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Imago is an Ajax image gallery built with MooTools.

This gallery has connectors for Flickr, SmugMug & SimpleViewer to call images from them or use their XML files.

Imago is fully customizable with CSS & very easy to use.

A detailed "how to use" information guides you on setting up your Ajax image gallery.

Update: This resource seems to be unavailable from now on.

This is a free streaming Flash MP3 player that is easy to use & customize as it comes with the .FLA file.

The player uses a XML file where its design can be customized and the song to be played can be mentioned.

Free Flash MP3 Player With Source

The player plays 1 song which makes it ideal for using it as a website background music player or can be improved further.

It is written with Flash8 / AS2.

jqGrid is an Ajaxed jQuery grid plugin with amazing features.

As the grid is a client-side solution that loads data with Ajax callbacks, it can be used with any server-side language like ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP and so.

A clever feature is sub grids which shows you a sub grid when a master column is called.

jQuery Grid Plugin

Some features of jqGrid:

  • paging functions
  • add, edit, delete & search records
  • accepts XML, JSON, array or user data as input
  • multiple selection of rows
  • sub grid & grid details (great feature!)
  • UI datepicker integration
  • & more…

jqGrid is very impressive with the interface, features, usability & documentation. To check this great jQuery grid plugin, click here.

Raphaël is a JavaScript library that facilitates using & creating vector graphics in websites.

It uses SVG & VML for creating graphics. As every graphic generated is a DOM object, you can manipulate them via JavaScript.

JavaScript Vector Graphics

This graphics JavaScript library is very ideal for creating charts, images effects like rotation or reflection.

An example:

Creating graphics is much easier with Raphaël compared to writing everything from scratch as a circle can be created with:, 240, 50).attr({fill: "#223fa3", stroke: "#223fa3", "stroke-width": 3, "fill-opacity": 0.5});

The library currently works in all major browsers except Firefox 2 & it is still under development.

This is a nice animated menu built with MooTools.

The trick of the menu is a Flashy hover effect of the arrow (or any element you want).

MooTools Animated Menu

To use this menu script, you don’t even have to play with JavaScript except defining the variables:

  • background image container
  • nav elements
  • current nav element’s div id
  • background image’s y coordinate
  • left offset of the image

A well-described usage of the menu including the download of all the necessary files can be found at the script’s website.

Navicat, which is a powerful MySQL admin tool, is giving away 3 standard version licenses ($129/each) to WebResourcesDepot readers. You can find the details on how to win the licenses in the post.

Special Discount:

Navicat standard version licenses can be purchased with a %50 discount ($64.50 discounted price) during the giveaway, which will end 1 week later which will end at 08.21.2008 (updated at 08.08.2008) , via this link:[300175400]=1&COUPON1=promo08

Navicat MySQL Tool

What is Navicat?

Navicat is a feature rich & very easy to use MySQL admin tool with an intuitive interface that runs on Windows, Linux & Mac.

As a developer, I’m an user & fan of Navicat for 2+ years. I have used several web based or Windows-based applications but the easiest, fastest & least (even non) problematic application one for me was Navicat.

My favorite feature is "HTTP tunnel" which enables you to connect MySQL databases when direct connections can not be done (many hosting companies only allow local connections) by simply uploading a special PHP connector file.

Navicat MySQL Administrator

Databases can be exported/imported between different formats like SQL, Excel, Text, XML, Access & more.

Another beautiful feature is task scheduling. You can run automated backups, tasks & get notified via e-mail.

Some other powerful features are:

  • Manage databases, tables, records, stored procedures, triggers…
  • SSH Tunnel for secure connections.
  • Backup: backups your databases with few clicks and makes them easily reachable.
  • Transfer data between local & remote databases (great when switching from test to production environment or opposite).
  • Visual query & view builder.
  • Server monitor: monitors process list, variables or status of MySQL servers.
  • And many more. See the full features list.

Navicat also has a PostgreSQL version & they will be releasing an Oracle version tomorrow (Friday).


As an user of Navicat, I strongly suggest any developer to use this great tool to save time & have more functional features.

And, the tool can be tried with a 30 day trial version.

How to win the giveaway licenses?

Just comment to this post with at least "I want the license" text besides any other comment.

Winners will be selected randomly from commenters 1 week later (08.14.2008) with the SQL query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=448 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck to all : ).

P.S. Winners will be able to choose the OS version of the license to fit their needs. has a new free Flash image gallery named 3D Grid Photo Gallery.

Photos are presented with a beautiful 3D effect, you can switch between the thumbnails easily & see the original images by clicking on them.

Flash 3D Grid Image Gallery

Image information including the file names and explanation (shown with the original image) are configured within a XML file.

This Flash gallery is built with Papervision3D & download package includes the FLA file too.

LightWindow is a highly configurable Lightbox (modal window) solution built with Prototype &

It can display any media including Flash, Quicktime or an external website. And, it has gallery support with a multi-gallery feature.

Prototype Lightbox

The modal window can be custom positioned and it is automatically resized to fit the content.

LightWindow can be re-styled including markup, CSS & animations easily. Besides clicking on the close button & outside of the modal window, ESC key works for this feature too.

WideImage is an object-oriented PHP image library.

Color Palette Icon
It is written in PHP 5 and requires only GD2 library for manipulating images.

The library is very suitable for new generation web applications (for easier mashups) as it supports loading images from any URL besides loading them from a file, string or a valid image source.

Some features of WideImage:

  • Transformations: crop, resize, rotate, flip, mirror
  • Conversions: graysclae, negative, truecolor, palette
  • Colors/channels: merge, mask, filter, get channels, correct gamma…

mooSlide is an easy to use & configure slider class for MooTools.

It is a functional solution to present any content, even as a Lightbox replacement.

MooTools Slider

Within 1 line of code, you can set the:

  • slider div
  • slide in speed
  • fade out speed
  • remove on click yes / no
  • final opacity
  • height of the slider container
  • type of effect used
  • toggler element
  • slide from position

And, multiple sliders can be used in 1 page.

Uptime Robot