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TypeSelect is a JavaScript-based solution for using selectable custom fonts on the web.

It combines the power of typeface.js, jQuery, the canvas, toDataURL, CSS background properties & real overlayed text to accomplish this feature.


TypeSelect is very easy to understand & implement. It is totally controlled via CSS & no server-side files are required.

It has support for double/triple-click selections, UTF-8 characters & gracefully degrades in IE6.

On the other hand, currently, it has some limitations like unselectable text in IE, not being able to use :hover or line breaks & few more.

Last week, a post had announced the giveaway of a Navicat Premium license ($369/value) to a lucky WRD reader. The winner is selected. But before that, to remind:

Navicat Premium is a cross-browser database admin tool which can manage MySQL, PostgreSQL & Oracle within a single application.

Data & tables stored in any type of supported databases can be converted into another very easily which makes working with multiple database types so easy.

Navicat Premium

The application also comes with the standard & handy features of other Navicat products like:

  • advanced import/ export wizard
  • query builder
  • report builder
  • data synchronization
  • backup
  • job scheduler
  • & more

Special 50% Discount to WebResourcesDepot Readers:

Navicat is offering a 50% discount to WRD readers for Navicat Premium. To get the discount, you need to choose the "Shareit" as the payment option and use the coupon code: webpre50.

Note: Discount will be available for 1 more week (until 17 July 2009).

The Winner Of Navicat Premium License Giveaway:

The query below is used:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=1028 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1

& the winner is "aj (comment #58688)". Congratulations to the winner & thanks to everyone for joining the giveaway.

John Resig is sharing very functional script named Easy Retweet Button that will simplify "the sharing of your content on Twitter".

It is an unobtrusive JavaScript file for displaying a retweet link with a shortened URL via (similar to Tweetmeme) & number of clicks came to that content from Twitter.

Easy Retweet Button

Easy Retweet Button has 2 ready-to-go styles: vertical & horizontal. And it can be easily themed as only HTML, CSS & JavaScript is used.

It is possible to customize the "Retweet" text, prefix of the tweets (like RT @..) & username / API key to be used.

It offers various advantages like:

  • speed: it works completely asynchronously
  • tracking: all the tracking is done via & clicks from retweets can be tracked from a single interface

Steps For Using It With WordPress:

This is nothing complicated but can save your time:

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This is an open source PHP application which can convert any RSS feed into a PDF newspaper.

It works flawless with fetching only the text & ,currently, has a partial support for images.


The application uses other open source codes like:

If a feed shares a part of the original content, the application has an option to fetch the complete content as well.

Although the application may not seem interesting for many developers at first, the code & the function itself is an inspiration+resource for offering more out of feeds.

Glow is a JavaScript library, built by BBC that aims to make working with JavaScript and the DOM easier, similar to the popular ones like jQuery, MooTools, etc.

It tries to do this by abstracting common tasks, hiding cross-browser issues, and providing a set of user interface widgets.

on reviewing the major libraries we found that none met our standards and guidelines, with browser support in particular being a major issue.

Glow JavaScript Library

The library is very well-documented & it already comes with various ready-to-use widgets like:

  • autosuggest
  • carousel
  • overlay (lightbox)
  • slider
  • timetable
  • & more..

Several demos are provided to see Glow in action

SlickMap CSS is a stylesheet for transforming HTML unordered lists into attractive sitemaps.

The stylesheet can easily fit into most of the websites as it supports up to 3-level navigations.

It also provides a functional visual output by displaying the URLs besides the titles. For a demo of SlickMap CSS, click here.


PatternWall is a fresh website which features a huge collection of free seamless patterns to beautify your designs & website backgrounds.

Just like the name, it is similar to a wall where new patterns load automatically once you scroll down, no paging is required.

Patterns are free to use both in personal & commercial projects.


Visualize is a jQuery plugin which converts tables to charts & graphs using the HTML 5 canvas tag.

The usage of tables is very important the data is already formatted in a way that is accessible to users browsing the web with a screen reader or other assistive technology.

jQuery Visualize Plugin

The plugin offers a very easy usage as calling a function like: $('table').visualize(); is enough for creating a line, pie, bar or an area chart from a table.

Visualize offers various methods for customizing:

  • the type (line, pie, bar or area)
  • width & height
  • title
  • color
  • margins
  • & more

Here is a customizable demo to test the plugin completely.

Userfocus, a consultancy & training company on website usability, is sharing 247 web usability guidelines for creating more consistently & better.

The guidelines are very well-categorized like homepage, forms & data entry, navigation, search & more.

Here are some examples:

  • Text boxes on forms are the right length for the expected answer.
  • The home page shows good examples of real site content.
  • The layout helps focus attention on what to do next.
  • Search results are clear, useful and ranked by relevance.

All the guidelines are also provided as an Excel workbook, where you can go through a website & check the ones that are ok.

Web Usability Guidelines

CometChat, a Facebook-style chat script -which enables website users to chat with each other easily- is giving away 2 licenses ($49/each) to WebResourcesDepot readers. Details on "how to join" can be found at the end of the post.


What is CometChat?

It is a PHP / MySQL script for creating a chat environment that can be used while visitors are browsing any page of the website.

Users can select their statuses (like busy, available, invisible or a custom one), "get friends" with each other & see if their friends are online or not.

The interface automatically converts related entries into smileys or well-formatted links & it can notify users with audio messages when a message arrives.

CometChat is multilingual, can be translated to any language & besides the standard icons, new ones can be placed to for a better integration with any website.

The script comes in 2 versions:

  • standalone: for  integrating it with your existing social networking, dating or community site
  • vBulletin edition: instant integration with this forum software

How To Win The Free Licenses?

You have 2 options to join the giveaway where you can do both of them to increase the chance of winning:

Winners will be selected randomly on 13th July 2009 (1 week later & they can choose whether they want to get the standalone or the vBulletin edition.

Good luck to all.

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