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Freepik, a search engine for vectors, photos and illustrations has created an exclusive free vector icon set for WRD readers.

It is named Computer Icons and includes 150 vector computer and computer-related items.

The set comes in .JPG + .SVG formats and it is totally free to be used in personal or commercial projects (re-distribution not allowed).

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Slippry is a jQuery image gallery plugin for that has modern features.

First of all, it uses HTML5-CSS3 markup and works well with responsive layouts (optional).

It can be styled with Sass or CSS and has multiple transition options including Ken Burns effect.

Slippry - jQuery Gallery

The slider can be set to auto-slide, display captions and has both prev-next + bullet navigation controls.

There are also callbacks for major events and multiple examples + a detailed documentation is provided.

Glyphs is a set of high-quality and free icons that is designed to be plain and flat.

There are 150 items in the set where it is possible to download them one-by-one or select multiple items.

They are offered as vector PSD files and free to use in personal  or commercial projects.

Glyphs Icon Set

Crowdfunding is a getting popular way of providing the initial/startup funds for a project or idea.

There are platforms for hosting a crowdfunding plaform like Kickstarter and IndieGogo which take a percentage of the collected amount (which is fair).

Alternatively, it is possible to host your own campaign to have the full control, pay no fees and overcome some limitations (like Kickstarter projects being available to only selected countries).


This is where Crowdhoster comes as it is a professional yet free and open source crowdfunding page for self-hosting campaigns.

It has an admin panel for setting up the campaign(s), defining reward levels and managing the pre-orders.

Also, there are multiple ready-to-use themes and an API to fetch the data collected.

Markdown is a widely used HTML markup language which is easier to write for non-HTML users. And, it is mostly preferred in discussions-based UIs (comments, forums..).

Once a Markdown input is stored, it should be formatted to HTML for displaying it and Parsedown PHP does nicely.

Markdown PHP Parser

The parser divides texts into blocks, looks how they start + relate to each other and looks for special characters to identify inline elements.

It is fast, stable and very easy to implement.

We used to see lots of CSS frameworks for website layouts but it is hard to find one for e-mails.

Ink, by Zurb, fills that gap by simplifying the creation of HTML e-mails that look the same on all major e-mail clients.

The framework includes the styles for a table-based grid, buttons, panels, retina images and more.

E-mail CSS Framework

Once the e-mail is ready, you can use the web-based Inliner tool to get all styles inline.

And, to get started quickly, take a look at the ready-to-use e-mail templates of Ink.

Let’s call this again as “Pinterest-like layouts” which probably tells itself better than “dynamic grid layouts“.

Such layouts are really functional to display elements with different dimensions nicely and don’t lose their popularity.

Freewall is an impressive jQuery plugin for creating these layouts with CSS3 animation effects.

jQuery Freewall

The plugin supports responsive layouts and has useful methods like “adding more items to the grid” or “filtering them”.

Various customization options exist like the animation, delay or the gutter sizes.

And, Freewall offers callbacks for events like complete, gap found or resize.

FileAPI is a huge set of JavaScript tools for almost anything related to working with files.

It provides the features for file uploading (single/multiple) with drag ‘n’ drop support, image cropping, resizing , applying filters, getting file info and much more.


The tools are standalone and comes with a PHP class that handles the actions on the server-side.

Also, there are Flash fallbacks for unsupported browsers (uploads and camera). And, it is documented in detail.

There are many jQuery slideshow plugins out there (make sure you check the Gallery section) and it is usually hard to decide which one is better.

Actually, sometimes, it is not about being better but being a good fit for the job as each gallery has various differences from another.

jQuery SlideMe! Plugin

SlideMe! is another solid option which is responsive and supports both limited or full screen views.

It can be used vertically or horizontally, makes use of CSS3 transitions and has support for pagination.

There are methods to control the slider (prev, next..), callbacks for each of them and much more.

Ember Charts is an open source and free charting library that is built with D3.js and Ember.js.

The library has support for time series, bar, pie and scatter charts where all of them can be extended with ease.

Ember Charts

It is possible to customize and add/remove legends, labels, tooltips or mouseover effects.

Also, for Ember.js fans, the same team also develops 2 other handy projects: Ember Widgets and Ember Table.

Uptime Robot