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AfterLogic WebMail Pro is a self-hosted and feature-rich webmail client which has features to attract both end-users and hosters/system admins.

Info: 3 licenses of the app is being given away. Details can be found at the bottom.

WebMail Pro has a very good-looking, modern and light interface where browsing through the e-mails is easy and all the controls are positioned where you expect them to be.

WebMail Pro

It has complete support for IMAP + SMTP, can filter or forward e-mails, has built-in search and a user-friendly attachment uploader with drag ‘n’ drop support.

The app is built with PHP-MySQL, can be installed easily, integrates with all the major control panels and a single installation works with multiple domains.

Also, a user can switch between multiple accounts without logging out and logging in which is a time-saver.

WebMail Pro Calendar

There is a powerful calendar for (recurring) events and reminders where all can stay in sync with iOS devices. An address-book exists too.

And, it works very fast, thanks to a smart caching mechanism that preloads e-mails in the background and displays instantly on-click.

For integrating WebMail Pro with any other app, a full-featured API is there as well.

The giveaway

3 licenses (100 user version) of WebMail Pro is being given away and, in order to join, just comment to this post.

The winners will be selected a week later (9 September 2013) randomly with the query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=4518 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck to all.

Dable is a JavaScript library for improving the functionality of standard HTML tables.

The library is capable of adding filtering, sorting and paging features to any table (or, table-like views can be generated from JavaScript arrays).

It is standalone, cross-browser compatible and can be styled (already has multiple themes -including Bootstrap-.

Dable - JavaScript Table Controls

Not every PSD file is created equal : ). Sometimes they are very badly layered/grouped and it is hard to work with them.

In case you are trying to find out the fonts used in such a PSD file, .PSD Fonts can help.

It is a website that simply asks you to upload the PSD file (directly or via Dropbox), analyzes the layers and lists the fonts used. That simple.

.PSD Fonts

In mobile layouts, the space is limited and it should be used wisely to display as much as possible.

That was when “off-canvas navigations (hidden menus which appear when requested)” became popular. And now, they are used on desktop too.

Off-Canvas Navigations

Codrops has recently published an article which describes how such navigations can be created and lists multiple transitions for them.

There are 10+ lovely transitions and a demo page that features them all.

P.S. If you remember, there was also another code, Meny, for such navigations.

A/B testing is a “must” (almost for any website) to analyze the performance of “scenarios” in web pages.

Sixpack is an open source A/B testing tool which has a unique feature: being language-agnostic. It doesn’t limit you running an entire test in a single language but you can start with one and end up with another (like JS + PHP code can be used for the same test).

Sixpack A/B Framework

There are libraries for PHP, JavaScript, Ruby + Python and it comes with a beautiful, interface to view the results.

The core is built with Python + Redis and all the interaction is done via a REST API.

Brick is a pack of reusable UI components, created by Mozilla, that uses custom HTML tags via “Web Components (a presentation about it and an article)”.

It aims to provide a consistent experience on desktop + mobile and an easier/friendlier usage (compared to standard JS plugins).

Brick UI Components By Mozillla

Currently, Brick has thirteen different tags (components) like “calendar, tooltip, slider and more“.

They can be downloaded as a complete library or separately instead of a single bundle.

Brick is very well-documented, has lots of examples and still in beta. Check this Mozilla article to read more about it.

Intention.js, created by Dow Jones, is a jQuery plugin for easily developing responsive layouts.

The plugin reduces the need for CSS media queries and provides a highly-flexible solution for restructuring HTML.

It has 3 basic manipulations, attribution, class and placement, where they can all be set with HTML attributes.


There are ready-to-use settings for width thresholds, touch devices, highres displays and a fallback which can be totally customized.

Intension.js is well-documented and supported with lot of examples.

You’ll remember Smartimage which was shared previously at WRD.

In case you don’t, it is a user-friendly service that simplifies the life of companies by helping them manage all the media (in AI, EPS, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and PDF) related to their brands (logo, guidelines, images or documents).


Admins are able to upload these media and users can download them in multiple auto-generated sizes.

Smartimage recently released v2 with more options for customization and new features that will improve the brand asset management experience.

Besides managing and distributing logos, photos and document files, it is now possible to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos to the collections too.

Smartimage Sample

A handy improvement is the “password-protected collections“. You can define a password for a collection, share it with intended audiences and they will be required to enter the password before the content can be viewed, downloaded or shared. This useful feature rounds out the collection privacy settings as public, private or password-protected as a means of keeping information secure.

And, the design of the app can be customized further with multiple themes and custom header images so that it’ll match your corporate identity as much as you prefer.

Smartimage - Responsive

The app has a powerful admin panel allowing you to manage all the contents and users. Also, it gives valuable insights about the usage (like the number of views or downloads).

To sum up, Smartimage is very functional for any company willing to control the media of their brands and provide a lovely experience to end users that want to get these media.

Parallax.js is a lightweight solution for creating parallax effects.

Besides mouse/cursor support, it works on mobile and tablet (where gyroscope or motion detection hardware is available) too.

It comes with multiple options for customizing the effect where they can be set inline using “data attributes” or in JavaScript.

The library can work standalone or as a jQuery and Zepto plugin (2 versions exist).


Once, CSS galleries were so much popular and any web designer hunting for inspiration were visiting them regularly.

They are still handy to find exciting stuff quickly (Dribbble and Behance help a lot too).

Similar galleries exist when it comes to mobile app design and I believe they are even more useful. That’s because “it is harder to get mobile app inspiration without installing + using them which takes more time + effort“.

These 12 galleries list beautiful app UIs, categorize them nicely and some of them also lists them by patterns:

Lovely UI


Mobile Patterns



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