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This is an open source 3D album component for Flex which is similar to the Cooliris‘s (formerly PicLens) attractive interface.

The component is inspired from the 3D album tutorial of Bartek Drozdz.

3D Flex Album

The download package includes examples besides the source code for easier developing.

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  • Info: This is a sponsored post.

    FlashLoaded is giving away 3 3D Wall Pro licenses ($179.95/each) to WebResourcesDepot readers. Details of "how to winning the licenses’ can be found inside the post.

    What is 3D Wall Pro?

    3D Wall Pro is a Papervision3D powered, very good looking & interactive wall that can display:

    • Images
    • Youtube & streaming videos
    • SWF files
    • Flickr images

     3D Wall Pro

    The wall can be set to be flat or at any curvature. It responds very well to mouse / scrolls & has a built-in preloader while switching from thumbnails to large images that makes the visuality flawless.

    Overall 3D effect – the depth of field is very realistic & makes browsing the media a joy.

    Media to be displayed is mentioned in a XML file so there is no need to republish the SWF again & again.

    Application has 80+ configuration options (AS3 only) that helps you customize & make it unique.

    3D Wall

     3D Wall Pro has some other features like:

    • Ability to display a customizable video icon on video
    • Customizable tooltips for each thumbnail
    • Customizable player buttons
    • Optional watermarks for large images that can be totally customized)

    How to win the licenses?

    Simply comment to this post with at least "I want the license" text besides any other comment.

    Winners will be selected randomly from commenters 12 days later (8 September 2008 – Monday) with the SQL query below:

    SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=480 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

    Good luck to all : ).

    Css-Tricks is sharing a beautiful jQuery content slider with auto-play feature.

    The content slider can play any type of media & besides the auto-play you can switch between the contents easily.

    jQuery Content Slider

    The slider is very easy to implement & it is cross-browser. The sliding effect is done with the jQuery Coda slider plugin.

    To view a demo of this jQuery featured content slider, click here.

    Flash Gallery is a free flash gallery application with Flickr photostream & auto-thumbnail creation support.

    The application scans the related folder, creates the thumbnails & uses filenames for titles.

    Flickr Flash Gallery

    Flash Gallery requires PHP to run but this is not needed if you’re streaming Flickr images.

    The application has a customizable design, full-screen support & it is fully resizeable.

    Gregarius is an open source web based feed reader. It is similar to Google Reader but you can install in on your servers.

    It has a very simple & functional interface with a password protected administration area.

    Open Source Feed Reader

    This feed reader has Ajaxed item tagging & full-text search features. It is committed to web standards: renders XHTML/CSS, supports OPML.

    The application is built with PHP & uses MySQL or SQLite for storing the data.

    With a getting active community, Gregarius has multiple themes & plugins.

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  • Imago is an Ajax image gallery built with MooTools.

    This gallery has connectors for Flickr, SmugMug & SimpleViewer to call images from them or use their XML files.

    Imago is fully customizable with CSS & very easy to use.

    A detailed "how to use" information guides you on setting up your Ajax image gallery. has a new free Flash image gallery named 3D Grid Photo Gallery.

    Photos are presented with a beautiful 3D effect, you can switch between the thumbnails easily & see the original images by clicking on them.

    Flash 3D Grid Image Gallery

    Image information including the file names and explanation (shown with the original image) are configured within a XML file.

    This Flash gallery is built with Papervision3D & download package includes the FLA file too.

    NETTUTS presents a very nice tutorial on "Creating A MooTools Photo Gallery".

    All the steps of creating this MooTools gallery is very well described and the source code is ready to download for instant use.

    MooTools Photo Gallery

    The gallery has a functional interface which enables you to browse between thumbnails and the original-size images easily.

    P.S. It is not dynamic & all the thumbnails are loaded when the gallery loads. For this reason it may be suitable for galleries with <30-40 images.

    Spacegallery is a very simple but nice image gallery built with jQuery.

    It is a static gallery where images are hardcoded in the HTML and presented with a beautiful grow – fade out effect.

    jQuery Image Gallery

    How to use?

    After inserting the JS & CSS files into your webpages, create a div element with images inside like:

    <div id="myGallery" class="spacegallery">
        <img src="images/bw3.jpg" alt="BW" />
        <img src="images/lights3.jpg" alt="Lights" />

    And call the gallery:

    $('#myGallery').spacegallery({loadingClass: 'loading'});

    You can also configure the perspective, border & animation duration.

    FotoViewr is a web-based image gallery application which enables you to create 3D image galleries for your Flickr account.

    You can choose to present your images from 6 different 3D gallery types.

    Flickr Image Gallery

    Galleries can be created instantly by simply providing your Fickr username (no password required) and the applications lets you select which gallery to display.

    After the Fickr gallery selection, FotoViewr provides you the embed code you need to insert into your webpage to display the gallery & that’s it.


    FotoViewr also has a Facebook application to use with Facebook galleries.

    Uptime Robot