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EasyDiagram.NET is an open source ASP.NET diagram control.

Using AJAX, EasyDiagram.NET is very fast yet simple enough even for the beginners.

ASP.NET Diagram Control

Some features of this free ASP.NET diagram control:

  • Drag’n drop support
  • Direct-draw and orthogonal modes
  • Easy node adding
  • Customizable lines & nodes
  • Ability to react node clicks (via Ajax)

EasyDiagram.NET is definitely an amazing & professional-level control that is a must-have for every ASP.NET developer.

Ferdinand.Slider is a Prototype extension for creating simple image slideshows.

It uses a JSON file at any location as the data source which makes it possible to integrate with Flickr or similar services easily.

Prototype JSON Image Gallery

The extension has several options to set:

  • duration of effects
  • duration of image transition
  • opacity
  • background
  • prev-next buttons & more.

It is also possible to add more features (like a menu) to the slider as it can be controlled from outside with commands like slider.Next(), slider.Prev().

Styled Menus is a website presenting various free CSS menus.

Menus provided are cross-browser compatible & W3C validated.

Free CSS Navigation

There are currently 20 menus & new ones added regularly.

It is a handy resource to directly use them or to get inspired.

Pixastic is an open source JavaScript image processing library.

It uses HTML5 Canvas element that enables accessing to raw pixel data.

JavaScript Image Effects Library

Supported effects are:

  • desaturation/greyscale
  • invert
  • flipping
  • brightness/contrast adjustment
  • hue/saturation
  • emboss
  • blur & more

There is an image editor built with it & the library is well-documented.

SmartMarkUP is a flexible & lightweight JavaScript library that turns any textarea into a markup editor.

It can be configured to edit HTML, CSS, XML, Wiki syntax & BBCode.

JavaScript Markup Editor

The library is unobtrusive & degrades gracefully if JavaScript is disabled.

SmartMarkUP has a simple and powerful API. Styles can be changed, new markups can be implemented, extra buttons and submenus can be created & more.

It also supports keyboard shortcuts for easier usage & has add-on support like color picker, search-replace, special character picker (and new ones can be created).

Simple Controls Gallery is a slideshow script built with jQuery.

When the slideshow is hovered, a menu with controls fades in. Using the menu, slideshow can be paused/played and browsed with prev-next menus.

jQuery Slideshow

It displays the images from an array that is mentioned in the JavaScript.

This jQuery slideshow can be set to autoplay the images when first opened & can store the last visited image in a cookie to remember the last image viewed.

Stacked bar graphs are very helpful when presenting a comparison of data.

This is a stacked bar graph built with CSS (& based on Pure CSS Data Chart).

CSS Stacked Bar Graphs

It uses "definition lists" in the HTML for presenting the data & "unordered lists" for the labels on axes.

Source files can be downloaded from the author’s website & a demo can be found here.

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  • Context menus are very helpful, specially in admin pages & web applications, for easier navigation. With just a click, you get the options / shortcuts.

    This is a jQuery plugin for creating effective context menus with ease.

    jQuery Context Menu

    The menu can produces valid XHTML & can be customized totally via CSS.

    Items in the menu can be disabled & they can be browsed with keyboard too.

    For users without JavaScript enabled, it gracefully degrades.

    Eyesis Data Grid Control is a PHP class for creating a datagrid from a MySQL database almost instantly.

    With 6 lines of code, you can connect to the database, mention the table & define the query, rest is automated.

    PHP Datagrid Class

    It has nice features like:

    • Filtering and searching
    • Changing column headers
    • Can displaying images
    • Ajax supported
    • Automatic row paging
    • Row selection
    • Look & feel can be customized via CSS
    • Ability to add controls
    • Checkbox support
    • Specify column format types (such as percent, dollars, etc)

    This Ajaxed PHP grid works in all major browsers & requires PHP5 to run.

    CASA Lib (formerly CASA Framework) is a flexible ActionScript library for coding more reliable & faster.

    It provides a core set of classes, interfaces, utilities & has AS2 – AS3 versions.

    CASA Lib ActionScript Library

    It standardizes the loading of external files with an easy-to-use and consistent API.

    And, it has a powerul garbage collection with a common destroy(); method.

    CASA Lib has lots of features that can "almost always" help in a Flash coding task.

    The library is also well-documented with explanations/examples of every class & utility.

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