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Tracer is a free web-based service which offers a new type of website-analytics function. It tracks "what’s being copied from your website (including images)".

Besides keeping the logs, it also adds the "copied website’s" link to the information copied, which may help the content to spread in a better (than nothing) copyrighted way & to get new visitors.


Most importantly, the application helps analyzing which parts of the content is more copied & more important in the eyes of the visitors.

Usage is very simple. Just include a "one-line" script to the website to be tracked & that’s all.

P.S. Tracer is currently in beta status & accepts new accounts periodically.

Xinha is a powerful & open source HTML (WYSIWYG) editor.

It is a community-built script presenting various options for max. customization.

Open Source HTML Editor

It has lots of plugins that can be activated like:

  • Character counter
  • Find & replace
  • Image manager
  • HtmlTidy
  • Spell checker & more.

It is possible to configure which features/menus to be displayed, whether coding inside will be permitted or not & almost anything that may be needed.

Parallax effects give a feel of depth & increase the visuality so much.

mParallax is a MooTools implementation of the popular jQuery plugin: jParallax (see WRD post).

MooTools Parallax

It eases creating parallax effects with offering various customization options.

There are nice examples presented like this & this.

JPolite is a lightweight portal framework, built with jQuery, for creating Netvibes-like interfaces.

It is a powerful base for creating complex / customizable websites quickly.


JPolite seperates content, appearance and behavior. And, it makes turning a content module into tabbed or accordion presentations very easy.

Some examples of the ease it provides:

  • A form with class="ajaxform1 will automatically turned into an Ajaxed form.
  • Any link with class="thickbox" will be displayed in Thickbox & more.

To check this interesting project, click here.

Flash has popular free libraries / classes to extend the core functionality like Papervision3D, AlivePDF, Flare or Tweener.

There are also less-known ones which are still very powerful & can make the development process of a Flash application easier / faster.

Here is 10 of them that you will find handy (you know more? please share them in the comments).


AS3 Music Player Class

A beautiful AS3 music player class.

It has support for playlist management or playing a single file, loops & more.


flXHR: Ajax With Flash

A Flash solution that mimics Ajax (& provides more) by a XMLHttpRequest compatible interface.

It uses a Flash file: flxhr.swf which works like a proxy between requests & supports cross-domain Ajax.



This ActionScript 3.0 library is focused on sequencing animations and other time-based actions.

It includes a number of features and shortcuts, such as the clone() method, that save effort for developers.

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  • jBreadCrumb is a jQuery plugin for displaying breadcrumb navigations in a more flexible & smarter way.

    As the length of a breadcrumb menu may be very long & the common method used for this problem is limiting th eamount of menus used, jBreadCrumb follows another route.

    jQuery BreadCrumb Menu

    It creates a collapsible interface that smartly decides the display method according to the amount and length of the elements.

    This is a better navigation in means of usability & SEO.

    Usage is not complicated & it only requires the jQuery Easing plugin.

    XML Photo Album is a free Flash gallery application with multi-gallery support.

    It can display images, audios (mp3), videos (flv) & switching between galleries or thumbnails is possible by hovering the app.

    Flash XML Photo Gallery

    The gallery is managed by editing a XML file & that’s all it requires for configuration.

    XML Photo Album comes with the .fla source which makes it possible to customize & improve further.

    Mif.Tree is a quality solution for creating tree menus with MooTools.

    The code is very flexible & lets you control every part of the navigation like:

    • Adding new rows
    • Drag’n drops
    • Sorting, renaming & more.

    MooTools Tree Menu

    The tree menu created can also be browsed via keyboard & supports checkboxed tree menus.

    Mif.Tree is very well-documented & presents vaious examples.

    NyroModal is a very flexible & customizable jQuery plugin for creating modal windows easily.

    It can display any type of HTML objects:

    • with Ajax requests
    • by showing a hidden DOM element
    • as a gallery
    • forms, iframes..

    jQuery Modal Windows: NyroModal

    Besides the features mentioned, you can target the content inside an Ajax request or a form, resize the modal window from an Ajax request & more.

    On every event, like showing or hiding the modal box, any animation can be defined too.

    The plugin is very well-documented & presents various examples.

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  • Flash, Silverlight & JavaScript are already offering quality solutions for creating graphs. On the other hand, it is impressive to see what an be done in visualising data with CSS.

    After the pure CSS data chart, Css Globe is presenting a very creative tutorial (with source codes) on creating a pure CSS line graph.

    CSS Line Graph

    The solution creates a vertical/horizontal grid with dd & dl elements in the background. And, a smartly prepared image is used with CSS sprites technique to display the lines.

    Although it looks complicated, the technique is simple yet clever & inspiring.

    Uptime Robot