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When sharing designs with teammates or customers, sending them via e-mail or other ways is usually a bad way of presenting and hard to track

WebProjector is a free web-based tool that is built just for this. We can simply upload images via drag ‘n drops, send a link via e-mail and the images are presented in the order we prefer.


The tool also notifies us when they are viewed or number of views and it can wrap our designs in mobile, tablet or desktop frames for a more realistic view.

Additionally, it is possible to get comments on each design too.

If you have a product or service and receiving support requests regularly, using a support ticket application is a “must” to handle them nicely.

Brimir is a free and open source support ticket app that is built with Ruby on Rails and makes use of the Foundation front-end framework.


The tickets can be received via e-mail and they are auto-piped to Brimir. It is multi-user and tickets can be assigned to selected team members.

There is support for attachments, tickets can have different statuses and also priorities to categorize them easier.

Brimir is optimized for mobile devices and has various other options for customization.

If your work involves continuous use of creative images, then you’re probably used to searching the databases of countless stock photo agencies – one at a time – looking for that perfect royalty-free item, and pay for it via that agency’s credit system/subscription plan.

What if I told you that there is a way to cut back on your expenses, as well as find the avidly sought-for stock files really fast?


This is the story of Lootback, a platform that connects creative professionals to the topmost microstock agencies of the industry, and rewards its users for each and every purchase that was completed with its help.

In other words, Lootback claims a certain commission from the partner agencies for sending in new clients, and then shares that money with the user responsible for it, fair and square.

Every purchase entails new earnings, so it really helps your finances in the long run.

It’s very easy to work with Lootback and get cash for doing what you normally do; only now you can search faster, and in a centralized place.

For instance, the first step is to start a quarry, so let’s assume you jot down ‘winter’ as keyword and move forward. The results page summons all pertinent matches that exist in renowned stock agencies’ archives.

Lootback Search

Lootback partnered up with the most popular agencies on the market – iStock, Shutterstock, Thinkstock, Deposit Photos, and Envato’s own Graphicriver, Themeforest, and Videohive – in order to deliver flawless content at your threshold.

You may toggle which kind of files you’re specifically looking for, as well as the source venues from whence they come.

Scan through the results gathered from all these high-ranked agencies, and when one of them catches your fancy, feel free to click on it.

Now, you have to create a Lootback account. It won’t take long, and you need it in order to reap the benefits later on, so give it a minute of your time.

After registration, you’re redirected to your stock image of choice, where you will have to pay for it with the prepaid credits of the agency in question.

So, if you don’t have an account, create one there as usual (you know the drill), and then make the purchase via credits. The process is herewith completed.

Lootback Purchase

In no more than 12 hours after completing a transaction, you will be sent Cash Back in your Lootback account, which will be visible in the ‘Cash Back Earnings’ section of the dashboard.

Every time you buy an image in this manner, its designated Cash Back won’t fail to appear.

You may cash out all your earnings with Paypal in 7 to 90 days, as the stock agencies that you bought from need to process each report – which can take very little time, or slightly more than expected. But it reaches you, nonetheless.

Lootback Signup

Lootback is, as you can see, very easy to use, and works to your advantage.

Give it a try and see how you like getting money while acquiring royalty-free images to employ in your projects.

You’ll probably remember CometChat, a solid and self-hosted chat application that is similar to Facebook-chat and was featured few times at WRD.

The application has been improved so much lately and now consists of more features that will probably attract users.

To remember; CometChat is built with PHP and, with a simple setup, it instantly creates an in-site chat system that enables users/visitors to chat with each other.

CometChat Splash

It has support for text or video, screen sharing, file sharing, auto-translating conversations and even games to make sure the visitors spend lots of time on the site.

Also, it integrates into most of the popular CMS + forum apps so easily and works with GTalk + Facebook chat too.

With the newest one, ComeChat v5, it now has native apps for iOS + Android (there was also mobile-friendly web interface and a desktop messenger), Skype-like HD video, broadcasting videos and more.

The Black Friday Sale

CometChat Black Friday

The sale is for the package of “Platinum Edition + Desktop Messenger + iOS & Android apps” for $747 (original price is $1097) and it can be reached from here.

So, that’s $350 off and an opportunity for anyone willing to get the full package.

The giveaway

CometChat is giving away  ”3 * CometChat Basic Edition” licenses.

In order to join, a tweet with the hashtag “#blackfriday” and @cometchat is required. Click to tweet easily.

Winners will be selected randomly and announced on Monday (2 Dec 2013). Good luck to all.

The winners

  • @BryGom
  • @StylifyYourBlog
  • @eric_maechler


For any small business or freelancer, keeping track of the client invoices and payments is a job that is handled personally.

Using an online invoicing solution can help minimizing the effort spent on the task and, FusionInvoice, a free + open source invoicing app can help.

FusionInvoice is built with PHP/MySQL and has a simple-yet-nice interface.


Using the app, we can define clients, send quotes, convert quotes to invoices or create and send the invoices directly. Invoices can be set as “recurring” as well.

As a payment system, there is only support for PayPal and any other payment provider will require some custom coding.

