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Bowline is an open source framework (not a platform like Adobe AIR or Titanium) for creating desktop applications with Ruby, HTML and JavaScript.

It respects MVC, views can be designed in HTML5/CSS3 and then you can bind them to your Ruby models.

There's no request/response cycle. Any changes in models automatically get reflected in the view.

Applications built with Bowline currently works in Mac OS X + Linux and Windows support is on the way.

Bowline - Ruby Desktop Applications

Validity is a powerful and flexible jQuery form validation for making sure -on the client-side- that form values are just as expected.

It is lightweight (9kb) and can perform simple to complex, dynamic and conditional validations.

The plugin also gives full control over how validation messages will appear which makes it possible to match the look and feel of your site.

jQuery Validity

There are various ready-to-use rules for e-mail, date, number, URL, time, phone, zip, etc.

And, there are lots of logical operators like: lessThanOrEqualTo, maxLength, nonHtml, sumMax and more to create any custom rules.

Every web designer/developer, if building any web applications or not using a CMS package, requires an admin interface to manage the website/application.

Admin Templates is a professional and beautiful XHTML template that covers most of the scenarios a back-end may require.

Admin Templates

It is built by the talented friends at SSLmatic and I'm already using it in several projects including Uptime Robot + can easily say that the template is so flexible.

First of all, it has no hacks or anything complicated, just easy-to-understand XHTML. It is integrated with jQuery + jQuery UI and comes with various widgets like:

  • accordion
  • tabs
  • date-picker
  • lightbox
  • charts (that are created from tables)

And, if you don't use jQuery, just remove the include files and it is still very useful.

The template uses very few images and offers various navigation options where you can use any or all of them: a drop-down menu with 2-levels deep support at the top and "static and/or accordion side menus".

Admin Templates - Table

For displaying tabular data, a well-designed table is there with all the styles for paging, bulk actions, adding new records, etc.

One of the most used parts in and admin interface: forms are good-looking too. You can group radio or checkbox elements and every items has a spot for displaying warnings which are small but effective features.

There are much more features like a login form with a sliding "forgot password" form, message boxes for errors, warnings or successful actions, a design for displaying/managing images and more.

And, everything is styled to match a specific design which you simply can not go wrong.

The licensing is pretty straight-forward as well: get a single license and use it in any/many of your projects.

Huge Discount For WRD Readers

Admin Templates is offering a 33% special discount to WRD readers which makes the price $30 (rather than $45).

To get the discount, use the discount code: "wrd" in the pricing page (discount is valid for a limited time).

In this tutorial, we'll be creating an Ajax Poll Script that displays the results with colored and animated lines using PHP, MySQL and jQuery.

The script has a pretty easy logic and can be implemented into any website quickly by simply calling a php function like getPoll(2) which brings the second poll.

Ajax Poll Script


The code has 3 parts: HTML, JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Let's start with the easiest one:

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spirit20 is a set of 450 free icons that are ideal to be used in web applications.

It includes various items of actions, media, documents, mail, system and more.

The set is in transparent PNG format and sized 20*20px.

And, it is completely free to be used in personal and commercial projects (and no attribution is required).

Spirit Icon Set

Deltacloud is a Ruby gem which removes the differences between APIs of various cloud service providers and offers a single API that can communicate with them.

It is a simple and easy-to-use REST API which already supports Amazon EC2, GoGrid, Rackspace, OpenNebula, RimuHosting and more.

Deltacloud - Cloud API

There is also an open source and web-based interface, Deltacloud Aggregator, which enables you to:

  • view image status and stats across clouds, all in one place
  • migrate instances from one cloud to another
  • manage images locally and provision them on any cloud

The API is great for any Ruby developer who is using cloud services as there may always be a need for switching providers.

The Graphs 2 is a set of 36 unique graph icons with a ready-to-use 169 variations.

It comes in vector formats (.AI and .SVG) that makes it possible to change colors, resize elements, replace objects, make adjustments, make new combinations, etc.

The set includes many chart types like line, bar, pie or area and is a perfect fit for any type of usage (web, print..).

Vector Chart Icons

KCFinder is an open source and web-based file manager, built with PHP, that is inspired from the popular CKFinder.

It has a completely Ajaxed interface and can be integrated easily with other applications like FCKeditor, CKEditor, and TinyMCE WYSIWYG web editors (or anything custom).

KCFinder - Web File Manager

The file manager has a context menu when right-clicked on any item that shows options like rename, delete, download, etc.

It has a clipboard functionality for copying and moving files, images can be auto-resized to a pre-defined width-height when they are uplaoded.

Also, KCFinder has a multilanguage interface which can be customized with CSS.

Sencha (previously known as Ext JS) has released Sencha Touch, an HTML5 Mobile App. Framework, which allows you to develop web applications that look and feel native on Apple iOS and Google Android touchscreen devices.

It makes use of HTML5 for delivering audio/video or localStorage and CSS3 for maximum styling like rounded corners, background gradients, and shadows.

Sencha Touch

The code created is resolution independent. It uses a method which allows developers to change the overall scale of their interfaces on the fly with no pixellation.

Sencha Touch has a powerful animation system that makes flexible animations between screens and views possible.

Slide, pop, and fade animations are included with the library, each with a robust set of options to change attributes like direction and masking style.

And, as they are created with CSS, building custom animations is a joy.

Also, it includes a set of common icons for using them in toolbars and tab bars.

HumbleFinance is an HTML5 data visualization tool that looks and functions similar to the Flash chart in Google Finance.

It makes use of the Prototype and Flotr libraries and is not limited to displaying financial data but any two 2d data sets which share an axis.

HumbleFinance Chart

The data needs to be stored in JavaScript variables and requires 3 parameters to be set before running the function to create the chart.

It is possible to manually select a part of the data (with a slider-like interface) and zoom to that part. This is a very useful function when working with large datasets,

Uptime Robot