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FlashFlickr PhotoGallery is an open source photo gallery built with Flex 2 / AS3.

The application enables users to browse your Flickr pictures, see your sets, tags and notes within your website from a good looking interface.

Flash Flickr Photo Gallery

The gallery has a location map feature built with Yahoo AS3 libraries that shows the location of the image (if mentioned) using Yahoo maps. This requires a Yahoo API key.

It also has the Flickr authentication for Flickr registered users. This way, registered users can also add comments, tags (if allowed) to the images (Flickr API key needed).

Showcase is a Prototype extension that displays a "list of images" as a CoverFlow gallery.

And, besides the standard horizontal look, it works both vertical & diagonal.

Prototype Coverflow

The extension can be easily configured to display any number of images, durations of the animation can be updated & more.

Showcase requires the effects.js component of & works in all major browsers.

SmoothGallery is a feature-rich image gallery & slideshow application built with MooTools.

With the "gallery set" function that enables you to present multiple galleries & different transition animations, it is really powerful.

MooTools Image Slideshow

SmoothGallery is designed from the ground up to be standard compliant: You can feed it from any document, using custom css selectors. It is also compatible with all major browsers.

And even better, this solutions is very lightweight: The javascript file is only 24kb.

Image Gallery is a free Flash image gallery that comes with the source code.

Settings are configured from a XML file like the names of the categories, images & folders where the images resides.

XML Flash Gallery

The gallery presents the images randomly or with an order (can be set via the XML file).

When a thumbnail is clicked, original image is presented in a Lightbox like Flash pop-up, images in that gallery can be browsed easily & even viewed as a slideshow.

The demo of the gallery can be viewed from here. As there is no direct link for the source file in the website, you can download it from here.

P.S. I have contacted Tony Yoo (owner of the gallery) & yes, it is free.

Flashmo, which was presented at WRD (here & here) a while ago has 3 new free Flash galleries.

Flash Image Galleries

The galleries are:

Images in the galleries can be edited via a XML file

All the galleries have the source FLA files & you can edit them to make the galleries fit your needs.

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  • Galleriffic is a jQuery plugin for creating fast-performing photo galleries.

    Images can be viewed as a slideshow or by manually clicking the thumbnails.

    The gallery has support for paging which makes it possible to display large amount of images.

    jQuery Gallery Plugin

    Images in the gallery are mentioned as a JavaScript array and every image is loaded once they are called.

    Galleriffic is also SEO friendly, you can directly view any image with the specific gallery URL of it.

    UvumiTools has 4 great & free MooTools plugins that can save your development time.

    MooTools Crop

    MooTools Crop

    This is an easy to use cross-browser crop interface that has options like:

    • Setting the minimum size
    • Keeping the aspect ratio
    • Live preview of the area to be cropped
    • Supports HTML resizing

    MooTools Image Gallery

    MooTools Gallery

    This plugin enables you to create good-looking image galleries.

    Users can click a thumbnail and watch the gallery transform into a slideshow, which is then navigated by clicking the left column or by scrolling with the mouse wheel. A click on the photo being displayed brings the user back to the contact sheet view.

    MooTools Dock Menu

    MooTools Dock Menu

    This dock menu, similar to a Mac interface, is passive under the screen & gets activated when an item is mouse-overed.

    The menu is created from a valid unordered list & can be applied within minutes.

    MooTools Dropdown Menu

    MooTools Dropdown Menu

    A cross-browser, animated dropdown menu with unlimited levels support.

    It is created from unordered lists & can be totally customized via CSS.

    This is another Coverflow script which uses canvas for the effects.

    The script is very easy to implement & works smoothly.

    Coverflow script

    Images can be browsed via scroll wheel or left-right keys besides the mouse clicks. And, it is tested with other javascript libraries like jQuery, MooTools, Dojo and Prototype.

    For the canvas support in IE, checkout ExplorerCanvas.

    Flickrshow is a lightweight, cross-browser JavaScript code that enables you the display your Flickr images as a good looking Ajaxed slideshow.

    Ajax Flickr Slideshow

    The script is very easy to install & can be set to show images within Flickr groups, photosets or tag based images.

    Flickrshow has a cache system that enables the presentation of images faster. And, presentation can be managed with a play/pause button.

    Also, you can easily modify the theme completely via CSS.

    P.S. The application requires Prototype & a small part of Scriptaculous library.

    Galleria is an image gallery jQuery plugin.

    It loads the images one by one from an unordered list and can present them:

    • scaled
    • unscaled
    • centered
    • cropped inside a fixed thumbnail box

     jQuery Image Gallery

    The beauty of Galleria is behind the ease of creating a gallery. Simply create an unordered list, add some images and it will create a chic gallery.

    Another nice feature is the support of browser history. You can use your browser’s back & forward buttons

    Other features of this jQuery image gallery:

    • Unobtrusive javascript
    • Lightweight (4k packed)
    • Displays the thumbnail when the actual image is loaded
    • CSS powered – create your own gallery style
    • Super fast image browsing since the images are preloaded one at a time in the background
    • Stylable caption from image or anchor title
    • jQuery plugin – takes one line to implement
    • Can fire events so you can customize the images behaviour onLoad
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