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Noupe has recently released a pretty huge icon set of vector monuments from all around the world.

The set includes 250 items with well-known monuments of many countries and can fit well to any country-focused design project.

Free Monument Icons

All items are available as PNG (32*32px, 64*64px and 128*128px), AI, EPS, PSD and SVG.

And, they are free to use for both personal or commercial projects.

With the interfaces of Android, Windows 8, iOS7 and lots of popular websites (like the many services of Google and Microsoft), flat design is everywhere.

The simplicity it consists of matches very well with the content-focused web of today and many websites are launching their new versions in parallel to this trend.

Icons are a big part of flat design and here is a massive collection of free flat icons to use in your next projects.

Batch (PSD, SVG, PNG, Font)

Batch - Flat Icons

There are 300 icons in Batch and it uses PSD shape layers so they are scalable. Web font option is also great for combining the use with fonts and images.

Flatilicious (PSD)

Flatilicious - Flat Icon Set

The set is well-layered and includes 48 items.
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  • Smashing Magazine has released a lovely freebie today that is normally hard to find on the web.

    It is called 200 Foodie Pack which is a set of free food icons.

    The set has 200 items from fruits to drinks or restaurant/kitchen equipment.

    It is available in .PNG (32*32px, 64*64px + 128*128px), .AI and .EPS.

    Free Food Icons

    Apple announced iOS7 and this new version of the OS seems to be coming with many changes regarding the interface,.

    One of these changes is the app icons. They now have a different rounded corners, new grid and increased size for the iPhone.

    Here are some free iOS7 icon templates that can help you create them easier and faster:

    iOS 7 icon template (PSD and Sketch)

    iOS7 Icon Template

    iOS7 app icon template (PSD)

    iOS7 App Icon Template

    iOS7 icon grid (PSD)

    iOS7 Icon Grid

    iOS7 icon template for Fireworks

    iOS7 Icon Template For Fireworks

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  • With icon-fonts, it became clear that, soon, we’ll no longer be using any images for icons.

    Cikonss is a one more step further in icon usage as it uses no fonts but the items are created with pure CSS.

    Currently, there are 40+ items in the set, they are responsive-layouts-friendly and work cross-browser (no CSS3 properties are used).


    The set is currently not big enough to be used in web applications but if you need only few of them, than why not.

    And, if the set keeps growing, it can become a valuable resource for the web design community.

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  • Forecast Font is a lovely web-font for using any weather-related icons on our web pages as fonts.

    The font is pretty awesome as it consists of items that are multi-layered and this provides a huge margin for customization.

    They can be mono or multi-colored, can be resized completely and very easy-to-use.

    Forecast Font

    Cosmo Mini is a free set of 1262 flat icons that has items from many categories (devices, filetypes, actions, badges, foods..).

    They are sized 40*40px, available in PNG format and most of them are mono-colored.

    Items in the download are very well categorized with folders and, also, a premium vector version exists.

    Free Icons - Cosmo Mini

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  • Map Icons Designer is a free set of 200+ icons that are designed to be used in maps.

    The set is available in 2 formats: PSD (vector shape) + PNG and includes items for transportation, hotels, restaurants, animals and much more.

    There are also 10 different-styled location pins where all look great.

    And, the set is completely free to be used in both personal + commercial projects.

    Map Icons Designer

    Metrize is a slick set of 300+ vector icons that have a Metro UI-like style.

    The set comes in multiple vector formats (PSD, SVG, EPS, AI, PDF) and as a web font.

    All major items required for web apps are included in the set (like arrows, actions, social networks, etc.).

    And, it can be used freely in both personal + commercial projects (no attribution required).

    Metrize Icons

    Smileys are used widely in communication apps and design elements as they ease delivering emotions.

    Simple Smileys is a free set of smiley icons that are mono-colored and, like the name states, simple (yet very clear and beautiful).

    There are 45+ items where new ones are added within time, they are sized 15*15px (some of them have a bigger height) and come in .PNG format.

    Simple Smileys

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