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IconBeast Lite is a high-quality and free iPhone icons set that iOS developers will probably like so much.

It is the smaller version of IconBeast Pro (that has 1700 items) but still has lots of icons (300).

There are items from actions to arrows, charts, devices, social networks and more.

They are in PNG format, sized 30*30px and free yet require attribution when used.

If you liked the quality of the set and still need more icons, make sure to check out IconBeast Pro | 1700 iPhone icons.

IconBeast Lite

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  • Sometimes we find an icon, love its design but the colors don’t fit to the project.

    With Icons DB, a free and growing set of flat icons, that is not possible as we can get all the items in any color we prefer.

    The set includes 1800+ items in multiple formats (ICO, PNG, JPG, GIF) and 8 sizes from 16*16px to 512*512px.

    Icons DB

    There are many icons which can fit very well to web apps and almost each item has multiple variations that can satisfy each taste.

    Only drawback is the inability to download the whole set as they are only offered one-by-one.

    Although there are so many of them, it is always good to have more options for social icons as different styled ones can fit better to different websites.

    Simple Icons is a set of 96 free social icons that cover almost all of the well-known social services (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and much more).

    Simple Icons

    All the items are placed on a different background color that matches the related brand and all looking slick.

    They come in 11 different sizes from 16*16px to 4096 to 4096px and in .PNG format and free to use in commercial projects.

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  • There are various free icon fonts out there and, with the increasing use, new ones are being created each day.

    MFG Labs Icons is one of them, it is a slick, free and pretty complete icon font.

    MFG Labs Icons

    It is a web app-themed set considering most of them are actions (and there are social items as well).

    The download package includes all the popular web-font formats and the styles for them.

    When working on any mapping-related projects (like Google Maps integration), icons built specifically for them can be very handy.

    Maki is a free set of “point of interest” icons that is perfect for web-based mapping interfaces.

    Maki - Point of Interest Icons

    The set includes 73 icons, comes in 3 sizes and both in PNG + SVG.

    Besides standard markers, there are items for airport, bus station, police, restaurant, grocery and more.

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  • Today, we are sharing a very nice freebie: a set of slick and minimal icons created by Geoffroy Amelot for WRD readers.

    It is called Minimalist Icons and can be used in both personal or commercial projects.

    There are 296 items in the set from social networks to actions, charts, devices, media controls and more.

    Minimalist Icons

    All of them are in transparent PNG format, mono-colored and sized 12*12px which can be a good fit (mostly) for web applications.

    Use them freely (no attributions required) and it is only not permitted to redistribute them.


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  • IcoMoon is a free service that enables us to create custom icon sets and icon fonts using different sets.

    The application includes most of the popular and free icon sets (that can be selected from its library), we can choose which ones to use and select any number of items from them.


    Once the selection is over, it offers 2 types of downloads: image and font.

    The image version comes as PNG with optional sprite image + the CSS rules and the font version in multiple formats (EOT, SVG, WOFF, TTF).

    Also, besides the icons of other designers, IcoMoon has its own and free icon set which is pretty huge and slick.

    For anyone developing games, there is always a huge demand of high-quality graphics for the characters, objects, backgrounds and more.

    Game-Icons is a project providing 900+ free icons (and growing) to be used for games but they can also be used for any other projects.

    The items are in .SVG and .PNG formats, they are very well-categorized and can be used in commercial projects as well.

    Game Icons

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  • Everybody loves high-quality and free icons with a massive number of items and Gemicon is an exciting set that will surely get your love.

    This set consists of 600+ icons that are available in both PNG and PSD.

    Gemicon Icon Set

    It is offered in multiple sizes (16*16px, 32*32px, 64*64px) and PSD version is created as a shape layer so that it can scale.

    Gemicon is completely free to be used in both personal + commercial projects.

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  • We have icons as images, fonts and here is an inspiring gallery of icons with only HTML-CSS.

    One Div is an inspiring set and showcase of icons that are created with a single <div> element and with the help of creative CSS3 rules.

    One Div

    There are 55+ icons, new ones are added from time-to-time and it is possible to click the source codes with a click or download them.

    The icon set may not be the perfect fit for everyday use but it is a very nice source of inspiration.

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