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BrowserLab, a web-based service by Adobe, enables you to test websites on multiple browsers and OSs.

It is possible to create a custom browser set where the screenshots will be created only for those browsers (also helps speeding up the results).

Adobe Browserlab

Screenshots can be previewed in 2-up or onion-skin views which makes comparing multiple versions easier and x/y rulers can be used for sensitive measurements..

The service currently supports different Firefox, Safari and IE versions for Windows and Mac OS X. However, it is still in beta and new browsers are added within time.

BrowserLab is part of the Adobe CS Live and free for 1 year if you sign-up before April 30, 2011.

What Font Is is a free web-based service that helps identifying and/or finding alternatives of a font.

It works by simply uploading (or mentioning the URL of) an image including the text.

The service offers the option to include only free and/or commercial fonts in the results.

And, you can browse a gallery of 70,000+ fonts inside the "All Fonts" menu.

What Font Is

Dragdealer JS is a free JavaScript component for easily creating interfaces that support dragging (like a slider).

It is a standalone script that also works in touch-enabled mobile devices.

Dragdealer JS

The script is pretty flexible with options like:

  • working horizontally or vertically
  • defining the initial positions of the slider (x/y)
  • setting the number of steps for the slider
  • snapping to the steps
  • and much more.

Dragdelaer JS has callbacks on both release and move events which makes any type of interactions possible.

Webalys, a talented freelance interface designer, is sharing a set of 290 free vector icons for wreframe and application design.

The icons are in .AI format and only 2 colors are used for them: black and white.

They are based on a precise 16 pixels grid which makes sure they will look nice even in small sizes.

Wireframe Icons

jTweetsAnywhere is a jQuery Twitter widget for easily integrating tweets into any website.

It supports Twitter's @Anywhere features and can display:

  • tweets from one or more user's feeds
  • tweets from a user's list
  • results of a Twitter search


The widget automatically detects URLs, #hashtags, @usernames and link them accordingly (shows Hovercards when hovering @username or profile images).

It also adds a tweetbox to your website where users can tweet instantly and adds a "connect with Twitter" button so visitors can follow you without leaving the website.

jTweetsAnywhere comes with many options for a maximum customization and lets you to enable/disable the tweetbox + follow buttons, set the number of tweets to be displayed and more.

Today, many projects are built around real-time communication (text, voice or video) like collaboration tools, chat applications and much more.

Adobe® Flash® Media Server is probably the most widely used solution for streaming video and real-time communication. It is a stable product that has been experienced for years and used by many companies.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a free solution to stream your media, there are so few alternatives that you can rely on.

And here are 2 of them (if you know any other free and solid ones, please share):


Red5 Flash Server

Red5 is an open source Flash server that is written in Java and supports:

  • streaming audio/video (FLV, MP3, F4V, MP4, AAC, M4A)
  • recording client streams (FLV only)
  • shared objects
  • live stream publishing (Sorenson, VP6, h.264, MP3, AAC and more)

It has installers for OSX and Windows. Also, it can be downloaded as a zip file to be used in any OS.

Mammoth Server

Mammoth Flash Server

Mammoth is also an open source Flash streaming server that is built with C++ and can run on Windows and *nix OSs.

It can stream all Flash codecs like h263, h264, mp3, vp6, speex, nellymoser, etc.

By using FFmpeg it has has container support for most formats: mov, flv, mkv, mp3 and more.

The server is still in alpha phase but very promising.


If you know any other free and solid alternatives, please share and we'll be happy to add them to the list.

For multi-language websites, it usually gets difficult to manage the translations if the website is updated frequently and/or there are multiple translators.

String is a totally free and web-based platform for managing the language files of multi-language websites.

It enables you to import languages files (almost in any format) or start a project from scratch and start translating the strings.

String - Translation Platform

You can invite any number of users and let them help you with the translation process by controlling the user-based read/write permissions.

Once the translation is complete, simply export the language-files (PHP -array, define-, Yaml, .INI, .strings -for iPhone-, Po) and that's all.

The application has a very easy-to-use interface with features like "the ability to see revisions" or "commenting for each string" and much more.

When building a software, the beauty of the GUI is one of the factors affecting the success it. And, if you're building it for a specific OS, the style of the icons is pretty important.

Icons-Land is a talented icon design company that offers beautiful Vista-style stock and vector icon sets.

There are sets like weather, transports, sports, toolbars or emoticons which all are very-detailed and includes items for almost every scenario.

Stock Weather Icons

To give an example, the weather icon set includes 136 items and it is hard to find such a complete set on that specific subject. So as the mapping or emotion icon sets.

The sets also come in vector versions (.AI) as well which is perfect if you want to modify them or use in print.

Besides getting them in complete sets, it is possible to get a single item which is sometimes all you need.

Stock Mapping Icons

Icons-Land also offers custom icon design which can be extending an existing stock icon set or designing something totally new and getting the copyrights for the set.

To sum up, Icons-Land is a worth-checking store to get complete professional icon sets on specific subjects for a good price.

P.S. This is a sponsored review.

Sexy.js is a lightweight (<1kb compressed) JavaScript library that provides enhanced sequential Ajax (Sajax) functionality.

Sequential Ajax is an Ajax pattern for handling multiple asynchronous requests while maintaining proper callback execution order.

The library is chainable, enables you to manage script dependencies and write prettier code.


It comes in 2 versions: standalone or as a jQuery plugin.

There is a slideshow on Sexy.js that provides the cons and pros of it in details:

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Touch screen devices, specially with the popularity of iPhone and iPad, are on the rise.

Just like standard websites, icons help so much in guiding users "about the the usage" of the websites/applications built for them.

Gesture Icons

GestureWorks is sharing a set of 20 free gesture icons that covers most of the scenarios like:

  • one finger drag or tap
  • one finger double tap
  • two finger zoom
  • and many more.

The icons come as transparent .PNG files and also in vector formats (.EPS, .AI, .PDF) for improving further.

Uptime Robot