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Cloud Zoom is a lightweight (6kb) jQuery image zoom plugin that comes with impressive features.

The plugin is unobtrusive and displays the zoomed version of the images:

  • near the thumbnail image
  • inside the thumbnail image (inner zoom)

when hovered.

jQuery Cloud Zoom Plugin

It works in a "gallery mode" by default which automatically display a list images, shows the clicked one and can zoom to that image. This is very useful specially for product showcases (like in e-commerce websites).

The smoothness of the zoom effect, tint over the thumbnail or lens opacity can be totally customized and the plugin can be styled via CSS.

This is a set of 3D social bookmarking icons that are placed over a platform like statuettes.

They come in a pretty big size (435*424px) which can be scaled to a custom size preferred and the format is transparent PNG.

Icons in the set are: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, WordPress, Picasa, RSS, Yahoo and Yelp.

3D Social Bookmarking Icons


They are free to be used in personal and commercial projects (no backlinks are required).

The only limitation is that they can not be re-distributed. Please mention this URL if you share them on your website, and thanks very much for that.

Every web designer can follow a different route when sketching the output. It can be an image in the mind, created with a software, drawn with hand on a paper, etc.

Whatever your choice is and even if paper sketching is not your best option, it can still be needed for anyone (while discussing with a client, sketching offline and instantly..).

Paper Browser

Paper Browser is a set of PDF files that look like a browser which can be used for sketching easily once they are printed.

There are 2 different sets:

  • Quick sketch: proportionally scaled to 1024x768px and subdivided into width sections (800, 960, 1024)
  • Browser sketch: canvas is 1024x768px minus the height of the browser toolbar and status bar with 32*32px grids.

They both come with landscape and portrait versions.

For the last few years, with the prices becoming much more affordable, the usage of stock photographs has increased significantly, and besides the print, they are being consumed too much in the web as well.

Pixamba is an easy-to-use web-based "digital assets management" service to help microstock photography users in managing their portfolio of licensed stock images effectively.


Every stock image in the platform can be viewed anytime-anywhere, including when and how it was used and the up-to-date status of respective legal rights for further use.

This allows users to get the most out of the images, prevent them from re-purchasing the same or similar ones while making sure that the usage permissions aren't violated.

Pixamba interface has features like:

  • index, store, search, tag, retrieve and back up of images
  • managing them in multiple drafts and file versions
  • uploading images one-by-one or as a bulk with FTP support
  • assigning them to companies, taking notes on usage
  • and much more..

The service comes with a 100mb full-featured free plan to paid ones with bigger storage options and definitely worth-checking for anyone who frequently uses stock photographs.

P.S. This is a sponsored post.

eCart is an open source e-commerce shopping cart application that is built with PHP-MySQL.

It is a fresh but powerful software which can manage multiple stores from a single admin interface, supports unlimited product categories, one-page-checkout and more.

Users can easily compare products, add items to their wishlist or write reviews about them.


eCart has a powerful admin panel with a dashboard that enables you to have quick look for the most important data like orders and popular products.

It is possible to create customer groups, define different tax information for different zones or products and generate content within the store with the CMS features it has.

The application is multilingual and has import/export feature for easily switching from/to another software (has a ready-to-use OsCommerce importer).

P.S. eCart is currently in beta status and can be lacking of good documentation. Hopefully, it will be a well-documented one within time.

VPS.netThis article includes applications that can be installed on the impressive and instantly-scalable VPS cloud:

Most of the web designers/developers, within time, begin to manage too many websites, build resource-consuming applications and require more than a standard web hosting package.

Then it comes to deciding a hosted/ready-to-use platform or own a VPS/dedicated server and host the websites yourself.

Control PanelBoth have cons and pros, the first one requires no technical knowledge but has a limited flexibility (you can't install a custom extension onto the server, etc). For the VPS/dedicated option, exactly the vice-versa.

If you decide to go with the VPS/dedicated option and will be hosting multiple websites, then using a control panel application is a good idea.

Once installed, it will save you too much time on creating new websites, databases, e-mails, etc.

And if there will be client sites on that server, then that's a much better decision (as you can give the control to them).

Here are 10 open source and free web hosting control panels (which are categorized with operating systems) for managing servers easier.



Kloxo HostinABox


It is a fully scriptable, distributed and a 100% object oriented hosting platform which supports Apache/Lighttpd, djbdns/bind and pure-ftpd.

The platform enables the end user to manage every aspect of a web hosting account while providing the admin the ability to manage the whole system.

Kloxo has a built-in messaging and ticket system, a backup-restore module and much more.



It is written in PHP, Perl and C. The system provides full control over the server, resellers and end users.

The application can communicate with database, email, web and DNS servers, monitor traffic or diskspace used and more.

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Pines Notify is a jQuery plugin for displaying highly-customizable growl-like notifications.

The notification boxes can set to be displayed in the any part of a web page and they can also be configured to auto-disappear or stick (with an optional close button).

Pines Notify

It is possible to use HTML in titles and text, change opacity and use custom animations.

The plugin uses the jQuery UI CSS file for theming however it does not require the library itself.

Pines Notify can also be used as tooltips on hover of items.

Gentleface Toolbar Icon Set is a set of 244 icons that focuses on the "toolbar part" of applications..

However, they are pretty enough to be used in any type of software, websites or mobile applications.

Toolbar Icons

The icons include pagination arrows, ratings and voting controls, social interaction symbols, file system and text editor actions.

They come in 16*16px, 32*32px, 48*48px sizes in .PNG and .SWF formats (with black on white and white on black colors).

P.S. They are free to be used in personal projects.

Video JS is a JavaScript-based HTML5 video player that falls back to Flowplayer for unsupported browsers .

The player supports H.264, Theora OGG and the new Google-powered WebM formats.

It is lightweight, doesn't use any images and can be totally skinned with CSS.

Also, it does not depend on any JavaScript frameworks, has support for fullscreen and volume controls.

Video JS

Once we build a web application, creating an API for it and enabling anyone to interact with the service easily is a great way to help the application grow.

However, it can be a time-consuming process to build the API from scratch (if you want to build one, check: How To Create An API? -10 Tutorials-).

And this is where FRAPI, an open source PHP API framework for building an API for any web application very quickly, comes in.


The framework is RESTful, simple and only focuses on building the API. It generates the skeleton for you to handle REST calls and you only need to put your business logic in it.

From a web-based interface, it enables you to create the methods, error codes and messages for your API.

Once finished, the PHP files for the methods are created automatically where you can easily add any extra functions.

FRAPI also auto-generates the documentation for the API using the "description" fields of each function.

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