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AngularJS is the JavaScript MVW Framework choice of many web developers as it simplifies creating dynamic views in web-applications while staying readable.

Videogular is a lovely HTML5 video player that is specifically created for AngularJS-powered apps and integrates to them perfectly.


It comes with bindable directives, a plugin system for extending further and support for theming.

There is native full-screen mode and the player works smartly on mobile with showing/hiding the unsupported features.

You’ll probably remember CometChat, a solid and self-hosted chat application that is similar to Facebook-chat and was featured few times at WRD.

The application has been improved so much lately and now consists of more features that will probably attract users.

To remember; CometChat is built with PHP and, with a simple setup, it instantly creates an in-site chat system that enables users/visitors to chat with each other.

CometChat Splash

It has support for text or video, screen sharing, file sharing, auto-translating conversations and even games to make sure the visitors spend lots of time on the site.

Also, it integrates into most of the popular CMS + forum apps so easily and works with GTalk + Facebook chat too.

With the newest one, ComeChat v5, it now has native apps for iOS + Android (there was also mobile-friendly web interface and a desktop messenger), Skype-like HD video, broadcasting videos and more.

The Black Friday Sale

CometChat Black Friday

The sale is for the package of “Platinum Edition + Desktop Messenger + iOS & Android apps” for $747 (original price is $1097) and it can be reached from here.

So, that’s $350 off and an opportunity for anyone willing to get the full package.

The giveaway

CometChat is giving away  ”3 * CometChat Basic Edition” licenses.

In order to join, a tweet with the hashtag “#blackfriday” and @cometchat is required. Click to tweet easily.

Winners will be selected randomly and announced on Monday (2 Dec 2013). Good luck to all.

The winners

  • @BryGom
  • @StylifyYourBlog
  • @eric_maechler


Enabling users to view all sides of a product is a common UI pattern, mostly, in e-commerce websites.

jQuery Interactive 3D is a plugin that allows us to accomplish a similar functionality using multiple images.

jQuery Interactive 3D

It is so easy to use and works with a simple function and a list of specifically-named images.

And, there are options for customization like the cursor icon, speed, touch support, auto-play and more.

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  • Native mobile apps usually work faster, smoother and these result in a better user experience.

    And, web designers/developers always look for new ways to catch this performance with web technologies.

    Ionic, a front-end framework, a helps building native-like mobile apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

    Ionic Front-end Framework

    It is not a replacement for PhoneGap or a JavaScript framework but the focus is on the UI interactions and design.

    The framework ships with SASS and various AngularJS extensions (optional) and many components like buttons, toggle, header/footer, tab bar and more.

    Ionic is well-documented with tutorials and examples to start with.

    Gratisography is a website that features high quality photos for free.

    It is definitely not a stock photo site, there is a small number of photos but new ones are added regularly.

    They are captured by Ryan McGuire and can be used for both personal + commercial projects.


    mightySlider is a premium jQuery plugin that provides everything you need to build an awesome slider.

    The plugin can be used for simple-to-advanced scenarios like a slideshow, gallery, content-rotator, carousel, video gallery and more.


    It adapts well to responsive layouts (down-to-mobile) and works in all major browsers including mobile (there is touch support).

    mightySlider is SEO-friendly with a semantic markup and deep-linking which makes each slide bookmarkable as well.

    Any type of content can be displayed, vertically or horizontally, and it can even pull content from 500px, Flickr and Instagram.

    mightySlider - Video

    With the help of a powerful API (and detailed docs), mightySlider‘s functionality can be completely customized. Also, a slider generator exists for performing this customization easily.

    When it comes to browsing through the slides, there are all the options on the table: prev-next, bullet-navigation, keyboard and touch.

    Some other features of the plugin are auto-play, native fullscreen mode, smart lazy loading and the ability to use multiple instances on the same page.

    mightySlider Carousel

    GPU-accelerated CSS3 transitions are used and it is optimized for a smooth experience with max performance.

    The slider is priced $12 and it is definitely worth what it offers in exchange.

    Once, Flash was the standard to serve audio + video through web and a single format was enough to display them nicely.

    Right now, HTML5 is the standard and browsers + devices expect different file formats., a professional encoding service, simplifies converting media from one type to another and it supports video, audio and images.

    With the help of an API or web interface, we can send our encoding requests and get the converted files very quickly. We can even define where those files will be placed (like Amazon or Rackspace clouds).

    There is no need to know which formats are required for a specific job. There are presets for popular use cases (for mobile, HTML5 browsers, Flash, etc.) and can handle the rest.

    The service is also capable of editing the media like adding watermarks, split screen, picture-in-picture, resizing or cropping them. - HTML5 Ready also integrates tightly with their “universal video URL” service which simplifies things even more for some uses.

    This is a very handy service for “any size usage” whether there is a batch or single job to be processed and there are plans for all, including a free plan.

    P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

    TemplateMonster LogoTemplateMonster, the popular website templates company, is running an exciting discount for WordPress fans.

    They are offering a 50% discount on all their WordPress themes (1500+) until 26 November which is a good deal for anyone planning to get a WP-powered site.

    It is pretty easy to browse through this large repository with the ability to filtering them via category or color.

    Template Monster WordPress Theme

    Lately, the company is developing all new themes using the open source Cherry Framework (created by them) which is built on top of Bootstrap.

    So, these themes are all responsive and comes with an improved, easier-to-use WordPress admin panel.

    P.S. Here is the official announcement for the discount.

    Slippry is a jQuery image gallery plugin for that has modern features.

    First of all, it uses HTML5-CSS3 markup and works well with responsive layouts (optional).

    It can be styled with Sass or CSS and has multiple transition options including Ken Burns effect.

    Slippry - jQuery Gallery

    The slider can be set to auto-slide, display captions and has both prev-next + bullet navigation controls.

    There are also callbacks for major events and multiple examples + a detailed documentation is provided.

    Let’s call this again as “Pinterest-like layouts” which probably tells itself better than “dynamic grid layouts“.

    Such layouts are really functional to display elements with different dimensions nicely and don’t lose their popularity.

    Freewall is an impressive jQuery plugin for creating these layouts with CSS3 animation effects.

    jQuery Freewall

    The plugin supports responsive layouts and has useful methods like “adding more items to the grid” or “filtering them”.

    Various customization options exist like the animation, delay or the gutter sizes.

    And, Freewall offers callbacks for events like complete, gap found or resize.

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