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There are too many WWWs, too many work-in-progress websites, too many places to get lost. Building an eye-candy landing page is a must if you aim to keep your prospective users interested and start a meaningful dialogue.

Achieve More with the Right Landing Page

Starting from here, you need to make sure you go straight to the point and use the best tools for your business purposes. For example, one is Qards, a robust WordPress visual editor crafted by Designmodo. It is intuitive and easy to use, and you can create a landing page in minutes. Literally.

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  • Teams are no longer popular and it has been found that working in one can be unproductive sometimes. When you need to stay in contact with an individual for one process, as well as with another individual for a different one, it can be difficult to have a fast process of delivering the product to your client.

    It is for this reason why web designers who are based in solution orientated processes are now focusing on a role that involves being a one-man operation. This can be achieved via themes that revolve around multipurpose techniques and these involve layouts that are pre-made and which make everything better and faster.

    How a multipurpose WordPress theme can help you with your productivity

    In the modern day and age there are many good web designers, so competition is fierce. This means that designers are often fighting for the same set of clients, as well as the same type of attention and technology.
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  • The popularity of Google Material Design has engendered a new era of user interface conceptualization. Both mobile applications and websites can be affected by Material Design precepts. This gives every type of interface designer a new style guide to follow.

    In this gallery I’ve organized 15 handy resources for designing with Google Material. These include animations, buttons, CSS libraries, and a whole lot more. Take a peek at the examples in this post and see if anything can prove useful in future work.

    Material UI

    material ui design google open source

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    Most web designers tend to work in Photoshop because pixel mockups can be easier for developers. However designing vector-based interfaces will allow resizing for any resolution and easily offers a method of exporting the image in pixels. Illustrator can be just as useful when designing custom website graphics or icons.

    Take a look at these detailed and useful Illustrator tutorials explaining how to build unique website interfaces. These articles go over common webpage elements, icons, buttons, and other similar graphics. Even if you’ve never used Illustrator before, these tutorials are excellent learning materials for getting started with vector-based web design.

    404 Error Page

    illustrator tutorial 404 error webpage

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    The primary objective of every small- or medium-sized web design and development company is to thrive by taking on more and more clients. If you’re the leader of a start-up, then your team is also eager to take on a multitude of projects and step up the game. As you may already know, the larger your workload gets, the more difficult it is to control.

    We’re here to tell you that you should consider using software for project management and team collaboration, which is bound to make you more efficient. 15 of the best are presented below. You will find that they are not cumbersome or demanding, but rather simple and empowering.


    One of the most helpful solutions for web based project management is Paymo. It gives you the chance to mobilize your team and schedule all of your projects via desktop, or smartphones. If you’re going to use your desktop for task management and time tracking, then Paymo has widgets for Mac and Windows, which allow you to edit a time sheet and detect idle workers. In addition, you can let PaymoPlus run in the background while you’re working, and you’ll be able to add all of your projects at the end of the day.
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  • We are living in fast-paced times. Some of us are really caught up in our daily work schedules, so we barely have time for ourselves. This is where online shopping comes in handy. You can order the goods you need over the internet, and they will be delivered right at your doorstep.

    Online vendors thrive on this opportunity, but only if they have a good website, which invites guests to consider their products. Thus, designers try to find and use the right WooCommerce theme for each of their retailer clients. Scroll down for 15 great options.


    Bi-Shop stands above all the other themes for WooCommerce websites, and deserves standing ovations. It’s an incredible, polyvalent solution that fits web stores of any kind. Even further, it has a mild learning curve, so you’ll understand how to use it in a jiffy.
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  • Web designers who spend a lot of time in Photoshop will often build their own repeating patterns from scratch. Yet for some projects it can be easier to work with an existing background to save time. The problem is that it can be difficult finding the exact background which fits your needs.

    Take a look at these fantastic online resources for repeating backgrounds. Some are galleries while others help you generate repeating tiled background images. Ultimately these tools are efficient and powerful resources to web designers and developers around the world.

    Tile-able Backgrounds Blog

    tiled-bg backgrounds blogsspot gallery free

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    Marvel is a free, web-based tool for creating prototypes for any device: desktop, tablet, mobile and more.

    The app works by synchronizing with your Dropbox account which simplifies updates (as local file updates are instantly reflected to the Marvel-powered prototypes).

    It accepts both images + PSDs and prototypes can be shared with unique URLs, SMS or QR codes.

    Marvel Prototyping App

    There is a growing number of web fonts, each have lots of items and, sometimes, we only need few from each.

    Font Combiner is a free and web-based tool for picking the letters from each font and generating a custom one.

    Font Combiner

    It also empowers us with features like changing the kerning, subsetting, hinting options and multiple font glyph combinations.

    The tool hosts lots of free web fonts to choose from and works can be downloaded as PNG or SVG.

    Responsive Wireframes is a free and web-based tool for quickly creating wirefames for any project.

    It enables us to insert elements, style them (color, opacity), add text and also resize if wanted.

    Responsive Wireframes

    These elements can be re-positioned with drag ‘n drops and the work can be saved for future reuse.

    The tool is focused on responsive layouts as we can define multiple viewports and decide how each element will look on different viewports.

    This again work by positioning + resizing each element for each viewport and simplifies the sharing of “responsive ideas” a lot.

    Uptime Robot