevance.

All the guidelines are also provided as an Excel workbook, where you can go through a website & check the ones that are ok.

Web Usability Guidelines

CometChat, a Facebook-style chat script -which enables website users to chat with each other easily- is giving away 2 licenses ($49/each) to WebResourcesDepot readers. Details on "how to join" can be found at the end of the post.


What is CometChat?

It is a PHP / MySQL script for creating a chat environment that can be used while visitors are browsing any page of the website.

Users can select their statuses (like busy, available, invisible or a custom one), "get friends" with each other & see if their friends are online or not.

The interface automatically converts related entries into smileys or well-formatted links & it can notify users with audio messages when a message arrives.

CometChat is multilingual, can be translated to any language & besides the standard icons, new ones can be placed to for a better integration with any website.

The script comes in 2 versions:

  • standalone: for  integrating it with your existing social networking, dating or community site
  • vBulletin edition: instant integration with this forum software

How To Win The Free Licenses?

You have 2 options to join the giveaway where you can do both of them to increase the chance of winning:

Winners will be selected randomly on 13th July 2009 (1 week later & they can choose whether they want to get the standalone or the vBulletin edition.

Good luck to all.

Almost every web designer/developer, one way or another, faces data loss & experiences the importance of taking regular backups.

Backup2Mail is a free PHP script which easily prevents this problem by automatically backing up MySQL databases & e-mailing them to a given address.


It requires PHP 4.1+ to run & for scheduling the script, cron jobs (Unix/Linux) or a scheduled task interface (Windows) is required.

Ptwix is an open source web component, that is built with PHP, for displaying tweets in an Ajaxed interface.

It can be configured to show your tweets or the tweets of your friends.

Ptwix - Ajax/PHP Tweets

Once a webpage is loaded, the latest tweets are shown & "an update button" can make an Ajax call to get the new ones.

The component comes with 3 ready-to-use themes & new ones can be created by updating the CSS + images used.

Ptwix is so easy to install & it supports caching for faster loading.

iWebKit is an open source toolkit for creating iPhone / iPod compatible websites very easily & quickly.

It is simplicity lies under the usage of basic html that anyone can edit rather than more complicated Ajaxed solutions.


The toolkit has support for:

  • iPhone-style form elements (like on/off checkboxes)
  • pop-ups
  • fullscreen
  • & more..

It is possible to theme the interface besides the standard iPhone theme & the download package comes with various ready-to-use themes.

And, websites created with iWebKit are compatible with the latest iPhone OS 3.0.

Navicat, an impressive database admin tool which has versions to manage specific databases is now offering an unique tool named Navicat Premium which can manage:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle

within a single application with amazing features.

Navicat Premium

Navicat Premium allows you to control these 3 database types like they are the same & saves you too much time. You can:

  • drag’n drop tables from Oracle to MySQL, PostgreSQL to MySQL and vice versa
  • schedule operations for different databases such as print report in MySQL, backup data in Oracle and synchronize data in PostgreSQL to run automatically

The application comes with all the nice features of the Navicat family:

  • advanced import/ export wizard
  • query builder
  • report builder
  • data synchronization
  • backup
  • job scheduler
  • & more

For anyone who works cross-database, Navicat Premium is a must-have software that removes all the headache of working with multiple applications & compatibility problems between databases.

It is available for two platforms – Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Special 50% Discount to WebResourcesDepot Readers:

Navicat is offering a 50% discount to WRD readers for Navicat Premium. To get the discount, you need to choose the "Shareit" as the payment option and use the coupon code: webpre50.

Note: Discount will be available for 2 weeks starting today (until 17 July 2009)

One Navicat Premium License Giveaway (How To Win It?)

To get a chance to win a free license ($369 value) of this beautiful application, simply comment to this post with your thoughts. The winner will be selected randomly on 10 July 2009 (1 week later) randomly via the query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=1028 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1

Good luck.

Similar to the IE6 situation, when using HTML5/CSS3 in our websites, it is a good idea to offer non-problematic outputs to web users with older/non-standard browsers.

Modernizr is a JavaScript library that uses feature detection techniques to determine whether or not the current browser is capable of CSS3 and HTML5 features like rgba(), border-radius, CSS Transitions & more.


It enables you to write pseudo-IF/ELSE statements in your CSS &, if wanted, it is possible to wirite conditional statements in JavaScript with the help of a "Modernizr JavaScript object" created.

Also, Modernizr adds support for styling HTML 5 elements. This allows you to use more semantic, forward-looking elements such as <section>, <header> and <dialog> without having to worry about them not working in Internet Explorer.

Web Elements Kit is a set of 17 frequently used web design objects that comes in PSD format.

It can be used for easier prototyping or updated easily to create completely unique outputs.

PSD Web Design Elements

There are 17 elements like:

  • tabbed content
  • sliders
  • newsletter form
  • buttons
  • & more

which are well organized, labeled & comes with various color variations to choose from.

Elements are offered in two ways: a single PSD file that contains all of them & PSD files for every object.

Flash Bookmarks is a free Flash component for integrating social bookmarking links to any website easily.

It supports the most popular sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Facebook, Google and Reddit.

Flash Social Bookmarking

The look & feel of the social bookmarking menu created with the component is totally customizable. It is possible to change:

  • the icons to be displayed
  • the size of the icons
  • the aspect of the hint text for the icons
  • details regarding the bookmarked data.

Flash Bookmarks can be both added by drag’n drops from the component panel of Flash or by code (AS3). is a website providing 100+ free CSS templates that you can download, modify and use on your websites (both free & commercial) with no restrictions.

All templates are XHTML/CSS compliant & will work flawless on all major browsers.

Here are some examples from

To see more, check these free CSS templates.

Uptime Robot