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Adobe Flash was adopted originally from Macromedia and has stuck to the course of digital animation. It’s a fantastic program which allows animators to create quick and simple projects. If you want to learn Flash it’s going to take some practice – both graphically and programmatically when getting into ActionScript.

But having used the program myself I can say it is worth the effort. I’ve built simple animations and beautiful website interfaces using Flash. Although Flash-based websites are fading out of popularity there is still value in the software for animation work. If you’re interested take a look over these beginner’s tutorials for learning to use Adobe Flash.

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Maps are used so widely in web design and they are usually expected to be interactive when presenting data.

It can be the branches of an international company, statistics about  countries or just destinations to visualize. Like said, lots of uses.

Simplemaps is a website that provides professional, highly-customizable and interactive maps built with JavaScript and SVG (or Flash).

SVG Maps - Simplemaps

SVG has a wide browser-support and it works very well on mobile + tablet as well.

There are maps for “world/countries, continents, USA and Canada” and the usage +customization doesn’t require advanced development knowledge. It works by simply editing a text file and a detailed, step-by-step documentation exists.

Also, Simplemaps website has an online customization tool that enables the users to edit the countries, change colors, descriptions, links and more.

Considering that the maps are in vector (SVG), tiny or huge, they work great on all sizes. And, they even come with a zoom-in functionality.


With some JavaScript, it is so easy to add new features to them like tooltips, selectable regions and much more.

To sum up, SVG maps are definitely the way to go for modern web maps and Simplemaps has a wide range of products on the field.

P.S. For Flash fans, the website also offers similar maps in Flash with their source code.

How to join the giveaway?

Simplemaps is giving away 3 licenses (for a map of your selection). Commenting to this post is enough.

Winners will be selected on 22 April 2013 (1 week later) with the query below and announced as an update to this post.:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=3981 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

  • Roshin C (comment #1260748)
  • Jed (comment #1260726)
  • DR (comment #1260708)
Congratulations and thanks to everyone for joining.


For creating a highly animated banner, Flash is probably still the best solution. However, it is not completely supported anymore; some users prefer not to install it and the popular iOS doesn't have it at all.

So, creating fallbacks for Flash banners is a very good idea to make sure you display a visual for everyone and, LazyFallback -a free Adobe AIR application- handles this process well.


By simply drag 'n' dropping any number of SWF files to the application, it generates JPG alternatives for each of them quickly.

LazyFallback is a simple application which doesn't have many setting and only 2: defining the moment of the Flash animation for fallback generation and quality of JPGs.

P.S. What would possibly be better is the ability to get animated GIFs besides the JPGs.

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  • Using a Flash file inside web pages normally requires several options to be mentioned from width-height to "the Flash version required" or its quality.

    And, the popular JavaScript library SWFObject eases Flash usage by offering a standards-friendly method.


    Embed-SWF is a project which provides an informative and easy-to-use interface for generating the required SWFObject code.

    It allows us to set all required parameters, even the less-used ones like seamlesstabbing or swfliveconnect and outputs the code to be copy-pasted for a quick integration.

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  • Few days ago, Adobe has launched the Flash Player 11 which is a milestone for the product as the new Stage3D API that allows up to 1,000 times faster rendering compared to Flash Player 10.

    It focuses on the 3D content and the widely-used 2D content won't be getting the advantages of this new feature.

    Starling Framework

    Starling Framework, a pure ActionScript 3 library, aims to fill this gap by rendering all content through GPU.

    The framework has a familiar API which makes it very easy to use for Flash developers. Even the live-Flash-websites can be improved with it just by exchanging the native Flash classes with their Starling equivalents.

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  • Flashmo, a well-known website sharing free Flash files, has recently released new open source Flash resources.

    They are all built with AS3, the galleries have touch support on mobile phones and, besides using them, their sources are a good way of improving skills.

    One of them is an mp3 player which can display a playlist and play the items one-by-one or it has a "mini" version which can still play multiple songs but doesn't show the playlist.

    Flashmo Mp3 Player

    The list is fed with an XML file that has the info about the song + artist names and the location of the mp3 file (so, files can be located in different folders).

    Another resource is a coverflow-like image slider where you can drag (with touch support) and browse through the items.

    Every image can point to different URLs and the database is again an XML file.

    Flashmo Coverflow

    And, a 3D spiral gallery which is built with Papervision3D and Tweener.

    You can drag up/down or left/right to move around thumbnails, use mouse wheel to zoom in/out, double-click on stage to toggle fullscreen.

    For a complete customization, settings can be edited from an XML file.

    Flashmo Spiral Gallery

    There are also other new resources like 3D curve gallery or 3D touch ring.

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  • Google has recently announced the launch of Google Swiffy which is a free to use web application for converting SWF files into HTML5.

    It supports many common SWF features such as vector graphics, embedded fonts, images, timeline animation and basic ActionScript 2.0.

    The output works only in WebKit browsers as it includes some SVG features that are not supported by other browsers.

    Google Swiffy

    The usage is very simple: just upload the SWF file and Swiffy will display the HTML5 result where you can "save as" the page and insert into any website with an <iframe> tag.

    P.S. The code generated by Swiffy is pretty complex and hard to edit. You'll still need the .FLA file for editing the source.

    WordPress is, without a doubt, a very powerful CMS application which makes creating and managing any type of website pretty easy.

    Press2Flash is an open source AS3 framework that helps Flash developers to integrate their Flash-powered websites with the backend of this awesome CMS.


    It uses XML for communicating with the WordPress API and there are no hacks or workarounds (so the system stays secure).

    Besides creating, editing and deleting the contents, there is also support for other functions like featured images, tag cloud and more.

    Flash is losing blood, that's for sure and there is a chance that you may have already quit using it. However, it is still the most powerful platform on creating animations for the web and there can be cases that we need it.

    Giotto is a free tool (Windows-only), focused on designers rather than developers, for creating Flash animations easily.

    Vectorian Giotto

    It has a Flash-like but a little simplified user interface that helps you feel comfortable using it  with ready-to-use effects, ability to draw or import shapes and built-in animations (all without coding).

    If you prefer to dive into ActionScript code, there is support for that too (but sadly, only AS1 and AS2)

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  • For many web designers and developers, Firebug is probably one of most vital tools while building and debugging web apps.

    FlashFirebug is an extension to Firebug which aims to fill this gap for AS3 Flash files by easing Flash debugging as easy as HTML and JavaScript.


    Besides Firebug, it requires Flash Player content debugger 10 or higher and enables us to inspect display list, change properties and see the warnings, errors + traces for any Flash file.

    It can also work with multiple Flash files on a web page and display the elements inside the file as a directory tree.

    The extension is designed to perform fast and, optionally, it can be disabled to be used only when it is needed.

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