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Many users updating a domain’s DNS addresses while switching web hosting companies, probably, has an experience with new DNS addresses not being activated in a short time & spent some time with checking if they are activated or not.

DNSPinger is free web-based service that checks the domain name provided every 3 minutes for 24 hours and notifies the user via e-mail when the DNS update is activated.

DNSPinger DNS Update Alert

The story

Few days ago, I updated the DNS addresses of a domain name and it took more than 12 hours to activate and I spent some time with pinging it to see if the hosting switch was successful. Rather than checking for it anymore, I created a .vbs file that would check the update status and notify me.

Hoping to help other users having the same problem, here is DNSPinger, an easy to use DNS update notifier.

If you’re dealing frequently with domain names, bookmark DNSPinger and it’ll save your time.

Exhibit is a three-tier web application framework written in Javascript which makes it easier to show a few hundred records of data on maps, timelines, scatter plots, interactive tables, etc., without any programming knowledge.

Interactive JavaScript Framework

In order to use Exhibit, writing a simple data file, and an HTML file that specifies how the data should be shown. Data + Presentation. That’s all.

Exhibit can be used as a web service like Google Maps without installing any software or source code can be downloaded to run it on your own web servers.

Similar to TinyURL, a short URL service can be created in minutes with Shorty.

Shorty is a PHP script for creating shorter, human readable links from long URLs.

Short URL Script

A reason to prefer using Shorty for personal use rather than TinyURL or similar services may be eliminating the risk of these services becoming offline and losing your links, as you can use this free short URL script forever.

Shorty has an admin interface where links can be organized and clicking statistics can be viewed. You can even have a RSS for your links.

With the increasing number of online web services, if you want to create an online zip and e-mail servive, Online Zip offers it for free.

Online Zip Script

Online Zip is a php script which allows users add files to a zip archive and send the archive to an e-mail address.

PHP Speedy is a a PHP script which increases the loading times of web pages.

PHP Speedy automatically joins all the appropriate files together and compresses them which decreases the amount of requests made to the server & sizes of the files. Result is a dramatic decrease in the loading speeds.

The script can be used in most of the PHP enabled websites.

Increase PHP Speed

Installation of this PHP script can be done automatically or manually. After the installation PHP Speedy code must be inserted at the top of the website’s main content generating file (index.php in most cases). There is already a how-to for WordPress too.

Before PHP Speedy (14 requests in 4.44 seconds):
Faster PHP

After PHP Speedy (4 requests in 1.1 seconds)
Faster PHP

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  • Mr Uptime is one of the Firefox plugins that I use and love.

    Everybody has an experience with websites being unreachable because of web hosting or technical problems. After that, we may forget to check that website again or spend so much time to see whether it is online or not.

    Mr Uptime simply informs the user when an unreachable website becomes reachable again.

    Website Uptime Plugin

    Usage is also simple. When a website in unreachable at the time you’re trying to browse, a small menu appears which helps you to add the website to the watchlist with 1 click. Another nice feature is watching a website for a text parameter to appear too. If that text appears on the website Mr Uptime warns you.

    For URL rewriting, directory protection, url forwarding or other advanced purposes, every web developer or website owner uses .htaccess files frequently.

    .htaccess coding can be very complex depending on what is wanted to be achieved. For standard, simple usage, the commands are easy to use and even easier with the online .htaccess Editor.

    Online htaccess Editor

    htaccess Editor, with an input based ajax interface, asks the user which directory needs to be password protected, error page to be shown and even redirect directives. Depending on the inputs, a .htaccess file is created on the fly.

    CSS editing is always a multi-check job because of getting different results for every browser. This time-consuming design process gets easier with CSSVista.

    CSSVista is a free Windows application for web developers which lets you edit your CSS code live in both Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously.

    CSS Editing Tool

    With small modifications, it may be easier to work with the default html/css editor that you are using but with large updates of CSS files or creating a new one, you might want to take a look at CSSVista.

    Convert HTML To ASP, PHP Or JSP? The title might seem fancier than the reality.

    Response.Right is a web based tool which converts HTML into a variable (which is, probably, one of the top 10 hated tasks of a web developer).

    This tool is very useful, for example, when creating a html mail that will be sent via a dynamic scripting language or converting large amounts of html that will be used inside these dynamic languages.

    Convert HTML To ASP PHP JSP

    Supported programming languages:

    • ASP – Javascript
    • ASP – VBScript
    • JSP
    • PHP offers some other free web based tools like Insta-Select (XHTML-compliant select list generator), Acrobot (converts all your acronyms/abbreviations using the <acronym> and <abbr> tag) & more.

    Google Charts API (previously described here) is so easy to use. Just adding parameters to the API URL & that’s it.

    If you ever wondered how easier it could be, than ChartMaker, which is an interface that creates the Google Charts API URL with the parameters that you mention, is the answer.

    ChartMaker is built with the Ext JS Javascript library and is an open source code which is created by Dion Almaer (also the founder of Ajaxian).

    Google Chart API URL

    To read the hard & complicated (a funny story) creation process of ChartMaker, click here.

    Uptime Robot