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URL shortening services, with the popularity of Twitter, has a very wide usage, probably more than anyone had expected few years ago.

These services not only makes URLs shorter but more readable & trackable. Also, some offer features like password-protecting, custom URLs & more.

Although there are very succesful services like TinyURL or, you may still want to have your own as these services can be shut down one day like (a huge service that is closed yesterday – update: re-opened which was a good example for the stability risk of these services). Or, you may be asking for more/custom features.

Here are 7 open source & free URL shortener scripts to create your own:


Shorty - Short URL Script

Shorty is a free URL shortener script built with PHP & MySQL. It comes with an admin interface where links can be edited/deleted & number of clicks can be viewed.


Wordpress Short URL Script

It is a set of PHP scripts for running a custom URL shortening service.

It can be private or public, custom keyword URLs can be picked, counts clicks & has an API. Best of all, a WordPress plugin integrates it with your blog & links are shortened automatically.

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simpleCart(js), a very simple but smart shopping cart that was shared on WRD, now has a new version with more features.

The application is an upload & use shopping cart where no database is required and can be integrated into any website so easily.

JavaScript Shopping Cart - simpleCart(js)

It works by including a JavaScript file into the webpages and usage of special classes. As an example:

<div class="simpleCart_items"></div>

will display the full cart, no other code needed.

With the V2, it supports both PayPal + Google Checkout as the payment providers & multiple currencies/tax rates can be used.

Last week, a post at WRD had announced the giveaway of 3 Monoslideshow licenses.

The winners of this amazing Flash image-video viewer has been selected and can be found at the bottom of the post.

To Remind:

Monoslideshow is a flexible XML-driven Flash image & video viewer for easily displaying media on any website with style.

It comes with 500+ options that makes the viewer to fit into every design & usage type.


The viewer handles large collections easily with the album-browsing support.

It can be controlled via JavaScript + AS3 APIs and has RSS support which makes it possible to create image slideshows from Flickr, etc.

The Winners:

The winners of this great application are:

  • Eric Peacock (comment #66084)
  • vedat (comment #65951)
  • @digitman (Twitter)

Congratulations to the winners & thanks to everyone for contributing.

CRE Loaded PCI CE is an open source e-commerce software which is the lighter, but still strong, version of a paid solution.

It is designed to run on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server and offers lots of features which you can add more as it comes with the source.

Cre Loaded E-Commerce

The application has an unlimited category system, comes with several shipping provider (free shipping logic is integrated) & payment modules.

It is possible to define "special products" on the main page & per category. Products can be sorted by price, manufacturer, etc.

Some features of CRE Loaded PCI CE:

  • article manager
  • faq manager
  • banner manager
  • multilanguage support
  • wishlists
  • ability to checkout without registration
  • cross-selling
  • & more

It also has a strong admin interface where the store can be managed easily (by multiple admins when needed with the access-level based user system).

A very significant feature of the product is the importance it gives to the security. CRE Loaded PCI CE is compliant with all PCI data security standards (& has a "order fraud screen" in the backend). is a websites which features free Photoshop custom shapes, brushes and styles/gradients.

The website currently presents 350+ resources which are well-categorized like nature, abstract, symbols, etc.

It is possible to sort them by downloads, rating or added date which makes it easy to find the popular & new items.

Free Photoshop Resources

Normally, when a data is submitted, it is sent in plain text if no SSL is used.

jCryption is a jQuery plugin for encrypting POST/GET data submitted by forms.

It uses public-key algorithm of RSA for the encryption & has a PHP file for handling the decryption of data.

JavaScript Encyrption

Some features of jCryption:

  • encryption up to 2048 bit
  • AjaxSubmit supported
  • doesn’t block the browser on calculations

The plugin is easy to install, use and extend. Calling the jCryption function:


and handling the data with the ready-to-use PHP function is enough.

Show If is an online JavaScript if-then-else clause generator for targeting web users.

With an easy-to-use interface, visitors can be targeted with variables like:

  • browser
  • operating system
  • referrer
  • screen resolution
  • language
  • location (country/state/city)

JavaScript If-Then-Else Generator

Location targeting requires PHP as it uses the API for querying the IPs.

Show If is a handy service for users that are not familiar with JavaScript or users who need a quick solution.

Elijah Miller is sharing a very nice script, inspired from the iPhone-style-checkboxes for jQuery by Thomas Reynolds, for creating iPhone-like toggle switches with Prototype.

It is a very flexible resource as:

  • variable sizes of switches are created automatically
  • has support for dragging
  • sliding labels
  • offers iPhone compatibility

iPhone-Like Checkbox

How To Use It?

It converts the visual output of a checkbox & displays the standard checkbox when JS is disabled (unobtrusive).

To make it work, calling a simple function mentioning the ID of the checkbox & values is enough:

new iPhoneStyle('#variable_size_a_b', { checkedLabel: 'A', uncheckedLabel: 'B' });

That’s all.

FLV Player is an open source & free resource to display FLV files on websites.

It is compatible with FLV version 1.1 & comes in 5 types:

  • mini: player with a start/pause button & timeline control
  • normal: mini + stop button
  • maxi: normal + sound & fullscreen buttons
  • multi: maxi + multiple video display option
  • JavaScript: a player with no graphical interface but can be totally controlled via JS

Free FLV Player

The player can be controlled with keyboard for a better accessibility.

P.S. Download links can be found inside the "details" page of each player version.

GetSimple is an open source XML-based CMS application that is very easy to setup & customize.

The use of XML rather than a SQL database for storing the data makes it ideal for small websites. But this is a "plus" on the performance side as the risk for a "possible slowness while connecting to a SQL database" is eliminated.

GetSimple PHP CMS

GetSimple is built with PHP & offers a great feature which is the ability to "undo" almost every action, a time-saver on mistakes made.

The application has a simple & slick admin interface that is so easy to learn.

With a detailed documentation, it is possible to findout the details of GetSimple like "theme customization" or "how to create a contact form".

And, GetSimple enables you to backup & restore the entire website with just a click.

Uptime Robot