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BigCommerce LogoBigCommerce is an easy-to-use hosted e-commerce software which makes your store up & running so quickly.

It can be totally customized as you have full access to HTML/CSS via FTP & there are 50+ ready-to-use store designs that can be applied with few clicks.

BigCommerce is integrated with almost every payment, shipping & accounting system you can think of. Optionally, it offers its own merchant account system with under-the-market rates.

The software is fully optimized for SEO from valid W3C templates to automatically generated sitemap XML file & SEO-firendly links.


Besides the products, it is possible to create & share any content (like return policies, promotion details) with its CMS functionality.

The software offers a quality usability experience to customers with features like:

  • one-click adding to cart
  • ability to compare products
  • tracking orders
  • wishlists (public & private)
  • single page & guest checkout
  • powerful search system (suggestions, filtering by price/availability, etc.)
  • & many more

It has everything to market the products easily like

  • trackable coupon codes
  • bulk discounts per product
  • ability to create custom discount rules
  • free shipping for purchases over $x
  • affiliate system
  • & more..

As BigCommerce is a hosted software, it comes with an included premium hosting with daily offsite backups, unlimited e-mails & top-notch security.

To sum up, the software offers more than anything a store owner can expect. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to run their stores without any technical hassle & get official support.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

VanadiumJS is an intuitive-yet-powerful jQuery plugin for easy client-side validation.

It supports Ajax & regular server-side response results. The rules to be applied can be defined in 2 ways:

  • JSON structure
  • inline markup

Client-Side Validation: VanadiumJS

Some of the default rules include:

  • presence
  • a special format
  • numbers (integer, float)
  • length
  • acceptance (checkboxes)
  • & much more..

VanadiumJS offers various customization settings like, ability to validate-as-you-type or validation-on-submit, waiting x seconds before validating as-you-type, etc.

ColorSuckr is a free online service which can extract colors from an image & generate color schemes.

It can be used in 3 ways:

  • by mentioning the URL of the image
  • via a bookmarklet
  • or a Firefox add-on

ColorSuckr: Color Schemes From Photos

Once the color schemes are ready, they can be downloaded as Adobe Swatch (.ASE) files or more schemes can be listed from COLOURlovers for any selected color.

ColorSuckr also offers the results in RSS, JSON & XML formats which makes an integration with any application possible.

Konigi, a must-bookmark resource for UI designers, is sharing a handy "do-it yourself wireframe magnets kit" for easy whiteboard prototyping.

They are based on the Konigi wireframe stencils and includes 3 sheets of elements (form elements, HTML editor, etc.).

UI Wireframe Magnets

How To Create Them?

Simply download and print the PDFs on to magnet sheets, optionally laminate them if you intend to use with dry-erase markers, and finally cut them out.

2 Things You May Consider Buying (from

TestSwarm is an open source project by Mozilla Labs (and created by John Resig) which aims to simplify the complicated & time-consuming process of running JavaScript test suites in multiple browsers.

It offers a continious & distributed testing environment that can be used by multiple users running the tests in various browsers with a "set-and-forget" logic.


How It Works?

  • With the help of several JS functions that are needed to be included inside the applications to be tested,
  • TestSwarm sends the "test jobs" to a centralized server via PHP (data is kept in a MySQL db.).
  • Clients who are connected to the TestSwarm interface automatically queries the server every 30 seconds & completes the incompleted jobs in an iframe.
  • The results of the tests can be viewed "live" in a test results report page.

TestSwarm comes with support for the following test frameworks built in (with more to come): QUnit (jQuery), UnitTestJS (Prototype), JSSpec (MooTools), JSUnit, Selenium, and Dojo Objective Harness.

P.S. The project is currently in alpha stage & can have some bugs.

Adobe AIRAdobe AIR has clearly became the standard on creating desktop applications for web developers.

Besides the offline applications, it can combine the richness of web with the simplicity of desktop & offer very functional tools.

At WRD, there were 2 other posts that had shared web designer/developer focused Adobe AIR apps.:

Since then, various new tools are built & here are 15 new Adobe AIR applications for designers & developers:


colrful - Adobe AIR Flickr Search Tool

colrful is a beautiful application that enables you to make color-based searches in Flickr. Any number of colors can be mentioned, they can be viewed as thumbnails/originals & downloaded.

Another feature is the ability to mention an image URL & get similar images from Flickr.


Google Analytics Adobe AIR Interface

The application is a desktop interface for Google Analytics (free version works with 1 website).

It offers most of the features of Google Analytics including visits, pageviews, reports, Google Maps report & more..

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Last week, a post at WRD was announcing the giveaway of MySQL tools by Webyog:

  • 3 SQLyog Enterprise – MySQL GUI ($99/each)
  • 1 MONyog Unlimited Servers – MySQL Monitoring Tool ($999/value)


The winners are set, but before that, to remember:

What is SQLyog?

It is a powerful MySQL manager and admin tool that makes controlling multiple databases so easy with features like:

  • query profiler
  • visual query & schema designer
  • scheduled backups
  • data synchronization
  • HTTP(s) & SSH tunneling

besides the standard database management functions the application offers.

SQLyog MySQL GUI uses the native MySQL C API for the fastest communication with servers & offers a 100% keyboard-friendly usage.

What is MONyog?

It is a very well-thought software to help MySQL DBAs manage more MySQL servers, tune MySQL servers and fix problems with their MySQL database applications before they can become serious problems.

It is installed on any computer & monitors MySQL servers remotely.

With amazing features like:

  • history/trend analysis
  • quick performance tuning & optimization
  • analysing slow query logs
  • MySQL hacking attempts detection

MONyog is a time-saver & must-have for every database administrator.

And, the winners:

  • Mario (comment #68870 – SQLyog)
  • Anthony (comment #68566 – SQLyog)
  • Eiskalter Engel (comment #70021 – SQLyog)
  • Charca (comment #68823 – MONyog)

Congratulations to winners & thanks to everyone for contributing. To checkout the great softwares Webyog offers, click here.

PHPSecInfo is a PHP environment security auditing tool which can be useful as part of a multilayered security approach.

The script runs a series of tests to identify potential security issues and offer suggestions.


It can be reached easily by calling the "index.php" files after uploading the project folder.

PHP Security Consortium also has a PHP security guide which you may want to check out.

P.S. PhpSecInfo is definitely not a replacement for secure coding practices & doesn’t audit PHP code.

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  • WebTreats ETC is presenting 35+ sets of free tileable Photoshop patterns.

    Every pattern is very creative & beautiful enough for adding a twist to any design.

    Some of them are:

    Free Photoshop Patterns

    Images used are generally very large (740px+) & download packages include both the .PAT and .JPG files.

    P.S. The website also offers some free Photoshop brushes, PSDs & icons.

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  • VidoopCAPTCHA is a free verification solution that works image-based which is unusual compared to the widely-used text-based ones.

    It aims to be a more user-friendly solution as text-based captchas can sometimes be so hard to read for humans besides bots.

    Image Based Captcha

    VidoopCaptcha is a hosted service & have plugins for WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and Drupal. Also, there are libraries for programming languages such as PHP, Python, and .NET.

    It offers some customization options like category, number of grid squares, color & grid size. For a demo of this security resource, click here.

    Uptime Robot