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For web designers who frequently build new websites for clients, managing the content can be a headache:

  • no CMS is used and you may need to edit the content manually
  • the CMS can be complicated for the client
  • or, maybe the worst, the CMS you're using is outdated, has bugs, frequently requires updates, etc. (and you have to update it in many websites)

PageLime LogoPageLime is an impressive CMS service which is so simple to use (both for the designer and client) + instantly integrates with your websites and business.

You can create websites how you used to and just add a special class: cms-editable to the parts that you want to be edited like text, images or links.


The pages are edited with live-previews and, besides simple editable regions, you can control more like:

  • repeating-regions (where you can duplicate and move up/down items quickly)
  • multi-level navigations
  • server-side include files

It allows you to control any number of websites from the same interface with a permission-based multi-user interface where you can define "who can edit which website".

PageLime keeps track of every action you (or your client) make and you can restore a previously saved version of a page with a click.

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OneWay is a tiny, free and open source Mac OS X application for instantly uploading any file/folder.

It can upload data to FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3 directly from your Finder.

You can save the frequently used upload locations to the context menu (project-backups, personal-backups, etc) and send the files with a ctrl+click.

OneWay is very functional for web designers/developers while live-testing a web project as it usually requires frequent updates or easily backing up project files.

OneWay Mac FTP

Last week, a post at WRD was announcing the giveaway of 5 premium SlideshowBox licenses to WRD readers.

The winners are selected and can be found at the end of this post. But before that, let's remember:

What is SlideshowBox?

It is a complete kit for creating many different types of image galleries using JavaScript and/or Flash.

SlideshowBox comes with 24 templates with many variants of each from 3D to polaroid and simple to complicated ones.

SlideshowBox Grid

All the galleries use a similar XML file as the data source which makes it possible to switch between galleries within minutes.

The galleries can be customized with the help of variables (speed of the slideshows, background images ,etc.) or a much easier way would be using the SlideshowBox online panel which helps you to customize the galleries quickly.

To try the templates, check the  demo page which features all the slideshows.

And the winners:

Here they are:

  • C Klemp (comment #165843)
  • Seppe Gadeyne (comment #166693)
  • @syber (Twitter user)
  • @egeozcan (Twitter user)
  • Edgar Valdés (comment #166398)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks very much to everyone for joining.

Managing News is an open source application that aggregate RSS/Atom based content with search, republishing and mapping.

It is built on Drupal and 30 other open source resources (mostly Drupal modules) and can display the content as list or on a map (by geotagging them).

Managing News

Using Managing News, it is possible to search for key trends within the feeds followed and graph the results.

Also, it enables you to share any story using Facebook, Twitter or email.

AdverTool is an open source application which enables you to control pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

It integrates with the most popular ad networks like:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook
  • AdBrite
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Microsoft Ad Center
  • ASK Sponsored Listings

and saves you time by controlling all your campaigns from the same interface and analyzing the results easier as a result.


Once setup, you can do almost any action from AdverTool like: controlling users/user groups, campaigns, ads/ad groups, keywords, suggestions and more.

The application can also display the statistics with charts and enable you to import/export data using Excel files.

MadPattern is a collection of free Adobe Illustrator templates for quickly creating patterns.

It includes one template for each type of pattern and comes with automatic symmetric replication + clipping of elements drawn "out of bounds".

There is also a gallery which shares the patterns created with the kit (you can submit yours as well).


Similar to the popular disposible chat websites (check 7 Free Disposable Chat Systems For Instant Communication), Anologue is an impressive one which is open source.

It works by simply clicking on a "new room" link and the application instantly creates a chat room with a unique URL where you can invite others.

Anologue Disposible Chat

The application is totally Ajaxed, built with PHP and uses the Lithium Framework, CouchDB and jQuery.

And, if you don't prefer to install your own, you can still use Anologue as the hosted version is free for everyone.

Boolean is a set of 100+ free icons that can be used easily in web applications.

It has a motto: "The Pixel Icon City" as the set is wrapped like a city with various stores and new ones are added regularly.

It includes items like actions, e-mails, signs, electronics and all the icons are in transparent PNG format with 16*16px size.

Boolean Icons

Coloreminder is a free web tool that aims to help web designers find the variations of any given color quickly.

It displays a list of colors where you can choose from or you can simply use the color-picker to select (paste) a color.

Once selected and submitted, the website displays you the variations and other color options (invert, greyscale, complementary, etc.).


DDChart is a jQuery plugin for creating bar charts where it is possible to digg the data deeper and deeper.

It works by clicking a bar inside the chart and it can instantly display a new chart which focuses on that item.

Drill-Down jQuery Bar Charts

Charts are interactive, they respond to mouseovers with tooltips that include the data and they have a nice animation on load.

DDChart requires the data to be in JSON format and it is jQuery UI compatible (which is great for easy styling).

Uptime Robot