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OpenZoom is an open source framework for creating zoomable user interfaces.

The framework is similar to Silverlight’s Deep Zoom control (see WRD post), but for Flash.

OpenZoom - Zooming With Flash

The power behind OpenZoom is Flex MultiScaleImage component, which is built on top of the OpenZoom framework.

The name is same wih the Silverlight Deep Zoom’s built-in control & the usage is similar too.

The component has built-in support for keyboard / mouse activities & supports Deep Zoom, Zoomify & OpenZoom images.

For now, OpenZoom can sound to specific, but considering its abilities & usage areas, we’ll probably be hearing more about it soon.

P.S. The framework is so fresh & still in development but it can be downloaded (& it is documented).

Simple Directory Listing is a PHP script that works as an online file manager.

It is only one file, just upload & use, and requires PHP to run.

PHP File Folder Manager

The script can work in read-only or full mode and can be limited to manage a folder.

Besides the functions of a standard file manager script, it also has a FTP layer that makes it possible to connect to remote hosts.

And, the script has RSS support.

Such scripts are very useful when you want to make "files of a project"  reachable by customers where FTP usage may be limited or seem advanced from the eyes of the customer.

Update 26.12.2008: This post is updated to reflect the original application.

CSS QuickMenu is a very powerful & web based CSS menu creator application.

CSS Menu Creator

After selecting the menu type & clicking the "customize menu" button, you can reach the editor.

The editor helps you to:

  • Add/remove/update menus & submenus
  • Update colors, fonts, borders..
  • Choose animations
  • Choose CSS shapes
  • Decide whether the menu will be reachable via keyboard or it will be horizontal/vertical & more..

It also enables you to add your own CSS styles and see the results instantly.

After creating the menu, HTML & CSS codes can be reached easilt via the "save" button.

Corpocrat is presenting 2 simple & handy editors:

Free Markup Editor

They both convert a textarea into an editor & they are lightweight (<5kb).

Links & images are inserted with an alert window rather than a HTML popup.

And, they are free to be used in both personal & commercial projects.

As every user has different screen resolutions & browsers can be resized to custom sizes, the browser won’t generate scrollbars at Flash movies with 100% sizes and possibly a part of the content may not be shown to the user.

swffit is a script that that resizes your flash movie automatically if your browser window size is smaller or greater than your flash minimum desired size to keep it accessible.


How to use it?

  • Include swffit.js to your webpage
  • Call the function:"my_flash", 1000, 590);
  • That’s all

swffit can also be controlled with an API including enabling/disabling it or adding functions when it is activated & more. is a website providing a function & information on how to detect mobile browsers.

It can detect:

  • iPhone
  • Opera Mini
  • Android
  • Blackberry

Detect Mobile Browsers

It has an online function generator that guides you to create a personalized function according to "how you want to treat every browser".

P.S. The code is free to be used on non-profit websites.

Animated JavaScript Slideshow is a free & lightweight script to display images with style.

It simply turns an unordered list into a gallery which can be customized easily.

Free JavaScript Slideshow

You can set it to auto-display the images or it can be browsed manually with the prev-next buttons.

The slideshow provides several other controls like:

  • Speed of the slideshow
  • Information to be displayed or not
  • Opacity of the images & more..

P.S. It does not require any JavaScript library.

Ajaxify is a jQuery plugin that converts all links in a web page into Ajax load-submit requests.

So, with a single line, you can turn a static website into an Ajaxed one.

Ajax Static Websites

It has support for:

  • History & bookmarking
  • Partial load from the output
  • Four events
  • Forms
  • Animations

In the demos page of Ajaxify, there are lots of examples presented to get you going with it.

SlideItMoo is a free MooTools image slider that can be used as an image gallery or a banner rotator.

Images can be browsed via prev-next buttons (or mouse wheel) & it’s design can be customized totally via CSS.

MooTools Image Slider

SlideItMoo offers several options like:

  • Ability to limit the images to be shown once
  • Show-hide controls
  • Auto-slide on-off
  • Transition effect
  • Initial image to be shown once the slider is loaded & more..

Images in the slider are mentioned in the code (not Ajaxed) & original-sized images are displayed in Slimbox (or any other Lightbox clone).

EasyDiagram.NET is an open source ASP.NET diagram control.

Using AJAX, EasyDiagram.NET is very fast yet simple enough even for the beginners.

ASP.NET Diagram Control

Some features of this free ASP.NET diagram control:

  • Drag’n drop support
  • Direct-draw and orthogonal modes
  • Easy node adding
  • Customizable lines & nodes
  • Ability to react node clicks (via Ajax)

EasyDiagram.NET is definitely an amazing & professional-level control that is a must-have for every ASP.NET developer.

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