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MobileCartly is an open source shopping cart application that focuses on mobile.

With a front-end that is compatible with all major mobile browsers and a powerful back-end, it makes selling via mobile pretty easy.

It uses a CSV file as the data source and you can use Open Office, Google Docs or MS Excel to add/edit/remove your products.


There are features like PayPal integration, order management, stats and invoicing.

It also has a WordPress plugin that can integrate your blog with the mobile store.

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  • Are you looking for a slider that is completely customizable, works cross-device/browser and built with modern standards in mind? Then Royal Slider is a very good option.

    Royal Slider is a jQuery plugin for displaying any HTML content (images, videos, text..) inside a slider interface and comes with awesome features.

    The slider is very customizable with 50+ options, 4 skins with PSD files, 9 pre-built templates (and more coming) and full CSS styling.


    It works in all major browsers, the output is responsive down to mobile (touch friendly) and works fast, thanks to CSS3 animations (with JS fallback).

    The slider also loads fast independently from the number of slides as there is lazy-loading (only next few items are loaded).

    Royal Slider offers various options for browsing sliders including thumbnails, tabs, bullets, keyboard, prev-next buttons or swipe.

    There is support for YouTube and Vimeo videos and any other providers can be added with ease.

    Royal Slider

    Every slider created is SEO-friendly, items can be deep-linked and it creates a low-markup to create one.

    Also, it has native fullscreen support, has lifetime free support and updates.

    P.S. Royal Slider is the best selling slider in CodeCanyon.

    3D effects, if done smoothly, usually looks very good on the web as it is still unexpected for most to see anything that is not 2D online.

    Here is a jQuery image slider that offers slick 2D and 3D transitions: Adaptor.

    The plugin's 3D effect are supported by WebKit + Mozilla browsers and it falls back to standard fading transitions for the rest.

    Adaptor - jQuery 3D Image Slider

    It is lightweight and has multiple options for customization including: speed of the transitions, delay between each item auto-slideshow being on/off, pauseOnHover and more.

    Adaptor can also be controlled with custom events like switching to a desired item, showing the prev-next slide, playing and pausing it.

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  • JZoopraxiscope is a jQuery plugin, inspired from the 1st movie projector Zoopraxiscope, for making animations from a list of static images.

    Besides jQuery, it also uses jQuery UI and requires the frames to be animated as a single, horizontal image.

    It all works by calling a simple function where we define dimensions of the images and the frame.


    After that, JZoopraxiscope works with the help of play and pause buttons provided.

    Although it looks hard to use the resource widely, with a bit help of creativity, it can beautify a web page easily.

    taciónJS is an open source presentation framework for mobile devices that is built on top of jQuery Mobile.

    The framework allows the usage of any HTML content, has full support for jQuery Mobile UI's widgets + themes and, besides the slides, it is possible to define sequences inside each slide.


    Probably, the most exciting part of taciónJS is its real-time support which can keep everyone connected to the slideshow in "sync" by following the actions of the admin.

    The "sync" feature requires Pusher as the communication engine and the presentation server uses Node.js.

    iView Slider is a jQuery slider plugin for featuring any type of content (images, HTML, video).

    The plugin has support for responsive layouts down to mobile and it works well with touch interfaces.

    It has 35 built-in transition effects where it is possible to define different ones on each slide item.

    iView Slider

    iView Slider offers animated HTML captions with custom effects (fade, move top, move right…) and there are multiple ways to browse the slides:

    • slideshow (optional "pause on hover")
    • keyboard
    • prev-next buttons
    • thumbnails
    • bullets

    There are 3 different "loading bars" to inform user about "the loading time of the next slide".

    Also, an API enables us to control the functionality of this slider via JavaScript.

    Flickrshow is a simple JavaScript slideshow application for presenting Flickr images.

    The application doesn't require any JavaScript frameworks but, if jQuery is detected, it can function like any other jQuery plugin.

    It has the ability to display images of a specific user, set, group, gallery and/or tags.


    The number of images to be shown "per page", autoplay being on/off, user control being on/off and the interval between each item can all be defined.

    There are also callbacks on every level (onLoad, onMove, onPause, onPlay) for customizing it more.

    P.S. Flickrshow was shared at WRD long time ago and, since then, it has changed a lot and deserves a 2nd attention

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  • Chatbox is a free Mac OS X application that brings simple project collaboration features into Dropbox.

    It allows us to comment to files hosted on Dropbox and easily start a discussion/chat about them.

    Once installed, right click any file/folder and instantly start conversations with the people that the Dropbox file/folder is shared.

    It can work offline, syncs when you are back online and requires no registration as everything is stored inside Dropbox.

    Chatbox for Dropbox

    RefineSlide is a lightweight (4kb gzipped) jQuery plugin for quickly integrating a responsive, image-based slider into our websites.

    The slider uses CSS3 transitions + 3D transforms (has JS fallback) and has a bunch of attractive transitions.

    It has an option to display thumbnails (auto-formatted and responsive) or arrows as the navigation (and, there is keyboard support as well).RefineSlide

    RefineSlide allows defining captions and can display them above the each image.

    The plugin can auto-play the items, delay between each slide can be set and callbacks exist on every level.

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  • Image galleries are part of almost any website around whether it is about displaying the portfolio, products or personal albums,we simply use them a lot.

    Juicebox Lite is a free-to-use (branded) and HTML5-powered image gallery for creating good-looking galleries very easily.

    Galleries build with it works everywhere; desktop, tablet or mobile and handles different screen sizes well (responsive).

    Juicebox Lite

    Images can be browsed either with keyboard, mouse or touch (swipes) and they can be viewed in full-screen.

    There is an -optional- control bar which is shown on hover and allows us to view/hide thumbnails, switch to full-screen mode or load only the image file displayed.

    Juicebox Lite has a unique feature: a cross-platform (Adobe AIR-based) desktop gallery builder.

    The "Builder" is perfect for creating the galleries with no coding. Drag 'n' drop the files to it, thumbnails are automatically created, preview your gallery and the HTML-CSS-JS is generated instantly. Afterwards, if you wish, you can manipulate the code.

    Juicebox Builder Lite

    That's not all. Besides displaying local images, it can use Flickr as the source too. Just define the Flickr user and tags you want and you get a Flickr gallery.

    P.S. There is also a "Pro" Juicebox version which is not branded and comes with more configuration options, support for audio/uto-play/watermarking/unlimişted images and a JavaScript API to control the gallery as you wish.

    Uptime Robot