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There are very nice icon fonts out there, both free or paid, and they provide flexibility in several ways compared to using standard icons.

However, a major drawback is that icon fonts usually come as a single font file where we need to load the whole file to use few items.

Font Custom

You’ll remember Fontello that allows us to create custom icon fonts via a web interface. Font Custom, an open source tool, is a command line alternative for it.

Simply target the folder that has your SVG or EPS icons and it’ll generate the fonts.

Also, it’ll keep watching the folder in case you make any changes to the icons and will always keep the fonts up-to-date.

P.S. The rules in the CSS generated are named similar to Twitter Bootstrap which is nice for the fans of the framework.

Makeappicon is a free and web-based tool for generating app icons quickly.

It works by simply uploading a big-sized image and the app auto-resizes it to the required dimensions.


The sizes are the ones that are required by iOS + Android apps.

Makeappicon accepts .JPG, .PNG and .PSD files (works best with a 1024*1024px image).

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  • Batch is a slick set of free icons that can easily beautify our web or app user interfaces.

    There are 300 items in the set where each one of them comes as a Photoshop shape so that they can scale infinitely.

    The set is completely free to use in both free and commercial projects.

    Batch Icons

    Endless Icons is a website which regularly features a new icon every few days.

    All the icons are black and white colored and there are sketchy/hand-drawn ones as well.

    It features icons of charts, foods, sports and various other elements (kinda random).

    They are all free-to-use in personal + commercial projects and come in PNG format.

    Endless Icons

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  • Here is a fresh and very useful icon font which can easily fit to any websites and apps: Ligature Symbols.

    This free icon font consists of 200+ letters with items like actions, smileys and more. Also, a huge number of social icons are included.

    The download pack has all the versions (SVG, EOT, TTF, WOFF) needed for cross-browser support and the styles needed to use it.

    Ligature Symbols

    There are many social networks, apps, programs and frameworks which are being used widely.

    Pictonic Free is a huge icon font which has most of the popular items from the categories above and also includes browsers, operating systems and databases.

    There are 220+ icons (letters) and it is a pretty useful set for icon font fans.

    Pictonic Free

    Codrops is sharing a beautiful freebie that web designers/developers will like so much.

    It is a pack of 120 slick icons named "Application Icon Set" where the set comes in 3 sizes: 16*16px, 32*32px and 64*64px.

    Application Icon Set

    There are 3 formats provided: transparent PNG, PSD and CSH (custom shape) which is great as we can scale them as needed.

    As the name suggests, the icon set is focused on apps and includes items that are frequently used in them.

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  • Modern UI Icons (also named Windows Phone Icon Pack) is a set of 750+ very beautifully designed icons.

    The icons are created with Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers in mind, however, they can fit very well to any web/mobile/desktop project.

    Modern UI Icons

    This set was featured at WRD before when there was ~140 icons but it has grew so much, moved into a new domain and deserves a 2nd shot.

    They are designed with Expression Design and comes with 48*48px PNG (light and dark), .design and .XAML versions.

    It includes many items from actions to filetypes, weather, charts and much more.

    Just like "there is never too much icons", there is also never too much icon fonts and here is a new one.

    Sosa is a free icon font with 120+ items under categories like web, social, e-commerce, forms, weather and more.

    It comes in multiple formats: .ttf .eot .svg + .woff and can be consumed with @font-face CSS property.

    Free Icon Font - Sosa

    Typicons is a beautiful set of free icons that is built with websites/apps in mind.

    The set comes as a web-font and vector (.EPS) so that you can use it in multiple ways.


    There are 90+ items in the pack and they can be used for both free + commercial projects.

    P.S. You should also check another WRD post for more icon fonts: Free Icon Fonts For Today's Web Designer.

    Uptime Robot