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Just like "the Flash animations once were", having good looking and JavaScript-powered animations can be impressive and fun as well (if used wisely).

Bubble Engine is a beautiful jQuery plugin which can simulate soap bubbles so successfully.

jQuery Bubble Engine

It allows you to control the size, look of the graphic, position and more in every level with settings like:

  • minimum/maximum particle sizes
  • starting position
  • lifetime of bubbles
  • their direction and weights

Bubbles can be controlled so easily with JavaScript  by changing the configuration, adding new items or even snapping them to objects.

Optionally, you can include the BubbleMachines.js file to your code and have draggable graphics that can create bubbles.

ComFi, a communication company, is sharing a set of 30 very well-designed and detailed telecom icons.

The set includes items like wifi, bluetooth, voip, vpn, answer call, end call and much more.

They are all in transparent PNG format with 32*32px sizes and can be used in both personal or commercial projects (requires attribution).

Telecom Icons

Transformie is a lightweight (~5kb) jQuery plugin that enables you to use CSS transforms in Internet Explorer by mapping the native IE Filter API to CSS transitions as proposed by Webkit.

It supports the functions:

  • rotate
  • scale, scaleX, scaleY
  • skew, skewX, skewY
  • matrix (with the exception of the last two modifiers, tx and ty)

It works in Internet Explorer 6 + 7 and does not apply anything in other browsers.


Web-based operating systems are becoming more and more solid everyday (thanks to JS frameworks that offer a desktop-like experience).

They are mostly hosted web applications which is not surprising. However, Lucid Desktop is an open source webOS that is built with PHP and uses a SQL database for storing data.

Lucid Desktop

It is a multi-user application which is very modular with the support for installable applications.

Lucid Desktop already comes with lots of applications like text editor, calculator, image viewer, simple games, web browser, feed reader, music player and more.

With the help of a file manager, you can add-edit-delete files and folders (a context menu makes these steps easier), change the appearance of the desktop with theming support and auto-update the OS to the latest version.

As you already know, WebResourcesDepot uses WordPress as the blogging engine (which is clearly an awesome application).

Lately, WordPress added WRD to their showcase which features websites built with the platform and uses its functions deeply.

Rating is open to anyone and thought it would be the best if the readers who experiences WRD regularly rate us too.

WordPress Showcase

Besides that, WordPress Showcase is a great place to find inspiration on WP-built websites which are categorized well.

Thanks so much in advance for your support and being an awesome reader with your comments, tweets, suggestions and everything.

Tileables is a website which creates and shares various sets of beautiful repeating patterns.

They are designed to be applied to the backgrounds in Photoshop via the pattern overlay layer style, with steps:

  • open layer styles on chosen layer.
  • choose pattern overlay.
  • open submenu and Replace Patterns.
  • choose our pattern file and pick a pattern.
  • don’t forget to tinker with the settings!

Currently, there are 4 sets where each set includes ~20 items, new ones are added frequently and they can be used in both free or commercial projects.

Tileable Patterns

PHP IconPHP, being the most popular scripting language, has lots of documentation, tutorials and resources about itself.

And, as a feature-rich language, it is possible to accomplish many tasks by default from handling e-mails to images, PDFs to database connections, etc.

However, there are high-quality and free PHP classes and libraries which helps you get more like:

  • good looking charts
  • form validation
  • parsing feeds
  • better image or database handling
  • and more.

Here is a collection 40+ totally free PHP classes and libraries that every PHP developer would love to bookmark:

Free PHP Classes And Libraries



A complete library, that grew from WordPress, which offers the most common tasks for creating web applications like user management, HTTP transactions, logging, formatting and more.

PHP User Class

The class aims to ease the handling of user management tasks like registration, login, logout, etc. for PHP-MySQL applications.

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PIE (Progressive Internet Explorer) is an IE attached behavior (.htc file) that enables Internet Explorer 6-8 to recognize and display a number of CSS3 properties.

There is almost no difference in coding for the CSS properties. It doesn't require any vendor prefixes (like border-radius rather than -moz-border-radius).


It is simply attached to an element in the CSS file like: behavior: url(; and adds support (full or partial) for the following CSS3 features:

  • border-radius
  • box-shadow
  • border-image
  • multiple background images
  • linear-gradient as background image

And, the missing CSS3 properties are under development.

Blockster is a lightweight jQuery plugin for creating featured content sliders with beautiful effects.

It rotates a a series of divs and displays any side info by pausing for a given period between each other.

The plugin has 2 effects which simply makes the transition between one element to the next block by block but results in an impressive look.


The transitions can be customized by defining the number of rows, columns and the speed.

Blockster normally shows every div in an order but it can be set to display them randomly as well.

ShareKit is an open source package for quickly adding share features to any iOS application with just 3 lines of code.

It supports popular services like Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, e-mail and more.


The kit enables sharing images, URLs or files and only displays the appropriate services for the type of the content.

ShareKit has a customizable UI to match the look of your application and it works offline as well (sends the pending items when there is a connection).

Uptime Robot