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Are you familiar with blank WordPress themes? These themes are also known as starter themes, naked themes or base themes, and they serve as starting points for you to create your own theme. These themes count with basic boilerplates that you can custom the way you need without having to start everything from scratch. When you start from a blank theme you will have basic WordPress PHP, CSS, and HTML code ready for your customization needs. This is good because it will make your life easier when you need a new theme but you don’t want to do all the base work again, which reduces the time you spend coding and helps your workflow process. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Creatives know how complicated and costly the usual process of making a professional website is. As a matter of fact, designers would like nothing better than to take matters into their own hands, but the whole problem revolves around HTML coding – so it would be great if something absolved them of these concerns, wouldn’t it? Luckily, a stampede of website building tools has invaded the web over the past few years, and most of them offer their services for free.

    These DIY platforms cross out the issue of coding and allow their users to focus entirely on being creative. In short, they help save energy, time, and money. Yet, you’d have to know which ones are the most worthwhile. Website-Builder is more than qualified to fill in for that description, and it has an ambivalent reach: both ambitious ‘laymen’ and passionate designers can equally benefit from using this platform. It is easy, fast, and yet doesn’t overlook important aspects, such as proper design tools and high aesthetic standards.
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  • For years the traditional method of website designing has been that the client has to hire two people tackle this process, brining on a designer and developer.

    The designer works on the graphics of the website using Photoshop or another design platform as per the instructions of the client, make the final adjustments and then pass it along to the developer. The developer will write the code for that picture which will turn the picture of the website into a real website. I mean when the code will be uploaded on a webhost the site will go live.
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  • As a web designer, I’m always snapping screenshots of inspiring websites I come across, for personal documentation, or for client presentations. It’s a common practice for many designers, and if you’re grabbing more than a few quick screens, it can get rather time consuming. I’m always looking for ways to streamline my workflow, and ShrinkTheWeb has helped me do just that.

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  • UI kits are very useful for starting and completing  a web design project quickly.

    PixelKit, a premium UI kit brand, is sharing a lightweight version of their Modern Touch UI kit exclusively with WRD.

    It is available in PSD and there are items for navigation, slider, accordion, form controls, social links and more.

    Modern UI Kit
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  • iOS7 has slick, flat and circular switches that are used for select box-like elements that has two options.

    Switchery is a JavaScript library, that doesn’t require any JS  frameworks, that can convert select boxes into such interfaces.

    The style of the switches can be customized easily, they support the “disabled” state and the effect speed can be changed as well.


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  • mightySlider is a premium jQuery plugin that provides everything you need to build an awesome slider.

    The plugin can be used for simple-to-advanced scenarios like a slideshow, gallery, content-rotator, carousel, video gallery and more.


    It adapts well to responsive layouts (down-to-mobile) and works in all major browsers including mobile (there is touch support).

    mightySlider is SEO-friendly with a semantic markup and deep-linking which makes each slide bookmarkable as well.

    Any type of content can be displayed, vertically or horizontally, and it can even pull content from 500px, Flickr and Instagram.

    mightySlider - Video

    With the help of a powerful API (and detailed docs), mightySlider‘s functionality can be completely customized. Also, a slider generator exists for performing this customization easily.

    When it comes to browsing through the slides, there are all the options on the table: prev-next, bullet-navigation, keyboard and touch.

    Some other features of the plugin are auto-play, native fullscreen mode, smart lazy loading and the ability to use multiple instances on the same page.

    mightySlider Carousel

    GPU-accelerated CSS3 transitions are used and it is optimized for a smooth experience with max performance.

    The slider is priced $12 and it is definitely worth what it offers in exchange.

    Slippry is a jQuery image gallery plugin for that has modern features.

    First of all, it uses HTML5-CSS3 markup and works well with responsive layouts (optional).

    It can be styled with Sass or CSS and has multiple transition options including Ken Burns effect.

    Slippry - jQuery Gallery

    The slider can be set to auto-slide, display captions and has both prev-next + bullet navigation controls.

    There are also callbacks for major events and multiple examples + a detailed documentation is provided.

    There are many jQuery slideshow plugins out there (make sure you check the Gallery section) and it is usually hard to decide which one is better.

    Actually, sometimes, it is not about being better but being a good fit for the job as each gallery has various differences from another.

    jQuery SlideMe! Plugin

    SlideMe! is another solid option which is responsive and supports both limited or full screen views.

    It can be used vertically or horizontally, makes use of CSS3 transitions and has support for pagination.

    There are methods to control the slider (prev, next..), callbacks for each of them and much more.

    Glide.js is a lightweight (4.5kb minified) jQuery plugin for creating sliders.

    It has completely customizable OOCSS markup and uses CSS3 transitions but has fallback to JavaScript.

    The slider is responsive, it’ll adapt well to all devices and comes with touch support.


    You can navigate through the items with keyboard, swipe events or with the help of the bullet and arrow menus.

    Glide.js also has a public API that supports all its events (play, pause, next, prev, etc.).

    Uptime Robot