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Whether it is a web application or an iPhone application, creating the visual output in an image editing software first and creating it in code next is a common development process.

Mercury Intermedia is presenting a huge set of vector iPhone user interface elements to make the design process much easier.

Vector iPhone UI

The set consists:

  • buttons, grid views
  • notification windows
  • system menus
  • keyboard & more..

P.S. It is created with Adobe Illustrator (.AI).

qTip is an unobtrusive jQuery tooltip plugin with a list of nice features.

It has:

  • rounded corner support without use of any PNGs
  • very flexible tooltip pointers are as they can be positioned in several locations
  • 5 ready to use stylish themes & you can create your own easily
  • support for not-overlacking. How close the tooltips are, they will preserve their stacking order
  • ready to use effects: fade, slide, glow & custom ones can be created

qTip jQuery Tooltip Plugin

The plugin is cross-browser & tested in all major bowsers. It is also very well-documented.

qTip has with a scripting API that allows you to easily extend the functionality through a variety of optional callback methods & attributes. So, you can even extend qTip by writing plugins for it.

GMFoto is an open source photo gallery script, built with PHP & does not require a database.

With the template & multi-user support, the script offers a wide-usage from a single installation.

GMFoto - Open Source Photo Gallery

Images can be added by uploading via FTP or with KFM. They will be compressed and resized automatically.

GMFoto provides an unlimited category logic which can be created when uploading images as every folder is a category.

Images are displayed in a Lightbox and can be browsed easily with prev-next buttons.

Although the script is in early beta, it is a very promising one.

jQuery Keypad is a plugin for creating more secure input entry by providing a keyboard like interface.

The values to be displayed can be easily set which makes it possible to show only numbers, foreign letters, etc.

jQuery Virtual Keyboard

The keypad can be displayed with various animations like "fade in" or "slide down".

It can display the letters/numbers randomized which is a very effective security solution against key loggers.

Besides these, there are many options provided like:

  • isRTL: the text will be displayed from left-to-right or rightto-left
  • clearText: for clearing the input field
  • keypadClass: the stylesheet for the keybad for a better customization
  • & many more..

KeyTable is a lighweight (~5kb) JS library for adding keyboard navigation support to tables.

The library provides an Excel-like navigation that can be bundled with features like on-click editing.

Keyboard Table And JavaScript

The inline row editing feature is accomplished with the jQuery jEditable plug-in. And,  KeyTable integrates easily with DataTables (see WRD post).

The library works in all major browsers.

XtraUpload is a free file hosting script for anyone willing to create a service similar to or

It is written in PHP (CodeIgniter Framework) & uses MySQL for storing data.

Free File Hosting Script

The script is also an e-commerce platform as you can offer both standard-free & premium-paid plans where payments can be handled via PayPal, 2Checkout,, Moneybookers & more. All are integrated.

It has an e-mail validated signup system where users can:

  • upload multiple files
  • create & password protect folders
  • rate files
  • share links via e-mail & more..

And, with a powerful administrator screen, you can:

  • restrict downloads with:
    • amount of allowed MB per hour
    • defining concurrent download limits
  • create user groups & define limits for each user group
  • add/manage servers (multi-server support)
  • manage subscriptions
  • enable/disable captcha & much more..

Besides being a complete file hosting platform, XtraUpload's code is a resource for anyone into CodeIgniter Framework covering most of the features a web application have.

MooGenda is an event calendar script, built with MooTools, that reads events from JSON requests.

The calendar supports drag’n drops of events & in every action a JSON request is sent for instant updates.

MooTools-JSON Calendar

This MooTools calendar supports 3 different views:

  • day view
  • week view
  • month view

With clicks, the calendar switches between views with a sliding animation & displays the details of that day/view/month.

StatOwl is a website presenting internet usage statistics in a comprehensive way.

There are various reports that will be helpful to anyone into web design & web marketing like:

  • web browser's market shares
  • percentage of Flash, Quicktime versions installed
  • operating systems used
  • screen resolutions & much more..

Internet Usage Statistics

The data provided is valuable to web designers / developers to better analyze internet users.

All data presented can be displayed for custom date ranges & as different chart types.

jQuery has built-in animations & effects. But when it comes to switching between 2 objects, you may need to code a little more for a flawless display.

ImageSwitch is an easy to use jQuery plugin for switching between images using effects.

jQuery ImageSwitch

The plugin supports various effects like fade in/out, fly in/out, flip in/out, scroll in/out, single door & double door.

And, the code of the plugin is well-commented which makes it easier to improve it.

Tip: Besides the Groject.ImageSwitch.js, check this .js file too to better findout how the plugin works.

Sendn is presenting 10+ well-designed free newsletter templates which you can find handy for using them in your own web apps, e-mail marketing processes..

Several different types of templates exist like 1/2 columns or with/without menus.

Free Newsletter Templates

Templates come with .zip files with the image & HTML files.

They are free to be used in both personal & commercial projects.

Uptime Robot