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Liberator is a free comet server for streaming real-time data to web pages.

It can deliver over one million complex messages per second and supports up to 30,000 concurrent users on a single server.

Free Comet Server

It supports a wide variety of data types and formats, which it organizes into static directories and dynamic containers, with auto-subscription and multi-level caching. There is extensive support for clustering, load balancing, and failover.

Some areas of usage for the server can be:

  • displaying trade market data
  • chat systems
  • mapping apps
  • & more..

Liberator is written in C and runs on GNU/Linux®, or on Windows® using VMware® & the free edition can be used for non-commercial websites.

Webyog, a company who creates innovative database tools, is giving away $1300 worth of products to WebResourcesDepot readers:

  • 3 SQLyog Enterprise – MySQL GUI ($99/each)
  • 1 MONyog Unlimited Servers – MySQL Monitoring Tool ($999/value)

Webyog MySQL Tools

Details on "how to win the free licenses" can be found at the bottom of the post, but before that:

What is SQLyog?

It is a powerful MySQL manager and admin tool that makes controlling multiple databases so easy with features like:

  • query profiler
  • visual query & schema designer
  • scheduled backups
  • data synchronization
  • HTTP(s) & SSH tunneling

besides the standard database management functions the application offers.

SQLyog MySQL GUI uses the native MySQL C API for the fastest communication with servers & offers a 100% keyboard-friendly usage.

What is MONyog?

It is a very well-thought software to help MySQL DBAs manage more MySQL servers, tune MySQL servers and fix problems with their MySQL database applications before they can become serious problems.

It is installed on any computer & monitors MySQL servers remotely.

MONyog MySQL Montitor

With amazing features like:

  • history/trend analysis
  • quick performance tuning & optimization
  • analysing slow query logs
  • MySQL hacking attempts detection

MONyog is a time-saver & must-have for every database administrator.

How to win the free licenses?

Commenting to this post is enough to join the giveaway & winners will be selected randomly via the query below on 25 August 2009 (1 week later).

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=1111 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 4

Good luck to all : ).

P.S. Both applications offer free trials which you can see how functional they are before purchasing.

AnythingSlider is a jQuery slider plugin which can present any HTML content.

It can display any number of slides where navigation tabs are generated automatically.

jQuery Slide Plugin

The interface has next/previous buttons, can optionally start on initial load & display all slides infinitely.

Another great feature is the hashtags for all content which makes it possible to link directly to a specific slide.

The animation & delay between each slide can also be set with ease.

Adminer is a phpMyAdmin-like MySQL management application which is only 1 file (PHP) that makes it so easy to install.

It is multilanguage with 11 ready-to-use language files & supports most PHP & MySQL versions (PHP 4.3+, MySQL 4.1+).

PHP MySQL Manager Script

Adminer can connect to local/remote MySQL databases, create new ones & complete almost every other database transactions like:

  • Create, alter, drop indexes/foreign keys/views/stored procedures & functions
  • List data in tables with search, aggregate, sort and limit results
  • Insert new records, update and delete the existing ones
  • Supports all data types, blobs through file transfer
  • Execute any SQL command from a text field or a file
  • Export table structure, data, views, routines, databases to SQL or CSV
  • Print database schema connected by foreign keys
  • Show processes and kill them
  • Display users and rights and change them
  • Display variables with links to documentation
  • Manage events and table partitions (MySQL 5.1)

SharpPieces is a set of open source & free ASP.NET controls for improving the usability of the applications easily.

Free ASP.NET Controls

Currently there are 8 components:

  • ExtendedDropDownList
  • LiveGrid
  • FancyUpload
  • ImageCheckBox
  • Rating
  • DynamicImage
  • CaptchaImage
  • GradientButton

They are all are ready with native support for the latest framework (ASP.NET 3.5) and IDE (Visual Studio 2008).

Stripemania is a free web application for creating stripe patterns with ease.

It enables you to add up to 5 colors with different gradients & define the background, orientation and stripe/spacing widths.

The generated images can be downloaded as PNG or transparent GIF files.

Also, stripes generated by other users can be viewed & downloaded.

Online Sprite Generator

GoingUp! is a free web-based website statistics service with powerful SEO features.

The service has a slick Ajaxed interface & offers a complete analytics package with web stats, referring keywords, action/goals & more.

GoingUp Analytics

GoingUp! tracks every activity & presents data nicely with charts, heatmaps, flags (for countries), etc.

Some of its SEO features are:

  • Inbound Link Monitoring
  • Google Page Rank Tracking
  • Alexa Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Position Tracking
  • Page Optimizer Tool
  • Keyword Density Tool

The service also has some other free SEO tools like "bulk domain analyzer" or "link & SEO optimizer" which can be used directly without the need of signing up.

Forums are clearly one of the most standard ways of sharing knowledge on the net. With easy-to-use interfaces & strong community features, they are still very functional & popular.

They can be easily integrated into a website by customizing the look & feel or used as a framework which is sometimes a good idea considering the features they offer.

Here are 9 widely-used, open-source & free forum softwares, where most of them are built with PHP, that you may consider using:

phpBB (PHP)


phpBB is one of the oldest & widely used forum softwares around. It is being updated frequently with improvements in speed, security & features.

It comes with a powerful administrator panel where all aspects of the system can be managed & supports almost any database.

The software has a very crowded community which makes it easier to get support.



This free forum software works with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

MyBB has nice features like calendar/events, mass mailing to members, a built-in theme editor & more.

Besides an admin panel, a moderator panel helps managing the system by multiple users.

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YUI Slideshow is a YUI3 module which enables us to convert any HTML element’s children into animated slideshows.

It comes with a bunch of configuration options to customize the slider like:

  • animations used (for both incoming & outgoing slides)
  • intervals between each image
  • duration of them
  • autoplay
  • & more..

YUI Slideshow

The module has play/pause/previous/next controls for easily creating a player interface.

10+ different animation types can be choosen from various fade & swipe effects.

It is also possible to create advanced & custom animations where an example is already provided.

URL shortening services, with the popularity of Twitter, has a very wide usage, probably more than anyone had expected few years ago.

These services not only makes URLs shorter but more readable & trackable. Also, some offer features like password-protecting, custom URLs & more.

Although there are very succesful services like TinyURL or, you may still want to have your own as these services can be shut down one day like (a huge service that is closed yesterday – update: re-opened which was a good example for the stability risk of these services). Or, you may be asking for more/custom features.

Here are 7 open source & free URL shortener scripts to create your own:


Shorty - Short URL Script

Shorty is a free URL shortener script built with PHP & MySQL. It comes with an admin interface where links can be edited/deleted & number of clicks can be viewed.


Wordpress Short URL Script

It is a set of PHP scripts for running a custom URL shortening service.

It can be private or public, custom keyword URLs can be picked, counts clicks & has an API. Best of all, a WordPress plugin integrates it with your blog & links are shortened automatically.

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