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Forward is a fresh e-commerce application (that is in the alpha stage) built with PHP and using MongoDB for storing data.

The application is free, open source and built with developers in mind makes with easy custom coding, powerful templates and expressive syntax.

It has a REST-like API for interacting with every feature from orders to customers or products.

Forward PHP E-Commerce

Thanks to MongoDB, the capabilities of the store is not limited to the default database schema and it is a breeze to have new fields/structures for everything.

Design of the storefront can be changed with a powerful templating engine (Smarty 3) and the backend is built with Bootstrap.

Vegas is an exciting jQuery plugin for creating fullscreen backgrounds for web pages.

The plugin’s capability is not limited to displaying a single image but can also rotate a list of images automatically.

It has settings for defining the interval of the slideshow, fade value and enabling preloading of the items.

Vegas jQuery Plugin

An API helps manually controlling the functionality with functions for prev-next, pause-play or jumping to a specific image.

Also, there are callbacks on every level for further customization.

Scrolling a list of items, like an image gallery or a news feed, is a frequently-used pattern in websites.

Any List Scroller is a very handy jQuery plugin that can perform the scrolling with any list and in any dimension.

Any List Scroller jQuery Plugin

The list elements can be sized differently, it can stop on the first/last items or work infinitely, there is auto-scroll and the number of items to be displayed can be set.

It is also possible to define the scrolling direction (for auto-scroll) and its speed.

Presentz is a JavaScript library that allows us to synchronize videos and slides however we want.

The library is handy for anyone that prepares/makes presentations or for any website that uses videos and slides side-by-side (mostly, landing pages).

Presentz - Video and Slide Synchronization

It has support for YouTube, Vimeo or self hosted videos and slides from Slideshare, Speakerdeck,, your own Flash files or images.

The project has actually 2 parts, (its source), the website with an editor which allows us to create such slideshows freely and the Prezents.js (JS library) where both are open source.

Baraja is a jQuery plugin, created by the talented Codrops team, for presenting a list of items similar to a deck of playing cards.

The plugin makes use of CSS transforms for rotating + translating the items and comes with different spreading methods.

Baraja jQuery Plugin

It is possible to define the direction, speed, range + easing of the effect and they can be browsed with prev-next buttons.

Once an item is clicked, it is the deck closes and focuses to the clicked item.

The demo page for the plugin features various different uses and how the functionality can be extended.

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  • Content sliders are one of the most used elements of today’s web design. They help us a lot when we have limited space but more things to display.

    jQuery Slider Shock is a very impressive (probably the most-customizable and feature-rich) jQuery slider plugin (with WordPress support) that comes with both free and paid versions.

    jQuery Slider Shock

    The plugin is capable of presenting both images and videos that are hosted locally or from external sources like RSS, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram.

    It has 30+ transition effects which include very original, creative ones and they can be customized as well (like the number of slices, delay or speed).

    Items featured can be browsed with thumbnails that can be placed on any side of the slider, prev-next buttons (multiple designs exist) or keyboard.

    Captions can be added to each slide and HTML can be used in them. Also, captions can be improved with background images as well.

    jQuery Slider Shock

    Like mentioned, the plugin has WordPress support. Actually, it integrates with WordPress deeply.

    It can use WordPress posts, custom post types and taxonomies as the source for the slider or captions can include author and date info.

    And, there are ~40 ready-to-use skins for changing the layout instantly.

    jQuery Slider Shock is very well-documented (both the jQuery and WordPress versions).

    How to join the giveaway?

    In order to get a chance to win one of the 10 Combo WP+jQuery licenses being given away, you can do one or both of the stuff mentioned below:

    That’s all.

    The winners will be selected randomly on 15 Nov 2012 (1 week later) randomly and good luck to all.


    Here they are:

    • @Smartik89
    • SamChan (comment #827509)
    • Hani (comment #825308)
    • Rin Chan (comment #825733)
    • @venced0r
    • @hasentopf
    • zahid (comment #833130)
    • Carlos (comment #824784)
    • der_robert (comment #825025)
    • Jeff (comment #825268)

    Congratulations to everyone and thanks to everyone for joining.

    jq-tiles is a jQuery image gallery plugin that comes with many different tile-based CSS3 effects.

    The tile effects can be customized in various ways: number of tiles in x/y axis, fading for them, their speed and more.

    It is possible to create looping galleries, feature items in a reverse order or enable auto-slide.

    jq-tiles jQuery Image Gallery

    Multiple methods exist for navigation: bullets, prev-next controls, thumbnails and an optional timer can be activated for informing users about the arrival of the next slide.

    There are also callbacks which are triggered before + after the image changes and once the slideshow ends.

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  • Kort is a creative concept, by Hakim El Hattab (who creates awesome stuff regularly) for displaying thumbnails.

    It works by displaying a single thumbnail where others are hidden like a stack of cards and shown when hovered.

    Kort - Thumbnail Concept

    The navigation is made with mouse movements and there are multiple built-in efffects offered.

    Kort is built with CSS3 + JavaScript and a handy resource for featuring images in a limited space.

    Sly is a jQuery plugin that offers item-based (like image/content galleries) scrolling with many useful options.

    Within a defined container element, items inside can be browsed with the help of a scroller or with the functions provided like next, nextPage, toStart, toEnd, 5 toStart, etc.

    Sly jQuery Plugin

    It features different navigation logics which can auto-position next items or keep the active item always in the center.

    There is support for infinite scrolling and it work both horizontally or vertically.

    The plugin is very handy to be used as a pagination, content or image gallery module.

    Cycle, a pretty old yet very popular jQuery slideshow plugin now has a new, improved version: Cycle2.

    The plugin is perfect for anyone looking to create a completely customized slideshow as it does not declare any markup or style. And, its functionality is flexible too.

    Cycle2 supports responsive layouts, has options for everything (global and per slide) and can be extended easily using a full-featured API.


    For browsing, there are built-in pagers and prev/next controls. And, for a flawless experience, it supports (progressive) image loading and delayed initialization.

    Transitions offered are fade, scroll, shuffle, tile and carousel. Each slide comes with its own URL (bookmarking support) and it is mobile friendly (swiping).

    There are lots of demos and a detailed documentation for easily learning the details of the plugin.

    Uptime Robot