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ProtoFish is an advanced dropdown menu script which supports multilevel navigations & built with Prototype.

The script is lightweight (1.3kb minimized), unobtrusive & cross-browser.

Multilevel Hover Menu

The hover class used & delay effect of the menus can be customized with ease.

It is accessible via keyboard using the TAB key & multiple instances of ProtoFish menus can be used on the same webpage.

For demos with various number of of levels & delay effects, click here.

Web Developer Plus, a blog providing web design/development tips & tutorials, is sharing a slick featured content slider that is built with jQuery & jQuery UI.

It is a tutorial which describes each step (HTML, CSS, JS) & comes with the source files.

Featured Content Slider

The slider auto-changes the displayed content in every x seconds defined & can switch to the clicked item instantly.

In proportion with the size of the "main image", the slider can present a limited number of items (4 in the example).

It is also a proof of "how jQuery UI can help creating beautiful stuff with a very little JavaScript".

There are various CSS frameworks which offer a grid system, a style reset, basic typography, form styling & more.

But, if you only need a lightweight grid framework to build the skeleton of your website, take a look at the 1Kb CSS Grid.

1Kb CSS Grid

It supports both fluid grids besides the fixed-width ones and nested rows can be created.

The website of the framework provides a generator to customize the grid & download the CSS easily.

Also, Usability Post has a very detailed introduction to the 1Kb CSS Grid in 3 steps. To dig the details, make sure you check them:

Pictaculous is a free web-based service which generates the color palette of an image you upload.

And, it provides color palette suggestions from Adobe Kuler & Colourlovers which can be used with the image.


Once the color palette is created, it can be downloaded as an Adobe Swatch file.

Pictaculous also enables you to send the image & get results via e-mail (which is nice for using the service in phones).

Google Analytics offers various ways to view the data & make comparisons, which is great. But if you need a totally unique view or want to make comparisons with another data source, you’re limited.

Excellent Analytics is an Excel plug-in for importing web analytics data from Google Analytics in to an Excel spreadsheet.

So, you can easily build queries with all dimensions and metrics available or apply filters to create advanced queries

Excellent Analytics

The plug-in is open source & for improving it further, it can be found here.

For every web designer & developer, refreshing the browsers to see the updates we make is a very common action.

XRefresh is a solution, specifically built for easing this process, which automatically refreshes browsers once an update to a file in our project folder is done.


It comes with 2 parts: a browser plugin (both for Firefox & IE) and an application (for Windows & Mac) which watches the changes made in the folders we mentioned.

Although it is handy for systems with one monitor, the best environment will probably be two monitors where the IDE & the browsers runs on each.

P.S. For Firefox, it requires Firebug to be installed.

LESS is a Ruby gem which compiles the LESS code to CSS & extends css by adding variables, mixins, operations and nested rules.

It uses the existing CSS syntax. So, it is very easy to convert current CSS files to LESS files & there is almost no learning curve.

LESS For Ruby

To help understand better, here is an example:

@brand_color: #4D926F;
#header {
  color: @brand_color;
h2 {
  color: @brand_color;

LESS is well-documented & source can be found here.

jMonthCalendar is a jQuery plugin for creating an event calendar which displays the calendar as a month-view.

Once the plugin is initialized & events array is mentioned, the calendar is ready. But jMonthCalendar offers extension points which makes it possible to interact with it like adding events, changing the month & more.

jQuery Event Calendar Plugin

The calendar supports multi-day events & drag’n drops for updating event dates easily.

It can be browsed by months & years with the prev-next links. And, the plugin uses the beautiful DateJS library for date functions

KnowledgeTree is an enterprise-level open source document management application built with PHP & uses MySQL for storing the data.

It enables reaching documents via web, desktop or Microsoft Office applications (via an add-in) & sharing them become easier with integrated dicussion forums, e-mailing, tagging & more.


With a role-based permission system, every user can view the documents they are permitted to, updates on documents are tracked & every user can connect with a different language to the system which is great for virtual, multilingual offices.

KnowledgeTree accepts adding documents in bulk (zipped), has built-in support for scanners & OCR softwares. Also, with the API support, it can be integrated with 3rd party softwares.

Besides those powerful features, the application has a powerful search module which works on numerous document types (Microsoft Office, PDF, OpenOffice, XML, HTML, RTF, text) & offers solutions to improve workflows.

Opera, with version 10, is announcing a new feature named Opera Unite which converts any device running this browser into a web server.

It is an open platform where, using its API, developers can create new services/products (with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG and AJAX) which will be served from user’s computers.

Opera Unite

It already comes with various ready-to-use services like:

  • file sharing
  • media player (reach your media from anywhere)
  • web server (host websites, currently static pages but won’t be surprising to see new ones supporting PHP, ASP.NET & others)
  • the lounge (for hosting a chat room)
  • & more..

To read more & download Opera Unite, click here.

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