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Most of us are familiar with the beautiful interface of Yahoo Pipes, how objects are wired to each other.

There is an open source JavaScript library, which enables you to create a such visuality, named WireIt.

JavaScript Wiring Library

The library is very suitable for creating dataflow applications (like a family tree) or visual programming languages.

WireIt is very well-documented & has some attractive examples.

It uses the YUI library for DOM and events manipulation, and excanvas for IE support of the canvas tag.

Pretty Loaded is a website, created by Big Spaceship (a creative agency with amazing Flash works),  which is a new source of inspiration to Flash developers.

It simply presents beautiful Flash preloaders as a slideshow.

Pretty Loaded

It displays the company who created it, the client & the year it is done.

You can filter the preloaders by years & nothing much to do rather than just watching :) .

P.S. Thanks to Dave for the suggestion.

MachForm, an easy to use & quality HTML form builder application, is giving away 3 licenses to WebResourcesDepot readers ($39/license).

You can find the details on winning the licenses at the bottom of the post.


What is MachForm?

It is a browser-based, installable HTML form builder that comes with full PHP source code (& uses MySQL for storing data).

Whether you’re a developer & can create your own forms or not, MachForms offers more than a standard form:


  • It supports any types of elements:
    • text
    • paragraph
    • multiple choice
    • dropdown
    • address & more..
    • File uploads (users can upload files!)
  • Secure: reCaptcha support.
  • Form validation (required-duplicates allowed? or not? – with chic tooltips)
  • Password protected forms
  • Limiting to 1 entry per user
  • Easy styling: each form has its own CSS
  • Custom redirection after a form is filled

MachForm Admin


  • You can create new forms instantly
  • Forms can be designed from an Ajaxed admin interface with drag’n drops
  • Collected data can be exported to Excel & CVS
  • Get notified when a form is filled (multiple e-mails supported)
  • 1 click installation & more..

To sum up, MachForm is a complete form creator & manager for a website that can be used by anyone with ease.

There is a demo for the application, give it a try..

How to win the free licenses?

Commenting to this post is enough to join this giveaway.

Winners will be selected randomly via the query below on 20 January 2009 (1 week later).

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=740 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck to all : ).

Dracon Ajax Poll is a free PHP-MySQL-Ajax poll script which is simply beautiful.

The script is totally skinnable, has multi-language support & can also use XML as the data source rather than MySQL.

Free Ajax Poll Script

Once an option is voted, total votes are displayed with a charming effect.

It records the IPs used in order to prevent repeated-votes as a security measure.

Ajax Poll Admin

At the backend, there is again a totally Ajaxed admin interface which is easy to use.

It is possible to add unlimited polls & unlimited options to any poll, edit & delete them.

P.S. The script is free once a backlink is kept.

JAWStats is a companion to the famous AWStats statistics (which comes default by many hosting accounts).

It has a better presentation of data with Flash charts, Ajaxed & better organized interface.

JAWStats For AWStats

For JAWStats to work, AWStats needs to be installed on the system.

Good thing with the application is, it doesn’t modify current AWStats settings & files. Simply reads & presents them in another way.

JAWStats is very easy to install, you can make it up in few minutes & has support for theming.

Yesterday, a jQuery slider plugin was published at WRD. And here is another nice one.

Accessible News Slider is a lighyweight jQuery plugin (2kb packed) for presenting contents in a slider.

JQuery Slider Plugin

The CSS, XHTML and JavaScript are developed specifically to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

  • Users with color vision deficiency, or color blindness
    Color is not the primary indicator & back-next navigation is either visible or hidden. There is also an indicator that communicates the total number of news items.
  • Users with limited or poor vision, but who do not use a screen reader
    Slider is compatible with resized fonts.
  • Users that are legally blind, and who browse Web pages with a screen reader
    The appropriate skip links and title tags have been included for navigation and messaging.
  • And more details are mentioned on the plugin’s homepage.

The plugin is compatible with all major browsers and free for both personal & commercial use.

JSValidate is a free library for validating forms that requires Prototype & to run.

Some rules it supports are:

  • Required field
  • Only numbers
  • Only letters
  • E-mail
  • Credit card number format
  • US zip code, phone number & state code formats

JavaScript Form Validation

It works by simply updating class tags of forms with the related rule information.

It lets you define in which tag & class the errors will be displayed & some more.

There is also a jQuery port on the way, named JValidate, which is not out yet but will be sharing at WRD for sure when it is published.

Mapeed.AddressChooser is a Javascript script for creating an address form with a twist: it displays the address mentioned in Google Maps (can be used with another map provider by creating  your mapping proxy) in real-time.

Ajax Google Maps

The script adds a behavior on HTML form, & doesn’t generate HTML markup.

It can also be plugged on any existing forms.

You can focus the map to the user’s city/country with the IP used (if mapping provider supports).

Mapeed.AddressChooser is well documented & has a nice demo with autocomplete.

Easy Slider is a jQuery plugin for displaying images or any type of content within a slider.

It is configured with CSS and can slide the contents horizontally & vertically.

jQuery Slider Plugin

How does it work?

  • Create an unordered list with the contents to be slided
  • Define the div wrapping the slider: $("#slider").easySlider();
  • Configure your prev-next buttons:
    • <span id="prevId"><a href="javascript:void(0);">Previous</a></span>
    • <span id="nextBtn"><a href="javascript:void(0);">Next</a></span>
  • Set the options (speed, horizontal-vertical, IDs for prev-next buttons)
  • And, style it however you want via CSS

Here are 3 unstyled demos:

To sum up, Easy Slider is a handy solution for creating sliders that can be easily styled.

OS FLV is an open source & embeddable flv player.

The player has a large amount of options that can be set within the embed code.

Embeddable FLV Player

It has an API, written in PHP, that enables you to control almost anything like:

  • the flv file to be played
  • width, height & colors
  • auto-play, auto-rewind, auto-load options
  • volume, loop & more..

OS FLV also has a mambot for Joomla for an easy integration.

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