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AjaXplorer is a free Ajax file manager with powerful features & an user-friendly interface.

It is built with PHP (4 & 5) & does not require any database to run. Just an upload & use solution.

Ajax File Manager Script

Some great features of AjaXplorer:

  • File/folder actions: rename/copy/move/delete/download
  • Multiple file upload with progress bar
  • Edit text files (syntax highlighting for js, php, html, java, sql & perl)
  • Images can be previewed & viewed as a slideshow
  • Mp3 files can be listened without downloading them
  • Flash videos can be viewed
  • ZIP files can be browsed & extracted
  • Bookmark system for reaching to the desired files easier
  • Multilanguage
  • Recursive search & more

AjaXplorer has a multi-user environment. The admin can create new users & assign the permitted directories/rights to those users.

The application also offers a high-level of usability with drag’n drop support, keyboard shortcuts, list / thumbnails views & ability to select multiple file / folders.

This is a lightweight (2.5kb) JavaScript table sorter for getting more out of a standard table.

It has great features like:

  • column & alternate row highlighting
  • pagination (optional)
  • support for links
  • date/link parsing
  • header class toggling
  • auto data type recognition
  • selective column sorting

JavaScript Table Sorter

Any column can be excluded from the sorting functionality with ease.

The script is an updated version of this one (see WRD post) & works in all major browsers.

Pikachoose is a jQuery image gallery plugin for presenting images smoothly & easily.

It displays the thumbnails of the images (which can be set to be staticly resized from the original image or created manually) & enables users to browse the gallery by clicking on the images, via pre-next buttons or with the auto-play feature.

jQuery Gallery

The plugin can display the image captions & any type of HTML can be used in the captions (like links).

Pikachoose is very easy to setup, an unordered list with id="pikachoose" will turn into an image gallery. Any other options are defined in a single-line function.

Leigeber is presenting a standalone accordion script that has multi-level support.

The script is lightweight (1.4kb) & it is an updated version of an accordion script by the same author (see WRD post).

Multi Level Accordion Script

The accordion is called with a single line JavaScript function & if wanted, the levels can be toggled from outside links besides the title of each level.

The script is compatible with all major browsers.

DataTables is a jQuery plugin for adding advanced interaction controls to HTML tables.

It can add pagination, filtering and multi-column sorting functions to tables with ease.

DataTables jQuery Plugin

The plugin has multilanguage support & many features that make it flexible:

  • Smart handling of column widths
  • State saving
  • Hidden columns
  • Dynamic creation of tables
  • Ajax auto loading of data
  • Alternative pagination types
  • Sorting column(s) highlighting

DataTables can also be extended with the plug-in support it provides & its look can be totally customized via CSS.

SoulWire, a blog dedicated to ActionScript & illustrations, is presenting good looking & customizable flash menus / animations.

There are both AS2 & AS3 resources and source codes can be downloaded too.

AS3 Circular Group94 Style Scrolling Menu

Flash Menu

A totally customizable menu, built with AS3, that is very suitable for displaying various menu items in a vertical space easily.

3D Ribbons In Papervision

Flash 3D Ribbons

An AS3 class for creating 3D ribbons effects. It uses TweenMax as the tweening engine & has more than the features presented in the demo (which may be processor intensive).

Besides the resources presented, there are other great ones like:

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  • BeautyTips is a jQuery plugin which draws tooltips in realtime using the canvas element.

    The tooltips are very flexible and can be triggered in various ways.

    jQuery Tooltips

    Every tooltip, by default is displayed at the side of an element where there is more space. But the position can also be forced.

    Content can be hard-coded, called from an attribute or with an Ajax request.

    The look & feel of the tooltips can be totally customized considering they are canvas elements.

    BeautyTips works in all major browsers, including iPhone (requires ExplorerCanvas for IE).

    This is a jQuery plugin for creating a file-upload functionality quickly & easily.

    It inserts a Flash browse button (that can be customized) in to the webpage where users can select a single file or multiple files and view the upload progress.

    jQuery File Upload Plugin

    The plugin comes with a PHP file for uploading the files. But that can be converted to any language of your preference.

    There are various customization options provided like:

    • Paths of the files used & the folder where files will be uploaded
    • Enable/disable multiple uploads
    • Browse & cancel buttons used
    • Extensions & size limit allowed
    • Enable/disable auto-upload after selection
    • Callback functions at every step

    It comes with the FLA file too & a demo can be found here.

    Tracer is a free web-based service which offers a new type of website-analytics function. It tracks "what’s being copied from your website (including images)".

    Besides keeping the logs, it also adds the "copied website’s" link to the information copied, which may help the content to spread in a better (than nothing) copyrighted way & to get new visitors.


    Most importantly, the application helps analyzing which parts of the content is more copied & more important in the eyes of the visitors.

    Usage is very simple. Just include a "one-line" script to the website to be tracked & that’s all.

    P.S. Tracer is currently in beta status & accepts new accounts periodically.

    Xinha is a powerful & open source HTML (WYSIWYG) editor.

    It is a community-built script presenting various options for max. customization.

    Open Source HTML Editor

    It has lots of plugins that can be activated like:

    • Character counter
    • Find & replace
    • Image manager
    • HtmlTidy
    • Spell checker & more.

    It is possible to configure which features/menus to be displayed, whether coding inside will be permitted or not & almost anything that may be needed.

    Uptime Robot