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JavaScript, with the rise of Ajax, is definitely a must-know-well for every web designer/developer.

Besides form controls, alerts & similar simple JavaScript usage, you can almost do anything with the help of JavaScript (& Canvas). Some samples are:

  • Drag’n drops
  • Animations
  • CSS manipulations, Ajax & more.

JavaScript Games
And there are JavaScript libraries which make them easier like jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, etc.

For any developer looking for advanced JS techniques, games are a real treasure.

You can easily see examples of animations, interactivity, smart solutions for browser related math functions & so.. And they are definitely a source of inspiration as you sometimes face with a feature that you never thought could be existed.

Also, this is the last month of a busy year & every web designer/developer deserves some fun : ).

So, here are 25 amazing (sometimes not the game itself but how beautifully it’s done) JavaScript games that you’ll love.


Bunny Hunt

Hunting JavaScript Game

A classic hunting game with an easy to play interface.

Make sure you check the source of the website to see how simply it is built with the power of XHTML, CSS & JavaScript.

JavaScript Library: none.


Ajax Game Travians

A character game (like Sims) where you’re a villager.

It is a multiplayer game & totally Ajaxed. You can move your character, communicate with other user & more.

JavaScript Library: xajax.

Digg Attack

Digg JavaScript Game

This is certainly a Web 2.0 game. It is a JavaScript / Canvas 2D Shooter using live data via the Digg API to spawn enemies.

All the images are rendered with Canvas in real-time.

JavaScript Library: none.

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Appcelerator Titanium (now known as TideSDK) is an open source platform that enables you to create rich desktop applications with web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript as well as Flash and Silverlight.

Appcelerator SDK is used to create applications or any third-party Ajax library / framework can be used too.

Tip: To make it clear, it is very similar to Adobe AIR but open source.

Appcelerator Titanium

Titanium also comes with a simple command-line interface (CLI) for creating projects and packaging them into an executable.

The platform has a built-in database, direct file system access, desktop notifications & more.

Titanium apps. currently work in Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX.  Linux support is in the roadmap.

DD_belatedPNG is a fresh IE6 PNG fix script with features where other solutions are missing.

It doesn’t use MSIE AlphaImageLoader filter so, it succesfully renders background-repeat and background-position.

IE6 PNG Fix Script

The script also fixes the IE6 grey background problem.

How to use it?

Very simple.

  • Insert the .js file to your code
  • Create another script node
  • Define the class the fix will be applied to, like:
    • DD_belatedPNG.fix('.png_bg');

That’s it.

P.S. It is adviced to use the script only for IE6 with conditional comments.

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  • Open Web Messenger is an open source live support / chat application.

    It enables customers / visitors to chat with an operator & get support (where all the chats are logged).

    Open Source Live Support

    The application supports unlimited operators, visitors & chats. With a web-based admin interface, operators or admins can:

    • Send canned messages
    • Track where visitors clicked from
    • Search porevious chat conversations
    • Reassign/transfer chat to another operator
    • Mark/highlight nuisance visitors
    • View active chats (admins) & more

    When there is no available operator, visitors can leave a message & they can be contacted later.

    The look & feel of the chat window can be totally customized with the theme support.

    This free live support application requires PHP 5 & MySQL 5 to run.

    JavaFX is a rich client platform, integrated with Java Runtime, that you can create and deliver rich internet experiences.

    It is the a combination of a scripting language: JavaFX Script, a rich client platform and set of tools for a productive and collaborative developer-designer workflow.

    In short, it is a strong alternative for Flash & Silverlight.


    JavaFX platform currently consists:

    • NetBeans IDE 6.5 for JavaFX 1.0 (development environment)
    • JavaFX 1.0 Production Suite (a set of tools & Photoshop & Illustrator pluging allowing graphics to be exported to JavaFX applications)

    JavaFX can run on millions of devices including desktop, browsers, mobile devices & more as it requires Java Runtime which is ready on many environments.

    To see some attractive examples, click here.

    Classic ASP is losing its popularity, or already lost it. On the other hand, there are many developers who use it.

    And, it is hard to find new & exciting projects about classic ASP but here is one: ajaxed, an ASP library with built-in Ajax support.

    ASP And Ajax

    With the release of ajaxed 2, the library is very mature, well documented & supported with examples.

    It includes a debugging tool (Logger), has an e-mail wrapper, datagrid, a validator control & much more.

    ajaxed is also fully UTF-8 compatible and has support for MySQL, MSSQL, sqlite, MS Access & Oracle.

    It is a great library to speed up the development process for classic ASP developers.

    Exactfactor is a free web based service that enables you to analyze the positions of keywords of a website in major search engines.

    It lets you to add competitors & compare your website’s results with a competitor.

    SEO Keyword Compare

    Another nice feature is the ability to add alerts. You can get alerts when:

    • keywords you mentioned become the top 1, top5, etc. in the search engines
    • your website beats a competitor for the given keywords

    Exactfactor is very easy to use with a clean interface & considering search engines are the most important "factors" of traffic, the service is definitely helpful.

    Last week, a post at WebResourcesDepot had announced a giveaway of 3 Server Supervisor licenses. Winners of the giveaway can be found at the end of the post.

    To remind:

    Server Supervisor is a software for monitoring any network & website for minimum downtime.

    It is easy to use, can be setup instantly & managed from a web-based interface.

    Website Uptime Monitor

    Here are the winners:

    • Nick Kerschgens (comment #26245)
    • nikos (comment #26336)
    • n0nam3 (comment #26280)

    Congratulations to all winners & thanks to everyone for contributing the giveaway.

    P.S. The query at the giveaway announcement post was ending with LIMIT 10, which was not true. It is updated to LIMIT 3.

    Server2Go is a portable web server environment built to be used in CD-ROMS, memory sticks & similar portable media.

    It has almost everything you need to run a web application:

    • Apache 1.3.x, 2.0.x and 2.2.x
    • PHP 5.2.x with a lot of extensions. Downgrade packages to 4.4.x and 5.0.x available)
    • MySQL 5 support
    • Perl 5.8 with many CPAN modules integrated

    CD-ROM Web Server

    Server2Go auto-configures all the settings that may vary in every environment like ports & proxy settings.

    It starts the server environment at the background when the CD-ROM is run & closes it automatically when the browser is closed.

    deploy* is an open source web application that enables you to create your web project framework with ease.

    It lets you to choose the:

    • x(html) document type
    • css file (blank or with resets)
    • jQuery to be included or not. If yes, ask for some popular plugins
    • major directories like images, includes to be added

    Web Project Structure Builder

    Once the link that creates to project framework is bookmarked, same framework can be created with just a click.

    The idea itself is very nice: "instantly starting a project with the preferred structure". If more libraries, CSS frameworks would be supported, it can become much more flexible (as it is open source, anyone can add these).

    Uptime Robot