In the dashboard, it is possible to filter records, view reports and also create guest users (like clients) which only has read permissions so that they can view their invoices and payments too.

Inky Deals is running an exciting giveaway and here are the details:

By entering this contest, you’ll automatically receive a pack of premium resources worth $55 for free. It comes from the Inky Deals best seller Full Design Library: $3,860 worth of Premium Resources for Only $49.

About Inky Deals

Inky Deals is one of the leading deals websites in the design community, with an extended family of more than 300,000 design enthusiasts.

It’s the place to go if you want to buy premium resources at unbeatable prices, whether you’re a graphic or web designer, developer, or business owner looking to improve yourself and your work.

They’re the only ones who offer a 200% money back guarantee on every product. This means that if you’re not happy with it, you get your money back and you also get to keep the product.

Because Inky (the lovable little ink blob) and his team enjoy giving back to the community, they’ve launched this unique giveaway where you can win an iPad Air and 5 design deals of your choice from the website. Take advantage of this opportunity to freshen up your personal library of resources for 2014!


Inky Deals Testimonials

What can you win?

By entering this contest, you’ll automatically receive for free a pack of premium resources worth $55. This pack comes from the best seller Full Design Library: $3,860 worth of Premium Resources for Only $49 and you’ll get it through email, the same day you enter the giveaway.

Inky Deals Prizes Read the rest of this entry »

There are many metrics and information on the web that we may be following regularly: tweets, number of followers, Facebook messages, GitHub activity and much more.

Reportr is a free and open source web application (with an alternative hosted version) that allows us to track any data and make it all visible from a single dashboard.


It is built with Nodejs, uses MongoDB for storage and comes with various ready-to-use trackers like Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Foursquare and even Runkeeper or Fitbit.

Reportr has a simple REST API and adding new trackers is pretty simple.

With all the unforeseeable fluctuations in traffic and download rate, websites either sink or they swim.

As far as you’re concerned, it’s important that your site “stays afloat” regardless of how many readers are drawn to your articles at any specific point in time.

Actually, you want as many visitors as possible, so when your wish does come true, those visitors better not be waiting too long or staring at a temporarily offline page and an apology note – the anticlimax may steer them away for good!

It is now common knowledge that a fast site loading time is the heaviest argument for a good SERP (search engine ranking position), because anything over 3 seconds kills the visitor’s interest.

A Content Delivery Network takes a lot of weight off the frail shoulders of your web host’s server, and this usually happens for a far more affordable price than the instance where you upgrade the existing hosting plan.

Basically, one such service gives you the chance to store images, CSS, and Java Script on its own hardware, and then insert links that the CDN generates straight into your articles. Hence, your articles can be accessed from anywhere in the world – it will always load lightning-fast.


MaxCDN Network

MaxCDN has earned the reputation of being a five-star CDN, as data centers are spread in around 90 countries worldwide, and complements WordPress websites perfectly (integrated with W3 Total Cache/ WP Super Cache). It is so easy to use:

  • Takes little over 5 minutes to install
  • Users can operate their charming control panel on-the-go (from an iPad)
  • Ask for help anytime, via chat, email, or ticket system – 24/7
maxCDN Dashboard
MaxCDN Stats

Here’s what you get from having MaxCDN on your side:

  • Speed is the operative word – watch as your website performance skyrockets to well over 300%. Since you entrust their servers with the static files of your ever-expanding content, your server will have no problem whatsoever in making your website perform at its best potential
  • It provides caching of databases, posts, pages, and RSS feeds;
  • With the Gzipping feature, you may compress files and thus save more space
MaxCDN Pricing

In terms of pricing, MaxCDN stands out by means of its affordability and cost-effectiveness.

A set of five plans are available on a monthly or an annual basis with the guarantee of 100%SLA and with the opportunity to change your mind during the first 30 days.

The most popular plan is ‘plus’, which includes 500 GB/month and 3 websites (zones) for a price of $39 per month.

Coupons can cut a lot off the standard prices – presently, there is an offer which enables a 20% discount by using code “max20”.

I don’t have any idea how long this offer is available and is definitely a good opportunity in case you want to add CDN support to your sites.

DynoSRC is a module for Nodejs apps that enables us to minimize HTTP requests by removing the need to serve JavaScript files.

The library loads the JavaScript files inline in HTML and stores them with localStorage so that they won’t be re-requested until a change happens.


And, if the contents of a JavaScript file is changed, only the changes are served which is again a gain in the file size.

Also, it is possible to serve DynoSRC itself inline and no requests will be made for JS files.

MightyDeals LogoWordPress is a beautiful CMS with all the simplicity, plugins, themes and community.

However, there are still areas that it can be improved.

MightyDeals is offering a discount on MotoPress, a plugin that transforms the WordPress content editor into a more flexible one.

MotoPress WordPress plugin

It allows creating and editing content with drag ‘n drops and with support for images, galleries, videos, custom codes and more.

The editor is responsive and works in all resolutions. Also, there is support for custom post types and extending it further with shortcodes.

MotoPress is normally priced $29 but it is discounted to $9 which is a good deal to anyone looking for a different-yet-powerful content editor.

Uptime Robot