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For every e-commerce website, web application or even a standard website, knowledgebases are very useful systems for helping users to find answers themselves.

68KB is a free knowledgebase application that is built with PHP & MySQL & can be themed to match the look of any website.

PHP Knowledgebase Script

It has support for unlimited categories/sub-categories & SEO friendly URLs. Also, features like an "integrated glossary", "popular & new articles" makes browsing much easier.

With the help of an admin interface, it is possible to manage the system easily, view the stats, search logs & more.

68KB is multilingual & built with the CodeIgniter framework.

Uploadify is a jQuery plugin for implementing single + multiple file uploads easier & better.

It requires Flash (which completes the upload) & a server-side file in any language (. PHP one is included) which processes the uploaded file.

Uploadify jQuery Plugin

The plugin offers various options to control & customize the upload interface like:

  • files types
  • max. number of simultaneous files
  • auto or manual start of uploads
  • size limit
  • callback on every step (onSelect, onCancel..)
  • & more..

And, implementation is as simple as any other jQuery plugin; just by calling a function.

phpMyBackupPro is an open source application for taking scheduled backups of MySQL databases & FTP files.

It offers a flexible usage as backup jobs of multiple databases/files from multiple servers can be scheduled, completed & compressed.


Backups can be taken to any location including remote FTP servers.

Besides taking backups, phpMyBackupPro can restore & e-mail backups. As a third option, it is also possible to download them.

The application has mutlilanguage support & 10+ language files are ready for download.

qWikiOffice is an open source project for creating desktop-like web interfaces.

With the power of Ext JS Library (& PHP), it offers a very similar usage to desktops with:

  • windows
  • start menu
  • dialog boxes
  • taskbar & more..


Social Network UsersThere are lots of social networks from small to huge ones like Facebook or MySpace.

Although trying to create the next Facebook may not be a good idea, you may want to create a niche network or empower & add new features to the network you already have.

Here are 6 open source social networking applications which are developed continiously, well-documented & offer impressive functions.



Elgg is a mature social networking framework which offers:

  • advanced user management and administration
  • social networking
  • cross-site tagging
  • powerful access control lists
  • internationalisation support
  • multiple view support (eg cell phones, iPhone)
  • an advanced templating engine
  • a widget framework and more.

Its plugin based system enables adding new features easily from a plugins database or creating your own.

Elgg is built with PHP / MySQL & comes with a JSON API.



PHPizabi is a feature-rich open source social networking engine for creating & managing basic-to-advanced communities.

It is built with PHP / MySQL & besides every feature that can be thought for a social networking site, it offers:

  • a multilingual interface
  • mass mailing to users
  • creating blogs
  • forum integration & more

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ResourceSpace is an open source application for reducing the workload between teammates or customers on reaching the common print, web-ready or other digital assets.

It is simply a repository where every file can be stored, categorized & searched/found quickly.


Users can share resources between each other or send their download links rather than sending the files itself (which are generally huge).

The application displays various "quality versions" of the assets to promote higher quality resource usage & with the reporting functionality, it is possible to track the activity.

ResourceSpace is built with PHP / MySQL. It also has lots of other features like watermarking, a multilanguage interface & more.

Open Atrium is an open source web application for creating an intranet where co-workers/teams can collaborate easily.

It is built on the Drupal framework & has modules like:

  • blogs for each group
  • event calendar which can import feeds from iCal & others
  • documents, to store, collaborate & see revisions
  • Twitter-like shoutbox for sharing any info
  • case tracker which is a complete ticketing system to manage projects & assign tasks
  • group dashboard to see what’s going on

Open Atrium

Open Atrium can be extended with new features by creating new modules.

The application is multilingual & requires PHP & MySQL to run (like Drupal).

Dodo is a free to-do list application, built on top of Zend Framework, & comes in two versions:

  • hosted (free)
  • full source code

It is a multi-user application where anyone can register, then use it & provides an almost completely Ajaxed interface.

Free To-Do List Application

Dodo doesn’t offer anything complicated, just creating lists & tasks under them. Once a task is completed, it can be marked as "done".

The application has both public & admin interfaces. Also, it provides an API for easier integration with 3rd party applications.

Besides being a handy application to install & use, it is a resource for Zend developers with development steps shared in detail on its blog.

API IconBehind almost every successful web application, there is an easy-to-use & feature-rich API as they simply help the main application to spread into others & reached by more users.

Also, an API-enabled application can be easily developed further using the API itself.

In order to create an API for your web application, here are 10 tutorials to get you started. But before that, you may want to checkout the video: How To Design A Good API and Why it Matters by Google.



Create a REST API with PHP

Create REST API With PHP

A very detailed yet easy-to-implement tutorial on creating a REST API with PHP.

And, there is a follow-up article: "Making RESTful Requests in PHP" by the same author which can guide you as well.

How to Add an API to your Web Service (PHP)

Create API PHP

A detailed tutorial which describes the concepts like REST, SOAP & creates an API step-by-step with PHP.

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Last week, a post at WRD had announced the giveaway of 2 CometChat licenses to WebResourcesDepot readers. Winners are selected. But before that, to remind:

What is CometChat?

CometChat is a Facebook-like chat application which is built with PHP & MySQL.

It can be integrated into any website with ease & optionally, at has a ready-to-go version for vBulletin-based forums.

Users can view become friends, see the status of their friends & can chat without leaving the webpage they are viewing.


The application is multilingual, can be translated to any language & besides the standard icons, new ones can be placed to for a better integration with any website.

Here are the winners:

Congratulations to the winners & thanks to everyone for joining.

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