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jParallax is a jQuery plugin which enables you to create Parallax effects.

This effect simply moves layers in response to the mouse, and, depending on their dimensions (and options for layer initialisation), they move by different amounts & create a depth.

jQuery Parallax

Info: If you’re new to parallax effects, check the demo to see it (Parallax in Wikipedia).

jParallax simply provides the necessary options for creating the animation like layer controlling, positioning & timing.

Info: This is a sponsored post.

FlashLoaded is giving away 3 3D Wall Pro licenses ($179.95/each) to WebResourcesDepot readers. Details of "how to winning the licenses’ can be found inside the post.

What is 3D Wall Pro?

3D Wall Pro is a Papervision3D powered, very good looking & interactive wall that can display:

  • Images
  • Youtube & streaming videos
  • SWF files
  • Flickr images

 3D Wall Pro

The wall can be set to be flat or at any curvature. It responds very well to mouse / scrolls & has a built-in preloader while switching from thumbnails to large images that makes the visuality flawless.

Overall 3D effect – the depth of field is very realistic & makes browsing the media a joy.

Media to be displayed is mentioned in a XML file so there is no need to republish the SWF again & again.

Application has 80+ configuration options (AS3 only) that helps you customize & make it unique.

3D Wall

 3D Wall Pro has some other features like:

  • Ability to display a customizable video icon on video
  • Customizable tooltips for each thumbnail
  • Customizable player buttons
  • Optional watermarks for large images that can be totally customized)

How to win the licenses?

Simply comment to this post with at least "I want the license" text besides any other comment.

Winners will be selected randomly from commenters 12 days later (8 September 2008 – Monday) with the SQL query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=480 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck to all : ).

While creating a filebrowser for a project, I have tried several JavaScript tree menus and found this one the easiest to work with.

dTree is an easy to setup & use classic JavaScript tree menu.

With a XHTML 1.0 strict validated output, this tree menu supports unlimited number of levels and remembers the state between pages.

Other features of dTree:

  • Can be used with or without frames
  • Possible to have as many trees as you like on a page
  • All major browsers supported
  • Alternative images for each node

The items don’t need to be in an order within the code as you can re-order them. This is a functional feature when creating the menu from a database.

The script is well-documented and this example shows how flexible it is.

Opentape, inspired from Muxtape, is an open source application that enables you to create & host your own mixtape.

You can upload songs, reorder-rename them & customize the look with an Ajaxed admin panel.

Open Source Mixtape

The application has a nice-looking embeddable Flash mp3 player (JW Player) that makes it possible to play your music on any website.

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  • Custom Form Elements (CFE) is a JavaScript library for enhancing your form elements in means of design, usability & accessibility.

    CFE aims to support all JavaScript frameworks (currently supports MooTools) & works in most A Grade browsers.

    Custom Form Elements

    Some features of Custom Form Elements:

    • unobstrusive
    • completely styleable via CSS
    • supports custom events like onHover-onClick
    • can auto-generate tooltips from "title" attributes
    • select all / deselect all functionality for checkboxes
    • & more..

    UniTip is an easy to implement & customize cross-browser tooltip script.

    This tooltip script is also lightweight & accepts HTML to be displayed.

    JavaScript Tooltips

    UniTip uses transparent PNG’s for creating the tootip balloon. And, for better compatibility with IE6, Unit PNG fix is already included with the package.

    The script does not rely on any JavaScript frameworks & can be applied to specific tags or classes. is presenting 90+ free CSS layouts that might be handy for creating websites faster.

    Layouts are grouped into two:

    Free CSS Layouts

    All layouts are validated against strict DocType & created as 1024*764px (they can be modified easily to fit your needs).

    Calendar is a MooTools class for creating adding unobtrusive & attractive date-pickers to your forms.

    This class allows you to configure the look & features of the date-pickers very easily.

    MooTools Calendar

    Some features of Calendar:

    • Style-able & semantic XHTML
    • Configurable inputs & selects
    • Several navigation options
    • Future / past calendar restrictions
    • Multi-calendar support
    • Multilingual

    Css-Tricks is sharing a beautiful jQuery content slider with auto-play feature.

    The content slider can play any type of media & besides the auto-play you can switch between the contents easily.

    jQuery Content Slider

    The slider is very easy to implement & it is cross-browser. The sliding effect is done with the jQuery Coda slider plugin.

    To view a demo of this jQuery featured content slider, click here.

    gTween is a lightweight (4.5kb) Flash tweening engine for AS3.

    The engine is fast (1500 instances, 0.5s duration, ~25fps) & it is resource-friendly – consumes CPU carefully.

    Flash Tween Engine

    gTween has an attractive proxy tweening property that allows you to work with tween destination values the same way you would work with them on the target object.

    Some features of gTween:

    • Interrupting tweens
    • Sequencing tweens
    • Multiple timing modes
    • Pause all
    • Activate, init & complete events. And, custom progress points
    • Auto-hide, auto-reverse, smart-rotate & more..
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