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Mapeed.AddressChooser is a Javascript script for creating an address form with a twist: it displays the address mentioned in Google Maps (can be used with another map provider by creating  your mapping proxy) in real-time.

Ajax Google Maps

The script adds a behavior on HTML form, & doesn’t generate HTML markup.

It can also be plugged on any existing forms.

You can focus the map to the user’s city/country with the IP used (if mapping provider supports).

Mapeed.AddressChooser is well documented & has a nice demo with autocomplete.

Easy Slider is a jQuery plugin for displaying images or any type of content within a slider.

It is configured with CSS and can slide the contents horizontally & vertically.

jQuery Slider Plugin

How does it work?

  • Create an unordered list with the contents to be slided
  • Define the div wrapping the slider: $("#slider").easySlider();
  • Configure your prev-next buttons:
    • <span id="prevId"><a href="javascript:void(0);">Previous</a></span>
    • <span id="nextBtn"><a href="javascript:void(0);">Next</a></span>
  • Set the options (speed, horizontal-vertical, IDs for prev-next buttons)
  • And, style it however you want via CSS

Here are 3 unstyled demos:

To sum up, Easy Slider is a handy solution for creating sliders that can be easily styled.

OS FLV is an open source & embeddable flv player.

The player has a large amount of options that can be set within the embed code.

Embeddable FLV Player

It has an API, written in PHP, that enables you to control almost anything like:

  • the flv file to be played
  • width, height & colors
  • auto-play, auto-rewind, auto-load options
  • volume, loop & more..

OS FLV also has a mambot for Joomla for an easy integration.

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  • Flapi is an open source Flash gallery for displaying Flickr photo sets/images.

    It can be easily integrated into any webpage or a Flash application.

    Flash Flickr Gallery

    It shows you the photo sets -which you can select from- to view the images within.

    Flapi is very flexible. It can be configured in many ways from a XML file, like:

    • which sets to be displayed
    • Random play
    • Rotate period
    • Show/hide navigation
    • Colors, borders 6 more..

    You can always personalize it more as the .fla source file can be downloaded.

    AudioPlay is a simple & free Flash mp3 player with only one button.

    The "play" button, once clicked, starts playing the mp3 file & turns into a "pause" button. That’s all AudioPlay does.

    Simple Flash MP3 Player

    The images used can be easily changed by simply updating the current image files.

    The settings that can be configured from a xml file:

    • background color
    • mp3 file name
    • loop (never, x times or unlimited)
    • autostart

    It also supports multiple instances on the same page.

    To conclude, it is an ideal player to be used as a background music player.

    OpenZoom is an open source framework for creating zoomable user interfaces.

    The framework is similar to Silverlight’s Deep Zoom control (see WRD post), but for Flash.

    OpenZoom - Zooming With Flash

    The power behind OpenZoom is Flex MultiScaleImage component, which is built on top of the OpenZoom framework.

    The name is same wih the Silverlight Deep Zoom’s built-in control & the usage is similar too.

    The component has built-in support for keyboard / mouse activities & supports Deep Zoom, Zoomify & OpenZoom images.

    For now, OpenZoom can sound to specific, but considering its abilities & usage areas, we’ll probably be hearing more about it soon.

    P.S. The framework is so fresh & still in development but it can be downloaded (& it is documented).

    Simple Directory Listing is a PHP script that works as an online file manager.

    It is only one file, just upload & use, and requires PHP to run.

    PHP File Folder Manager

    The script can work in read-only or full mode and can be limited to manage a folder.

    Besides the functions of a standard file manager script, it also has a FTP layer that makes it possible to connect to remote hosts.

    And, the script has RSS support.

    Such scripts are very useful when you want to make "files of a project"  reachable by customers where FTP usage may be limited or seem advanced from the eyes of the customer.

    Update 26.12.2008: This post is updated to reflect the original application.

    CSS QuickMenu is a very powerful & web based CSS menu creator application.

    CSS Menu Creator

    After selecting the menu type & clicking the "customize menu" button, you can reach the editor.

    The editor helps you to:

    • Add/remove/update menus & submenus
    • Update colors, fonts, borders..
    • Choose animations
    • Choose CSS shapes
    • Decide whether the menu will be reachable via keyboard or it will be horizontal/vertical & more..

    It also enables you to add your own CSS styles and see the results instantly.

    After creating the menu, HTML & CSS codes can be reached easilt via the "save" button.

    Corpocrat is presenting 2 simple & handy editors:

    Free Markup Editor

    They both convert a textarea into an editor & they are lightweight (<5kb).

    Links & images are inserted with an alert window rather than a HTML popup.

    And, they are free to be used in both personal & commercial projects.

    As every user has different screen resolutions & browsers can be resized to custom sizes, the browser won’t generate scrollbars at Flash movies with 100% sizes and possibly a part of the content may not be shown to the user.

    swffit is a script that that resizes your flash movie automatically if your browser window size is smaller or greater than your flash minimum desired size to keep it accessible.


    How to use it?

    • Include swffit.js to your webpage
    • Call the function:"my_flash", 1000, 590);
    • That’s all

    swffit can also be controlled with an API including enabling/disabling it or adding functions when it is activated & more.

    Uptime Robot