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Once, CSS galleries were so much popular and any web designer hunting for inspiration were visiting them regularly.

They are still handy to find exciting stuff quickly (Dribbble and Behance help a lot too).

Similar galleries exist when it comes to mobile app design and I believe they are even more useful. That’s because “it is harder to get mobile app inspiration without installing + using them which takes more time + effort“.

These 12 galleries list beautiful app UIs, categorize them nicely and some of them also lists them by patterns:

Lovely UI


Mobile Patterns



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  • For every design, we probably think which colors to use as colors are one of the most important elements in visual communication.

    BrandColors is a curated gallery of major brand color codes to help us get inspired on choosing ours.

    The gallery is mostly focused on web and technology brands and it is also good to see which colors are preferred the most.


    Web Typography for the Lonely is a website that creates awesome typography using web standards (such as SVG, Html5 canvas and CSS3) and JavaScript.

    There are both static and interactive examples and all of them are documented in detail.

    Web Typography for the Lonely

    It is possible to download the sources of the experiments and also find the related articles/resources that inspired or helped completing the experiments.

    P.S. Some of the depend on various other libraries like jQuery or Raphael.js, however, the developer targets to make them standalone.

    As the popularity of Android rises and more applications are being built for the platform every day, the number of development-related questions increase as well.

    Android Patterns is a website which aims to bring a solution to the design-related questions by sharing widely-accepted answers (patterns) for them.

    Android Patterns

    The patterns are demonstrated in a wireframe and provided with descriptions of when and when not to use them, the pros/cons and screenshot examples.

    There are main categories like "Dealing With Data" or "Navigation" and many sub-categories (questions under each).

    P.S. If you have patterns that you want to share with others, it is possible to submit them as well.

    Desktopography is a website which shares a collection of impressive wallpapers to beautify desktops.

    They are created by designers invited by the website and it can be clearly seen that "a serious effort is spent on each of them".


    Wallpapers are published since 2005 and items are categorized as years.

    They are provided in multiple sizes and besides using them, Desktopography is a good source of design inspiration.

    Personally, I'm not a wallpaper fan and my desktop has only a black background, but now, considering to give wallpapers another chance : ).

    A smart and good-looking logo is a must for every company but, probably, a design company needs something better than that.

    If you were a coffee shop or a restaurant, it is pretty easy to guess "the ingredients of the logo". For a web & design studio, what is the shape of creativity?

    While browsing for beautiful logos, we have realized few trends that design studios use to represent themselves like using a pencil, light bulb, animals or many colors to show the creative power inside.

    Here are 45 inspirational logos of web & design studios:


    Pencil In Logos

    Amiri Web and Graphic Designer


    Siah Design

    Siah Design

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    Creativity, no matter you're a designer, developer, photographer or .. can help you get inspired easily.

    To see the talent in "many different areas together" (graphic design, copywriting, packaging, etc.), advertisement are great.

    Creative Ad Awards is an impressive showcase of beautiful advertisements with over 1500+ items that's growing regularly.

    Creative Ad Awards

    They are very well-categorized with the sector, creative director, agency, client and location.

    Tip: Under the "Articles" menu, it is possible to find collections of attractive thematic advertisements.

    Ember, a service for sharing screenshots, illustrations, etc. with the world, has a well-categorized library of screenshots for getting inspired.

    The categories include graphic, web and UI design with sub-categories like typography, web apps., iphone apps., sign-up forms and more.

    Ember Categories

    It is not a pattern library and doesn't discuss the methodology of each category but shares beautiful, well-picked screenshots which is great when searching for inspiration on a specific subject/module.

    Once logged in (there are free and paid plans), you can add designs to your favorites, comment to them or upload new ones.

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  • Visual or not, there are lots of factors that define a brand. And within the visual ones, logo is probably the most important element.

    It can be a logotype, a symbol or a combination where none is better than other & can define too many things like strength, sincerity, quality, speed, etc.

    If you're looking for inspiration to create an awesome logo, here is a collection of 20+ frequently updated websites that present beautiful logos around the world which will definitely help you:



    Logo Faves

    Logo Faves


    Logo Heroes

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    A good way to be more creative is interacting with other people who share the same interests.

    Anyone can easily make full use of the communities which are available today to boost creativity. Also, interaction with others in the community, collaborating and getting feedback can become a motivating factor.

    Appsheriff Logo

    Author: Rony John

    I am a 21 yr. old web developer and student living in Baltimore. I run Appsheriff which is a blog about latest and useful web applications for designers, developers and photographers.

    Feel free to visit anytime and subscribe to keep in touch. You can also follow me on Twitter.

    Once you are in one of these communities, you will be both criticized and supported which will improve your skills at the end.

    Let's look at 10 great creative communities available which will help you to show-off your talent in design and art.



    deviantART is amongst the largest internet art community. It is a place where artists from every part of the world come together.

    This is a perfect site for both professional and amateur artists since anyone can browse through countless works of other artists or sign-up and post their creations.

    There are large number of free features including free thumbnailed art galleries, comment system, user page, journal, and more.

    Behance Network

    Behance Network

    Behance Network is a platform for creative professionals to gather, collaborate on different projects and connect with companies/agencies who are looking for creative talents.

    The major focus of the site is to assist creative persons/companies to boost their productivity and demonstrate themselves professionally. It has creative tools + a great search engine to navigate through the network and come across fresh talent and opportunities.

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    Uptime Robot