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Responsive design is becoming a "default" for any new, modern projects and it is a very good idea to add resources that help creating such outputs to our libraries.

MightyDeals, the website which regularly offers discounts on creative products/services, is now offering a "responsive website templates pack" for a good price.

The "10 Premium and Fully Responsive Web Templates" deal is by FlashMint and normally priced $450 but offered for $17.

MightyDeals - FlashMint

Templates in the pack are built on a 960px responsive grid, enhanced with jQuery, include CSS3 effects and some of them have responsive sliders, Google Maps integration, contact forms or a Twitter "latest" tweet" feature.

Each template is focused on a specific niche including websites of a design studio, corporate company, sports saloon, interior design company and more.

All the items are cross-browser compatible, ready to work in all major screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile) and well-layered PSD files exist for them for further customizations.

WordPress is an amazing CMS and can be customized completely in means of design and functionality with the flexibility it offers.

In order to create a new theme for WordPress, you should know how it works, the logic of its loop and functions.

However, if you want to build a theme without touching any code, WPThemeGenerator reaches to help.

WPThemeGenerator is a professional web app (with a free and paid version) for designing WordPress themes without any coding, all web-based.


There are 1000+ pre-designed objects including menus, backgrounds, shades, dividers, icons, buttons, boxes, fonts, sliders, frames, colors, shines, and patterns or textures that can be used.

Multiple options exist for each element (for ex: you can choose from different popular image sliders) and all other stuff like fonts (there are 50+) or colors can be customized too.

With the provided framework, it is possible to mix 7 different combinations of positions to get countless layouts with the dynamic sidebars generator (use images, text, menus, galleries, contact forms, etc.).

Although new elements are added to the this WordPress theme generator daily, you are not limited with them and can upload your own designs too.


Once a design is completed, it is available both as a HTML/CSS template and a WordPress theme.

The themes created are automatically updated with the added new features and they will be compatible with the latest WP version.

WPThemeGenerator is created by the talented team of Iconshock + WordPress Theme Shock and a gallery of themes created with the application present the flexibility offered.

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HTML vCard is a free-to-use vCard website template which created exclusively for WRD readers by Muhammad Shahbaz Saleem of eGrappler.

It is a single-page, mini website that is powered with JavaScript (jQuery) and focuses on quickly displaying information about a person.

Free vCard Website Template

jQuery Drag'n Drop Demo

By default, there are 3 pages which are presented with a sliding effect: About, Work and Contact.

"About" is pretty straightforward, the place where you mention details about yourself, list your skills, etc.

"Work" is an image gallery with paging to feature a portfolio (it has Lightbox support as well).

And, the "Contact" page, it is a fully-functional PHP contact form with validation. It can work with and without SMTP authentication as well.

Few setup details

The template is completely static except the contact form which requires PHP to function.

If you would like the contact form messages being e-mailed to you with SMTP authentication, there is a "mail.config" file in the root folder to setup those details.

That's all.


Use it freely (except re-distributing it without permission). No backlinks are required.

WordPress offers a huge space for creativity and flexibility when designing and developing new websites.

Any type of website can be built on top of it: from blogs to newspapers, corporate websites to landing pages and even social networks. All you need is a theme coded to handle that functionality.

WordPress Theme Frameworks

Yes, WordPress theme development. That is an easy process for experienced hands who knows the capabilities of the application and familiar with its functions and "not too hard" for others.

To simplify developing new themes, there are awesome WordPress theme frameworks and starter themes that you can use as a base for skipping the repetitive steps and begin with an optimized playground.

Here are the 34 free and good-quality ones that will save your time from searching them. And, in the bottom, you can find a comparison table for these WordPress theme frameworks.




The main power of this framework is its extremely clean WordPress code output, clean head and URLs (even for the head, CSS and JS paths).

Upon its activation, it automatically applies many useful customizations (like creating a homepage, defining the permalink structure, etc.).

Roots has 2 widget areas and it includes Blueprint CSS,, the 1140px Grid, Adapt.js, Less Framework 4, Foundation by Zurb, and Bootstrap by Twitter.



It is a theme aimed at helping you build simple, uncluttered, useable, and mobile-friendly websites.

Skeleton has styling for typography and form elements + includes simple tabs and accordions.

The theme is based on and inspired from Skeleton Responsive Boilerplate, Theme Options Framework, Thematic Framework, Formalize and TwentyTen Theme.

P.S. There are also optional styles for bbPress and Jigoshop.

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WordPressThemeShock, a website that releases high-quality freebies from time-to-time, has just published a huge set of free PSD website templates.

The set consists of 99 templates with well-layered PSD files, each having a homepage and internal page designs.

Such a big resource is very handy not only for using them as templates but also making use of the layers we like on other projects.

P.S. They are free to be used in personal projects and commercial usage requires a license.

Free PSD Website Templates

When working on a new web project, displaying a "coming soon page" on its website is a common and good way of informing the visitors about "when it will be launched", contacts details and even the progress of the project.

Sooner or Later is an exclusive coming soon template for WebResourcesDepot readers that is designed by Viv Singh of

Free Coming Soon Template

The template is simplistic, has an easy-to-update HTML code and displays a countdown timer for providing an exact launch date-time to visitors.

It makes use of the the Final Countdown plugin for jQuery and launch date can be defined very quickly.

There are also links for the most popular social networks: Facebook and Twitter, so the users can keep connected while the website is not ready.

License: Feel free to use it on any personal or commercial projects (no back links are required but please keep the attributes in the source). It is only not allowed to re-distribute template.

jQuery Drag'n Drop Demo

Although listing the contents of a directory is not a good practice for most of the websites (considering the complete structure and files will be available to the public eyes), it is an easy way to show and share files.

The default Apache directory listing/index page is not the most handsome one and h5ai is a template built specifically to improve these pages.


Its is built with HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery + Modernizr and can be implemented with few steps: "copy folder h5ai to the web-root directory of your server and update the .htaccess file".

There is a list of options provided inside a JavaScript file and, best of all, the output can be presented in multiple languages with the strings being defined inside that JS file.

WordPressThemeShock has recently released a design bundle which includes many freebies.

It is totally free to download and not offered for a limited time.

Free Design Bundle

The bundle consists of:

10 WordPress themes

The themes have many custom options like 3 different image sliders, dropdown-menus, image gallery, contact form with captcha, etc.

750 high-quality icons

The icons include the most important items to be used in web apps like actions, files, media and much more. They come in 5 different size and in .PNG + .PSD formats.

Many design elements

And, there are many other design freebies like site templates, buttons or vector elements.

For creative professionals like designers and developers, rather than a printed CV, a personal website with the portfolio or an online CV is usually much more functional for displaying the skills in a snapshot.

Azuka is a well-designed and free HTML CV template which you can use as a starting point and update/modify as you wish to personalize it.

Azuka CV Template

It has a fixed 960px layout with semantic HTML5 + CSS and doesn't use any images except the photo.

There is also a detailed documentation provided and the template is free to use for personal or commercial projects.

You'll remember HTML5 Boilerplate, a great base HTML/CSS/JS template where you can build your HTML5 web project on top of.

Initializr is a generator based on HTML5 Boilerplate that helps you to customize this starter template.


It enables you to select options like:

  • whether there will be sample content or not
  • if JavaScript and jQuery used
  • Modernizr or html5shiv will be used
  • if any .htaccess, web.config or nginx.conf files will be used

P.S. The template has some functionalities removed from Boilerplate to focus on what most people use.

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