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DDChart is a jQuery plugin for creating bar charts where it is possible to digg the data deeper and deeper.

It works by clicking a bar inside the chart and it can instantly display a new chart which focuses on that item.

Drill-Down jQuery Bar Charts

Charts are interactive, they respond to mouseovers with tooltips that include the data and they have a nice animation on load.

DDChart requires the data to be in JSON format and it is jQuery UI compatible (which is great for easy styling).

Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand, besides being amazing applications, all have a bad feature; their initial load is pretty slow.

And, when you only need to see what is inside a vector file to find the right one or you don't have these applications (but may need to open vector files), PSD, EPS and AI Viewer softwares can be a quick solution.

They are free applications (for Windows) which loads fast and not only opens the related vector files but can save them as JPEG, Bitmap, GIF, PNG and other extensions. Also, you can resize or rotate them too.

P.S. What would be better is: a single application that can open them all.

PSD Viewer

Today, mostly, we all write, edit and/or create content for web. Whether it is a blog, a web project or the stuff we share in social networks.

As the variables and consumers of web are pretty different than the print, Yahoo has created a guide named Yahoo! Style Guide that shares valuable articles and tips.

Yahoo! Style Guide

There is actually a book behind this online resource where many of the chapters are shared online within categories like writing, editing, words and more.

To give a better idea about what the guide offers, here are some of the content provided:

SlideshowBox, an impressive kit for creating good looking image galleries easily and instantly, is giving away 5 Premium HTML licenses ($99 value/license) to WRD readers.

Details on joining the giveaway can be found at the end of this post.

What is SlideshowBox?

It is a set of 24 image gallery templates, built by the talented team of Jumpeye Components, with many variants of each from 3D to polaroid and simple to complicated ones.

They are both in Flash and JavaScript (not all of them), so you can select the one that fits the best.


All the galleries use a similar XML file as the data source which makes it possible to switch between galleries within minutes.

The galleries can be customized with the help of variables (speed of the slideshows, background images ,etc.) or a much easier way would be using the SlideshowBox online panel which helps you to customize the galleries quickly.

SlideshowBox comes with multiple versions:

  • Free (for non-commercial use)
  • Premium HTML (includes all the fully customizable 24 templates for commercial use)
  • Premium Flash (includes a Flash component for integrating any of the templates to Flash websites for commercial use)
  • Premium Plus (Premium HTML and Flash combined)

To sum up, the kit is very functional for anyone who wants to create an image gallery easily and a time-saver for all web designers/developers.

Also, the demo page featuring all the slideshows says it all.

How to join the giveaway?

There are 2 ways to join the giveaway where you can choose both (to increase your chances) or only one of them:

Winners will be selected randomly on 06 July 2010 (1 week later). Good luck to all.

Codrops, a creative blog on web design/development (mostly jQuery), is sharing a beautiful photo stack gallery that is built with jQuery & PHP.

The gallery can display multiple albums and with the help of prev-next buttons, can paginate within them easily.

Once an album is clicked, it shows the images inside that album with a stack interface that is powered with CSS3's rotate property.

jQuery Photo Stack Gallery

The gallery doesn't require a database. Rather, it scans the "albums" folder (using PHP) and automatically finds the albums and images inside them.

The reflections used only work in Webkit browsers but the overall functionality is compatible with all the major ones.

Nuggetz is a free CMS application for easily and quickly controlling websites where the content is not stored in a database.

It is powered with PHP and integrates with any website design. You can simply make a section of a web page editable by calling a code like $mynugget = new nuggetz("name");.

Nuggetz CMS

The application works with modal boxes and, once logged in, the editable sections are displayed like the screenshot above.

You can click to any section and edit it inside a WYSIWYG editor. The content is saved inside the files themselves (just like an HTML file).

Show Slow is an open source tool (and, optionally, a free web-based service) for monitoring website performance metrics over time.

It simply collects the results from YSlow and Page Speed rankings and graphs them to show you how various changes to the website can affect the performance.

And, it can do this regularly to help you see the improvements done within time.

Show Slow

As CSS3 is being used more everyday and there are already ways to CSS3-enable incompatible browsers, if not already, it is time to check what it offers.

Impressive Webs, a blog on web design, is featuring CSS3 Click Chart which enables us to easily find out the new CSS properties with examples.

By clicking to the "?" besides every example, you can see the codes used to create them, the description of the property and browsers supporting it.

CSS3 Click Chart

Bowline is an open source framework (not a platform like Adobe AIR or Titanium) for creating desktop applications with Ruby, HTML and JavaScript.

It respects MVC, views can be designed in HTML5/CSS3 and then you can bind them to your Ruby models.

There's no request/response cycle. Any changes in models automatically get reflected in the view.

Applications built with Bowline currently works in Mac OS X + Linux and Windows support is on the way.

Bowline - Ruby Desktop Applications

Validity is a powerful and flexible jQuery form validation for making sure -on the client-side- that form values are just as expected.

It is lightweight (9kb) and can perform simple to complex, dynamic and conditional validations.

The plugin also gives full control over how validation messages will appear which makes it possible to match the look and feel of your site.

jQuery Validity

There are various ready-to-use rules for e-mail, date, number, URL, time, phone, zip, etc.

And, there are lots of logical operators like: lessThanOrEqualTo, maxLength, nonHtml, sumMax and more to create any custom rules.

Uptime Robot