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Compass Datagrid is a jQuery plugin for displaying data within an Ajaxed datagrid.

It simply takes an empty table and sends requests to a server-side script via Ajax. The script provides JSON encoded data for the plugin to update the table.

Compass Datagrid

The datagrid supports pagination with prev-next + first-last buttons and a listbox to select a specific page where the number of items per page can be set.

It is also possible to sort columns, hide any of them and refresh the data with a click.

The plugin can work with any scripting language (a PHP one comes with the download).

Roundcube is an open source webmail application with a slick, desktop-like interface.

It is multilingual (already comes with 60+ languages) and offers most of the functionality you can expect from a webmail like:

  • full support for MIME and HTML messages
  • composing messages with attachments
  • find-as-you-type address book integration
  • Richtext/HTML message composing
  • Forwarding messages with attachments
  • searching messages and contacts
  • threaded message listing
  • spell checking

Roundcube Webmail

Messages can be managed with drag'n drops, users can have multiple sender identities and it can work with unlimited users/messages.

Roundcube is built with PHP and requires MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite or MSSQL for storing the data.

It has a plugin API for building extensions and adding custom features.

FlareVideo is an open source and free HTML5 video player that falls back to Flash for incompatible browsers.

The player can be customized easily using CSS-HTML and JS with its theming support (and already ships with 3 themes: default, spotify and Vimeo).

FlareVideo - HTML5 Video Player

It is built on jQuery + jQuery UI and supports:

  • fullscreen
  • autoplay
  • custom keyboard shortcuts
  • preloading – autobuffering
  • and more..

Project Icons is a set of 165 free icons and 3 icons badges that are designed in detail.

The set includes items from multimedia to hardware, social networking and much more.

They come in 32*32px sizes (some of them are in 48*48px too) and in .PNG, .ICO, .ICNS formats.

Project Icons

Ember, a service for sharing screenshots, illustrations, etc. with the world, has a well-categorized library of screenshots for getting inspired.

The categories include graphic, web and UI design with sub-categories like typography, web apps., iphone apps., sign-up forms and more.

Ember Categories

It is not a pattern library and doesn't discuss the methodology of each category but shares beautiful, well-picked screenshots which is great when searching for inspiration on a specific subject/module.

Once logged in (there are free and paid plans), you can add designs to your favorites, comment to them or upload new ones.

AeroWindow is a jQuery plugin for creating Windows 7-like aero style pop-ups.

The pop-ups not only look like a native Windows element but also behave similarly as well with the minimize, zoom, maximize and close functions.

There can be multiple pop-ups in one page where the active one is highlighted visually.

AeroWindow jQuery Plugin

All can be resized, drag'n dropped or maximized with double-clicks, all like Windows.

AeroWindow has various options like defining:

  • window titles
  • start positions (x-y or centered)
  • standard and minimum sizes
  • getting the status of an open window
  • applying animations on windows

The plugin is pretty awesome specially for anyone who wants to build an OS-like web interface.

We are pretty bored with the current limits of the HTML-CSS and it is clear that the HTML5-CSS3 is the cure to let the creativity flow.

And, browser compatibility is no more a big issue as there are various resources like Modernizr, ExplorerCanvas or IE7.js that empower incompatible browsers.

If you didn't already, it is a good idea to warm your hands on HTML5 and CSS3 as they offer so much.

Here are 10+ free HTML5-CSS3 website templates to help you get inspired and started:

HTML5 Starter Pack

HTML5 Starter Pack

HTML5 Starter Kit is an impressive template that doesn't force you to build a specific type of website but shape it how you want.

This free HTML5 template is cross-browser (including IE6), tablet/netbook ready, can instantly use Cufón and includes some structural/re-usable classes.

And, it includes the layout as a .PSD file.

Gotta’ love HTML5 & CSS3

HTML5-CSS3 Image Gallery Template

An image gallery layout with HTML5-CSS3 which includes:

  • animated transitions, like a hover animated description for the images, using only CSS
  • a tabbed interface for different galleries using CSS3’s :target element

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SiteFusion is an open source and server-based development platform where a XUL client runs code written with PHP.

The application runs on a server generating JavaScript commands but looks and behaves like native desktop applications.

The output is platform-independent and can access the client filesystem, run programs, play sounds ,etc.

SiteFusion PHP-XUL Platform

There are no extra configurations required than running a website as the XUL client connects to a regular web server.

And, it offers a two-way real-time ZLib compressed communication which is great for building real-time applications.

There are lots of social bookmarking icon sets and new ones with a twist are being designed everyday.

Socialmonochromicons is a set of 150 vector social bookmarking icons to help you create a custom one by providing you the shapes of popular services.

They come in vector (.EPS) and transparent .PNG files so you can customize them easily.

Social Icon Design Starter Kit

Lightbox_me is a jQuery lightbox plugin that doesn't come with many features but simply enables you to lightbox any element. And, it is only 1kb compressed.

It can position the modal box smartly in every situation whether the windows is resized or the window is smaller than the modal.

jQuery Lighbox_me

The plugin has various options like defining:

  • the effect used while appearing
  • the speed of the overlaying process
  • lightbox being closed with the escape button and/or when clicked on the overlay
  • CSS class names and styles

To sum up, Lightbox_me is very functional for anyone who doesn't need features like image/video gallery support but only a simple and good-looking lightbox.

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