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JxLib is a JavaScript library for creating graphical user interfaces just like jQuery UI, Ext JS or Dijit.

It is based on MooTools & well-document with a list examples.

MooTools UI Library

The library includes:

  • layout managers
  • buttons
  • tabs
  • toolbars
  • dialogs
  • panels
  • trees
  • grid control

JxLib helps creating very clean & easy to use interfaces that can be seen from the examples.

Allowing users to invite their contacts from other networks or e-mail providers is a popular method used in social networks & web applications.

OpenInviter is an open source PHP class, written in PHP5, for importing contacts from most of the well-known e-mail providers & social networks.

PHP Invite Class

Such an invite feature is great, specially when presented as optional, to gain new users/visitors to any service.

There are already ready to use integrations for:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • phpBB & more.

OpenInviter supports:

  • Gmail
  • Windows Live
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Friendster
  • hi5
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Myspace & more..

OXID eSales is an open source e-commerce application built with PHP & uses MySQL for storing the data.

It has a modular and standards-based architecture which makes customization easy.

Open Source E-Commerce

The application has all the features an e-commerce application needs & some more, like:

  • B2C, B2B and social commerce scenarios
  • Powerful marketing integration
  • Integrated content management system (CMS)
  • SEO friendly URLs & more..

Some of the e-shops created with OXID eSales can be viewed here. Also, check the demo.

simpleCart(js) is a lightweight (10.5 kb) & free shopping cart application for creating a simple yet good looking e-commerce environment in minutes.

It uses cookies to store the shopping basket data, no databases required, and payment is completed via PayPal.

PayPal E-Commerce Script

The application is modular with the JavaScript functions included.

An "add to basket" example:


The download package already includes the source of the demo.

Automatically created website thumbnails have a wide usage from links in a website to a web application presenting URLs with their thumbnails.

Using a website thumbnail generation service is generally a time-saving decision both for the website owner (as it'll be automated) & the visitor (for getting a better idea about the link).

Here are 10 free website thumbnail solutions including a "how to on creating your own".

Considering you'll probably use one of these services in the future, make sure you bookmark the post.


Shrink The Web

A powerful & free thumbnail service with 250,000 request limits / month & offers more limits in the paid plans.

For the free plan, no custom sizes can be mentioned & inner page thumbnails are not supported (but supports most of the popular sizes). On the other hand, the service is ad-free and works with JavaScript / Flash embed.



websnapr offers free website thumbnails & puts a "powered by websnapr" phrase over the images. There are paid plans without imitations and more features.

There are ready to use plugins for WordPress, Drupal & more that can be found here.

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Free CSS Toolbox is a software that can save time of a web designer.

It is a set of tools that will help you in almost any process related to CSS.

Tools include:

  • Simple CSS Editor
  • CSS Formatter / Beautifier
  • CSS Compressor
  • W3C CSS Validation Service Intergration

Free CSS Editor - Compressor

The software is very easy to use as it is straight-forward.

Syntax checker of the editor saves time specially for fast CSS coders & the CSS beautifier works pretty well.

Currently, it only works in Windows environment.

Concrete5 is a very powerful & open source content management application which has a different approach in how it works.

It enables users to manage websites while browsing it by simply switching to the edit mode (an overlayed screen). This makes anyone who can use a text editing application administer their websites.

The application uses PHP / MySQL & built with OOP.

Concrete5: Site Building Toolkit

With a very easy to use interface, new pages can added, updated or deleted.

A simple yet effective user permission/role feature helps creating admins, editors & other types of users.

There is a built-in versioning system which simply saves the old versions of a page & who created/updated it.

The application supports templates / plugins & there is a community getting more active everyday to get support.

To see the beauty of the application, check this demo.

P.S. Concrete5 is choosen the project of the month in October 2008 by Sourceforge.

SemanticHacker is a free API for creating meaning based search queries rather than the keyword based ones.

From Wikipedia: Rather than use ranking algorithms such as Google’s PageRank to predict relevancy, Semantic Search uses semantics, or the science of meaning in language to produce highly relevant search results. In most cases, the goal is to deliver the information queried by a user rather than have a user sort through a list of loosely related keyword results.

Semantic Search

Although semantic search may seem experimental, there are already successful projects like Hakia (doesn’t use this API) which is a semantic search engine.

Using the SemanticHacker API, you can analyze a content, get a categorization for it & can present other content (like related items in Wikipedia or & more.

Free Site Validator is a very handy free service for validating webpages.

When compared to W3C validation services, this solution scans not only 1 page but follows links, goes deeper & almost scans all webpages in a website.

Free Site Validator

The service uses W3C validation service at the backend & enables you to scan multiple websites.

Report generation can take some time considering it scans all webpages but the service can simply notify you when the validation is completed.

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  • Silverlight Toolkit is a collection of controls, components and utilities for adding more functionality to Silverlight.

    Tip: To see more resources about Silverlight, check the WRD post: Free Silverlight Controls And Tools For Brighter Websites.

    Silverlight Toolkit

    Components in the package are:

    • AutoCompleteBox
    • NumericUpDown
    • Viewbox
    • Expander
    • ImplicitStyleManager
    • Charting
    • TreeView
    • DockPanel
    • WrapPanel
    • Label
    • HeaderedContentControl
    • HeaderedItemsControl

     The download package also includes the source code of the resources.

    Uptime Robot