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VanadiumJS is an intuitive-yet-powerful jQuery plugin for easy client-side validation.

It supports Ajax & regular server-side response results. The rules to be applied can be defined in 2 ways:

  • JSON structure
  • inline markup

Client-Side Validation: VanadiumJS

Some of the default rules include:

  • presence
  • a special format
  • numbers (integer, float)
  • length
  • acceptance (checkboxes)
  • & much more..

VanadiumJS offers various customization settings like, ability to validate-as-you-type or validation-on-submit, waiting x seconds before validating as-you-type, etc.

FCKeditor, one of the most popular free WYSIWYG editors around now has a new version with more features & a lighter name: CKEditor.

WYSIWYG editors generally load slow due to the highly-used JavaScript. One of the best things CKEditor offers is the seriously improved perfomance to eliminate this problem.

Also, it is now an accessible script in compliance with the W3C WCAG & the US Section 508.


CKEditor offers a rich & powerful integration and interaction API. The editor is also totally plugin based & can be extended/modified in all senses to fit every need.

With a new user interface based on a fresh skin which is colorful like a chameleon, you can change its color to match your needs.

Well, yes. After the first post published at WebResourcesDepot, at least one new resource is shared everyday with no exceptions and here is the 1000th post.

Although there are more to share in our bookmarks & your suggestions eases finding new ones, it is a good idea to give a small break and celebrate this with a huge giveaway.

1000th WebResourcesDepot Post

Before introducing the details of the giveaway, a big thanks to everyone who follow WebResourcesDepot via:

or any other media and contributes with their comments that help us all to learn more & improve ourselves.

Also, thanks very much to all the advertisers who support WRD.

The Huge Giveaway:

Here are the products/services which make this huge giveaway (32 products) possible (listed alphabetically):

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ColorSuckr is a free online service which can extract colors from an image & generate color schemes.

It can be used in 3 ways:

  • by mentioning the URL of the image
  • via a bookmarklet
  • or a Firefox add-on

ColorSuckr: Color Schemes From Photos

Once the color schemes are ready, they can be downloaded as Adobe Swatch (.ASE) files or more schemes can be listed from COLOURlovers for any selected color.

ColorSuckr also offers the results in RSS, JSON & XML formats which makes an integration with any application possible.

Plogger is an open source image gallery application, built with PHP-MySQL, that offers a simple usage with powerful features.

The application comes with an attractive admin interface for managing the galleries & can be integrated into any website by adding three lines of PHP code.

PHP Image Gallery Script

Using Plogger, it is possible to create unlimited albums that can include unlimited images. And, uploading the images is a breeze as they can be sent one at a time or as a .zip file in bulk.

Thumbnails are created automatically & there is caching support for faster loading.

Some other features of Plogger:

  • commenting on images (optional)
  • RSS feed on every level (single album, gallery..)
  • an integrated JavaScript slideshow
  • template based theme system
  • valid XHTML output

Also, each gallery has a full XML generator built-in that enables anyone to create widgets in any language.

Pubwich is an open-source PHP application that enables anyone to display the data from multiple websites/services in a single HTML page.

It is a perfect "instant website" for anyone who is active in social networks.


Besides the ability to show content of any website via RSS/Atom feeds, it supports popular web services like:

  • Delicious
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • ReaderNaut
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube

Although the default theme already offers a nice presentation, it can be easily themed (uses Savant template engine) for a unique look & feel.

jQTouch is a jQuery plugin for creating mobile applications with just HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

It comes with native animations, automatic navigation, and themes for mobile WebKit browsers like iPhone, G1, and Pre.

jQuery Webkit Plugin

It can be setup in a few minutes & totally customized with the selector options.

It has 2 ready-to-use themes:

  • default Apple theme
  • jQTouch theme

and new ones can be created with less effort.

The plugin offers page history management and CSS3 page transitions including 3d flip. Also, it easily allows applications to run in fullscreen mode with custom icons and startup screens.

IxEdit is an easy-to-use & free tool which aims to simplify the implementation of interactions on a web page, specially for anyone who is not experienced in JavaScript.

This interaction design tool is built with JavaScript & needs to be embedded into the webpage being edited. With the help of a modal-box-like interface, interactions created will be applied instantly.

Interaction Design Tool

Rather than totally new scripts, IxEdit generates jQuery & jQuery UI code using the parameters specified.

Interactions are stored in a local database (Google Gears), so, anything created won’t be lost even if the page is refreshed or closed.

FontCapture is a simple & free web application with an impressive function: it turns any handwriting into a font.

It does not require any software and works in few steps:

  • download (PDF) & print a special template
  • fill it with your handwriting
  • scan & upload the template

The service automatically creates your font & presents you the download file.


Also, just before downloading the generated fonts, you can see a full-preview & decide to re-create a new one or not.

P.S. The service is currently in beta status.

WebSVN is an open source & web-based application that offers an easy browsing experience for your subversion repositories.

You can view the log of any file or directory and see a list of all the files changed, added or deleted in any given revision.

SVN Browser

Also, the differences between two versions of a file can be seen to exactly findout what was changed in a particular revision.

Other features of WebSVN:

  • customizable templating system
  • colourization of file listings
  • blame view
  • log message searching
  • RSS feed support

A demo of the application can be viewed here.

Uptime Robot