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ShareKit is an open source package for quickly adding share features to any iOS application with just 3 lines of code.

It supports popular services like Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, e-mail and more.


The kit enables sharing images, URLs or files and only displays the appropriate services for the type of the content.

ShareKit has a customizable UI to match the look of your application and it works offline as well (sends the pending items when there is a connection).

ZeusCart is an open source e-commerce application that is built with PHP and MySQL.

The application has support for selling any type of items (including digital goods) where items can have multiple properties like color, size and multiple images.

Visitors can quickly checkout as guests or they can be forced to become a member and it'll be possible to offer more features like wishlists, easier checkouts on next purchases, etc.


Products sold via ZeusCart can be promoted with the built-in flexible coupon discount system.

It supports multiple currencies and various payment providers (PayPal, 2Checkout, Bluepay, Google Checkout, etc.).

The ajaxed admin interface is well-planned and easy to navigate. You can instantly view the most important stats, latest customers or sales.

ZeusCart also has CMS capabilities which makes it possible to create content (like FAQ, blog, etc.) under the website.

Moovie is a free MooTools custom controls library for the HTML5 video element.

It includes all the features of a player: play, pause, stop, a volume control which mimics the Youtube's control and progress bar.

Moovie - MooTools HTML5 Video Player

On initial load and when the video is paused, the player displays a "big play button" and a replay button at the end of the file.

Moovie has playlist (for multiple videos) and captions support. And, with the help of a settings panel, it is possible to enable or disable various options such as looping, captions and auto-hiding of controls bar.

P.S. The download can be currently found within the source of the demo.

There are various online and offline tools to find out the loading speeds of websites. And, now, there is a new one with few different features.

Which Loads Faster? is a free and open source web service which enables you to compare the speeds of 2 websites while watching the results live.

Which Loads Faster?

You simply mention the URLs of both websites and before submitting the request, it is possible to select:

  • whether this will be a parallel or a serial request,
  • number of times the test to be repeated

There is also a fun feature named "race" where you can set multiple websites on both sides and they will load one after another (like a flag race).

And, once a test is completed, the service provides you a sharing link where you can send it to friends or bookmark to perform the test regularly.

xcolor is a jQuery plugin which allows you to perform many different manipulations on colors.

First of all, it can parse and convert colors between different formats with methods like getRGB(), getHSV() or getHEX().

Another powerful feature is extracting or combining colors (like red + blue would result in purple).

xcolor jQuery Plugin

Also, it can generate complementary colors, lighten/darken them, find analogous/monochromatic colors of an item and much more.

The plugin comes with other functions where the most interesting one is: isReadable which performs a readability test for a text on a given background.

Tip: To perform the same actions on the server-side, the author also has a PHP class with very similar features.

Creativity, no matter you're a designer, developer, photographer or .. can help you get inspired easily.

To see the talent in "many different areas together" (graphic design, copywriting, packaging, etc.), advertisement are great.

Creative Ad Awards is an impressive showcase of beautiful advertisements with over 1500+ items that's growing regularly.

Creative Ad Awards

They are very well-categorized with the sector, creative director, agency, client and location.

Tip: Under the "Articles" menu, it is possible to find collections of attractive thematic advertisements.

WebMatrix is a free kit by Microsoft which includes everything you need for creating websites on Windows.

The application itself enables you to control almost everything from a single interface like the code and database editor, web site and server management, search optimization, FTP publishing, and more.

Microsoft WebMatrix

The kit comes with:

  • IIS Developer Express (a development Web server)
  • ASP.NET (a Web framework)
  • SQL Server Compact (an embedded database)

and with just a click, you can install open source applications like WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, etc.

WebMatrix has also some nice features like the ability to run a SEO report or monitor real-time Web requests and responses to track down problems right at the source.

For web designers who frequently build new websites for clients, managing the content can be a headache:

  • no CMS is used and you may need to edit the content manually
  • the CMS can be complicated for the client
  • or, maybe the worst, the CMS you're using is outdated, has bugs, frequently requires updates, etc. (and you have to update it in many websites)

PageLime LogoPageLime is an impressive CMS service which is so simple to use (both for the designer and client) + instantly integrates with your websites and business.

You can create websites how you used to and just add a special class: cms-editable to the parts that you want to be edited like text, images or links.


The pages are edited with live-previews and, besides simple editable regions, you can control more like:

  • repeating-regions (where you can duplicate and move up/down items quickly)
  • multi-level navigations
  • server-side include files

It allows you to control any number of websites from the same interface with a permission-based multi-user interface where you can define "who can edit which website".

PageLime keeps track of every action you (or your client) make and you can restore a previously saved version of a page with a click.

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OneWay is a tiny, free and open source Mac OS X application for instantly uploading any file/folder.

It can upload data to FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3 directly from your Finder.

You can save the frequently used upload locations to the context menu (project-backups, personal-backups, etc) and send the files with a ctrl+click.

OneWay is very functional for web designers/developers while live-testing a web project as it usually requires frequent updates or easily backing up project files.

OneWay Mac FTP

Last week, a post at WRD was announcing the giveaway of 5 premium SlideshowBox licenses to WRD readers.

The winners are selected and can be found at the end of this post. But before that, let's remember:

What is SlideshowBox?

It is a complete kit for creating many different types of image galleries using JavaScript and/or Flash.

SlideshowBox comes with 24 templates with many variants of each from 3D to polaroid and simple to complicated ones.

SlideshowBox Grid

All the galleries use a similar XML file as the data source which makes it possible to switch between galleries within minutes.

The galleries can be customized with the help of variables (speed of the slideshows, background images ,etc.) or a much easier way would be using the SlideshowBox online panel which helps you to customize the galleries quickly.

To try the templates, check the  demo page which features all the slideshows.

And the winners:

Here they are:

  • C Klemp (comment #165843)
  • Seppe Gadeyne (comment #166693)
  • @syber (Twitter user)
  • @egeozcan (Twitter user)
  • Edgar Valdés (comment #166398)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks very much to everyone for joining.

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