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JAWStats is a companion to the famous AWStats statistics (which comes default by many hosting accounts).

It has a better presentation of data with Flash charts, Ajaxed & better organized interface.

JAWStats For AWStats

For JAWStats to work, AWStats needs to be installed on the system.

Good thing with the application is, it doesn’t modify current AWStats settings & files. Simply reads & presents them in another way.

JAWStats is very easy to install, you can make it up in few minutes & has support for theming.

Yesterday, a jQuery slider plugin was published at WRD. And here is another nice one.

Accessible News Slider is a lighyweight jQuery plugin (2kb packed) for presenting contents in a slider.

JQuery Slider Plugin

The CSS, XHTML and JavaScript are developed specifically to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

  • Users with color vision deficiency, or color blindness
    Color is not the primary indicator & back-next navigation is either visible or hidden. There is also an indicator that communicates the total number of news items.
  • Users with limited or poor vision, but who do not use a screen reader
    Slider is compatible with resized fonts.
  • Users that are legally blind, and who browse Web pages with a screen reader
    The appropriate skip links and title tags have been included for navigation and messaging.
  • And more details are mentioned on the plugin’s homepage.

The plugin is compatible with all major browsers and free for both personal & commercial use.

JSValidate is a free library for validating forms that requires Prototype & to run.

Some rules it supports are:

  • Required field
  • Only numbers
  • Only letters
  • E-mail
  • Credit card number format
  • US zip code, phone number & state code formats

JavaScript Form Validation

It works by simply updating class tags of forms with the related rule information.

It lets you define in which tag & class the errors will be displayed & some more.

There is also a jQuery port on the way, named JValidate, which is not out yet but will be sharing at WRD for sure when it is published.

Mapeed.AddressChooser is a Javascript script for creating an address form with a twist: it displays the address mentioned in Google Maps (can be used with another map provider by creating  your mapping proxy) in real-time.

Ajax Google Maps

The script adds a behavior on HTML form, & doesn’t generate HTML markup.

It can also be plugged on any existing forms.

You can focus the map to the user’s city/country with the IP used (if mapping provider supports).

Mapeed.AddressChooser is well documented & has a nice demo with autocomplete.

Easy Slider is a jQuery plugin for displaying images or any type of content within a slider.

It is configured with CSS and can slide the contents horizontally & vertically.

jQuery Slider Plugin

How does it work?

  • Create an unordered list with the contents to be slided
  • Define the div wrapping the slider: $("#slider").easySlider();
  • Configure your prev-next buttons:
    • <span id="prevId"><a href="javascript:void(0);">Previous</a></span>
    • <span id="nextBtn"><a href="javascript:void(0);">Next</a></span>
  • Set the options (speed, horizontal-vertical, IDs for prev-next buttons)
  • And, style it however you want via CSS

Here are 3 unstyled demos:

To sum up, Easy Slider is a handy solution for creating sliders that can be easily styled.

OS FLV is an open source & embeddable flv player.

The player has a large amount of options that can be set within the embed code.

Embeddable FLV Player

It has an API, written in PHP, that enables you to control almost anything like:

  • the flv file to be played
  • width, height & colors
  • auto-play, auto-rewind, auto-load options
  • volume, loop & more..

OS FLV also has a mambot for Joomla for an easy integration.

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  • Flapi is an open source Flash gallery for displaying Flickr photo sets/images.

    It can be easily integrated into any webpage or a Flash application.

    Flash Flickr Gallery

    It shows you the photo sets -which you can select from- to view the images within.

    Flapi is very flexible. It can be configured in many ways from a XML file, like:

    • which sets to be displayed
    • Random play
    • Rotate period
    • Show/hide navigation
    • Colors, borders 6 more..

    You can always personalize it more as the .fla source file can be downloaded.

    AudioPlay is a simple & free Flash mp3 player with only one button.

    The "play" button, once clicked, starts playing the mp3 file & turns into a "pause" button. That’s all AudioPlay does.

    Simple Flash MP3 Player

    The images used can be easily changed by simply updating the current image files.

    The settings that can be configured from a xml file:

    • background color
    • mp3 file name
    • loop (never, x times or unlimited)
    • autostart

    It also supports multiple instances on the same page.

    To conclude, it is an ideal player to be used as a background music player.

    OpenZoom is an open source framework for creating zoomable user interfaces.

    The framework is similar to Silverlight’s Deep Zoom control (see WRD post), but for Flash.

    OpenZoom - Zooming With Flash

    The power behind OpenZoom is Flex MultiScaleImage component, which is built on top of the OpenZoom framework.

    The name is same wih the Silverlight Deep Zoom’s built-in control & the usage is similar too.

    The component has built-in support for keyboard / mouse activities & supports Deep Zoom, Zoomify & OpenZoom images.

    For now, OpenZoom can sound to specific, but considering its abilities & usage areas, we’ll probably be hearing more about it soon.

    P.S. The framework is so fresh & still in development but it can be downloaded (& it is documented).

    Simple Directory Listing is a PHP script that works as an online file manager.

    It is only one file, just upload & use, and requires PHP to run.

    PHP File Folder Manager

    The script can work in read-only or full mode and can be limited to manage a folder.

    Besides the functions of a standard file manager script, it also has a FTP layer that makes it possible to connect to remote hosts.

    And, the script has RSS support.

    Such scripts are very useful when you want to make "files of a project"  reachable by customers where FTP usage may be limited or seem advanced from the eyes of the customer.

    Uptime Robot