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Let's say you have created a website design in Photoshop and the project consists of 3 files: homepage.psd, subpage.psd and blog.psd. And, you are using some common elements in all three like buttons, the background, etc.

Wouldn't it be great "only to update these common elements" and all the PSDs were updated?

CanLinkIt, a Photoshop plugin does that. It can link any PSD or image file Photoshop files to another.

Photoshop - CanLinkIt

The linked files are not updated automatically but this feature is triggered manually (with an "Update All" button) considering you may not want this synchronization to happen for some elements.

Also, for anyone designing a project as a team and using a file sync/storage service like Dropbox, you can edit one file while your teammate is working on a piece of that file and it's only one click to merge them.

CSS3Ps is a free Photoshop plugin that allows us to convert shapes in a PSD file into CSS3-powered elements.

It has support for Photoshop versions starting from CS3 and works by re-directing any conversion requests to the website of the plugin.

The CSS3 rules for the shapes are created within seconds and presented with the output.

It works well with objects in any shape and there is support for gradients.


Tych Panel is a free and open source Adobe Photoshop extension for automating the process of placing pictures side by side with pre-defined sizes.

It simplifies creating diptychs, triptychs, quadtychs and almost any type of custom layouts.

Tych Panel

There is support for "Smart Objects" and, when enabled, all layers are converted to "Smart Objects" and get the appropriate layer masks.

The extension also comes with various other options like the ability to run actions, adding a background color to compositions and more.

Designing grid-based layouts in Photoshop is usually a headache as it takes time to calculate and position many vertical + horizontal guides.

GuideGuide is a free Photoshop plugin which simplifies creating grids in Photoshop with only a few clicks.

GuideGuide Photoshop Plugin

After defining a few variables (number of rows/columns, gutter width, etc.), it instantly generates the grid using Photoshop guides. And, for any active selections in the document, the plugin sets the grid within the limits of the selection.

Also, any frequently-used grid settings can be saved for later use.

P.S. Smashing Magazine has a very nice article on the usage details of the plugin.

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  • Mr. Stacks is a Photoshop script for quickly and automatically creating storyboards, stacks, and PDF(s) to be used in client presentations, CD check-ins. etc.

    Just take any normal sized banner, define few options like the name, background color or "numbering to be printed over them" and your storyboard is ready. Afterward, they can be exported into various files types including PDF

    Simply, it helps a lot in accomplishing one of the most monotonous tasks in art direction.

    Mr. Stacks

    Modular Grid Pattern is a website which enables you to create customizable grids in several ways.

    The first one is a free Adobe Photoshop extension (CS5 compatible) provided which makes creating the grid directly inside the application possible.

    Modular Grid Pattern

    Also, there is an online generator where you can mention baseline, gutter, module width/height, number of modules and the width of the layout where the application creates:

    • PNG pattern (for GIMP)
    • Photoshop pattern
    • transparency mask (for Adobe Fireworks)


    foxGuide is a firefox extension that can display both horizontal and vertical guides on web pages.

    The guides can be moved or removed just like the ones in Photoshop. Also, you can set the transparency and color of them for a perfect fit.


    The extension has a memory which remembers the guides created per website. Even if the browser is closed or the URL is changed, the guide for that web page is stored.

    foxGuide also works well for pages that have huge width/heights (supports up to 10,000px).

    Filter Forge is a professional and paid Photoshop plugin that comes as a pack of filters to generate textures, create visual effects, enhance photos and process images.

    The better part is, it enables you to create your own filters with a visual node-based editor. So, there are unlimited possibilities.

    You can share the filters created with the community (it is possible to get a free license by doing that.) and also download the 7500+ ready-to-use ones.

    Filter Forge

    Most filters of the plugin support seamless tiling with a click(the ones you create as well), even for non-square textures.

    Every filter generated is resolution-independent. They can be rendered in any resolution without losing any details.

    Compared to old-style point lights, Filter Forge uses HDRI lighting which end up in more realistic outputs.

    Besides formats like JPG or BMP, works can be saved in high-precision image formats such as OpenEXR or PFM which allows to retain every single bit of precision.

    And, another great feature is: it can works as a standalone application as well.

    To sum up, Filter Forge is pretty different than the traditional plugins by not sticking to several effects but makes possible creating almost every type of filter.

    Divine is a fresh & free Photoshop plug-in for converting Photoshop files into WordPress themes.

    It works by selecting spots in design files & marking them as WordPress variables like:

    • post title
    • post text
    • author link
    • etc..

    PSD To WordPress Photoshop Plug-in

    It produces valid XHTML-CSS code & themes are automatically widget-ready.

    Divine has an integrated FTP-client & it is a very ideal plug-in for anyone who is not that into coding and/or WordPress theming.

    Photoshop plug-ins are the add-ons that power a Photoshop user.

    Photoshop Plugin Icon

    They make a complicated task much easier & help creating amazing effects, designing faster & better.

    There are lots of free Photoshop plug-ins which can fire your skills. This post aims to present  most of them (150+) in a comprehensive way.

    How to install Photoshop plug-ins?

    Photoshop plug-ins are .8bf files. After downloading a plug-in, simply place it in the presets>plug-ins folder of the Photoshop's installation folder (creating a folder with a name defining the plug-in & placing the plug-in files inside the folder will make it more organized).

    Here they are:


    AlphaWorks – Transparency Effects

    Photoshop Transparency Plugin

    A free Photoshop plugin for easily removing black or white values and making the region transparent.

    It provides 6 different filters to match any photo type.

    ColourWorks – Colour Modification

    Photoshop Color Plugin

    It has 20 effects to modify image colour values in several ways.

    The plug-in can be used for digital-photo color correction or any other transformations.

    EdgeWorks – Cool Artistic Styles

    Photoshop Style Plugin

    It has 20 effects to create dramatic edge and colour modifications.

    This Photoshop plugin is handy for photo transformations for a highly stylized look & creating interesting texture effects


    Photoshop Pattern Plugin

    Easily create screen/mesh patterns with 30 options.

    In one step, you can add small detailed and repetitive texture overlay effects to areas of your image.

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