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Flash Bookmarks is a free Flash component for integrating social bookmarking links to any website easily.

It supports the most popular sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Facebook, Google and Reddit.

Flash Social Bookmarking

The look & feel of the social bookmarking menu created with the component is totally customizable. It is possible to change:

  • the icons to be displayed
  • the size of the icons
  • the aspect of the hint text for the icons
  • details regarding the bookmarked data.

Flash Bookmarks can be both added by drag’n drops from the component panel of Flash or by code (AS3). is a website providing 100+ free CSS templates that you can download, modify and use on your websites (both free & commercial) with no restrictions.

All templates are XHTML/CSS compliant & will work flawless on all major browsers.

Here are some examples from

To see more, check these free CSS templates.

MySpace is sharing an open source project named MySpace’s Performance Tracker which is an Internet Explorer plugin for capturing and measuring possible bottlenecks on webpages.

Myspace's Performance Tracker

The plugin is a great helper to developers for:

  • measure the CPU hit and memory footprint of your pages
  • reviewing screenshots of the page while it renders
  • reviewing rendered HTML on each point of the page’s lifecycle
  • viewing estimates of the time it takes to render each section of the page in different connection speeds
  • validating the content of pages against a set of proven “best practice” rules of web development. 

P.S. The tool is currently in pre-alpha state.

(smt) is a free script, built with JavaScript & PHP, to create a simple mouse tracking system for webpages.

It enables you to watch how visitors interact with a webpage like:

  • which areas they click
  • what parts they highlight
  • & more..

Mouse Tracking Script

(smt) can work with both liquid & fixed layouts. For any user with "JavaScript disabled" it will gracefully degrade.

The script is very easy-to-install by simply uploading the project folder & including the JS files to the pages to be recorded (documentation).

With various options provided, it is possible to enable/disable viewing the mouse activity routes, distances, clicks & more.

MyTableGrid is a JavaScript-powered datagrid control, built with Prototype, for displaying data in an easy-to-browse & flexible way.

It offers an Ajaxed interface with pretty fast paging & data-sorting.

Data Grid With Prototype

Columns can be resized & any columns can be easily removed for a better view of data.

MyTableGrid allows browsing via keyboard (with the help of KeyTable library).

It supports instant editing of cells & complete skinning via CSS.

MooFlow is a highly customizable coverflow-like image gallery that is built with MooTools.

It is easily & automatically setup by mentioning the HTML element that grabs the images.

MooTools Coverflow

MooFlow has various features like:

  • fullscreen support
  • browsing with mouse wheel
  • browsing with keyboard
  • autoplay & loop
  • automated JavaScript image reflections

The script is also flexible when loading the images. The data source can be JSON or HTML with selector-filter.

And, its interface can be totally skinned via CSS.

Quartz Icon Set is a collection of 90 simple but stylish icons that are in 64*64px size & PNG format.

The set contains icons from "files/folders" to main website objects like "search, home, download" or social bookmarking ones.

They are free to use in both personal 6 commercial projects.

P.S. Thanks very much to Andy Gongea, the designer of the set, for the suggestion. And, the set is also shared on his website.

Quartz Icon Set

jQuery Impromptu, a jQuery pugin, is offering a chic replacement for alert, prompt, and confirm dialogs.

Although it is not an alternative for modal windows, it can display any HTML content, supports sequential messages & more.

jQuery Prompt Window

The plugin comes with a bunch of options for maximum customization like:

  • loaded, callback & submit functions to step in every point
  • changing prompt & overlay speeds
  • using different animations on prompt windows 6 more

The look/feel of the message boxes can be updated easily via CSS & various examples are provided on theming.

BlueTrip is a CSS framework which aims to combine:

to provide you a sensible set of styles and a common way to build a website so that you can get right to designing.

BlueTrip CSS Framework

Some features of BlueTrip:

  • 24-column grid
  • sensible typography styles
  • clean form styles
  • a print stylesheet
  • an empty starter stylesheet
  • chic buttons
  • status message styles

To see the framework in action, check the demos.

Inside the "Let’s make the web faster" website, Google is sharing the tips & tutorials for better performing webpages.

Some of the articles are:

Website Optimization

Besides the articles, It is possible to reach videos of speeches by several organizations on website performance.

Also, links to various tools for the issue provided & a large community discusses the subject continiously.

Uptime Robot