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WRD will be running the first of the "thematic week" series (that will be published once in a few months) next week which is "E-Commerce Week".

E-Commerce Week

5 posts will be published which will be handy for anyone building their own e-commerce system or prefers a ready-to-use one (& for jQuery fans). Here they are:

Bumpbox is another Lightbox clone which offers a very easy usage & has some advantages over others.

There is no need to mention the media type to be displayed as it detects them automatically & as a nice feature, Bumpbox can display PDF files besides FLV, SWF, images or HTML content.

Bumpbox Lightbox Clone

It is built with MooTools & displays the modal box with a nice bump effect.

The script works for both local & remote files. And, to show FLV files, it uses Flowplayer media player.

FormFields is a very handy resource which makes it easier to produce more usable form entry fields with ASP.NET.

Rather than writing markup over and over for things like validation, regular expressions, dropdownlist databinding, etc., FormFields handles all the hassle for you.

ASP.NET Formfields

Here is an example date input with a date picker & validation:

<formField:textBox ID="tb_SchoolDate" runat="server" Type="Date" Required="True"  Title="School Date" />

Yes, that easy & with a clean markup (the look & feel can be customized via CSS).

FormFields requires .Net Framework 3.5 & AjaxControlToolkit to run.

LoveTextures is a website presenting 150+ free textures which are created by them.

All the textures are categorized very well like fabric, grunge, wood textures & more. It is also possible to browse them by color.

Files offered are mostly around 2560x1707pixels at 300dpi which makes them suitable for print besides the web.

Love Textures

T-dah is a free PHP webmail application which is built from the well-known Uebimiau script & offers a slick interface.

It can be up & running in a few minutes on any PHP (4 or 5) enabled server as no database is required.

The application uses the POP3 protocol & can be configured to use SMTP, PHP mail, Sendmail or Qmail for sending e-mails.

T-dah Webmail Script

T-dah comes with several modules like:

  • event calendar
  • group chat
  • addressbook
  • folder management

It uses TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for creating new e-mails, has an integrated search & can be translated into any language with the "language files" support.

Sanscons+ is a set of 121 individual pixel icons whose colors can be customized via CSS.

Customizing the colors is not a big trick but smart as all the icons are transparent GIF files & adding a background-color style to them simply changes their color.

Sanscons Plus

The icon set is the larger version of the standard Sanscons icons (16*16px) & comes in 4 sizes:  32*32, 48*48, 64*64 and 128*128 pixels.

P.S. a CSS customization example can be found at the standard Sanscons icons page.

For every e-commerce website, web application or even a standard website, knowledgebases are very useful systems for helping users to find answers themselves.

68KB is a free knowledgebase application that is built with PHP & MySQL & can be themed to match the look of any website.

PHP Knowledgebase Script

It has support for unlimited categories/sub-categories & SEO friendly URLs. Also, features like an "integrated glossary", "popular & new articles" makes browsing much easier.

With the help of an admin interface, it is possible to manage the system easily, view the stats, search logs & more.

68KB is multilingual & built with the CodeIgniter framework.

Uploadify is a jQuery plugin for implementing single + multiple file uploads easier & better.

It requires Flash (which completes the upload) & a server-side file in any language (. PHP one is included) which processes the uploaded file.

Uploadify jQuery Plugin

The plugin offers various options to control & customize the upload interface like:

  • files types
  • max. number of simultaneous files
  • auto or manual start of uploads
  • size limit
  • callback on every step (onSelect, onCancel..)
  • & more..

And, implementation is as simple as any other jQuery plugin; just by calling a function.

phpMyBackupPro is an open source application for taking scheduled backups of MySQL databases & FTP files.

It offers a flexible usage as backup jobs of multiple databases/files from multiple servers can be scheduled, completed & compressed.


Backups can be taken to any location including remote FTP servers.

Besides taking backups, phpMyBackupPro can restore & e-mail backups. As a third option, it is also possible to download them.

The application has mutlilanguage support & 10+ language files are ready for download.

qWikiOffice is an open source project for creating desktop-like web interfaces.

With the power of Ext JS Library (& PHP), it offers a very similar usage to desktops with:

  • windows
  • start menu
  • dialog boxes
  • taskbar & more..


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