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There are lots of possible design scenarios for a WordPress theme: “how a post will look with a featured image or embedded tweet”, “will lists with x depth fit well”.. and more.

WP Test is a free-to-use test data for WordPress that can be installed to find out “how the theme will behave with different content types”.

WP Test

The data is available as XML (+ the images) and it can be imported to a “test installation” with the help of a plugin.

After that, we can simply see the tests as posts and decide if things are ok or not.

BlendMeIn is a free Photoshop extension to search for icons, vectors and other design resources right inside Photoshop.

Once you reached a specific resource, it can be drag ‘n’ dropped into the current composition which is a time-saver.

It is available as CS6 + CC extensions and, if you created similar design resources, you can contact them for addition too.

Update (17 Nov 2013): There is now a n Illustrator version of the extension too.

BlendMeIn - Photoshop Extension

Scrollback is an open source web application for adding a modern chat for websites.

It is built with Nodejs and can be either used with the free hosted version or by downloading and self-hosting it.

The app creates a single room chat interface where the community can communicate with each other.

Nodejs Chat - Scrollback

An “infinite scroll” eases following the previous messages, all messages are presented with a timeline and it is possible to view user details.

Scrollback is compatible with IRC and it can match the style of any website with little work.

Vex is a JavaScript library for creating very good looking modal boxes.

The library is standalone + lightweight (2kb minifed + gzipped) and comes with an easy-to-use API.

JavaScript Dialogs - Vex

It has smooth animations, a built-in CSS spinner and replaces alertconfirm, and prompt out of the box.

Vex also works well on mobile browsers and its design can be customized quickly.

Usually, every web designer/developer works on a project where a standard web hosting account is not enough.

This can be about the need of more system resources or the extra customization requirements like installing specific .dll files, running an alternative database server, etc.

In case you are in a search, MediaTemple DV -a popular VPS hosting solution (with managed and developer versions)- is a very good fit for such cases.

Media Temple DV

Both plans are very good because they guarantee uptime, can scale from small-to-huge sizes (which is a money-saver) and have 7/24 support.

On the other hand, they differ in “how much hands-on you prefer”.  Here are the details:

DV Developer

Media Temple - DV Developer

The Developer version is perfect for anyone who wants all the control and who is experienced in working with SSH.

You get the VPS server and manage it; system updates, back-ups, etc. MediaTemple provides a panel that offers some basic server controls and the rest is up-to-you (which is perfect for many).

DV Managed

Media Temple - DV Managed

The Managed version is a very good fit for anyone looking for a VPS without the hassle of managing it.

powerful control panel (with reseller capabilities) is provided for adding domains, e-mails, databases or install 100s of apps with a click.

However, you still get the root-access and can apply customizations if wanted.

Also, consider that although MediaTemple will be there for you regarding any system-related issues, don’t forget that you’ll still need to solve user/code related issues.


MediaTemple DV provides a very solid virtual dedicated server experience, it can handle very big projects and, most importantly, there is an awesome support.

For deep integrations, an API exists. And, the pricing is reasonable for both of the plans.

Also, since years, MediaTemple has a very respectable name which is pretty hard to keep in the industry.

Responsive Wireframes is a free and web-based tool for quickly creating wirefames for any project.

It enables us to insert elements, style them (color, opacity), add text and also resize if wanted.

Responsive Wireframes

These elements can be re-positioned with drag ‘n drops and the work can be saved for future reuse.

The tool is focused on responsive layouts as we can define multiple viewports and decide how each element will look on different viewports.

This again work by positioning + resizing each element for each viewport and simplifies the sharing of “responsive ideas” a lot.

For responsive layouts, we usually define the breakpoints and use @media-queries to apply different styles when needed.

Responsive Elements, a jQuery plugin, makes this process easier for the elements used in a web page.

The plugin adds classes (like gt100 lt150 lt200 where gt refers to “greater than” and lt refers to “lower than) to the elements which tell us “how big exactly the size of each element is“.

Responsive Elements

And, using these pre-defined classes, we can create styles for each scenario.

The range of the classes (from x to y pixels) and the interval of them (create classes each z pixels) can be defined too.

Mailpile is an open source webmail application that focuses on providing a fast and user-friendly experience.

It is built with Python and can work with any e-mail using the popular protocols (SMTP, IMAP, POP3).

A powerful search exists for locating e-mails and items can be tagged as well.

Python Webmail - Mailpile

OpenPGP signatures and encryption are part of Mailpile‘s core design for maximum security and privacy.

The application has support for contacts, spam detection and many other features are under development.

CLNDR.js is a jQuery plugin for creating calendars and customizing them however we want.

The plugin doesn’t generate any markup but uses an Underscore.js HTML template to fill with data.

jQuery Calendar - CLNDR.js

It has ready-to-use options for determining the week offset, the date to be displayed on initial load, click events (like next/previous month) and much more.

Just a note that, CLNDR.js is not a plug ‘n’ play way to create calendars but it is more a feature-rich boilerplate to create the calendar you have in mind.

Uni-eCart is a free and open source e-commerce application that is bundled with all the major features expected.

It is built with PHP and available in several versions where the free one is almost as complete as the others.

Besides a standard e-commerce store, it is capable of running daily-deals and auctions too.


The application supports multiple payment gateways, can display related-items, allows users to discuss + comment and share items on social networks.

On the marketing side, Uni-eCart is again powerful with a mailing list feature and affiliate system.

A detailed admin panel helps managing the whole site easily and stores with any design can be crated with the support for theming.

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